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My not look good but boy is it tasty😋😋 Cabbage chicken taco with avocado black beans and kale😍😍 #tiuteam #tiu #eathealthy

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Thank you @shaunt for five of the most transformative weeks I’ve experienced in quite some time. Crazy what you can do when you put your self limiting beliefs to the side and show up every day. I’ve never challenged myself to a program that was all encompassed 👉🏼 mind, body and soul...but holy hell am I glad I said yes. This one taught me how to create a sustainable healthy lifestyle and I am so grateful. Cheers to loving the journey. 🥂💜

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Whether you workout at the gym, Tone It Up, Crossfit, ride your bike, a runner, Orange Theory, group fitness classes - you need this in your life! It is THE cleanest pre-workout available and I am obsessed. 🌱Plant-based... ✖😱no jitters or crash... ☕replaced my coffee intake... 💪helps me push a little harder + longer in my workouts... 🍒🍍tastes so yummy... 🙌decreases muscle soreness the next day. I started using this pre-workout a few years ago and immediately noticed a difference in my performance.... I pushed a little harder and didn't tire out as fast which ultimately turned into better results. I love that this formula is made entirely from plants (even including the coloring) so I don't have to worry about scary chemicals like so many other formulas on the market. Plus this tastes SO bomb... and today it was released in a new fruit punch flavor and the response has been CRAZY! So many people pumped to get their hands on this stuff. Of course I already ordered mine, so if you'd like a sample of either the original Lemon or the new Fruit Punch, let me know and I would be happy to send you one (as long as you are not working with another coach already), or you could purchase a tub at a discount from me to try for yourself. Comment a lemon 🍋 or a cherry 🍒 if you want to try either one!

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There is the potential for a lot of snow tomorrow, and if I’m being honest it’s kind of stressing me out. I know the prospect of a snow day would make most people thrilled - a day off! But the idea of being stuck in my apartment is no good! I thrive on being active, and the thought of not being able to move around totally puts a stopper on my routine. I’ve never really acknowledged this massive inflexibility of mine. But my yoga instructor today brought it up, and she made a great point. Why don’t we just focus on being in the moment? Who cares what comes at us next...we can’t do anything about it. So let’s soak in the now, babes. It might snow a foot, it might snow an inch, it might not snow at all. I don’t know and i won’t until it happens so...for now, I’m just being here in the present 😊 #tiuloveyourbody ✨ Bootycall: 30 minute treadmill/body weight circuits + LG fall challenge W1D2 extreme upper body (3 rounds) + #studiotoneitup bootylicious 💪🏻 M1 - berry extra green smoothie. Because I was feelin very extra ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 🌱 base: vanilla @toneitupnutrition , cauli rice, banana, zucchini, a few blueberries, coconut yogurt (purple layer), added spinach, ginger and spirulina (green layer); topped with grain free granola, crunchy coconut flakes and almond butter M2 - chocolate chip protein muffin M3 - chickpea salad over chopped rainbow chard M4 - green juice and nuts Workout 2 - 60 minute heated power vinyasa M5 - cauliflower steaks with tofu and chimichuri

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Feeling great after tonight’s workout 💪 Less than 2 weeks left to this program and I’m going to keep pushing harder every day ✅

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Woke up feeling a little too physically and emotionally exhausted to get in a workout today so here’s my #tiucheckin from yesterday. The #tiumeditation with @karenadawn was good, I need an extra boost on the self love right now as I’ve had a rough couple of days. My heart and my head are hurting and I’m counting on this lovely #tiucommunity to give me the strength to make it stop. I hope everyone is having a good week.❤️💞 #tiuteam #tiuloveyourbody #tiuloveyourbodychallenge #tiugirl #tiuselfie #tiunyc #tiudoctor #selflove @toneitup

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Brb diving into this cozy bowl of white bean + kale soup 👋🏼 〰️ We have been having miserable, cold, and wet weather here recently and all I have wanted to do today is cuddle with my pup + enjoy a bowl of warm soup! This white bean + kale soup is made with @naturesgreens organic tuscan kale and is filled with all things good for immunity 🙌🏼 Full recipe on my blog-link in bio or in my story! #wildlymindful #FarmFreshGreens #NaturesGreens

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Have you ever looked into the benefits of Calendula? I really think you should hop on over to google and do a little research. So many skin benefits and anti-this and anti-that. . . You can make a facial steam with it. Just boil some water, transfer it to a bowl with a handful of dried calendula. Cover with a towel and let it steep for a couple minutes. Remove the towel and put your face over the bowl and let the steam cover your face. It’s really moisturizing and benefits aging skin. I ordered some of these seeds this weekend so I can grow and dry my own of this amazing flower. . . I still can’t get over how amazing nature is. Everything we could ever need right at our fingertips.

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🎀 Good evening Everybody! 🎀 🎀 People will only understand from their level of perception. That is okay. Let it be. 🎀 New post up with reflections from my fourth day off working out and dealing with mental health matters! I'm still in this and it's part of the journey to take care of life as well as yourself. 😘😘 Check out blog link in bio ☝️ a bit of philosophy for the day. 🎀 #lifestyle #findyourstrong #strongnotskinny #workoutmotivation #fitfluential #mindbodyspirit #TIU #toneitup #tiucanada #tiugirl #tiunutritionplan #tiucheckin #tiuteam #tiuloveyourbody #tiumontreal #tiumom #tiumama #philosophy #mentalhealth #selfcare #thought #ideas #ipreview via @preview.app

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First workout in a while. School and work have been building up, but it’s important for me to get moving. It helps give me energy throughout the day and helps me sleep more soundly at night. Cheers to day 1! #tiuloveyourbody #tiuteam @toneitup

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New tattoo is finally healing up! Jace and I got matching Maui hooks, while in Maui and then I got a half crescent moon on my knuckle so that even when I’m not wearing my wedding ring, I have something to always see. Workout today was amazing, even hit my fastest all out speed at a 10.5 for the last 30 sec interval and stayed pretty much on the bottom rack for lifting. Working out next to Coach @emilysdailygrind_ is always some serious motivation. Now prepping for the week and getting ready to go out tonight to celebrate @tayaustin_esthetics birthday! 🤗🤗

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This is what I made time for today. This is what has always made me happy. This is what my entire life centered around for 30 years. This past year has been my first year without access to these magnificent beasts. I grew up on a horse farm where there were many beasts to love and gallop on endless trails. I don’t realize how much their absence affects me unless I truly pause and listen to myself. So, today I visited my mom where she works. A private farm where she cares for thoroughbreds who once lived a life at the races, who now need love and tender care to recover and maintain sanity. I’ve learned everything about compassion, empathy, work ethic, and perseverance from my mom. She blessed me with the gift of horsemanship. I will never be able to thank her enough in this lifetime. I am so grateful for this community and its ability to make me almost as happy as these beasts. When I work out I feel the same focus, love, and accomplishment as when I’d ride my furry friends. Today reminded me that I need to embrace my present focus, my present path toward the healthiest version of myself. But also to not lose sight of that which made me who I am today: a hardworking, passionate, compassionate, empathetic, dedicated woman with a hankering for a good gallop now and again. ❤️ @toneitup #tiuteam #domoreofwhatyoulove #embracethejourney

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Week 6! Nothing matters more than the way that you speak to yourself. Tell yourself you CAN, tell yourself you’re worth it, and tell yourself you’re beautiful. #teamliftup

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I am super excited to announce that I will be teaching a new Warriors at Ease ( @warriorsatease ) Yoga Class every Saturday starting 3/2 from 1-2 pm in Annapolis, MD at @bluelotus_annapolis ! This class is free for military as well as their spouses and children! It will be donation based for civilians (who are welcome to come!!!). This will be an adaptable, flow style class 😁. If you know any military families in the Annapolis/DC/Baltimore area, please let them know! Also, if you have any questions, please feel free to shoot me a message! 📸 @robertsturman * The images and use of name, rank, and branch of service does not imply endorsement by any Federal entity. The views expressed are solely those of the individual*

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Toning Moves ✅ Step Aerobics ✅ Hmm still coughing 🙄 but I went to Step Aerobics this evening and did today’s Toning Moves before the class 🤷‍♀️. I don’t really know what to do with myself because I wouldn’t say I feel really under the weather despite the persistent cough 🤔. It woke me so many times last night again though 😑! But sure what do I do 😅! Sit down and do nothing until my cough is gone.....which knowing me could be months and I couldn’t think of anything worse than no exercise for that long 😳. I mean like it won’t do my any favours with my wonky knees either 🤔. I’m going to go to Boxercise tomorrow anyway and I will see about the Thursday spin class. I am booked in for now though and for Saturday too 🤷‍♀️! @katrinaascott @KarenaDawn @toneitup #toneitup #tiu #tiuireland #tiuteam #tiunutritionplan #tiugirl #tiugirls #tiubabe #tiugoals #tiuselfie #tiueurope #tiuplan #tiueuropebeachbabes #tiustunners #tiucheckin #toneitupcheckin #karenakatrina #tiuyogi #tiucheckin #tiustudio #studiotoneitup #tiumeals #tiunutritionplan #psoriaticarthritis #tiucycle #spinning #stepaerobics #gym #gymlife #LoveYourBody #tiuloveyourbody

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It’s been a season. But I’m finally back on a workout streak. Trying to get back to heavy duty workouts and get whatever sleep I can. Extra clean meals will have to hold off ✋🏻 (I’m eating thin Oreos dipped in strawberry ice cream after this) For dinner I made samosas and I made up my own Indian rice recipe. Now that I finally have an arsenal of Indian spices. Dan hated it. So that means it was perfection👌🏻 🔥 #tiuteam #tiuboston #tiuloveyourbody @toneitup

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Because they said you can’t, is why you aren’t. • Why? Why don’t we choose to believe in ourselves more? Why do we seek so much from outside of who we are? Actually, do most of us even know who we are anymore or did we ever even know?? I feel like we’ve shaped our lives around what’s expected from us, what’s happened to us, the blame and guilt and all the other baggage we’ve claimed as “us.” We’ve let fear keep us still. We let others determine who we are. We let ourselves get beat up by our own thoughts! Looking at it on paper, it’s just crazy. But living it...thats a whole different story, and I get it. Trust me. I do. • There’s a quote from the movie Pretty Woman that has been stuck in my mind FOREVER. You know that scene when Richard Gere tells Julia Roberts that she has the potential to be so much more? And remember her response ? “I guess when you’ve been told something enough, you start to believe it.” • THAT is it. THAT is why. We have let words influence our actions. We have been told that we are too much, too ridiculous, too fat, too skinny, too smart, too dumb. Too this and too that. And guess what, we all started to believe it. • In the shuffle of those reckless words, we lost our confidence. We let it hide and we doubted everything we could ever be because it wasn’t good enough by the standards of some bullshit. And here we are ...so much more trapped under limitations. • Rediscover who you are. Give yourself that freedom. • Want to dive deeper into rediscovering your confidence and your truth ? Reach out. Xo 💋

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Obsessed with #kettlebell workouts! Perfect amount of toning, #cardio & fun all rolled into one! . . . #tiucheckin for today: #studiotoneitup Bootilicious with @katrinaascott bringing all the good vibes! ✨💦Followed up with just 1 round of the 5 #tiudailymoves because I ran out of time. ;) Happy #transformationtuesday #tiuteam 🥰 Love seeing all of your amazing work and crushing those goals! 💪🏼 @toneitup @karenadawn . . . . #kettlebellworkout #tiucommunity #tiumama #tiumom #tiubabe #fitmom #fitfam #fitness #fitspo #healthylifestyle #tiubootilicious #bootyworkouts #training #weighttraining #tiuteam #tiulongbeach #beachbabe #tiuloveyourbody #loveyourbody #fabletics #getupandmove

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Finished my last double digit run before marathon day! 🙌🏻 I’m so excited/nervous to see how well my training prepared me for this. It’s so weird doing something you’ve never done before and aren’t 100% sure your body can do. I know I can run 20 miles so I’ve determined that if I must I will walk/drag my body the last 6.2!! 😜 . . Speaking of body, I’m still following along the #tiuloveyourbody series! Not as closely as I’d like with my running taking point but I’m still in it with you all! I love that my body grew two amazing little people. Can’t even be that mad about that extra skin that they gave me in the process. 😬 #highwaistedpantsarelife #willieverseemyabsagain . . . . . #toneitup @toneitup #tiuteam #tiucheckin #tiuvirginia #marathontraining #tiugirl #tiumom

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Today this was not only just a normal workout! Today this was a chance to put all my frustration and sadness from the past 2.5 years since trying to start a family into this workout! Infertility sucks! It is such a rollercoaster of emotions from the excitement and hope to the sadness and disappointment that comes with each cycle. Today as another unsuccessful cycle starts...I have felt frustrated and sad, but I am also choosing to continue to be hopeful and strong! My husband and I will continue on this journey and we will become parents!

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When life hands you apples you make @toneitup ______________ <—-take a guess!! 😉

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Prancing in the daylight! 🦌

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Can I get a “hell yeah” for these -melt in your mouth- delicious coconut fat balls? 😍 . I can tell you this recipe yields 30 balls , but they won’t last you more than a week! They are so good and so great to share with friends or if you’re a busy bee 🐝 like me, perfect to go, go go! Recipe 🥜🥜🥜 /// • 1/2 c. coconut oil • 1 c. coconut shreds • 1/4 c. almond butter • 1/4 c. sunflower seeds • 1/4 c. pumpkin seeds • 1/2 c. cashews, soaked • 1/2 c. almonds • 2 tbsp cacao nibs • 2 tsp cinnamon • 1 tsp vanilla • 1/3 c. almond milk // Blend everything together in your food processor or blender than roll into bite size balls (I like to roll mine in coconut after too). Freeze in an airtight container, they’ll be good for months. When you’re ready to eat one, let it thaw for 6-10 minutes before breaking your teeth🦷 . love, jen☀️

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Tuesday’s are all about the cuddles!!! 🤗🐾💕

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Açaí bowls have been a new addiction for me lately & I just can’t get enough. 🤗 . . . ✨recipe!:✨ • 1/2 banana 🍌 • 4-5 frozen strawberries 🍓 • 1/3c frozen chopped pineapple 🍍 • 1 açaí packet ✨ • 1 c almond milk 🥛 • 1 tbsp honey 🍯(or less if you want!) . . Top with whatever you want!🙌🏼💕 I chose unsweetened coconut 🥥 flakes, the other half of my banana 🍌, some chia seeds, granola, & drizzle of honey 🍯 . . ENJOY! 🙌🏼

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Quick abs routine after my power walk and then this 6 min post work out yoga. Time to get ready to go out.

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it’s never too late to share a little #toasttuesday action right?! ✨💕 a little story behind this one: last week I was having MEGA bread cravings. I don’t really buy bread anymore which I think is just a bad habit I used to be stuck in (ie stilly thoughts around carbs and bread are bad) which let’s be honest this is so not the case! Good quality fresh baked bread is A OK 👌🏼 not only that it is a food that brings me sooo much joy! I totally get bread doesn’t work for everyone and that’s cool too, it’s all about bio individuality, you do what works for you!But for me it’s one of those foods I just love and could eat any day so why the heck am I depriving myself of that kind of love?! ••• So anyway, last week I finally made a mission to @wholefoods for the sole purpose of getting myself a delish fresh baked bread! This one is a sourdough packed with seeds and dates! Topped it off with 🥑 & pickled red onion, as well as a @vitalfarms egg cooked in ghee & of course, some black pepper, Himalayan salt, and red chili flakes 👐🏼

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Okay, today’s #piitstagram photo isn’t really an Instagram-worthy one, but I think my caption will be. So be sure to read it. 😉 . For #piitday19 I’m supposed to post a picture of a place where I feel most at home and explain why it makes me feel that way. Well, this is my corner of our home office. While I’m laying here curled up with a blanket (or two) reading a book (or scrolling through Instagram, let’s be honest), Adam is sitting at his desk right across from me either working or playing games. It gives me warm and fuzzy feelings just looking at this space, because it makes me think of the relaxing routines my hubby and I have made with each other. 💕 . Do you have a spot in your house that’s primarily for self-care and rest? If not, I think you should make one!

1 hour ago

And then 5 min later I was crying in the car on my way to school 😂 Do you ever just get so happy about life where you start thinking about all the little things and start crying!? 😭 No? It's just me!? Lol I spent the last few days pretty stressed out. My Husband's been away a lot this month, school is school and I'm trying really hard to do better than ever before with my grades. I'm staying organized and trying to balance everything. I woke up deciding I was going to wear comfy clothes that fit me so that I can't get all pregnancy emotional on myself for not fitting into something, I made my breakfast and then a smoothie to enjoy during class instead of picking something less healthy, and I decided today Im going to be happy and it worked. 😊 Right now I'm at a more challenging time with so much going on and missing my Husband, but I'm doing really good and I have to give myself credit. Today I had my FAV SMOOTHIE in the entire world, chocolate peanut butter banana 😋 it's been 5 months since I've had this smoothie, food aversions are so weird. But anyways, I hope you can find good even on bad days, and find joy in the little things like smoothies and comfy leggings 😁 . . . #tiuteam #tiupregnancy #wcuhealthyhabits #smoothie #tiuloveyourbody #selflove #dieteticstudent #19weekspregnant

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Andddd this is what #motherhood looks like.. #hairundone #nocontacts in #wylankozlansky with food on his clothes and me in the same clothes I slept in last night 🤷🏼‍♀️.. #dontjudge . . . I’ve been off IG lately.. taken a little break from social media. Trying to spend more precious time with my loved ones and been super busy with some “stuff” #staytuned ! 😊

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The theme of this short week is 🌀 mix ‘n match! 🌀I decided to change things up a bit for lunches this week and I’m pretty excited! 😁 I’m normally very habitual but was craving a change. 💭 I’m happy to report that today’s combo [swipe ⬅️] did not disappoint! Lunches sure are gonna be tasty! ~~ Today’s combo was: ➕ Bed of arugula 🌱 ➕ Ground turkey 🍗 ➕ Roasted brussel sprouts 🥦 ➕ Roasted zucchini 🥒 ➕ Roasted butternut squash 🍠 ➕ Sautéed bell peppers 🌶 ➕ Avocado 🥑 ➕ Drizzle of coconut aminos 🥥 ~~ The flavor was similar to a taco bowl, but it had an extra umph. 🔥 Guess you’ll have to take my word for it or give it a try yourself! Make sure to tag 👉🏻 #fitfourtifood when ya make it! ~~ Seriously cannot wait to enjoy this throughout the week!

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STRETCHING is honestly one of the most important things I think I’ve done throughout the #tiuloveyourbody challenge. I have dedicated stretching/yoga time at least 3x per week on top of the usual light stretching after workouts. I remember when I would stretch only the day or so after a workout when I was already sore and regretting my decisions. I’ve learned to love my body by honoring it and treating it well! STRECH STRETCH STRETCH because your beautiful muscles deserve it. It has helped me immensely... Feels sooo good and is really nice reflective, meditative ME time. 🙌🏻 #TIU #tiuteam #toneitup #tiulyb #tiupnw #tiuseattle #rest #recovery #tiucheckin

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This is so true. Back when I taught spin at the YMCA I used to shout inspiration at my students left and right. And the one that what get the most common was “you are only in competition with the person you were yesterday“. If we try to compare ourselves to others we’ll never appreciate how we became better than the person we were yesterday. Staying in my own lane and remembering to take it one day at a time 👍🏻 #tiu #tiuteam #tiucommunity #tiuloveyourbody #tiunutritionplan #toneitup #toneitupteam #toneitupcommunity #toneitupnutrition #quoteoftheday #inspirationalquotes @toneitupnutrition @toneitup @karenadawn @katrinaascott

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There are many reasons why I am so grateful for @toneitup - community, finding myself and becoming the best version of myself are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to my journey. I joined TIU so I could tone up and add fitness into my life, but I never expected to gain all that I have. ⁣ ⁣ I can now use my “after” photos as my before. While it still is amazing to use photos from 4+ years ago, it’s even more incredible to see the changes my body has made since starting TIU. I used to think that my transformations were only from when I first began on my health journey so you could see how much of a change I’ve made. I know that my transformation is continuous and it’s always changing, so to be able to use my after photo as a before is a huge deal 🙌🏽⁣ ⁣ The left photo is at the end of the 2018 LYB series and the right was taken this morning. The changes are small, but they’re there. I feel comfortable in my own skin, I can see and feel myself getting stronger and I have more endurance in my workouts. I push myself harder than ever before and have learned to give myself grace and treat myself. This transformation has come full circle for me, and I can’t wait to see what it looks like at the end of this years series. ⁣ ⁣ So babes, I want you to remember that your transformation is ongoing. You are continuously working to become the best version of yourself. Small changes are happening every day, and even if you don’t see it, they’re there I promise you. Remember how far you’ve come and all of the amazing things coming your way. You are worth all of the success, babe. 😽💗✨ . . . #tiuteam #tiuloveyourbody #toneitup #tiu #tiutuesday #tiutransformation #transformationtuesday #beforeandafter #oneyeardifference #fitnessblogger #lifestyleblogger #happilywhole #shareloveinspiresweat #tiugirl #tiubossbabe #fitnessjourney #healthjourney #transformation #fitnessinspiration #motivation #fitspo #tiunutritionplan #toneitupnutrition #leancleangreen #plantbasednutrition #healthylifestyle @toneitup @katrinaascott @karenadawn @toneitupnutrition

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Kombucha is something I tried several years ago and couldn’t really get into a habit of drinking. Since I have become very interested in the gut and reading more great information on the power of fermented food & beverages I was encouraged to give it a second try & I am really glad I gave this weirdo bubbly fermented drink another chance because I am hooked:) I wanted to drink the highest quality kombucha available and after digging back into @almost30podcast archives I saw they did an interview with one of the founders of @healthade & I immediately fell in love with their story and the thoughtfulness they use when making their kombucha. I realize I am way late to the kombucha game but better late than never right?😻So cheers to trying new things & supporting companies you respect 💛 #tiuloveyourbody #tiunutritionplan #tiuteam #tiugirl #tiucheckin #tiunurse #tiuvegetarian #tiuindiana #healthadekombucha

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Taking a tip from @nutritiouslifeofficial and making my own cashew milk 🥛 Bye, bye storebought nut milk and all your sketchy ingredients (at least for this week). IMO, homemade is *almost* always better tasting, has a simplified ingredient list and therefore usually healthier but it’s not always convenient, especially when I’m lucky to even make it to the store to buy the stuff to make the stuff - ya feel? But for now we’ll just pretend. I am SO looking forward to a splash of this cashew creamy dream in tomorrow’s coffee ☕️ Any recommendations for milk jars to store homemade goods in the fridge? • • • • • #healthyfood #glutenfree #cleaneating #paleo #paleodiet #homemade #primal #nutrition #breakfast #healthyeating #lowcarb #tiuteam #organic #nutmilk #paleolifestyle #plantbased #fitfood #weightloss #nutritiouslife #healthychoices #dairyfree #grainfree #realfood #healthylifestyle #foodgasm #exercise #paleofood #tiuindiana #tiucheckin #loveyourbody

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Whenever I used to eat pizza it would be with the frame of mind ➡️⠀ ⠀ “It’s ok because I worked hard this week.” Or⠀ ⠀ “I’m going to the gym tomorrow so I’ll just burn it off.”⠀ ⠀ Now when I eat pizza, I eat it because I LOVE it. I eat it without guilt (most of the time, because I’ll be honest, food freedom is hard).⠀ ⠀ This is the part of healthy living that is the most difficult for me. Learning to enjoy the foods we’ve been taught our whole lives are “bad” foods. But, learning to enjoy them without guilt afterwards.⠀ ⠀ Rather than teaching us how to enjoy our food, society has taught us what foods to feel guilty about. And unlearning that is a challenge. ⠀ ⠀ It’s not just the food on your plate, but the thoughts surrounding that food, that help create this idea of “healthy”. They go hand in hand.⠀ ⠀ Anybody else struggle with this?⠀ #discoveringbalance #foodfreedom #guiltfree

1 hour ago

Finally jumped on the @squareorganics train, and I’m wondering why it took me so long 😂 this was so good! My husband and I are meeting up with a friend for dinner tonight, and I needed something to hold me over 👌🏻 planning on getting a quick workout in later this evening 💪🏻 @toneitup #tiuteam #tiucheckin #tiucommunity #tiumichigan #tiugirl #tiuwife #tiusistersinchrist #essentialoils #yleo #younglivingessentialoils #holistic #healthy #workinprogress #allnatural #crunchy

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When you’re feeling back to your old self and you just gotta get out and enjoy this weather☀️ Happy Tuesday people! After all the excitement of last week 💍, something knocked me on my booty🍑 and I was not feelin it🙅🏻‍♀️ but now I’m back feeling better and ready for a wonderful rest of the week and with #princesshalf right around the corner it’s all perfect timing 👑 #tiuloveyourbody p.s it’s okay go ahead and admire that bling on my finger💁🏻‍♀️😂💕

4 days ago

Every woman was born with a very powerful spirit. She’s the most lively before we hit puberty. As our hormones kick in, we begin to subconsciously pick up on the social acceptance that come with pleasing everyone around us. We learn to silence our true thoughts in fear of making waves. When we silent our spirit, it can create emotions of anger, resentment, judgment, and criticism, all directed toward ourselves (and can be projected onto others if we’re not careful!). Your heart is where your beautiful spirit lives, and she deserves to be honored and heard. Just like you wouldn’t shush a child for speaking her truth, you mustn’t tune down who you are to make others around you more comfortable. This is your reminder to go out and just do you, boo 😊