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2 weeks ago

I entered the grades for my students’ final assignments until 2am and then dragged myself through a chaotic workday. I marked the end of another successful summer semester with dinner at @thediplomatmke. I like the atmosphere here: dark wood, moody lighting, Art Deco motifs, portraits of cultural has an updated speakeasy feel to it. I usually go for the gargantuan fries and the Diplomac. I switched things up and went with the gnocchi instead of the burger. I was on the fence about getting dessert, but the peanut butter pie was the perfect balance of sweet, savory, crunchy, and creamy to cap my night. It’s also worth noting that Diplomat has a warm, hospitable staff. They’re good company, especially when you’re decompressing from a long day. - 1️⃣ Peanut Butter Pie: graham cracker, buttercream, caramelized banana 2️⃣ Spruce is Loose Cocktail: Midwest gin, spruce tip syrup, lemon, Aquafaba 3️⃣ Diplomat Fries: triple blanched, garlic mayo 4️⃣ Gnocchi: braised pork shoulder, dragon tongue beans, sarvecchio Parmesan

3 months ago

I love being a tourist in my hometown. Talked generous Midwestern tapas portions and fatherhood with chef @dane_baldwin_ of @thediplomatmke. Picked up a new hat and got a #FeartheDeer photo-op at FiservForum. Scored legit bachelor party recs from bartender Emily, a Motto pale ale pour and pizza at @goodcitybrewing. Marveled at Long Island iced tea vendors, long balls, an off-duty Santa and the original stadium racers (yes, sausages predate pierogies and presidents, people) at the Brewers game. Even stopped outside a famed sausage factory. All in all, a memorable visit, and I’m only 20 hours in. #visitmke

7 months ago

Reasons to go to The Diplomat ( @thediplomatmke ) 1. It’s been a long a** day, you haven’t eaten all day, but you are definitely NOT cooking at home. 2. It’s cold, there’s an impending storm, and you need something that’ll stick your bones. Bite-size entrees won’t cut it. 3. You appreciate chill music and swanky decor, including this fine portrait of Mr. Hendrix by Timothy Meyerring. 4. Friendly and attentive service. 5. Booze. 6. The Diplomac. A substantially better version of the Big Mac. It’s big, beefy, and sexy. 7. Fries. Giant fries. Triple blanched giant fries served with garlic mayo. And I don’t even like mayo. 8. Just cuz. Thanks, Diplomat, for treating me right. - #jimihendrix #art #thediplomatmke #thediplomat #milwaukee #wisconsin #food #restaurant #happyhour #burger #cocktails #mkefoodies

10 months ago

Our @niman_ranch prime beef burger was featured in “on the burger trail” @lofredrich of @onmilwaukee This burger features 2- 4oz burger patties, house made bun, house made pickles, house made 1000 island dressing (we make the mayo and ketchup!), lettuce, red onion and American cheese! Get it “stand alone” or along with some of our hand-cut, triple-blanched fries. Check it out!!! Link in Bio . . . #thediplomac #visitthedip #justfancyenough #thediplomatmke #mkexplore #visitmilwaukee #bradystreet #nimanranch #raisedwithcare