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Chaos im Kopf? Am Limit? Müde? Kein Plan? Stress im Job? Keine Zeit? Achterbahn der Gefühle? Rollenkonflikte? Hamsterrad? Mangelnde Wertschätzung? Wütend? Ratlos?... . Andere Perspektiven. Neue Lösungen. Sich selbst neu begegnen. Offen, neutral, humorvoll, tiefsinning, vertrauensvoll, menschlich und auf Augenhöhe. Kein Machtgerangel. Kein Autoritätsgerangel. Kein Gegenspieler. 👑❤🤝 . Konstruktives Auseinandersetzen mit Lebensfragen. Melde Dich bei mir... ✌💃 #gutenmorgen #männer #mann #mannsein #fokus #stark #klarheit #erfolg #success #coach #trainer #motivation #humor #mindset #abenteuer #reisen #interview #storytelling #power #fragen #leben #liebe #selbstliebe #selbstbewusstsein #emanzipation #change #ziel #frau #frauen #fit

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Guten Morgen <3 Lasst uns heute mal über Rezensionen sprechen. Fast schon stündlich schau ich beim großen A, ob ich eine neue Rezi habe. Für mich ist das der Applaus für einen Autoren. Jedes Feedback vermittelt mir, wo meine Stärken und Schwächen sind. Es müssen nicht immer fünf Sterne sein oder lange Texte, aber über eine kleine Rückmeldung freue ich mich immer. #saschaflames #jessicagisso #book #storytelling #writing #authorwritesforlife #booklove #read #feedback #rezension

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~ For all the curly girls and the beautiful women they will grow up to be. May you always embrace the unique hair that makes you who you are. ~⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀ #sustainablelife #hellostoryteller #theartofchildhood #curlyhair #sillysilas_kidsclothing , #inspirationforpojkar #justbabyand #tightswithbraces #barninspo #thefreelensedproject #storytelling #kidsroom #photooftheday #enchantedchildhood #littlegirl #curlyhair #scandinaviandesign #kidsfashion #insperationforflickor #byttilleko #ecofriendly #baby #babyfashion #momswithcameras #momlife #momsofinstagram #letthembelittle #childhoodeveryday #childrenseemagic #lifewellcaptured

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Tellinga turns personal stories into unique gifts! 💌 HOW IT WORKS: 1. First, select your story length, rating, and genre. 2. Upload a photo and add a description of your desired story. 3. After receiving your request, our team of professional artists will start working on your story. 4. A few days later, the designated recipient of the story will start receiving unique hand-drawn images every other day in their mailbox until the package ends. 📬 ❤️ #gifts #gift #giftideas #art #perfectgift #giftsforhim #giftsforher #giftshop #gifted #giftidea #birthday #birthdaygift #birthdaypresent #cute #presents #artistsoninstagram #birthdaycard #greetingcard #artist #artwork #followme #storytelling #anniversarygift #like4like #instaart #personalizedgifts #love #mothersdaygift #fathersdaygift #stories

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“If only we could tell our stories better,” does this sound familiar? It's been my experience that either Journalistic or Hollywood-esque, Blockbuster #Storytelling is required to #attract , #engage , #convert & #retain distracted consumers. Acquiring Technical Expertise is not enough to get your audience to listen and be interested with inner workings around the products or services offered by high-tech firms. According to Harvard Business Review contributor, Karen Mazurkewich: > Don’t hire PhDs to write your stories. > Don’t believe that plain, clear writing is dumbing your ideas down. > Do design a new communications playbook. Source: As a Marketing Communications professor, I typically fall back on the three primary purposes why humans engage audiences: #Inform , #Persuade , #Entertain. Most effective, when we appeal via Logic (data), Emotion (happy or sad) & Credibility (examples). Applied to OmniChannel narratives, place customer at heart of story, highlighting their use of tech specs/features of your Hero product/service to enable them to successfully accomplish tasks. Make #Content #Marketing & #Transmedia #Brand Storytelling work for you? My BrandInflux & iPlenaria will transform your company on day one. Click #RonVining for more #Learnamies !

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Cerco e creo l'armonia nella figura femminile per una pura passione estetica: come un architetto che disegna le linee più ricercate e sofisticate. La bellezza non è chirurgia, ma valorizzazione della diversità. #intimosegreto #secrets #storytelling #passione #estetica #bellezza #autosrtima #beautyconsultant #espertainvestibilità #boutique #lingerieboutique #corsetteria #modellanti #perfectfit #igerpescara #pescara #arttigianadibellezza #Reggisenocalibrato #Reggisenocorretto

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Content Distribution - Disrupted? Netflix, yet another #digital #disruptor , provides access to a mass audience that was once unthinkable, when #Hollywood was controlled by traditional television networks & film studios. Non-traditional or smaller publishers now have the opportunity to create #content in a win-win situation, as Netflix, and others seek more differentiated media #stories as The Walt Disney Company will soon pull their vault of #branded classic & all-new blockbuster #IP from Netflix for the #Disney + launches their Animation - Pixar - Marvel - Star Wars - Fox streaming service in 2019. Source: Personally, I would like to see Amazon, Apple, Marriott International, #Netflix , Red Bull and other, non-Hollywood, “studios” seek out more user generated ( #USG ) programming, taking YouTube-like “series” to the next level, with tighter, higher production values, greater storytelling, promotion & distribution. Desire to pair user-driven content to make your #Brand a blockbuster? To use #Transmedia #Storytelling as the basis of a narrative #OmniChannel #ContentMarketing campaign to engage your customers? My BrandInflux advisory & iPlenaria masterclass will transform your business with this media approach on day one. Click #RonVining for #Learnamies !

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"This kid had OME, we did myringotomy and grommet insertion, everything was handled after that.", Told me the senior resident at my hospital. But why did the patient came back if everything was really 'handled', doc?", I enquired. "Oh, the grommet we inserted got infected. It can happen, you know", replied the doc anticipating my question. But why did it got infected? What was a grommet and what does the seventh fancy word in the start means? But wait, what is OME anyway? . Kid had a pale look, constantly watching ben-10 on his tablet and would duck 5 times in a 30 minute span, revealing something was wrong with his face. The history laid everything out, an infection causing him distress in the ear which caused him to duck. Wow, history is so important, isn't it. "Doc, please don't inject me anything with a syringe", the kid requested whilst pointing out to a nearby syringe placed in a kidney tray. "I won't, lil bro, don't you worry!", I pacified his increasing anxiety whilst tapping on his tiny shoulders. . Coming back to our point, we divide the ear in three parts; Outer, inner and middle ear. Now your middle ear plays a very significant part in your hearing. So the middle 👂 is linked to the 👃 through a tube called the "auditory tube" or "Eustachian tube". Obviously this isn't properly developed in kids. Kids also have a pair of tonsils laying very near to the opening of this auditory tube in the 👃 called the "Adenoids". Now your son, brother, cousin, friend or in this case, that kid watching ben-10 gets a flu or common cold. There's alot that can happen, but usually either the Adenoids get inflammed and this closes the opening of the auditory tube or the Auditory tube gets haywired. The fluid from your tube moves towards the middle ear and there's no way for it to be removed, so the mid 👂 gets blocked. Fluid retention causes enormous pain in the kids. . So the surgeon had done the Myringotomy, cutting a small piece of the mid 👂 membrane and draining the fluid through it. Then he placed a grommet, a small piece that gets fixed in the mid ear for ventilation and adjusting the air pressure difference according to the needs of the body.

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#letmetellyouastory Perjalanan pembuka #astidodetheexplorer di awal tahun 2019 ini berawal ngomong ke @damarsoe "Gue mo balik ke Myanmar lagi. Kalau ngga Januari ya Februari," . Soalnya mengingat kabur ulang tahun ke Myanmar dan Negara Perbatasan Juli 2018 lalu kehujanan sepanjang perjalanan, gak bisa naik balon udara karena musim moonson, maka gue niat kembali sendirian, memberi nafas untuk the free spirit soul~ 🙆‍♀️ . Taunya Damar bilang "kalo Januari ayo gue ikut,". Karena dia pengen Bagan - Mandalay. Cuplik-cuplik tiket pun berlanjut, eh gak tau-tau @kunthiadinegoro pengen ulang tahun di Myanmar 🤣 hayuklah jadi bertiga.. Dia usul Bagan-Inle Lake.. 🛶 karena danaunya terkenal. Jengjeng beda rute di peta ini mah! . Dengan komunikasi yang baik dan benar, dan setelah Damar menimbang-nimbang di Mandalay ada kuil-kuil lagi, dia setuju Mandalaynya diapus aja 😂 terima kasih untuk kooperatif ya bapak! Walopun pada akhirnya gue tetep gak naik balon udara karena 450 USD! Missqueen nanti akutuu 💔 . Trip kali ini nggak tanpa drama, dari Damar yang pengen kereta 16 jam daripada bus yang 10 jam, gue sama Kunthi yang sempet mikir "Damar jadi ikut ngga sih? Tinggalin aja apa ya?" Karena dia ilang tanpa kabar kayak abis diflush toilet 💩, gonta ganti hotel ingin backpacker tapi harus mewah, tiap hari makan minum enaa, disamperin orang lokal dibilang makanan kita haram, Bagan haram, Kejebak di semak berduri bikin lecet paha gue dan susup durinya ke jari Damar, jadi sunrise hunter sunset goers and a day-nap needer 😴 . Sampai yang epic begitu gue inget Damar sekolah di SD Polisi (yang selalu gue bilang sekolah apaan sih tuh!) , Kunthi pun seinget gue juga anak SD Polisi dengan nomor yang berbeda, jadi pasti hidup bakal sekitaran situ-situ doang ~ dan ternyata bener Damar satu SMP sama Kunthi! 👏 tapi gak kenal satu sama lain~ Percayalah.. Dunia itu sempit, bukan karena elunya kegaulan~ . Banyak cerita yang bisa kita ingat untuk mengisi bulan-bulan selanjutnya untuk tetap tau hidup kita pernah dan selalu bisa bahagiaa ~ Kalau bisa sih 1 bulan 1 negara 💸 , besok-besok rutenya ke Mandalay ya! #storytelling #latepost #Myanmar #traveljunkie #workhardplayhard #inlelake

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<장난스런 소녀 (;p) > - 베개 표정 마음에 듬 ㅎㅎ

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"উড়ছে ছেলে স্বপ্ন ছুঁতে, দিচ্ছে পাড়ি বাঁধা ভুলে, রঙীন নেশায় মেতে উঠে, বুনছে বাসা নতুন করে।।" মূহুর্তদের হট্টরোলে আমরা যখন উর্দি পরা সমাজটার তাবেদারি করতে ব্যাস্ত তখন আমাদের ই একজন ছবিওয়ালার ফ্রেমবন্দী হলো বজর দশেকের এই ছেলেটা যার কাছে বাস্তবের বাধাবিপত্তি গুরুত্ব পায়নি, গুরুত্ব পেয়েছে তার কালচে সাদা স্বপ্ন মোনোক্রোমে।। ©আমি . . Copy right reserved by: @my_drug_photography . Story written by: @___dirty_drobe_soul___ . . #photography #storytelling #knightcrawlerstudios #thekolkatabuzz #ig_calcutta #streetsofkolkata #kolkataphotography #calcuttacanvas #calcuttacacophony #bangalipana #shutterbug #kolkatasutra #lenscaptureofficial #kolkatakaleidoscope #featuringkolkata #canvas_of_india #thekolkatavibes #the_bongpics #bongcalcutta #kolkatargolpo #world_photography_page #canvasofindia #photographylovers #instagood #kolkatagram

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Hi-ya warriors! Are you ready to be the part of the most spectacular game this year? Because, I am Fadhlurrahman Naufal wholeheartedly ready to join ASNC (Annual SAEED National Competition) 2019 as my most awaited game! What are you waiting for? Let's join #ASNC2019 ! Let's play and be the conqueror! Let's bring the fever!

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Tomorrow lovers. You joining me? . Tix via the link in my bio! ❤️

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Kahvaltılar erkenden yapıldıysa günün geri kalanına hazırız 💪🏻

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. David Turnley with University of Michigan Provost Martin Philibert, and Nelson Mandela. . I was honored today to be invited by University of Michigan Provost Martin Philbert, to present him with the iconic photograph that I made of Nelson Mandela in his prison cell on Robben Island, where “Madiba” spent most of his 27 years of a life sentence in prison for his belief in a non-racist South Africa. We shared a wonderful conversation about Madiba, South Africa, my work photographing the struggle, and the trip that I will be privileged to join with Coach Jim Harbaugh and the University of Michigan Football Team when we visit South Africa in May. Provost Philbert shared that he intends to hang my photograph next to the Constitution of the New South Africa that was also presented to him by the legendary activist Albie Sachs who spear headed the writing of the New South African Constitution and like Madiba and so many sacrificed so much for the struggle and for their convictions about a non-racist, and non-sexist world that they and I aspire to. . ©Photograph by Patrick Cochran. . #davidturnley #street_photography #Streetphotography #photojournalism #photojournalist #journalism #photography #ig_street #lifeisstreet #capturestreets #SPiCollective #irimages #friendsinperson #natgeoyourshot #natgeo #Ourstreets_ #storytelling #burnmyeye #lenseculture #humancondition #gettyimages #peterturnley #warzonephotographer -- David C. Turnley

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Даже если прийдет пора переименовывать нашу столицу во Владимир, согласитесь, это всё равно звучит намного приятней чем Собянинск. Но больше всех в этом плане повезло Беларуси. Александрия звучит гораздо красивее и пафоснее Минска. 🏥🏥🏥 #art #artist #walsh #painting #storytelling #2019 #culture #psychology #philosophy #humor #comedy #tragedy #культура #психология #философия #сатира #юмор #комедия #трагедия #искусство #живопись #художник #музыка #music #нурсултан

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Sometimes, we feel this desire to challenge faith, to challenge rituals, customs, which bring a community together. We want to attack it with all our modern thoughts, our thoughts of logic and sense, and want to question their methods, and the methods which we don't find aligning with our ideology, and we want to tell them that what they're doing might be wrong, might be illogical from where we see. But you know what, these are the times when we are wrong. We are wrong for trying to change a peaceful coexistence of a community, no matter how it's living, and sometimes this uniqueness which attracts us, is what we want to destroy and make them like us. And instead of accepting the beauty of it, we want to question the logic of it. But sometimes there's no logic, but a pure acceptance, and that's the basis of faith, the acceptance of it all, the whole quality of surrendering to a higher force. And sometimes it's a lesson for us too, to accept things instead of thinking that our ideas of a society is superior to theirs. So, when you come across these thoughts within you, question yourself first, question these thoughts first, if they'll actually bring a change out there, or if it's your need to satisfy an ego, which calls for everything around you to be aligned with your ideology of right and wrong. And then, just have faith in the whole act of having faith, for not always the answers will be provided when you ask for them. But don't worry, they'll be provided soon enough. . . . Based on some of my conversations with @maahipirta

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One line drawing

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This is one of my favorite buildings in the world. The elements include line, form, texture, pattern, light and space, through the relationship between space vectors of different coordinate systems, lines and turns of brush strokes propel unobtrusively the expansions and twists of space, mainly as a play of light and shadows while moving in space. It is here that we are invited to enjoy the light, space and art. The building is an appropriate and majestic expression of form in lines and light. - Designed by @officialsantiagocalatrava

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Giant Wings.

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“Not only did American invent skyscraper”, says Architect Santiago Calatrava, “It invented the skyline.”

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One continuous line drawing #lineart

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One continuous line drawing challenge! (I will post my painting daily) #penart

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When painting meets photograpy. We are 3 big kids who have 2 things in common: 1 - we’re all non-art background, 2 - but we love art. 1 loves painting and the other 2 love photography. And here we go, our very first living art project. Model: @dinhpianist Photo: @nguyen.duc.tung Painting: me

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When painting meets photograpy. We are 3 big kids who have 2 things in common: 1 - we’re all non-art background, 2 - but we love art. 1 loves painting and the other 2 love photography. And here we go, our very first living art project. Model: @dinhpianist Photo: @nguyen.duc.tung Painting: me

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When painting meets photography. (Original work)

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I’m not the first person who came up with the idea of turning realit into illusion. And maybe I’m not a good painter neither. But together we create beautiful things. And here we go, our first living art project. Model: @dinhpianist Photo: @nguyen.duc.tung Painting: me .

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When painting meets photography. We are unprofessional but we just love creating beautiful things. Painter: me Photographer: @nguyen.duc.tung Model: @dinhpianist .

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Từ ngày đi tớ chả dám vẽ, mọi thứ trôi qua quá nhanh, tớ theo luồng sống đấy nên không dám đặt tâm trí vào màu sắc, nhưng đầu óc tớ không để tớ yên, thế là tớ lại chơi với màu

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mình up 1 vài tấm ảnh cũ cho k thối insta. nhé. .

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They said pink is my lucky color... .

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2018 starts with new art .

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Trình chụp ảnh tệ hại phá hoại những đường thẳng.

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Say hello to another Monday -_- . 卒業したいな〜

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Done........... ready for a "nice" weekend!

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A good book makes you forget about time.

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A fairy tale wedding

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Time flies, people change. Miss these good old days.