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12 hours ago

“Beauty is life when life unveils her holy face. But you are life and you are the veil. Beauty is eternity gazing at itself in a mirror. But you are eternity and you are the mirror.” ~Kahlil Gibran It’s times like these that help me realize how blessed and grateful I am. When my ego grinds to a halt and thoughts cease. When fears, worries, and stress that seemed so solid, real, and important but a minute before slip into the quiet still pool of my greater understanding and simply dissolve like handfuls of sand. When my sight, so often clouded by the supposed importance of my day to day trials and tribulations, is clear so I may see the ever present and miraculous beauty all around me. When I, however temporarily, am able to feel the great truth that I am just a tiny drop in the ocean of existence...and that as such I am intrinsically as beautiful, whole, and worthy of love, dignity, and respect as anyone and anything else. Blessed be, love and light ❤️ #loveandlight #kahlilgibran #letitbe #sunshinedaydream #grateful #blessed #heartsheal #naturephotography #lakemichigan #beherenow #oceaninadrop #loveisanaction #smile

20 hours ago

#Repost @tanya_with_a_y_ • • • • • Beach walks with my dad and my husband. And my #furbabies 🐾 How special. How blessed. I definitely married a guy like my dad. And that makes me very happy. 😍👌😄 And says a lot about how awesome my dad and my husband are 😉 Also... How cool is Skulpiesbaai and the famous Khoisan fishtraps, more commonly known as the 🐟“visvywers”? The Khoisan built these 3000 years ago 😯 These archaeological, heritage rock pools are where the Khoi- and San-people fished many many moons ago. #daddysgirl #mydad #myguy #myfamily #myfavorites #lifeisbeautiful #blueskies #sunshinedaydream #lifesabeach #beachvibes #seaside #beachplease #magicalmoments #makingmemories #dogsarefamily #twodogs #itsadogslife #mystilbaai #lovestilbaai #skulpiesbaai #stilbaai #westerncapetourism #gardenroute #weekendaway #weekendthings #NowhereBetter

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Get It Like You Like It⚡️Fully Custom‼️ Choose Art. Choose Colors. Choose Fabric. Add Personalization✅ Design your own jacket w/ us! We use only the best Levi’s truckers. Comment 🌀🌹🌀 or Message us & we’ll send you details. Also check the Custom Jacket section on the Wovenfree website 4 more info. Link in bio. #ForeverGrateful #Wovenfree #GratefulDeadJacket

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Sunshine daydream Walking in the tall trees Going where the wind goes Blooming like a red rose Breathing more freely Ride out singing, I'll walk you in the morning sunshine ~ Grateful Dead ⚡️💀🌹 Took advantage of this gorgeous day to get out and go for a run. B&R Sunshine Daydream Body Butter brings a little sunshine on even the gloomiest of days with a heavenly hint of lavender/vanilla. Happy day, folks! Wishing you all a little sunshine in your day. ☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️ #belleandrose #naturalskincare #sunshinedaydream #justalittlelight

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#SunshineDaydream by @plantmoreseeds curing up nicely. This pheno smells of gas and a tiny bit of citrus up front with a pungent cheese/spoiled meat on the back end. Smoke is fucking knockout strong. Causes some unplanned naps when it's the first thing I go for haha Very likely gonna keep this one around. Was not an optimal grow and still came out fire with a decent yield on a couple baby plants. No till style grow powered by @buildasoil @rootwisesoildynamics @mountainorganicsbotanicals Grown under @growerschoice 315 CMH. #GrowYourOwn #Cannabis #Organic #NoTill #LivingSoil #Terps #cmh #LordTerpington #BodhiSeeds

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✨💎Gem love 💎✨ Brilliant Triple A's glowing bright! These gems are headed off to the buyer! ✨💎✨So much hard work, time and energy within this pile! ⛏💎 💎💞Can you feel the positive vibrations from here?💕💎 💎⛏💎⛏💎⛏💎 Herkimer 'Diamond' Gems Russell Family Mine Little Falls, Herkimer Co., NY 💎⛏💎⛏💎⛏ #russell_family_mine #herkimerdiamond #gemlove #localgems #crystalvalley #crystalclear #gems #naturalgemstones #highvibes #highvibrations #positivevibes #sunshinedaydream #hardrockmining #handmined #mountainlife #mountainliving #mountainmine #artisanmining #homegrown #holisticliving

2 days ago

I knew today was gonna suck work-wise and I was right and it was one of those days that I brought it home with me Which I try really hard not to do Luckily I took 30 minutes got a workout in and voila! Better like 90% better If I had to go out in the cold and fight traffic to get to a gym and get home late - I’d never do it. if you’ve thought about trying what I’ve been doing but afraid it won’t work or afraid you won’t use it- I’m telling you I thought the same thing. But it’s been over a year and I’m still doing it because it’s convenient to do it at home And it’s not boring when there are so many different kinds of workouts to choose from AND each one comes with a meal plan that helps me stop making food so dam complicated - I don’t always follow them but they help🍪 If you’re curious I’m happy to answer any questions - show you what I use and set you up in my free group so it helps you not quit. ❤️

2 days ago

Our kitchen will be closed today so we can upgrade some equipment and be more efficient for serving all of YOU! Beer WILL be flowing though so get out, get after it, and then...get in, and get after it! • • #mapbrewing #sunshinedaydream

3 days ago

Going through my pictures and reminiscing about @locknfestival 🎶 I wish I could go back in time and re live it! It was the best festival that I've ever been to! My best friend asked me to marry him! 💍💜 The music was unbelievable! There is something special about seeing all of your favorite bands with your favorite people! Being in an environment where everyone is on the same page and there is no hate just peace and love! It was magical! 🌌 The weather was perfect even though I was hiding from the sun a few times and of course the food was banging! 😋 You can find some of the BEST food at festivals! Here's a picture of a watermelon with sweet potatoes lol 🍉🥔 #hungry_hippea . . . . #lockn #locknmusicfestival #arringtonva #vaisforlovers #locknisforlovers #watermelon #sweetpotatoes #fruits #veggies #liveforlivemusic #sunshinedaydream #gratefuldead #hippies #hungry #food #foodie #foodygram #goodeats #tunes #hippiesoul #soulfood #festivalfood #festivalfoodie #foodtruck #instagood #bekind #gratefulfood

3 days ago

“Dreaming” - Grateful Dead tide GIF Compass card is spinning Helm is swinging to and fro Oh, where is the dog star Oh, where's the moon You're a lost sailor You've been too long at sea Some days the gales are howling Some days the sea is still as glass Oh, raise the main sail Oh, lash the mast You're a lost sailor You've been too long at sea Now the shorelines beckon Yeah, there's a price for being free Hear the sea birds cryin' and there's a ghost wind blowing And it's calling you, to that misty swirling sea Till the chains of your dreams are broken No place in this world you can be You're a lost sailor You've been away too long at sea Now the shorelines beckon Yeah, there's a price for being free Driftin', you're driftin' Yeah, driftin' and dreamin’ ‘Cause there's a place you've never been Maybe a place you've never seen now You can hear them callin' on the wind Oh, you drift your life away Hey baby, drift your life away Driftin' and dreamin' Really goin' on a dream now Really goin' on a dream, really goin' on a dream Really goin' on a dream (Lyrics by John Perry Barlow) #driftinganddreaming #lostsailor #gratefuldead #bobweir #johnperrybarlow #islandream #recedingtide #dreaming #islanddreams #gratefuldeaddream #sunshinedaydream

4 days ago

💚 Sunshine Daydream 🖤 Indica 🖤 28.8% THCA 🖤 Appalacia x Bubbashine @theorywellness

5 days ago

Thank you to the person that made workout pants with pockets - nothing to put in them but I like the option Thank you to the person who made this pre workout drink - because Friday night is easy to blow off Thank you to the super trainers that made working out at home fun and challenging Thank you to all the people in my online group that support me Thank you to social media or I never would have found any of this❤️

5 days ago

Just ran across this....around 1988...I used to go to kids parties in Danville for extra part of my hustlin' college days. I would pull up to a party, children's music blaring through the stereo. The biggest highs of my life were the children's smiles and laughter! I would get out of the car, and taught the Electric Slide and hugged every child there. A dream I have is to spend a month studying with Patch Adams at the Gazunheit Institute in West Virginia deep in the mountains and relearn how to heal others in a fun, cheery way, as to bring joy to all I can!! #QtheClown #timeofmylife #sunshinedaydream #goodoledays #meandmyheart 💛💛💛💛

5 days ago

This spot... holds laughs, amazing powder days, it’s a place for gathering with friends, family and friends that have become family, ashes have been spread, bonfires have rage into the night, igloos have been built, beers drank, tears shed, amazing sunsets and we’ve even cooked a brat or two.... this spot.... #ivegotloveforyou #loveriseup #gratefulgrimes #coloradostoke #beauty #soulful #getoutside #dontquityourdaydream #steamboatlife #beaseekerofeverydaymagic #decemberinthemountains #wakeupandlive #allthefeels #protectourwinters #powderday #coloradoliving #sunshinedaydream #gonnamakethemountainsbemyhome