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How do you call a “sujetavelas” in your language? 😂 Continue learning Spanish with Memrise, link in bio!

2 hours ago

Got someone you'rethinking about? Maybe you'd like to start talking to them, maybe even go out on a date, but cant bring yourself to talk to them, or you don't know what to say?? Ive got you covered. My name is Evan Evan's, and I've got talents in matchmaking, and flirting. For as long as I can remember, I've been a third wheel, and have been asked to accompany dozens of couples on dates. Over time I have acquired the skills necessary to make said dates less awkward, and help conversations move smoothly. As of recently I have been developing the skill to slide into people's DMs as slick as ice. But once I'm in the DMs, that's where the hard part comes in, actually asking them out. This is hard when you are asking for yourself, but if I was asking for you, It'd be a lot easier, and I may be able to score you a date. After a date has been set, I will also provide the option to have me accompany you on the outing as a thrid wheel, to make it seem less like a date, rather than an invitation to be friends. Then, when you are comfortable with your crush being around you, this will open an opportunity for you to ask for a one on one date. Hit me up if you are interested in my services. #dating #relationships #relationshipadvice #slidingintodms #thirdwheel #firstdate #kingofhearts #king #hearts #datingadvice #memes #buisnesscasual #anxiety #smoothmove #smoothmoves #meme #money #makingmoney

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KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE PRIZE!! And never forget that whatever we do, the deep, real goal that calls us from inside is to be HAPPY!! - People say “No, I want to be rich, not happy!” They do not realize that the wish to be RICH comes from the strong wish to be happy!! We think that WEALTH will bring HAPPINESS and sometimes we’re right because WEALTH opens a lot of closed doors, but it also comes with great sacrifices and closes a lot of opened doors! Wealth and Happiness are not and will never be Synonyms!❌ - Sometimes people sacrifice their health for wealth and than all their wealth to get their health back! Remember: spirit and body wealth come first!! Everything else is secondary!! - Follow: 👉 @determined_hardwork_division Follow: 👉 @determined_hardwork_division Follow: 👉 @determined_hardwork_division

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I can’t honestly 😂😂😂

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Have you ever gatecrashed a honeymoon? I have...😎 Congrats to Zach & Kellie who came all the way from @rhinegeist 🇺🇸 just to see me! 🍻 #ThirdWheelin...

8 hours ago

I love my gay uncles 🥰

11 hours ago

How cute are my best friends? 🥰 So grateful they let put up with my third wheeling all the time ☀️

14 hours ago

Omg!! His eyes are open 👀 can u guys see?? They're just chillin without me! 🙀 #thirdwheel

16 hours ago

I love being a third wheel.

17 hours ago

Just a bit happy for the engaged 😍 #thirdwheel

18 hours ago

Documenting from a polite distance a fun-filled snow “date” and blossoming friendship of one of my boys (and his twin along for the ride 🛷). None too too cool 😎 or too old to sled, be silly and play on the play-set of their elementary school. My young gentlemen! #👬 #💁🏼‍ #teenageboy #sledding #snow #newfriends #winter #winterwonderland #momlife #momsofinstagram #twinsofinstagram #thirdwheel #sled #wisconsin #snowhill #sundayfunday #middleschool #middleschoolers #🛷#👬 #🤓🤓 #gentleman #gentlemen #kindness #raisingkindboys

20 hours ago

*Soppy post alert* Things happen that turn your life upside down but then you meet people and you realise how lucky you are. Truly grateful to these girls for always putting a smile on my face. I'm glad I met you all, you bunch of crazy alcoholics. #❤ #👭 #friends #soppy #thirdwheel #gamboling #whyamisosmall

22 hours ago

🚌 Heute früh ging es in Busia über die Grenze. Dort in den Bus nach Nairobi. Seitdem haben wir uns den Hintern platt gesessen, ein paar Pinkelpausen gehabt und vor allem das WUNDERSCHÖNE KENIA beglotzt. Zwischendurch wurde es neben den Straßen immer grüner, riesige Teeplantagen und Nadelwälder, dazwischen immer mal ein Buschfeuer und ZEBRAS!🙌 Wilde 🦓🦓🦓 am Straßenrand. Kenia, für den ersten Tag legst du dich ordentlich ins Zeug... —————————— #teamgelke #thirdwheel #travelphotography #weltenbummler #herrundfrauweltenbummler #rubbeln #statravel #scubatheworld #surfanddive #surftheworld #divetheworld #worldtour #allaroundtheworld #gotakememories #sonyalpha #alphacollective #bealpha #reisenfürweltentdecker

23 hours ago is our official designated third wheel Missing the snow ❄️

1 day ago

Had the best trip to Harlingen, Texas to visit these two ❤ Day 1: Valentine's dinner (I'm the best 3rd wheel 😉)

1 day ago

Bas itna sa faraq hai tujh mein or mujh mein tumne sikha ustado se maine seekha Halaato se. #adiyogi #thirdwheel A.$.R !V