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i shit you not

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You miss me teasing you you miss me kissing you you miss my hand touching you but I know I tried to give you but I was ignorant and stupid I’m still am I know nothing about love I know that I need affection but yea what’s the difference between me and an animal? Nothing I guess I go after my desire instead of using my head and going after what I should go after. I’m a slut who forget everything in a sake of second I’m a fake as much as fake is I can be with anyone as long as they talk to me and stupid I am doesn’t see really see the truth behind why they talk to me for me, yea Am I ever going to grow up? definitely not Do I think I’m a grown up and mature? definitely yes I think I know everything my good in my life but I do not What proven this to me? I lost every good in my life and surrounded by every what the fuck is that and fake good I’m a stupid thinking I’m a smart but definitely running after the attention I always need Cause I’m a weak freak sick head. #sickness #mentalillness #slutlife #bitch #psycho #psychopath #ill #crazy #stupid #lovequotes #love #hurt #idiot #alonequotes #alone #loneliness #lonelinessquotes #betrayal #fakelove #die

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I’ve either got a roommate I don’t know about , having an out of body experience or I’m just wasting money leaving lights on #money #memory #stupid

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What being stupid really is. - ❤️ If you agree. 💭 Let me know what you think. 👣 Follow 👉 @a.positive_world for more.❤️ - #stupid

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I know I didn't draw the other eye but like idc also it's bad but its colored so yeah I'll just crawl back into my hole. Also please judge me. K bye I'm going back into my whole. : : : : : : : : : #art #stupid #idgaf #itried #igiveup

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my friday night

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Tinku when he sees Raju talking to his girl and he’s had enough. Fr tho this some hit n run type shit and fam in the car gonna be on that Boogie Drowning type shit😂