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1 hour ago

posting these babies tomorrow 🥺❤️ stay tuned

3 hours ago

Literally the only person who always laughs at my jokes 😏 @kirpasudick so much love 🌹

3 hours ago

Fancy a career as a Musical Director, @camcranley ?

4 hours ago

Bachelor in Paradise is why I look forward to summer... Honestly the number of beautiful people on here that end up wanting/craving blatant fuck boy/gurl behavior from people boggles the mind and tickles my fancy so very very much!!😛😂😜 #notashamed #bip #thebachelorette

4 hours ago

Gotta give it to Chris Harrison for having the best poker face when he clearly knew about her girlfriend 🤭🙈🤣. 🌻Follow @bachelor.clown for more funny memes🌻

4 hours ago

That was so heart breaking having to watch @demi_not_lovato break up with @pethderek Our hearts go out for you bro!! Check out our recap though👍 Link in bio

5 hours ago

Seriously I think Dean really enjoys making Caelyn sweat a little 🤭🙈🤣. 🌻Follow @bachelor.clown for more funny memes🌻

5 hours ago

So what was open about their relationship, Kristian was all in and Demi was all in until Paradise came around 😏🧐🙈. 🌻Follow @bachelor.clown for more funny memes🌻

5 hours ago

Dean and Caelyn went to Paradise to fall in love forever, and anywhere that Dean goes Caelyn is sure to follow after. 🤭🤣🙌🏻. 🌻Follow @bachelor.clown for more funny memes🌻

5 hours ago

So does Kristina hate Blake or nah? 🤭😂🤣. 🌻Follow @bachelor.clown for more funny memes🌻

5 hours ago

Just saw this post by @kevinjfortenberry. Looks like he found love after Paradise! So happy for him. ❤😁😁

6 hours ago

This has definitely been a birthday experience I will never forget! Thank you to EVERYONE who helped pull today off. Also, thank you to everyone who has overwhelmed my phone & social media with love! 29 feels good, and it’s going to be a GREAT year! Art work credit: @delletia.deflora ✌🏼

6 hours ago

so many different thoughts after tonights episode 😂 how are you feeling 👇🏻

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Will you accept this rose? Pink roses are a symbol of appreciation and gratitude! That’s how I feel about all my friends, family, boutiques & customers! I truly appreciate all of your friendships, loyalty and most of all patience while waiting for your jewels! I’m truly grateful for all of you! . . . . . #grateful #appreciate #lovemyfriends #lovemyfamily #lovemycustomers #happypeople #patienceisavirtue #willyouaccepthisrose #bachelorette #thebachelorette #thebachelorette #rose #roses #jewelrymaking #jewelrydesigner #lovemyjob #girlboss #boss #hardwork #hardworkpaysoff #vogue #britishvogue #goldfilledjewelry #shopjewelry #jotd #shopjewelry #lovejewelry

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#PUBLYSSITEA ☕️: Turns out Hannah hasn’t heard from Tyler since his rendezvous with Gigi Hadid began. Looks like we know who got his final rose... 🌹

7 hours ago

Still reeling from this...😂😂🤦🏻‍♀️

7 hours ago

I can never say no to blush tones & that Moonstone glow.💖💎 Happy Tuesday!

7 hours ago

Can we appreciate that absolute body slam from Jordan? 😂 might not have been necessary but I really didn't like Christian

1 day ago

We hear Coaster and we get giddy. We see good wedding stationery and we’re weak at the knees. But nothing gets us hot under the collar like a hens party brief 🎉 A design left completely up to us and B A M, it’s sexy AF. #getaroundthem

6 days ago

Ashley and Jareds wedding day. I love the Bachelor shows. I've been following this love story since the beginning. If you want to see more of Ashley and Jared pictures and up to date news and pictures of other Bachelor celebs please give me a follow @bachelornation1fan 😁 @ashley_iaconetti @jaredhaibon . . . #ashleyiaconetti #jaredhaibon #wedding #newportri #shewenttojared #bachelorinparadise #bachelornation #bachelormonday #bachelorabc #honeymoon #Whenjaredmetashley #thebachelor #thebachelorette #shewenttojared #nickviall #deanunglert #benhiggins