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23rd September - Camino Portugués 🇵🇹 Rabacal - Cernache 17.4 km / 10.8 miles 💤 I didn’t get the best night sleep last night - which was a bit frustrating, not really sure why not.... It was dark and quiet - so who knows. 🥾Today’s walk starts with a climb out of the Rabaçal valley. Lots of country roads and small villages. The scenery was just beautiful. The elevation gain was around 467m, so really pretty good going. 📸 The route is so well sign posted it really does make life very easy. I think one of the great things about sharing the journey on social media is how much attention you end up paying to the areas you are going through. I’m always looking for a good picture or little clips to film for the vlogs to try and give you a sense of what’s going on and what’s it like. Around 1pm I came across this fantastic little cafe. I spotted the ice cream sign from about 500 yards away! 🍽The cafe is at Conimbriga. It was the most perfect place to stop for lunch. Chicken Salad €7 with a cheeky magnum ice cream for desert €1.40. I probably stayed for about an hour. I’m not in any rush. 🦶One thing I do find is that trying to get walking again - I’m so slow. My whole body just gets super tight and the muscles lock, it’s takes me about 8 mins to get going again. The blisters are still there, but it is what it is they are covered in compeed and after a while you do forget about them. 🛏 It’s about 4 miles to the albergue that I want to stay at. Which is located in Cernache. 🙏Thank you so much for following my Camino Portugués journey!!! I’m really excited about sharing the videos with you!! 📚 My hike is being sponsored by @ciceronepress #challengewithcicerone. Cicerone has also got an awesome guide book about hiking the Camino Portugués which was written by Kat Davies @followingthearrows #camino #challenge #walk #adventure #cicerone #ciceroneguidebook #getoutside #onelifeliveit #motivation #inspiration #likeagirl #thisgirlcan #toughgirl #toughgirlchallenges #womenoutdoors #womenoutside

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Angela has run over 640 miles, in just 14 days. She has less than 200 miles to go - How many of us could run a further 200 miles at this point? 🏃‍♀️⁣ ⁣ Angela is not an elite runner, she only started running 7 years ago - she is just an ordinary person who found something she enjoys doing. She is also passionate about making a difference, so has challenged herself to change the perception of what it means to grow old. ⁣ ⁣ Most importantly she wants to help people improve their quality of life as they age, by developing the social enterprise, Going for Old. But for that to happen she need’s to raise £25,000. ⁣ ⁣ The total is currently at £3,371, which is only 13% of her target.⁣ ⁣ If you’ve not donated yet, Angela is asking for just £8.40 - a penny for every mile. Donate at: (link also in bio 🔝)⁣ ⁣ Thank you to everyone who has donated so far, please now share this post to help her reach the next milestone of £3.5k ❤️⁣ ⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ ⁣ ⁣ #therunninggranny #jogle #goingforold #ukrunchat #runr #thismumruns #runmummyrun #johnogroatstolandsend #thisgirlcan #cumbriangirlscan #septemberchallenge #septembergoals #fitover60 #olderandbolder #fitgrandma #worldrecordattempt #ukrunning #ultrarunning #toughgirl #womeninadventure #wonderfulwildwomen #outdoorwomen #socialenterprise #fundraising #southwestengland #worldwellnessweekend #wwwell2019 #loverunning #bristol #mondaymotivation

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We revisited the scene of the crime today and I’m so proud of little Peg - completely unfazed and her usual happy little self. We met a few dogs on our walk and she was as keen as ever to say hello - there was one boisterous puppy who was much bigger than her that she wasn’t over keen on but still she showed no fear or aggression 😊🐾💕💪🏻 #toughgirl #happydog #minischnauzer #miniatureschnauzer #schnauzersofinstagram #whiteschnauzer #dogsofinstagram #schnauzerworld #instadogs #dogwalks #ilovemydog #schnauzerlife #dogswithbeards

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🐶I am loving.⁣ I am silly.⁣ I am full of life.⁣ I live in pain.⁣ I am strong.⁣ I am an SM Warrior.🐶⁣ ⁣ 👩🏻‍🦰It feels strange to admit, but in the emotional chaos preceding Aria’s cranial decompression surgery for her chiari/malformation and syringomyelia, I was very concerned with her hair growing back. On the surface it seemed cosmetic, but it ended up being something very different for us. Her shaved head was a continuous reminder that she was living a life of pain that broke my heart with every glance. But with time, Aria proved me wrong. She is one of the strongest souls I know and has surprised me at every turn with how well she soldiers through this terrible disorder. She went through various stages of regrowth. Bald, a few sprouts, fuzzy head, hair a bit shorter than the rest of her fur - exhausted, tired, a few bouts of playfulness, walking for 3 miles and chasing after birds. Recently, she has entered a new stage. When she is backlit, whispy crazy hairs seem to be sticking up all over her head resembling a halo as the light shines through. It can’t help but make me laugh, which her personality makes me do often, and remember just how full of love & strength that tiny little 8.5 lb SM Warrior is.👩🏻‍🦰⁣ ⁣ In a study from 2007 conducted by Dr Rusbridge in the UK, 80% of dogs improved and 20% were unchanged postoperatively. 47% subsequently deteriorated 0.2-2.3 years after surgery and 2 dogs were eventually euthanized as a consequence. 12 dogs were still alive 1-6.5 years following surgery.⁣ ⁣ To learn more about Aria’s CM/SM journey, please see the link in my bio which will take you to a blog post I wrote on the Dutch Cavalier’s blog. ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ #chiariwarrior #syringomyeliawarrior #syringomyelia #chiarimalformation #cavalierspaniel #runt #toughcookie #spanielpuppy #cavalierkingcharlesspanielsofinstagram #animalsinfluence #specialdog #cavalierkingcharlesspaniel #ckcsofinstagram #cavworld #cavalierworld #itsacavthing #puppypower #cavaliercommunity #cavalierclub #cavaliersofinstagram #kingcharlescavalier #dogsofinstaworld #pets_of_our_world #toughgirl #smwarriorsphotocontest

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[Werbung] Da sind sie, die Postkarten für die Buchverlosung, die demnächst bei #lovelybooks starten soll. Nun fehlen noch die Bücher. Ich hoffe, sie kommen schnell! Ich bin soooo gespannt. 😅 There they are, the postcards for my coming book lottery at Lovelybooks. Now it’s the books themselves that need to arrive. I hope they will very soon. I am so excited. 😅 #buch #bücher #buchverlosung #illu #illustration #postkarten #postcards #türkis #schneekönigin #gerda #rentier #reindeer #märchen #fairytales #weihnachtsmärchen #thienemannesslingerverlag #digitalpainting #cards #girls #toughgirl

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Ktz-118 Keep that swag and exciting personality alive, be bold and ready to spy like a tom boy Size- S,M,L,XL MRP-599 INR 100% cotton fabric with silicone softening and bio-wash Dm for placing your order #tomboy #toughgirl #loveforblack

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Day 13 Update from Froggie Wynn – A Damp And Challenging Day Finishing In Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿⁣ ⁣ Another 48 miles with 2800 feet of ascent covered yesterday which took Angel over the border to Wales to overnight in Monmouth. The day started at Ludlow race course at 4:00a.m with torrential rain that woke the whole crew and cost Angela a couple of hours of precious sleep. Although waterproofs were on and off throughout the day, it was mostly heavy showers, not persistent rain.⁣ ⁣ The good news is that Angela managed to get the crown replaced (on a Sunday!) so can eat normally again. Don’t know if this was a mobile dentist – guess we’ll find out on Facebook. Apparently Battenberg cake is back on the menu (one of my tadpole favourites).⁣ ⁣ The bad news is that Angela’s right foot was very painful underneath and required several stops for foot massage and shoe/insole adjustments – how is she doing this??⁣ ⁣ Jim left the support team in the afternoon but Hillary will stop on for a couple of days. PeteB has been unable to rejoin but a big thank you to Laura who came straight from an event in Scotland to put in some miles.⁣ ⁣ Angela’s son James joined her for the last few miles into Monmouth – nice.⁣ I also see that Asda has taken over from Tesco for a shopping break.⁣ Today, a speedy run through Wales to Chepstow (16 miles) and a swift crossing of the Severn may be a wise move as there was a revival of interest in druids from the 14th century including human sacrifice. Think Wicker Man in Wales!! It would be nice to see the Wellness sign on the Severn Bridge – pictures please team.⁣ ⁣ After crossing back into England, Angela will turn South West soon exiting Gloucestershire, skirting Bristol and crossing the River Avon, with just Somerset, Devon and Cornwall to go.⁣ ⁣ For much of the yesterday, Angela was running alone so please turn out if you can to join her for a few miles and please donate to Angela’s cause at: ⁣⁣ (link also in bio 🔝) ⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ ⁣ #exercisewithfriends #therunninggranny #jogle #jogle2019 #johnogroatstolandsend #ukrunchat #ukrunning #ultrarunning

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Karate Girl on Action 😁 kiyaaaaaa 💥 Do you know this place in Barcelona? It’s perfect to walk or, like me, make a cool pictures 😅 . . Kiyaaaaaa 😁 #karategirl Sabes este lugar? Promenade de puerta de Barcelona. Es muy bonito para pasear or hacer fotos 😅 . . Кияяяяяяя 😁 Пугала народ на променаде 😅 Кстати, погуляйте там, так спокойно и красиво 😁 . . #barcelonamodel , #modelbarcelona , #karategirl , #actionactress , #actiongirl , #karateactress , #femalekickers , #karatefemenino , #marylee , #kickers , #jumpkick , #femalewarrior , #девочкакарате , #актрисакарате , #sportymodel , #karatemodel , #toughwoman , #toughgirl

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22nd September - Day 12 Camino Portugués 🇵🇹 Ansião- Rabacal 18.9km / 11.74 miles 💤 I had such a good night sleep! I woke up at 8.30am totally refreshed and ready to go! I had the place to myself as the French man also staying had left super early. No rain and the sun was shining, it was a nice walk out of the town Ansião crossing over the River Navajo. 🥘 I wasn’t hungry so decided not to stop for food. I loved passing through the small villages on the way. Alvorge was really cute and had a sweet cafe, where I stopped for a 2 cheese and ham sandwich and a drink €5 🌳 It’s really nice being out of the big cities and being in more of the Portugués countryside. Which is so beautiful 😍 ⛪️ I’m staying in Rabacal at the Albergue opposite the church. €10 euro for a bed (lower bunk bed) and the place also has a swimming pool & sun loungers. 🍴There is a restaurant attached to the albergue which does a pilgrims menu in the evening at 7pm - bread and soup, with a main course either meat or fish - I choose fish with dessert all for €6 📚 My hike is being sponsored by @ciceronepress #challengewithcicerone. Cicerone has also got an awesome guide book about hiking the Camino Portugués which was written by Kat Davies . . . . . #camino #challenge #walk #adventure #cicerone #ciceroneguidebook #getoutside #onelifeliveit #motivation #inspiration #likeagirl #thisgirlcan #toughgirl #toughgirlchallenges #womenoutdoors #womenoutside

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Are you wanting to make changes to your life? Looking for something better than a job? Then take ownership for your life and go after what you want. Visit⁣ for free information how.

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⚠️ Mildly Graphic Content ⚠️ Solo Parenting Day 1: we discovered one of Libby’s ear piercings is infected- fortunately she’s resilient! Both kids have colds. Needless to say, we are sheltering in place for the next few days 😳🤣 ⚠️ swipe right if you want to see the ear 😮 ⚠️

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This pretty much sums up things in my house tonight. I’m the meanest mom ever. And I’m totally fine with that. Because today I saw some rotten ones that made me thankful for who my girls are turning out to be. They may very well be strong, independent, outspoken and sassy as all hell...but most importantly they are KIND HEARTED and respectful to others ✨ . . . #quaidharleydavidson #tomboy #babyblues #tweenager #ftw #stronggirls #kindhearted #toughgirl #teamtaterbug #freckleface #skatergirl #truckerhat #singlemomlife #strictparents #rebellious #littlesister #youngestdaughter

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People love to tell me how they “hate” their photos taken. And I get it. It is difficult to look good in a still frame. All our imperfections, nooks and crannies are frozen in time and people can take their damn time exploring them... ummmm no thank you. I’m with you on that, my friend. But getting those rare, perfectly imperfect, in the moment, magic unicorn hotdog kind of shots is my favorite thing to do in a whole big World. Stop freezing for the shutter to click, you’re beautiful and I want you to play with me! I know, you’ll say WHUTTT IRINA?!? Play?! I know... haha.. but humor me. That is why we take the time to create this magic and that is why you won’t tell me I only have 5 minutes to create “the shot”. Mkay? Cool. Be nervous. You’ll run out of nervousness in 20 minutes. Promise. Then we can play. Btw - have a magical week. You absolutely got this 👍🏼❤️

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She may be old, but she still loves playing with Daddy! #toughgirl but only for a limited time...then it's time for snuggles.

21 hours ago

Life with a big brother. Owen calls this the “Panther” game. This is why I worry when she plays with other kids! They are so rough but they LOVE IT! *no babies were hurt in the making of this video* #bigbrothers #roughandtumble #toughgirl

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Vivian made it through her first week of school and did so incredibly well! She went every single day and stayed almost the full time, give or take a couple days. She made it through a full week of school while still recovering from a respiratory bug and needing to be suctioned way more than normal, needing a trach change in class due to a plug (so many plugs this week😭), and extra nebulizer treatments during the day. She is building amazing relationships with the kids in her class, and a special little friendship with a sweet boy who also has Chiari Malformation! She also participated in her first fire drill with no tears! Unfortunately, we had to leave a bit early on Friday because her incision from her pacemaker surgery the last week of August ripped open and had become infected, despite the fact that her incision was perfectly closed and she past her post op exam with flying colors 😩. Now we have wound care, daily dressing changes and ten days worth of another antibiotic to hopefully help her he or else they will have to surgically go in and clean it out and re-close. No one would ever know she was dealing with any of this stuff because she has literally been all smiles after the first day of starting school and is so excited to go! She has a big week this week with quite a few appointments and therapies at school, but we are hopeful and praying that everything will go as smooth as the last week! #victoryforvivian #viviangoesto4k #chiarimalformation #trachvent #respiratorybug #incisioninfection #toughgirl #makingfriends

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🎶 The little things they always hang around The little things they try to break me down The little things they just won't go away The little things made me who I am today 🎶 . So this is what I look like when I sing Good Charlotte!! I don't think I'll ever get over my love of GC 💓 there's nothing like blasting The Anthem on a sunny day while driving to work! 📻 . . 📷 @studiofrontstreet 💄 @makeupsavvvyy 💇 Alison Hanford *Assistant @missdemeanorpinup *Location @slipperypigbrewery . . #rocketmagazine #punkstyle #punkrock #leopardprint #pinupdoll #80sfashion #toughgirl #pinuphair

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One very important part of walking the Camino - is collecting your credentials- this is known as the Pilgrims Passport - the idea is to collect stamps as you go on your walk. You can collect these from, churches, albergues, hostels, restaurants, cafes etc. The stamps act as proof of your pilgrimage. So when you do arrive in Santiago you will be able to collect your certificate - also known as Compostela. I collected my pilgrims passport the day before I started my walk. I got it from Lisbon Cathedral and it was €2. The rule is to collect 1 stamp per day and 2 stamps per day on the final 100km. . 📚 My hike is being sponsored by @ciceronepress #challengewithcicerone. Cicerone has also got an awesome guide book about hiking the Camino Portugués which was written by Kat Davies @followingthearrows . . #camino #challenge #walk #adventure #cicerone #ciceroneguidebook #getoutside #onelifeliveit #motivation #inspiration #likeagirl #thisgirlcan #toughgirl #toughgirlchallenges #womenoutdoors #womenoutside

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21st September - Day 11 Camino Portugués 🇵🇹 Cortica - Ansiao =19.5km / 12.11 miles 🌧 Rain!!! So much rain! But I had my rain coat (really old - I’ve had it since 2013 - but it still sort of does the job!). There was a simple breakfast of bread rolls with honey and jam. I also made myself some cheese sandwich’s for lunch. 🥾It’s a very simple life on the Camino. Get up get dressed. Have some food, get packed and start walking. Stop for lunch either outside or at a little cafe, then walk some more. Reach the place you are going to stay, do the paperwork, get shown to your bed, unpack, shower, rest, have dinner and sleep. That’s it - super simple! 🎒 I think I’ve sorted out my routines a little bit more and my packing has become more efficient and things are finding their natural places. 😀I’m also getting to meet so many awesome people! Which in truth is what makes any journey!! . . . #camino #challenge #walk #adventure #cicerone #ciceroneguidebook #getoutside #onelifeliveit #motivation #inspiration #likeagirl #thisgirlcan #toughgirl #toughgirlchallenges #womenoutdoors #womenoutside

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Me trying to look cute. Where my klutz’s at? 😂 Oh and yah, I’m from Alaska!🐾❄️

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Don't normally go for a wrestler but i wanted carla to win sooo so bad #toughgirl

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"I have come curiously close to the end, down Beneath my self-indulgent pitiful hole Defeated, I concede and Move closer I may find comfort here I may find peace within the emptiness [•••] And as I pull my head out I am without one doubt Don't want to be down here soothing my narcissism I must crucify the ego before it's far too late I pray the light lifts me out [•••] And you will come to find that we are all one mind Capable of all that's imagined and all conceivable Just let the light touch you And let the words spill through And let them pass right through Bringing out our hope and reason" • • • 🐜💭 • • • #reflection #tool #sunday #endofline #domingo #diademissa #toolband #toolarmy #maynardjameskeenan #dannycarey #justinchancellor #adamjones #mjk #puscifer #aperfectcircle #reflexao #ondeestaarace #pinkpower #pinkpunkbastard #naobaixoosbracos #pink #pinkgirl #pinkhair #instapic #photooftheday #douro #passeio #dourovalley #stilllookingforthatpriest 🐒 #toughgirl

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Today is a good day for it is weighing day. I was expecting a total loss of 33 lbs according to my predictions. But it's actually 35. I've lost 35 lbs since the beginning of my new life. I thought I would be happier than that because 35 is quite huge. But in fact it's like I don't realize the change occurring, I don't see it. I grew so fat over those past years, I locked myself in a terrible spiral and finally I can see there's a path, leading to happiness, self-estime and confidence. I can't see the light right now, but I know it does exists. My next goal is a total loss of 53 lbs before my lift-off for Japan, the 8th of December. I know I can do it. Nothing can stop the hurricane I've become. #hurricane #girl #stronggirl #newlife #journey #weightloss #training #believe #confidence #confidentgirl #toughgirl #brave #strong #unstoppable #longwaytocome #selfestime

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Day 12 – Support Update from Froggie Wynn⁣ ⁣ Just had another update from Joe. Raj and Hannah have been avid followers of Angela's progress over the last week. On their way to Cardiff, they diverted off the motorway and drove past her on the road. They pulled in by the motorhome to meet her and cheer her on – fantastic.⁣ ⁣ Local runners, Paul and his son, joined Angela for a spell and later in the day, Jim did a stint with Angela’s sister also turning up.⁣ ⁣ Pain killers and anti-inflammatory meds are now needed to keep Angela going –that’s tough.⁣ ⁣ Thanks to all the people who have turned out to give treats to Angela and the support team and a special thanks to Neil and Helen for providing a shower and a brew.⁣ ⁣ Keep supporting and donate to Angela’s cause at:⁣ ⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ ⁣ #exercisewithfriends #therunninggranny #jogle #jogle2019 #johnogroatstolandsend #ukrunchat #ukrunning #ultrarunning #fitgrandma #thisgirlcan #cumbriangirlscan #thisgirlcanrun #fitover60 #septemberchallenge #septembergoals #goingforold #loverunning #womeninadventure #toughgirl #runningmotivation #fundraising #socialenterprise #myinspiration #runmummyrun #thismumruns #squadgoals #shropshire #ludlow #supportfromfriends

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Day 12 Update from Froggie Wynn – A Good Day In Shropshire But Not Sure About The Cooking As Now Minus A Tooth (Well Crown)⁣ ⁣ Firstly, the official stats for Friday (Day11) were 40 miles with 1800 feet of ascent. The high temperatures necessitated a break at lunchtime but still an impressive distance. The A49 to Whitchurch was potentially dangerous with heavy traffic and no pavement. Scarey. PeteB left the support team to compete in a duathlon but will be back Monday and Jims good lady, Hillary, joined the team.⁣ ⁣ On Day 12 Angela covered another staggering (no pun intended) 46 miles with 1700 feet of ascent. I reckon that makes 572 in total. Getting closer! It was another hot one with an afternoon break to avoid the worst of the heat.⁣ ⁣ It wasn’t Angela’s toes that dropped off yesterday but a crown, making it difficult to eat. What next?⁣ ⁣ After running through Shropshire the team spent overnight just north of Ludlow.⁣ ⁣ This morning the weather poses a different challenge with rain forecast on and off all day. As I look at the tracker at 10:00, Angela has already crossed into Herefordshire heading some 24 miles towards Hereford, home of HP Bulmer which makes 65% of the five hundred million litres of cider sold annually in the United Kingdom. Cheers.⁣ ⁣ Just north of Monmouth (40 miles) Angela will cross into Wales, her third country on this JOGLE. Laverbread and leeks for tea perhaps.⁣ ⁣ The target for today is to get to Tintern, within smelling distance of the River Severn, but it is a big ask. The South West beckons.⁣ ⁣ Please remember why she’s doing this, and donate to her cause: (link in bio 🔝)⁣ ⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ ⁣ #therunninggranny #goingforold #jogle #johnogroatstolandsend #ukrunning #ukrunchat #thismumruns #runmummyrun #thisgirlcan #cumbriangirlscan #fitgrandma #fitover60 #500miles #ultrarunning #shropshire #whitchurch #shrewsbury #ludlow #herefordshire #womeninadventure #wonderfulwildwomen #toughgirl #finefettle #goingthedistance #thisgirlcanrun #ultrarunning #tintern #monmouth

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♍️ 20th September Tomar - Cortica 25.8km /16 miles 🥾 Big blisters on my left foot 🦶one larger one in my heel and one smaller one close to my big toe, both - now covered with compeed. 💡 My plan was to start walking and wait for the body to forget about the pain - I though it would take 10/15 mins... nope 45 mins later I could still feel a deep throb of pain in the foot. But it is just a blister, it’s just doing its thing and protecting my feet! 🏰 Leaving Tomar there are 2 options available to take, either the sunny route down by the river, or the rainy route which goes through the city. Both are the same distance- it was raining when I left, so the city route is was. The plan for me today is to go 16 miles and stay at a place in Cortica. 🌲 Lots of elevation gain and loss today. Which I didn’t mind too much, it was lovely being back out in nature again. I had time walking to reflect back on the past couple of days and the journey so far. I also got to catch up with a few podcast episodes in the afternoon. I stopped off at a small little cafe and caught up with 2 pilgrims, 2 guys from Italy. I had 2 fabulous cheese sandwiches which are fast becoming my lunch stable and a can of Sprite ( Lunch - €5). 🌳 I love wandering through the small villages with the old houses, & olives trees, it’s always very peaceful and relaxing, plus hardly any people about. 🛣 The final 2k was along a pretty straight road, which can be pretty hard going on your feet, there was also very little shade, but it wasn’t as hot today - about 23 degrees. I was very excited to see the sign for the nights accommodation & treated myself to an ice cream on arrival 😊! 🚿 The showers here are amazing, so much water pressure! They also have the most amazing smelling lavender body wash - which is incredible. It’s a shame I’m going to cover the amazing smell with deep heat!! 🔥 . . . #camino #challenge #walk #adventure #cicerone #ciceroneguidebook #getoutside #onelifeliveit #motivation #inspiration #likeagirl #thisgirlcan #toughgirl #toughgirlchallenges #womenoutdoors #womenoutside

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Has your life been going to plan?⁣ In a rut and you want to make changes but you keep making excuses?⁣ Take action, make things happen. Be the person you dream of. Your future self will thank you.⁣ ⁣