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I’ve been thinking about you lately. Not the typical father thoughts but visionary thoughts. You’re so much like me in ways that if I can give you my knowledge early you can win beyond my measure. I have one simple request: Do what you can, in the place your at, with whatever you have with as much time that you have left to be the best you can be to make the future have impossible possibilities . 🙏🏾🌱🌿🌲 #kids #treesgrowinbrooklyn #blackbrucewayne #sitc #seedsintheconcrete #ljoevon #brooklynbatman #legacy #future

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When I was a young bull, sitting in solitary in Sullivan County... I dreamed myself this way. Fly, in a Benz with a stack full of Blue Faces. I thought that was cool, until I got a mentor. The first time I met him I asked him, “What you do?” He showed me his #BlackCard and said, “This is what I do! That’s all I know!” As time goes by and I was in his office in the World Trade Center, I remembered his words... “If you can touch or even count your money you got no money!” I looked at him intensely, as he banged at my ego. He continued, leaned forward in a low, yet focused tone and said, “They day you can check your account 3 times every hour and there is a 7 figure number change... the day you can buy any shit you want from any where without using your money... is the day you got money! Anything other than that... your broke... Credit is the new DOLLAR!” That sat with me for a few days. I couldn’t get a house with no credit. I couldn’t expand my business or get equipment I needed for anything with out good credit or enough collateral to move forward. That was the beginning of my financial literacy. Trust me.... this pic isn’t cool... it’s to impress broke people that may want to rob me!🤷🏾‍♂️ #seedsintheconcrete #treesgrowinbrooklyn #lesson #lessonlearned #journals #financialfreedom #brooklynbatman #blackbrucewayne @imurjesprinter #future #growthmindset

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I came across this opportunity to work with a music veteran @davidruffinjr thanks to a modest publisher and silent mover and shaker in the game @michaeljdebarge 🎼 finished project is coming soon... and 🤫don’t tell nobody😂 Slide to check his verse and Let me know what y’all think about his verse for real cause I think it’s dope! #brooklynbatman #treesgrowinbrooklyn #blackbrucewayne #bars #singer #music #classic @snoopdogg #ginandjuice #growth #industry #davidruffin #thetemptations #producer #records #seedsintheconcrete

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