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9 hours ago

My 1st years made an amazing paint-on-glass animation, in less than 2 hours!

11 hours ago

Meet Our Animators (2/3)! Gloria is a sophomore who is majoring in Computer Science and Applied Math. She also really enjoys reading and drawing, and she has past experience with traditional animation. She’s always wanted to be an animator/comic book artist 🖌❤️📒 Welcome to the team, Gloria! #studentanimation #animatedfilm #shortfilm #animation

1 day ago

Meet Our Animators (1/3)! McKinzey is a senior majoring in CBS. She is interested in combining animation and alternative curricula for children with learning disabilities, and plans on teaching english in France after graduation. Her dream job is being funded by FBC to make whatever animated films she wants! #animation #studentanimation #shortfilm #animatedfilm

1 week ago

Most recent animation commission for the lovely @raesintuition_ and the launch of her YouTube channel 👏🏻🌹 Go check out her podcast and her channel focusing on love, positivity, and mental health ✨

1 week ago

We're setting up for shooting!!! It's finally happening! 🤩

1 week ago

“Weird, funny, evocative, and unsettling. Beautifully animated.” That’s the feedback I got from this year’s in class animation. I worked over 30 hours on this project in the span of 3 weeks. It’s an experimental animation (drawn traditionally and shot on a line tester), that highlights the difference between organic and mechanical movements and integrates an element of abstract movements as well. In total it’s exactly 251 frames and was shot at a rate of 12 fps. The rabbit is named furgie by the way:) • #animation #studentanimation #mayaharding #bunny #cartoon #traditionalanimation • For crediting and collaboration information Dm me.

2 weeks ago

O festival MONSTRA, edição 2019, está a caminho e trará uma vez mais a Competição de Estudantes, que destaca artistas em ascensão no mundo da animação. Hoje, recordamos um dos filmes desta secção na edição passada:”Penelope”, de Heta Jäälinoja. *** [ENG] MONSTRA festival, 2019 edition, is on its way and will once again bring the Students' Competition, which brings artists to the rise in the world of animation. Today, we recall one of the movies of 2018 Student Competition: "Penelope", by Heta Jäälinoja. #Monstra2019 #festivalmonstra #animationstudent #studentanimation #animationfestival

2 weeks ago

It’s all coming together! Just in time for shooting to begin next week 🎉

2 weeks ago

Animation I created- 'Mans land' 🌿 it was created from 3 random concepts I was given: shame, humanity Vs nature, and a clocks final ding marking the end. I created this concept of a boy, who is saved by a rare Madagascan creature, the Fossa. And escapes that eh see's later was created from his own kind due to land expansion. These beautiful creatures are going extinct along with so many other incredible Madagascan creatures.if you have time look up these unbelievable animals which are so unique 🐾💗 #2danimation #kritaanimation #fossas #fossa #fossaart #madagasca #madagascananimation #madagascanstory #studentanimation #storyanimation #instaanimation #animators #studentanimators #studentstyle

2 weeks ago

Here’s some snippets of some of the animation I did for my final project from last semester, there’s more scenes but I can’t download the rest on my phone for some reason 😭 I didn’t get to finish the entire project though. I’m might continue working on it next semester as my final class of college! Models arent mine, they are from Sketchfab 😬✨ (PS sorry it’s so dark, lightning is what I struggled with most! I’ll fix it when I’ll work on it again! 😅) ______________________________ #3danimation #animation #animationstudent #animation #arthomework #artstudent #studentanimation #animationishard #😬 #ayoitsabi

3 weeks ago

Its all so cute and tiny 📽

3 weeks ago

Hello Everyone! My name is Michael Anthony and I would like to welcome you all to my animation page! Here I will be posting any projects and drawings that I work on. Hope you enjoy seeing them as much as I enjoy making them! First post is going to be my logo. - The story behind this logo is that I was at work one day and was just doodling and came up with it. I’ve been waiting almost 8 years to finally get to use it! So here it is! - Thanks again for stopping by! #animation #animationart #2danimation #animator #storyboard #storyboardartist #storyboarding #animatorslife #studentlife #animationstudent #animationstudentlife #studentanimation #columbiacollegechicago

3 weeks ago

Here's my animation for my final project! . The animation that you're seeing is only a fraction of the story that I wrote. Basically, the story is about a young author who can't seem to come up with a new story at all. Her little floating-ball-friend-thingy tags along to accompany and help her. . Special thanks to @jannah_miren18 for voicing that one line for me!! . I do not own the music and sounds that were used in this animation. They belong to their rightful owners. This project is for non-profit purposes. . . . . EDIT: Is it just me or the audio isn't really synced up with the video?? Instagram what did you do 💀💀💀 #artofwt #art #digitalart #animation #2danimation #student #studentanimation #studentfilm

3 weeks ago

Just love prop making, here are some teeny tiny candles 🕯🕯

3 weeks ago

(long post) my favourite background + character turnarounds for my animation for my uni group project - "treasure" (on my last post...! check it!) . the aim was to make something that looked like a kid's story-book, and to use a visual style that wasn't particularly toon-y to fit with the story.... so we used fabric/paper textures, animated in a lower frame-rate... etc... i'm still a fan of the look it has. you know when something actually turns out how you wanted it to??? ahaha . a lot of the fabric textures i used are clothes that i scanned from my friends since i wear nothing but graphic tees and flannels LMAO so ty to my uni friends who let me scan their cardigans/scarves/jumpers!!!!! . . . . . #characterdesign #characterart #backgroundart #studentanimation

4 weeks ago

Our prop makers are so so talented! 🖌 Go check out our gofundme, the link is in our bio!

1 month ago

So given the scheduling of doing 14 characters, I also got a jump start on the ideation for my 9th senior project as well! His name is Calvin the Camel! The medium for this guy is a cartoon for very young children not so much akin to Sesame Street, but more like stuff like Lazytown and Blue's Clues, where it centers more on learning basic things a toddler can understand. The series would revolve around a group of desert animal friends getting into shenanigans and learning to be better people along the way, or rather, better animals. #art #cartoon #cartoonsforkids #kidscartoons #studentart #animation #studentanimation #characterdesign #charactersheet #makemcad #madeatmcad #desert #camel #cute

1 month ago

Ideation for my 8th senior project character! The theme this time is a breakfast cereal mascot. His name is Lenny the Sloth (similar to Lento, AKA slow or sluggish in Spanish) and he's extremely tired and lethargic all the time, but after the delicious taste of Mocha Coco Crunch, a mocha coffee flavored cereal (seriously, that'd be delicious), he's bouncing off the walls and brimming with energy. #art #animation #characterart #characterdesign #mascot #mascotdesign #studentart #cartoon #studentanimation #madeatmcad #makemcad #cereal #coffee #sloth

1 month ago

💀 here’s the last 2D segment of my demo reel! i really loved how the background turned out on this, the animation isn’t exactly how i would like it and i plan on going back and revamping it at some point. i know it could be better and i will make it so! it was the last part that i worked on this semester and it definitely shows in my opinion!💀 . . . #art #digitalart #illustration #digitalillustration #2d #2danimation #witch #cat #surprise #digitalanimation #animationart #college #artcollege #student #studentart #studentanimation #demoreel #animationdemo