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11 minutes ago

Hard to believe this amazing day was 6 years ago! ❤️😘😍 Love you two!

25 minutes ago

Everyday I’m going to share a compelling reason why @zoeythebachelordoodle should choose me as the #doodlerette. 😜🐶🌹 • Reason Number 1 why the doodlerette should choose me: >Did you know less than 30% of Bachelorette and only 11% of Bachelor relationships survive, according to @huffpost research? Avoid the romantic pressure to be a perfect match and instead choose a lifelong bestie who will always tell you your fluffy butt looks awesome!! 👩‍❤️‍👩 #besties . . . . . #pickme #thebachelorette #thefinalrose #goldendoodlesofinstagram #doodlesofinstagram #doodle #groodle #ruffpost #realitystar #watchwhathappenslive #cutepetclub #minigoldendoodle #goldendoodlestyle #dog_features #behindthescenes

26 minutes ago

these two own my heart!! so glad they had fun in las vegas!! definitely looked like this weekend for them was one to remember.

1 hour ago

Happy Sunday! 💛

2 hours ago

Please, no thank you, next! 🙄🙄 🌻follow @bachelor.clown for more funny memes🌻

2 hours ago

*Daddy people are being mean to me* 🤣🌻follow @bachelor.clown for more funny memes🌻

2 hours ago

*My boss works me so hard* Me on my phone at work texting all my friends 🤭🤣 🌻follow @bachelor.clown for more funny memes🌻

2 hours ago

You: Don’t think about it all weekend Also you: Thinks about it all weekend 🌻follow @bachelor.clown for more funny memes🌻

3 hours ago

I don’t normally give shout outs on my page but Sara’s my friend. Please go follow my friend Sara! Sara just started her a fan account for Colton and Cassie and she would really appreciate all the followers that she could get on her account. 😊 If you love my account, you’ll definitely love Sara’s account too. 😍 Hit that follow button you won’t regret it ! @cassieandcoltonn @cassierandolph @coltonunderwood #coltonandcassie #cassieandcolton #coltonunderwood #cassierandcoltonunderwood #coltonandcassieunderwood #underwood #randolph #bachelor #bachelorette #bachelorinparadise #bachelorpad #bachelorwintergames #bachelorettenation #bachelornation #thebachelorette #thebachelor #candc #cc #ilovecolton #ilovecassie #ilovecoltonandcassie #ilovecassieandcolton #ilovecassierandolph #ilovecoltonunderwood #cassie #cassierandolph #colton #cassieunderwood

3 hours ago

tripleHD >>>> your squad

3 hours ago

- Cassie is my mood everyday. But her topping choice on pizza is not the move 😭🤣.

6 hours ago

Happy birthday to my style icon, @alexiswaters_ ❤️ Here is too a day of hoops, sunnies, and blowing bubbles!

7 hours ago

Becca Kufrin wearing a Missguided dress #beccakufrin Shopping info on

10 hours ago

If you celebrated #NationalPuppyDay and didn’t sing a song about it, then did you *really* celebrate it? 😂🐶 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 🎶 Now Playing: God Bless Puppies by @wellsadams and @sarahhyland 🎶

12 hours ago

- Just a few of photos of our most beloved couple! You guys had such a fun night at the @vegasgoldenknights game. I’m so overwhelmed, love you both ❤️🖖🏽.

14 hours ago

YAWN. Way past my bedtime... Gnite! Going to ATTEMPT to get up at a reasonable hour tomorrow and be a productive human. . We shall see. 👍🏼😂

15 hours ago

Our bachelorette is beautiful. 🌹💍

16 hours ago

“Eye contact is way more intimate than words will ever be.”

16 hours ago

- I AM HYPERVENTILATING ❤️🥺. I love you both soo soo much 🖖🏽.

16 hours ago

Swipe for more cuteness 😍

16 hours ago

Cassie and Colton in Vegas tonight supporting the Golden Knights in a Hockey game🌹

16 hours ago

Cassie and Colton today🌹

16 hours ago

Cassie and Colton tonight in Vegas🌹

17 hours ago

- Fun in Vegas with the Vegas Golden Knights! Colton and Cassie look so happy. Ahh it just makes me super giddy and excited 😁🤙🏽🦋.

17 hours ago

Matt is my spirit animal 😭💯

18 hours ago

- Don’t mind them, they’re just eating a flower. Hmm wonder what it tastes like 🤔😂.

18 hours ago

Hope everyone is blackout this weekend 🤣🤣 🌻follow @bachelor.clown for more funny memes🌻

18 hours ago

happy national puppy day!!!! here’s a throwback to when I first learned how to sit😀

18 hours ago

What a night! Took the girls to see the contestants from The Bachelorette. Too funny #TheBachelorette

19 hours ago

- Wow. It’s already been 1 week since i’ve posted my first picture on this account. Love you guys the most and thanks for everything. Happy 1 week to me! 😁🎉

19 hours ago

I will never be on a program or commit to a diet that says I have to “earn” food or ‘libations’. You don’t have to EARN jack. If you want it, you can have it. But if you have goals, you just have to figure out a balance in order to get you there. Finding a solution that you can stick to long term that doesn’t restrict you or cause rebound is 🗝 . Let me know if you need or want help figuring out which route is best for YOU regardless if it matches mine or not. I genuinely just love helping people find what works for THEM. ❤️ #freedomfeelsfantastic

19 hours ago

Am I the only one who loves Colton and Gregg’s friendship? They’re both really funny. 😂 (and GREAT dancers too 🤔🤷‍♀️) I just love it when they’re together. 💙 credits: • first & second video - @greggsulkin via IG story • third video - @michellerandolph via IG story

20 hours ago

More with the amazing and inspiring @samanthaharristv — the mom/work/SELF balance! Pick up her book “Your Healthiest Healthy” for amazing wellness tips, recipes and her inspiring story as a cancer survivor! 💪🏼Thanks Samantha and sorry if you sat on gummi bears. Invoice Deanna for the dry cleaning ;) Link to her book below!! 📚 👇🏻 . . @deannastag @yolakin #healthyliving #cancersurvivor #yourhealthiesthealthy #samanthaharris #momsincars #christinelakin #deannastagliano