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4 minutes ago

Tired out kids after a day out in the park in the sun! ☀The smallest two fell asleep during the 1.25 mile walk back to the train station. Grateful for my very useful Phil & Teds buggy to haul them there. 😆 And the P&T Vibe really saved the day when the train pulled in and I realised there were already 6 pushchairs (and a few bikes) filling up all the spaces. 😬 I had swapped the boys before the train arrived (as Fergus woke up). So I quickly handed George to Abigail and in a matter of seconds the buggy was folded up (without having to remove the rear seat) and it fitted in the foot space between the kids. 👌Yay for well designed pushchairs for busy mums - and public transport friendly! 👍 Anyway, buggies aside, 😉😂 the kids had lots of fun climbing and sliding and playing in sand at the park. Now, nearly home on the train and then I must cook dinner! No, I'm *not* the organised sort that makes a meal ahead or puts something in a crockpot. 🙈 (I probably did that back in the days when I only had a couple of kids. 😆) #reallifemotherhood #mumlife #motherhoodunfiltered #motherhoodunplugged #mamalife #lifewithsevenkids #lifewithlittleboys #boymama #childhoodunplugged #letthembelittle #philandteds #mamaswithcameras #mamaneedcoffee #motherhood #sunnydays #funwiththekids #motherhoodthroughinstagram #littleboysarethebest #toddlerlife #lifewithtoddlers #toddlersarefun #mamasneedcoffee

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"Look, Simba. Everything the light touches is our kingdom."

8 minutes ago

Anyone else? 🙋🏼‍♀️ Who knew having a toddler would be so bloody exhausting! I don't blame Mr. L for falling asleep last night next to Parker's cot 🙈. Feeling like I need a lot of motivation to keep going in the evenings at the moment. Hoping the sunny weather will help - the sun seems to fix everything, doesn't it?

9 minutes ago

•TᕼᑌᖇᔕᗪᗩY• 🔆😎

9 minutes ago

🌻 Грозы я сегодня так и не дождалась, но зато попробовала радоваться солнышку. Вроде бы получилось.😊

11 minutes ago

Oh what a beautiful day! A girl like me loves a day like this full of sunshine and blue skies. I can actually feel my fibromyalgia literally easing because of the sun. It’s been lovely sitting out in the garden listening to music with Buddy and Lauren although I’m not sure if Buddy really likes my taste in music! If you get a chance pop over to my stories for some great bargain summer dresses I bought from @new look plus the perfect item for anyone who suffers from chaffing thighs - they may not look sexy but they work! Have a great evening, much love! . . . . #ootd #ootdfash #ootdfashion #sunnyday #sunnydays #notsavingitforbest #whatiworetoday #fridayfashion #fashionfriday #fashionfridays #stylingmycurves #herecomessummer #garden #loveyourgarden

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When the sun is out, put you sunscreen on!🌞 Profiteer deze maand van 10% korting op alle zonnefactors! 😎 #sunnydays #spf #actie #sun

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It’s in the eyes, always in the eyes 👀🍬

12 minutes ago

☀️☀️It’s been such a beautiful sunny day here in Sheffield so let’s talk about the sunshine vitamin, VITAMIN D.☀️☀️ . ☀️Vitamin D is essential for the absorption of calcium and helps keep bones and teeth healthy. A lack of Vitamin D is associated with softer bones, bone pain and muscle weakness (osteomalacia) . ☀️MYTH: We can get vitamin D from the sun all year round. . ☀️FACT: In the UK, the suns rays are only strong enough between April and September to allow us to make Vitamin D under our skin. Being out in the midday sun will allow us to produce more Vitamin D than if the sun was lower in the sky (but always consider sun safety!!!) . ☀️All adults and children over the age of 1 should consider taking a vitamin D (10 micrograms daily) particularly between September to April. . ☀️Vitamin D containing foods include oily fish (salmon, herring, trout, sardines, mackerel) and foods that have been fortified (such as some breakfast cereals and some yoghurts) . ☀️☀️Want to know more facts about nutrition, essential nutrients and a healthy balanced diet? Join us on our EAT WELL, FEEL FABULOUS workshops (website in bio) ☀️☀️ . . . #healthyeating #vitamind #sunshinevitamin #sunnydays #sheffield #healthyeating #eatwellfeelfabulous #fusiondietetics #southyorkshire #rotherham #magna #doncaster #chesterfield #localbusiness #factnotfiction #mythbusting #bda #dietetics #whatdietitiansdo #workshop #nutritionfacts #nutrition

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i believe in beautiful things ✨