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1 hour ago

It’s so much more fun skipping a day of collecting eggs!!! I feel rich 😂

1 hour ago

A winterized Tromboncino. Something about this is simply beautiful to me.

6 hours ago

My little sweet potato harvest. ❤️ I pulled them earlier than I wanted, due to moving. I'm still pretty impressed. Two Thanksgivings ago I saved a part of a sweet potato to grow. I called him Groot Root. I had to move so pulled them early. I started these from one of those I pulled last year. So here we are again. I'll save one or two for next year. #growfoodnotlawns #strawbalegarden #growfromscraps #sweetpotatos

19 hours ago

Our family Loves our Stand Up Movie Theatre Style Popcorn maker so much that I had to share it with you! Tonight we made Chocolate Malts to go along with it! Imagine growing your own Popcorn to use in your cool Popcorn Cart! Whether we are having a family movie night or party at our house it’s always so much fun! #popcorncart

1 day ago

Tansy is cooling down while Mommy works out in the garden❤️ She’s such a good girl.

1 day ago

Thankyou to Christine from Urana, N.S.W for being the first to post a photo of her 'favourate spot in the garden' with a photo of her brilliant straw bale garden. What a great set-up!!! Her straw bale garden setup requires no soil, no bending and no weeding!!! Thanks Christine, I will post a thankyou artwork to you shortly! Happy gardening! Where's your favourate spot in the garden? Post a photo and a description and recieve a thankyou artwork in the mail. Link in the bio. :) #strawbalegarden #strawbalegardening #strawbalegardens #gardening #garden #sustainableliving #sustainablegardening #sustainablegarden #sustainablegardendesign #diygarden #diygardening #environmental #freshproduce #diysundays

1 day ago

I just planted probably way too many cloves of garlic in these three bales of straw. 😬 I’ve never tried growing garlic before, nor growing in straw bales, so this is exciting!

1 day ago

The start of my winter garden, Romaine lettuce & curly leaf kale. #strawbalegarden

2 days ago

My favorite homemade salad dressing now gets adorned with garden fresh dried Thyme!!! Hallelujah!!! ***These little plastic containers with lids can be found at the dollar store!

2 days ago

Its fall garden time here finally!! I spent the morning gathering and weaving branches to form a natural trellis for the peas. The peas have been sprouting in my kitchen and my seed babies from @edenbrothers are sooo eager to get in the ground!!! Or...I'm eager to get them in the ground. Mainly I'm eager to get their grown up selves in my kitchen, on my table and in our stomachs. #blackwoodcottage #blackwoodgardens #fallgarden #strawbalegarden #cottagehome #washington #happinessishomemade #designonadime #adventureswithmylove #mydavid #thecottage #diy #doityourself #cottagestyle #cottagelife #cottageliving #cottagesandbungalows #pnwlife #pnwonderland #homestead #sustainableliving #zerowaste #wasteless

2 days ago

Meet “Dave Thomas” our #2 cock who’s been FIGHTING “Red” diligently for the much coveted “Head Roo” position! Will he make it to the top or wattle away bloody? Only time will tell.....

3 days ago

Tansy!!!! Do you mind NOT wiping your Tomato snout all over me!!! 🐽🍅🚫

4 days ago

I had to harvest these squash a bit ahead of schedule due to forecasted heavy rains and fear of rot. The butternuts are pushing four pounds apiece so I’m very happy with them. The rest of the winter squash are just not ready, so send me good vibes that they’ll weather the storms intact. 😁⛈ All from the strawbale! . . . #sasquatchsquashpatch #butternutsquash #pattypan #marinadichioggia #strawbalegarden

4 days ago

I’ve never successfully grown a Jalapeño in my life....until now!!! Whoot whoot! Here’s to NEW beginnings👏

4 days ago

Hazel comes at the height of tomato harvest time! This year brought an abundance of perfect fruit. And yesterday brought the cooler weather to do some canning. I love this whole process! It’s so satisfying to grow your own food and preserve it to nourish your family. I know I could buy tomato juice in the store, for cheap. But there’s no love in that stuff. And I had a cute little helper in the kitchen to keep me company. Gotta start them young! #canning #tomatoes #foodpreservation #growyourown #urbangarden #strawbalegarden

4 days ago

A Radish left behind? Or not! I purposely allowed 2 Radish from my first Spring crop to take up permanent residency in this bed. I’ve enjoyed watching their life cycle and am curious how they’ll fair through the winter and possibly onto next Spring....we will see❤️

5 days ago

Salsa-Salsa-Cast Iron Salsa! Have I gotten your attention!? This is the BEST Salsa recipe you will ever make!!! I’m totally addicted and You will be too! Click the link in my BIO and watch my new video, “Cast Iron Salsa!”

5 days ago

The garden is slowing down. The pumpkins are getting ripe, and the sunflowers are now seeds. I still have a few green tomatoes, but they're taking longer to ripen. #growfoodnotlawns #strawbalegarden

6 days ago

There was no time for a summer garden, but nothing can stop me from my winter garden! Winter gardens are the best because there is no fear of the spinach bolting or the bugs eating the cabbages. Just pure perfection! And some items like kale get sweeter the colder things get! Has anyone out there ever done a straw bale garden? It's a new one to me, planting straight into a fertilized bale, but I needed something close to the house and didn't have time to build a cold frame. It's like planting into a little heater with the amazing compost developing inside. I'm feeling optimistic! Of course I'll cover with frost cloth later in the season. What are your favorite cold crops?! #blackwoodcottage #blackwoodgardens #cottagehome #washington #diy #doityourself #happinessishomemade #designonadime #thecottage #strawbalegarden #diy #doityourself #cottagestyle #fallgarden #pnwlife #pnwonderland #homestead #sustainableliving

1 week ago

Here’s another little harvest before all the rain. My favorite costoluto tomatoes were the star this time 😌 #strawbalegardening is definitely worth a try. We’ve gotten the most productivity since moving to the woods. . . . . #harvesttime #gardening #strawbalegarden #organic #organicgardening #tomato #tomatoes #peppers #heirloom #pepperoncini #costolutogenovese #fruitsandveggies #homegrown #fresh #growyourownfood #freshveggies #harvest #freshproduce #garden #wnc #woodlandgardening #raisedbeds #food #gardenproblemsolving

1 week ago

Картошка в соломе)) ленивое огородничество существует это т.е я закидал картоху соломой весной и неделю назад вспомнил, солому вилами откидал и собрал ровную, красивую. #strawbalegarden

1 week ago

Starting my strawbales before Winter hits, trying it a bit different this time. I’ve added some of my finished compost and coffee grounds to the top and incorporated a bit. Also planted a cover crop of peas and buckwheat, starting to “green up”. I’m hoping the microbiological activity continues to breakdown the bale overwinter. I mulched with fresh chopped comfrey. #strawbale #strawbalegarden #straw #covercrop #microbiology #decomposition #compost #soil #soilisalive #biointensive #greenthumb #garden #growyourown #greenthumbdaddy

1 week ago

🎃Hello Fall!🍂🍃 Our FREE Fall/Winter Straw Bale Veggie class is coming soon! Led by Alladin's own very knowledgeable, William Santos. Sat, October 6th from 11am-12:30pm. Straw Bale Garden benefits are: ☀Low labor ☀Low start-up cost ☀Easier planting with raised height ☀No weeding ☀Good aeration ☀Can be located almost anywhere ☀Creates excellent compost ☀Can extend growing season The class will cover bale set-up and conditioning, protection from garden pests, fertilization, how to layer and watering. All ages welcome to attend! #Alladin #nursery #strawbalegarden #veggies #strawbale #greenthumbs #garden #gardenerslife #watsonville #corralitos #831 #santacruzcounty

1 week ago

Does anyone know, is it time to harvest my potatoes? They are literally popping out of the ground! #strawbalegarden vegetablegarden

1 week ago

For those who have never seen a Bantam egg but are curious, here you go. This is a Polish Bantam egg next to a Medium size egg. We just keep a bowl full in the fridge and use them first. We actually don’t mind the small size at all. They come in handy👍

1 week ago

LIVER!!! Made this liver pate yesterday! Easy way to get pretty much THE TOP super food on the planet in you. -1 pound raw grass fed n finished liver -Just under a half pound of kerri Gold butter -Sauted med onion n garlic -Herbs and SnP -A few T spoons of pickle juice -1 T mustard -No wine no lemon juice Tweaked the recipe in the pic and kept the liver raw. After sitting in the fridge for a bit it was harder/thicker than I expected (all the butter) but still very smooth and spreadable.

1 week ago

It was a Farm workout unloading 50 bales and stacking them in the shed. It’s good to have a challenging workout it keeps me fit and feeling pumped! I find it’s much easier to rake out a pen of old bedding when it comes to clean up days. I know the birds love it too I noticed my Peacock was laying down in it getting all cozy. #farmworkout #farming #workingout #liftingweights #haybales #strawbales #farmlife #farm #urbanfarm #homesteading #backtoeden #beautifulbc 🍁 #mulching #gardening #garden #strawbale #strawbalegarden #petchickens