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Some light Christmas reading.

2 months ago

✊✊🏾✊🏻✊🏿✊🏽✊🏼 Another strong book about social justice movements, this one focused acutely on non-violent revolution. It’s more theory-based than similar books, but I liked learning about transactional vs transformational change and other nuggets of wisdom from this exploration through movements like the marriage fight, civil rights struggle, and Egyptian revolution. #ThisIsAnUprising is a solid book and #goodread. #markengler #paulengler #goodreads #reading #reads #instabook #instabooks #igbooks #igbookreview #igbook #bookshelf #bookaddict #bookaddiction #uprising #protest #revolution #rebellion #socialchange #occupy #womensmarch

7 months ago

summer stacks start with our #safetyinnumbers wish bracelets made with @riabrowne in partnership with @everytown to raise awareness and much needed funds to fight for common sense gun control. available in packs of 4 or 24 now at every bird location and online at all proceeds go to #everytownforgunsafety June 1st we #WearOrange to show our support for National Gun Violence Awareness and we will keep wearing these until they fall off and then we will start again. #redorbluewewelcomeyou #gunsensevsnonsense #thisisanuprising

7 months ago

So I’m at my desk editing a chapter about plastic pollution for my upcoming book & I see this. Plastic is a plague. We all need to work together to fight it. Passive acceptance is not an option. It’s not going AWAY of its own accord. In fact, there are powerful forces at work trying to INCREASE it. We need to come together & act. I really feel so strongly about this. Also, can’t wait to share this book with you! Repost @australianethical via #nationalgeographic ・・・ This is confronting! #repost @NatGeo - The Plastic Apocalypse By @randyolson - There are millions of slum workers around the world involved in an informal plastic waste industry that is “always hiring.” There is a third-world “gold rush” to process plastic waste — an economy with no end in sight. With the shale oil boom, companies like Shell, Dow and others are in the early years of gearing up “cracker plants” that “crack"" frack-gas-molecules into mostly single-use-plastic for food packaging. Plans are in the works for more and more cracker plants pushing peak plastic production all the way out to the year 2100. Despite growing concern and much discussion in the media this past year, corporations plan for more and more single-use-plastic in our lives. In this photo, a Bangladeshi woman teaches her son how to bail plastic sheeting that has been washed in the river below. The second photo is the world's largest ethylene-cracker plant in Freeport, TX, that produces mostly thin-film-food-packaging. #PlanetorPlastic _________ These images are part of a multiyear effort to raise awareness about the global plastic waste crisis. Learn what you can do to help. Take Your Pledge: . . . #plasticfree #fightplastic #thisisanuprising #sustainabilityeditor #riseandresist #waronwaste #protectouroceans

7 months ago

#SafetyInNumbers Wish Ribbons are designed by gun reform activist @riabrowne in partnership with @everytown and #birdbrooklyn.  We #WearOrange in support of gun safety, and purple, to symbolize bi-partisanship. These ribbons, inspired by Brazilian wish bracelets, symbolize good luck and faith. Wear and share for #NationalGunSafetyAwarenessDay on June 1st. All proceeds will benefit @everytown.   #safetyinnumbers #gunsensevsnonsense #redorbluewewelcomeyou #thisisanuprising 📸: @riabrowne , @alexandrarowley , @yummyanna

7 months ago

Ria Browne!! Your commitment and creativity inspire!! #Repost @riabrowne with @get_repost ・・・ They’re here!! #SafetyInNumbers wish ribbon bracelets just in time for #WearOrange day June 1st. I designed these in partnership with @everytown and @birdbrooklyn. Three orange bracelets and one purple to symbolize the need for bipartisanship for gun laws. Inspired by Brazilian wish ribbons which are symbols of good luck and faith, tie these on with three knots, make three wishes and when the ribbon falls off, your wishes are meant to come true. This is an easy way to get orange on everyone in support of common sense gun laws! Wear and share! Buy them for your classmates, work associates, your congregation, your friends and family. Link to purchase in bio and at all Bird stores in Brooklyn and LA tomorrow! 🧡 #gunsensevsnonsense #thisisanuprising #redorbluewewelcomeyou

10 months ago

Come join us today at our book discussion for “This is an Uprising” by Mark and Paul Engler at the RCNV! We’re talking about chapters 3 & 4 and would love to welcome some new people! Tonight at 7 PM! Donations are encouraged and appreciated but no one will be turned down for lack of funds. Books are also available at the center for $21! Hope to see you there! #bookgroup #thercnv #rcnv #santacruz #nonviolence #uprising #thisisanuprising #markengler #paulengler #mlk #gandhi #resist #protest

10 months ago

The NRA’s worst nightmare is our collective awakening that this isn’t just “one white male with mental illness;” it’s not a siloed incident; it’s a disease at the intersection of whiteness and toxic masculinity that we’ve allowed to infiltrate our society — and the only cure is for US to rebuild our institutions from the bottom up. . //// wisdom via our very own @chloeesuxx from last night’s #StudentsStandUp Twitter chat

1 year ago

The Hidden Rules of Race: Barriers to an Inclusive Economy reveals the hidden rules of race that create barriers to inclusion today. While many are familiar with the histories of slavery and Jim Crow, we often don't understand how the rules of those eras undergird today's economy, reproducing the same racial inequities 150 years after the banning of Jim Crow segregation laws. This book shows how the fight for racial equity has been one of progress and retrenchment, a constant push and pull for inclusion over exclusion. By understanding how economic and racial rules work together, better rules can be written to finally properly address inequality in our society. . #thehiddenrulesofrace #socialjustice #activism #bookstagram #bookstoread #racepolitics #politicaleconomy #arewescrewed #findingfeminism #thisisanuprising

1 year ago

"If you're not outraged, you're not paying attention." . I am an extremely privileged individual. I'm a 30 year old white woman living in America. I have a college education and an intact nuclear family. I'm in a stable relationship, and I am living well above the poverty line. I live in a liberal town in a liberal state in a liberal region of my country. I do not worry about my government officials representing my views well; I know that they do. My personal sources of oppression relate to my health, my spiritual outlook, my gender, and my sexuality. But the worst I've ever faced personally has been angry words and lack of representation. . I am an extremely privileged individual and I know it. It is my job as an ally to listen to the voices of the marginalized and the oppressed. It is my job to vote for people who will help. It is my job to educate myself. It is my job to speak up when I witness hatred in any form. It is my job to celebrate and elevate those less privileged than me whose voices need to be heard. . It is also my job to take care of myself. I am not able to attend protests or marches. But I can attend town halls. I can vote. I can share information. And I can read and recommend books that tackle the violence others experience every day of their lives. I am not in a position to speak for them, so this is my way of contributing quietly to this very necessary conversation. . I went to the library today and grabbed a bunch of books (fiction and nonfiction) that deal with many of the things I'm witnessing every day on the news. I'm trying to plan a personal path forward. . Reading and writing are my weapons of choice. But so is conversation. My DMs are open to anything on your mind. 💛 . #bookstagram #bookstagrammer #reader #reading #bookgeek #booknerd #bookporn #bookworm #bookwyrm #bookdragon #instabook #instabooks #bibliophile #booklove #bookaddict #bookish #thisisanuprising #america #revolt #protest #privilege #grimdragon #writeandreadaugust2017

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New mid-year/2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 ➡️and beyond reading material. #thisisanuprising

1 year ago

My wife didn't walk across the country or sit in an Obama office for 6 days on a hunger strike to end up in a "history book". She did it for reasons that only she may ever know, she did it for others, she did it for herself. And yet, here's one of those books now. And because she celebrates every one of my accomplishments, no matter how small, I am celebrating this today. Anxiously waiting for my copy now! #thisisanuprising #mynextread

1 year ago

Friends! I am extremely pleased to share with you a piece I wrote for LARB, which reviews Yates McKee's excellent book about artists' involvement in Occupy Wall Street "Strike Art"; Mark Engler and Paul Engler's "This is an Uprising" about strategic nonviolence; and the exceptional set of texts given to allies visiting Standing Rock. Among other things, I argue for the importance of artists' involvement in social justice movements that demonstrate alternatives to exploitative capitalism. The piece also features a few of the beautiful photographs taken by Jen Rosenstein in Standing Rock. I hope you will read and share! Link in bio. #lareviewofbooks #standingrock #occupywallstreet #thisisanuprising #twospiritcamp #ruckussociety #indigenouspeoplespowerproject @jenrosenstein @candibp33 @lareviewofbooks #ocetisakowincamp

1 year ago

Books have always had a place in the resistance, they inspire us and provoke thought. Now more than ever books are so important. Knowledge is one of our best weapons. As the doctor said "You want weapons? We're in a library. Books the best weapons in the world. This room's the greatest arsenal we could have. Arm yourself." . . #totalbooknerd #bookish #kickasswoman #pantsuitnation #readingispower #makeamericareadagain #bookphotography #bookish #bookgirl #girlsruntheworld #hopeishere #notmypresident #neverthelessshepersisted #resist #thehateugive #thisisanuprising #goodgirlsrevolt #wewerefeministsonce #wehavehope #resistance #bookpower

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Hello Activist Book Club Members- Just a reminder that we are meeting Saturday morning. And the details are: The book we will read will be This Is an Uprising: How Non-Violent Revolt is Shaping the Twenty-First Century. Please read the first three chapters before our meeting. It'll give us much to discuss. As a reminder the plan is that we read the book with the purpose of formulating some "actions" we can take as a group or as individuals. Please keep that in mind. These actions can be micro or macro. Our first meeting will be on Saturday Feb 25th at 9am at the California Family Institute offices in Costa Mesa near the Lab & the Camp. The address is: California Family Institute 2900 Bristol Ave. Suite C-104 (downstairs) Costa Mesa, CA 92626 You can invite others. And please let me know if you have any questions. I look forward to #resist ing with you all.

1 year ago

Grateful I was well enough to attend an Activism 101 workshop where we discussed this book, This is an Uprising by Mark and Paul Engler. WELL WORTH the read. Still plowing through but glad to learn *effective* strategies for #TheResistance #thisisanuprising #notgoinganywhere

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yet every time it is cast aside, strategic nonviolent action seems to reassert itself as a historic force. without taking up weapons, and with little money and few traditional resources, people forming nonviolent movements succeed in upending the terms of public debate and shifting the direction of their countries' policies. nonviolence in this form is not passive. it is a strategy for confrontation.