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ιѕ туριиg... okay okay so i know I’ve been extra dead for a while but I’ve been working on this lil animation for my characters past and stuff sooo here’s my Era 1 Peridot FACET 638EO CUT 55VN There are many other characters and I have them almost finished so look out for that post soon whelp one last detail she’s married on the same day as Garnet pft just wait— also sketch version too ★ {characters} {Peridot FACET 638EO CUT 55VN} ★ ★ ★ ★ Tags ★ #gemsona #ship #cute #stevenuniverse #whitediamond #homeworld #yellowdiamond #bluediamond #pinkdiamond #su #crystalgems #fusion #fanart #improment #pearlsona #thediamondauthority #diamondsona #homeworldgems #homeworld

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Decided to enjoy the nice weather and take some shots of my new charms and stickers!

2 weeks ago

My charms finally arrived!!!

2 weeks ago

I KEEP POSTING LATE!!!!!! Saturday! Supanova Sydney - Peridot from Steven universe A selfie to show off the makeup!!!! Nothing too flashy!!!! My god tho I’m gonna have to do waterbased next time and I’m *not* happy about it 😭 . . @ardawigs Malinda classic . . . . #stevenuniverse #peridot #peridotcosplay #peridotstevenuniverse #peridotsu #stevenuniversememes #stevenuniverseperidot #whitediamond #whitediamondsu #whitediamondcosplay #thediamondauthority #homeworld #homeworldgems #stevenuniversecosplay #supanovaexpo #supanova #supanovasydney2019 #supanovasydney # #supanova2019

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1:Uwu Malachite is underrated and no one can change my mind.She is kinda the only "evil" character I want to be redeemed or whatevs its called.(credit=me) 2:HOLY COW THE RENDERS LOOK SO GOOD UWU have a nice day taGs: #stevonnie #stevenuniverseart #stevenuniverse #stevenuniverse #pinklasagna #pinkdiamond #cute #thecrystalgems #thediamondauthority #connie #pebble #pearl #padparadscha #peridot #yellowdiamond #bluediamond #bluepearlsu #pinkpearlsu #whitediamond #whitepearl #garnet #amethyst #lapislazuli

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OH MY GOSH?!? *THE* white diamond!!!!!! Saturday! Supanova Sydney - Peridot from Steven universe It was lovely seeing everyone today and I feel like I quite literally saw *everyone* today!!! So many people!!!! . . . . @ardawigs Malinda classic . . . . #stevenuniverse #peridot #peridotcosplay #peridotstevenuniverse #peridotsu #stevenuniversememes #stevenuniverseperidot #whitediamond #whitediamondsu #whitediamondcosplay #thediamondauthority #homeworld #homeworldgems #stevenuniversecosplay #supanovaexpo #supanova #supanovasydney2019 #supanovasydney # #supanova2019

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4 weeks ago

So she must’ve at least been aquatinted/seen each other and she just didn’t want to say, or she didn’t remember, but that’s highly unlikely since gems should remember and in ‘A Single Pale Rose’ she had all of those memories. Big rant, sorry. Oh and a few details I loved about the show, here: * When Blue cries, all gems cry, even the diamond’s (Yellow was annoyed by it) * How Lars changes but of course, still nonetheless has some of his quirks in him, and how he was before, saying how “Bingo Bongo” was completely stupid, but then when he’s a space pirate, it’s his catchphrase! It’s cute * I also LOVE the reactions of everyone when Steven uses the ship (Legs From Here to Homeworld) and mostly everyone’s reactions are dumbfounded and cringing at how he walked, but Greg supported him and say nothing wrong, and Blue was completely okay!! I love hows she’s acting like it was normal!! Mostly because it was!! Pink walked and took off just like that and she knew that!! It’s adorable and Yellow is all annoyed because that’s how she always was and was still like that =D * Also in ‘Jungle Moon’, I’m sure that when Stevonnie had the Diamond Dream, their memories were mixed together since Connie’s mom was like Yellow Diamond, they were sort of mixed like that! And how Stevonnie was annoyed as how Pink would be of Yellow ignoring her, but Connie would relate so it was also together! Also, slowly the setting goes from Connie’s memories to Steven’s/Pink’s memories, changing here and there Now all I have are tons of questions, such as WHAT WAS ERA 1 LIKE?!?! AND WHATS ERA 3 GONNA BE LIKE?!?! IS THERE EVEN GONNA BE AN ERA 3 OR ARE THEY GONNA STOP MAKING GEMS COMPLETELY?!?!!?!? REBECCA IM SO CONFUSED HELP okay so besides that, all I have are a few screenshots of the scenes I’m talking about, and right now I’m working on my gems and their fusion since lately I’ve been not liking how they look since they look a bit too much like the characters in the show (my peridot and lapis) so I’ve changed them completely and they’re very cute! So yeah working on their fusion and I’ll try to at least post the sketches if I have time <=} that’s all I have for now.. (2/2)

4 weeks ago

I’m sorry but I’d love to talk about this— Also, sorry for the short hiatus hehe.... kinda had to finish school, didn’t have time to draw sine I’m in summer school to get some credits and finish high school earlier, but that’s besides the point.. So I’ve been rewatching a LOT of Steven Universe, and I absolutely love it and I’ve been connecting a lot of things, been really thinking about how Pearl is White’s pearl, and love a few small details added to the show.. So first is the theory.. I’ve been thinking and I think that Pearl was really White’s pearl before pink. Now its been confirmed or whatever but I just want to review a few things, she said specifically in ‘Now We’re Only Falling Apart’,”I was given to Pink Diamond just a few thousand years before she was given the Earth.” Also, in ‘Change Your Mind’, Blue Diamond in Steven’s dream says that,”if you keep this up White’s going to take away your pearl.” When she had the organics in the ballroom. Well, she didn’t stop, and her pearl got taken away by White. Pink Pearl has a crack in her eye, and I think it wasn’t White, but instead it was a accident that happened with Pink Diamond and her Pearl that caused her eye to be cracked, whether it be a dangerous organic just like from ‘Jungle Moon’. So I think this was the final straw before finally White took away Pink’s pearl. White decided to take control of her so she could become “perfect” and show Pink how a Pearl really should act. Well, I think it really hurt Pink, so when she got White’s pearl also to show that they should be obedient and not like Pink’s pearl. Well, that’s probably why Pink was kind of scared and didn’t really get fond of her, until she went to see the Quartz soldiers and was rather quick to act. Also, yeah same position from Pearls gem to Whites. Oh and at one point when they see Yellow Pearl, Steven asks if Pearl knew her, and I think she lied that she didn’t know because later on, one scene where she’s next to Yellow Pearl when Pink Diamond was talking to Yellow Diamond, and when Blue Pearl said,”Welcome back.” to Pearl in ‘Familiar’. (1/2)