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4 hours ago

No more sitting in suspense, your wait is over! New *Tid Bit* Video is up “Unboxing Fan Mail!” It’s xcute and short 🤪 Link is in my BIO! Don’t forget to press that Subscribe button and “Hug me with a Comment!”

18 hours ago

Started the day picking some cucumbers from our #strawbalegarden and ended the night making #dillpickles. Last year they turned out delish. In 3 weeks I'll see if I get the same results! Fingers crossed!! 🤞🤞🤞🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒 #balljars #jerseyfresh

23 hours ago

First harvest from our #strawbalegarden. Pretty exciting!!!! Yellow and red watermelons and cucumbers. We have a few cantaloupes on the vine and one lonely tomato!

1 day ago

The kids donated their giant stuffed animals to Tansy ❤️ What do you think she did with them!?

1 day ago

Story time about squash and strawbales: We’ve had a slow start to our squash this season, made even more nerve-wracking as I put all the vining squash in the #strawbalegarden with no grounded backups, so it was a joy to spot this little pattypan giving it the old college try. I planted three pattypan, three butternut, and three marina di chioggia starts across two of the bales, and we’ve been training the vines to go across the #squashpatchrunway that Jake cleared behind the grapevines, scroll for more photos of that. So far, we’ve lost one marina vine—just turned yellow and withered away. It has been great to not have these vines in the garden plots proper, as they wander, reach, and take up a lot of space. The marina grew into the cherry tree last year and there’s still a desiccated squash corpse in its branches. But the strawbale dries out incredibly fast and squash are thirsty chaps, so it’s been a struggle to keep them hydrated. At this time of the summer, we do not water much at all, just a bit on the potted plants, herbs, and cucumbers every day or so. The tomatoes and peppers are left largely on their own, with a weekly assist from their soaker hose. Our thick mulch of straw and shredded leaves also helps to keep moisture in. This gives us the freedom to step away from the garden a little (for fishing, camping) before the bulk of the harvest season arrives, but the bale has been an anchor chore. So next year, if we do bales in this spot again, we will plant it with our hotter peppers, as they don’t require much water and stay quite small. Back to the drawing board on the vining squash. Our main struggle with #urbanfarming has obviously been space, and that’s why we attempted the bales. We have to make careful choices to ensure that everything gets enough light, water, and nutrients to thrive, (along with not needing major daily maintenance, as I do have a full-time office job) and we’ve taken some calculated risks along the way. Some have worked excellently—like the crowded corn, vertical cucumbers, and hot pepper pot. But we are nowhere near as self-sufficient as I would like to be. Someday! #sasquatchsquashpatch

1 day ago

Soooo I received my FIRST fan mail yesterday!! Although it’s been killing me I haven’t opened the packages yet due to having company and wanting to film the unboxing! I’d like to thank @gardenguy.vienna and @contentoffgrid and @ckbod in advance! You three are so sweet to think of me!!! My heart is full! I’m a fan of you as well! Keep up the great work in your gardens and new Off Grid Homestead! Stay tuned to see what’s in these special little packages❤️ *Update-Video is up! Check out the link in my bio!

2 days ago

Harvesting my longest Tromboncino yet!

2 days ago

Good MORNING! Today is going to be a GREAT day! My friend of 27years is visiting with her daughter @carly_mccarty and I stand in my garden with complete amazement! It is prospering and so are WE! If you want a complete tour of my garden click on the link in my BIO and click on “First Garden Tour!” Have a blessed and happy day!

3 days ago

STOP!!! Don’t throw your onion stocks away!! They have a very mild onion flavor and are excellent in soups and salads of all kinds!

4 days ago

Babacık geldi hoşgeldi 🤠 Kahvaltılıkları topladık 👨‍🌾 #strawbalegarden

4 days ago

Good Morning!! This morning I have found it particularly helpful to reflect on the gifts and blessings my farm brings. No matter how things stack up or fall during the week a walk through the garden or time spent with our farm friends brings things back into perspective. Tomorrow is a new day, next week is a new week and next month is a new month...nothing ever remains the same. We can sit in our funk or push ourselves out of it reminding ourselves of His promises. His love radiates all over our homestead and this is why I #❤️myfarm

4 days ago

It might not seem like too much of a #bigdeal but this is the first long pie #pumpkin that has made it trough to being pollinated. I talked with @fedcoseeds and they had a hunch it could be from the constant 90 degree weather, and when it popped down to 85 for the highs for a week, many more fruit came out and this one was the first to make it through so far... #fingerscrossed in my #strawbalegarden

4 days ago

Look at these beautiful 8 ball zucchini. It’s my first time growing them so I’m super excited to try them out!! Has anyone ever grown these? How do you make them? Stuffed? Sautéed? •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• #8ballzucchini #eightballzucchini #summerzucchini #homesteadgarden #homsteadfood #homesteader #homesteadlife #farmher #farmstead #nofilter #zucchini #strawbalegarden #growyourown #farmfreshveggies #farm2fork #farm2table

5 days ago

A boy and his Roo❤️ Throw Back to 4 years ago. This boy is now 11 and “to cool” to hug chickens 😂

5 days ago

Head over to IGTV and check out our tiny secret garden in Gopher Land!

5 days ago

3/4” rain in July! I have about four cantaloupe that are almost ripe! Watermelons just now growing, took longer to pollinate. Squash, tomatoes, cucumbers and gourds all growing. #strawbalegarden #strawbalegardening

5 days ago

#ketodinner tonight made me very proud. The beef was farm raised locally.... the basil, sage, thyme, and parsley were grown by me and harvested today and the onions, I am proud to say...i bought from Thriftway. #keto #ketogenic #lchf #lowcarb #ketogenicdiet 😂😂😂😂 🐔🐔🐔 One of the neatest things I get to experience is looking out my kitchen window and seeing my chickens. I really really love it. 🐔🐔🐔 My #3 client home has goats, chickens, chicks, dogs a cow and a baby calf. The goats greeted me on the porch today. It made me smile to have them run up to me💗💗💗 ok...well 2 of them did. The other 2 had trapped themselves in this contraption😂😂😂😂 Pic 5! Guys...these peas and green beans are FROM MY #strawbalegarden ! I have been waiting to harvest them for a special occasion I got about a half gallon today!

5 days ago

Every year I let the Radish go to seed and bask in their delicate flowers🌸

5 days ago

Go pumpkins go! 😍 The ground planted pumpkins are beginning to bloom, too. I guess they like the 100 degree weather we've been having lately! 🎃 Fingers crossed our first mini pumpkin patch is successful!

5 days ago

An update on my 3 sister’s Straw bale project... I would call it a semi-success. Every vine has a fruit. The luffa are doing particularly well. The corn 🌽 was harvested, every last ear, on the 4th of July as it should be! The beans didn’t take off. Could have been bad seed though. A cherry tomato volunteered to trellis up the corn instead. I’ll take it! I definitely learned from the experience and I’m looking forward to doing it again next year. Bigger and better too. #3sistersgarden #strawbalegarden #gardenideas #creativegardening #companionplanting #farmher #urbanfarming

5 days ago

It's a good evening. ❤