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Alles wird gut.💞

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European Championships 11th place in Tartu After a decent swim with a strong current in the river came a tough hilly bike but managed to catch the first group, my Abus Gamechamger helmet came in handy on the downhill sections, then a run with a steep hill in it. Overall pleased with the result and I also qualified for the World Chapms in Australia. 📷: @mikaliden #triathlon #trilife #swimbikerun #europeans #11thplace

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Well I think this sums up this morning’s boot camp sesh rather nicely 💪🏼😈🤣! . In all seriousness it never ceases to amaze me how determined, hardworking and FIT each and every one of my bootcampers is now! . Multiple ‘extreme’ tabata sets + increasing hill sprints and they SMASHED it! I mean, they’re completely exhausted now, but they smashed it ☺️❤️ . BELIEVE. TRAIN. ACHIEVE.

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PAIN! That’s the right word! This is happened when your are not fit like previous year but still want to go for back to back Sprint and Olympic Distance race at Port Dickson International Triathlon last weekend. Until today I still can feel the sore some parts of my body. . I couldn’t give 100% efforts on my training program due to work commitments but definitely I can give 200% efforts during a race. I am glad still able to finish with a decent time 1:18 for Sprint 6th place AG and 2:34 for 18th place for OD. Both my finish time for all 3 disciplines are much slower from previous year. . #TadonamoTriathletes #PDIT2018 #Triathlon #Aptonia #triathlonlife #trilife

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✌️ #Repost @erlangertriathlon ・・・ Wie schon im vergangenen Jahr sind die Erlanger Nachrichten unser Medienpartner Nr. 1 beim M-net Erlanger Triathlon. Auf dem Online-Portal gibt es am Sonntag ab 8 Uhr einen LiveBlog mit vielen Videos und Eindrücken, mit Zwischenständen und ersten Sieger-Interviews. Die @erlanger.nachrichten und Sportredakteurin Katharina Tontsch begleiten den Triathlon zudem über die Netzwerke Instagram ( @kati_sportlichunterwegs ), Twitter ( @Kati_Unterwegs ) und Facebook. Beiträge mit dem Hashtag #erlangertriathlon werden im LiveBlog geteilt. #mnettriathlon #triathlon

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Imagine if you had been sleeping in a cupboard for 10 months, then suddenly got woken and dragged around a lake for half an hour. Welcome to the world of my wetsuit. Serene conditions this morning 👌

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PREPARATION UT4M MASTER GRENOBLE⛰- HALF MARATHON DES SABLES FUERTEVENTURA🐫 . Ultra trails 100 et 120 km.💪🏼 . Ce matin, la Bee a secoué un peu ses gambettes🤪: « Oh, les filles ! Ce n’est pas le moment de se laisser aller. On a deux challenges à honorer à moins d’un mois d’intervalle !😱Il va falloir avaler des kilomètres ! » . Mais quelle guêpe m’a donc piquée ?🤔 . C’est plus fort que moi, je n’ai pu résister à l’appel du désert🐫: comme une envie de sable chaud et de mer, mais en mode warrior.😂 . Le souci ? La gestion des entraînements entre les deux challenges qui sont rapprochés.😱 . Ce sera une première, mais l’idée étant de finir les deux, je ne vais certainement pas commencer à me coller de la pression et jouir de chaque moment de préparation, à la sensation et au plaisir, comme j’aime tant le faire.😉 . Bon samedi à tous !😎 . #beerunneuse #trail #ultratrail #ultrarunning #ultrarunner #runaddict #outdoors #training #outdoorgirl #workout #sport #motivation #challenge #race #desert #fitness #photooftheday #picoftheday #igers #igrunners #instadaily #love #marathon #triathlon #fun #nature #happy #happyrunner

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When I was 1 years old, I decided to turn vegetarian. I was way too young to understand what that choice meant to me but I knew didn’t have any desire to eat meat as a kid. As a grew older, it just became normal not to eat meat. The thing is just because I was vegetarian didn't mean I was healthy. In fact, I was far from being a healthy and fit person. I would binge eat on junk food, whole pies of cheese pizza and drink a gallon of milk a week. I had the chronic ache, horrible digestion and felt so bad in my body. I was never got the level where I was obese but I did get close enough. Just 3 years ago, I was over 35 pounds overweight only surviving on bread, cheese, and eggs for most of my life. I could barely run one mile without stopping for a break. I literally hit rock bottom in terms of my health and wellness. I couldn’t recognize the person I became. I knew I had to make the choice to pick something drastically the opposite direction. I stumbled across veganism while watching plant-based athlete @richroll talking about how veganism completely changed his life. Before that, I barely knew what it meant to be vegan. After reading hours and hours about it I found out the real truths behind dairy and eggs. I was so appalled that the next day I made the CHOICE to eat my first ever green salad. That distinct moment sparked the journey for my passion for the plant-based lifestyle. It has completely transformed my life and fitness. I want to pave the way for the next generation of plant based athletes by changing the conversation that you don’t need to eat animal products to be a great athlete💪 #vegantransformation

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DIE FREUNDLICHE SEITE DES nEVEREST 2018. . Friedly Faces nennen wir beim nEVEREST 2018 unsere Helfer. Der Name ist Programm! Sie freuen sich auf dich! 👉🏼 Link in bio . Mitmachen und mithelfen beim nEVEREST 2018 bringt gleichsam Gutes ... der Gesamterlös geht an Strassen- und Waisenkinder in Kenia. . #summits4hope #wecare4 #neverest2018 #charity #gutestun #sports #sportsforgood #triathlon #running #run #kidsrun #swimming #swim #bicycle #cycling #sup #nordicwalking #bootcamp #bbq #grillfest #education #educate #hope

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Always be yourself unless you can be Batman. Then always be Batman😉🦇badly needed a boost after yesterday‘s tough run and especially this hill. Soon after taking this picture I met a little boy with a Batman cap, clapping his hands and cheering me up „faster, Faster, Go!!“ His pure joy and elation rubbed off on me. Finished my run with a big grin.😁 #gogirl #pushit #pushittothelimit #beatyourself #newmentality #trying #failingisnottrying #imoveme #runninggirl #runnersofinstagram #runningcommunity #ultramarathon #triathlon #marathon #halbmarathon #thankful #grateful #runningismylife #fitness #läuft #therunsthatmakeyou #believeinyourself

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Safety buoy for open water swimming, with internal watertight pocket.

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So glad I was heading away from that weather, for a minute haha 🚴‍♂️💨🌨 And surprisingly the Vittoria terreno DRY tyres work perfectly well in the wet 😊

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So today I ran with a pram...WHY DID NOBODY TELL ME HOW HARD THIS WAS!? I can safely say I was hurting at 1km do you do a marathon with a pram?!???

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‼️Wichtig‼️ Rad hingeschmissen hab ich Mittwoch ja bereits (und mich gleich mit 🚗vs🚴🏼‍♀️= 💥 🤦🏼‍♀️) und nu frag ich mich ob ich generell hinschmeiße was meine Wettkampfplanung angeht. Das die Radstrecke schwer werden würde sagte man mir bereits, nachdem die Anmeldung seit Tagen getätigt ist hab ich mir heut dann doch mal das Streckenprofil angesehen. Ich sag mal so: bisschen anspruchsvoll. Son ganz bisschen. (~1400 HM bei 74KM 😱‼️) ich hab keinen blassen Schimmer wie ich das überleben soll, aber eins weiß ich ganz sicher: ‼️‼️das beste was man tun kann ist, sich Ziele zu setzen ohne vorher genau zu wissen in welcher Form man sie erreichen kann. Denn genau dann ist die Kreativität, der Wille, das Durchhaltevermögen und die Leidenschaft gefragt. Sich einfach anzumelden ohne vorher sicher bestätigt zu wissen das man‘s schaffen kann pusht so sehr und es sind genau die Situationen an denen man wächst. ‼️‼️ #willeschlägttalent Wie war das, wer immer nur das tut was er schon kann bleibt immer der, der er schon ist? Irgendwie so. Klar hab ich verdammten Respekt aber es wär doch gelacht wenn ich das nicht packen würd, oder? 😜 Habt ein tolles Wochenende. 🐸 Quak Quak ♡ #swimbikerun #triathlon #trigirl #mitteldistanz #bycicle #vonschrittmacherzuironman #roadtoironman #roadtoironman703 #dieallesgeben #foreverfaster

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Nuestro amigo y nadador de larga distancia Jaime Caballero nos acaba de visitar en la zona expo de la travesia Getaria-Zarautz. ¡¡Haz como Jaime y visítanos!! . Our friend and long distance open water swimmer Jaime Caballero has just visited us in the expo zone of the open water swimming race Getaria-Zarautz. Do same as Jaime, come and visit us! . #theswimet #2xuspain #myrcosport #triatlon #triathlon #triatletas #triathletes #finisher #finishers #aguasabiertas #openwater #openwaterswimming #openwaterswimmer #openwaterswimmers #motivacion #motivation #motrivacion #motrivation #objetivo #reto #retos #goals #ironman #ironmantraining #sport #triatlonvitoria #travesiagetariazarautz #travesiaanado #natacion #aguasabiertas