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18 hours ago

Vernonia arborea -- Tree vernonia was in full bloom when we went to KMTR. The bees were buzzing around every flower and the aroma of the flowers filled the air. These are the times that the forest turns to a fantasy land for me. KMTR amazes us everytime!!

1 day ago

“Just living is not enough.. one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.” - Hans Christian Andersen

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4 days ago

The Japanese pagoda trees #styphnolobiumjaponicum in the park are starting to bloom. A flower is pictured in photo 3. The flowers are arranged on panicles, i.e. on compound inflorescences or flower clusters. The leaves are also compound, pinnately so (see photo 2). This species is also known as the Chinese scholar tree and its former Latin name was Sophora japonica (Japanese sophora). The next phenophase for this tree is the development of fruit (pods). 💡 Did you know that Japanese pagoda trees used to grow in the fountain plaza? • #washingtonsquarepark #wsptrees #japanesepagodatree #chinesescholartree #sophorajaponica #treeflowers #fabaceae #wspphenology #phenology #flowersorflowerbuds #flowerbuds #openflowers #washingtonsquareparknyc #wsqpark #nycparks #wspecoprojects