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Hoy, 19 de febrero, es el Día Internacional Contra la LGTBfobia en el Deporte. Un día importante ya que el deporte es uno de los sectores donde la LGTBfobia y el machismo, que van bastante ligados, son más patentes. Especialmente en el fútbol donde debido a su gran cobertura es más fácil encontrar situaciones de discriminación. Por eso días como hoy son tan importantes, para apoyar a todas esas personas que trabajan o dedican parte de su tiempo al mundo del deporte, para que puedan visibilizarse sin miedo, para acabar con todos esos prejuicios que envuelven el deporte, para que cada persona pueda ser lo que es y lo que quiere ser. . Por un deporte libre de LGTBfobia! . . #StopLGTBfobia #StopLGBTphobia #StopHomofobia #StopHomophobia #StopBifobia #StopBiphobia #StopLesbofobia #StopLesbophobia #StopTransfobia #StopTransphobia #StopHate #StopLGTBfobiaEnElDeporte #StopHomophobiaInSports #FootbALL #LGBT #LGTB #Rainbow #Arcoiris #RainbowLaces #FootballVHomophobia #BeProud

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Avui és 19 febrer, Dia Internacional contra l’Homofòbia en el Futbol. Seguim lluitant per eradicar la discriminació LGBTI+ del món del futbol i de la societat en general. Ni aquí, ni enlloc! Stop homofòbia! #stophomophobia #estimacomvulguis #stophomofobia 🏳️‍🌈

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¿Para cuándo me dan mi Emmy? 💙

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Thoughts on the Jussie Smollett incident: As someone who seeks to be honest about what is happening to people like me in this country, I feel the need to address what is becoming the Jussie Smollett controversy. Honesty is important. It’s still unclear yet if the attack was staged, but it’s now looking like that could be the case. Since it’s looking like there is a chance that this attack was set up, I would like to address. If he staged the attack, I’ll be extremely angry. You know why? BECAUSE THIS KIND OF THING DOES HAPPEN and I don’t want this one lie to distract from needed change. So if you’re a cis straight person feeling dismissive like “oh that didn’t really happen” ... maybe you’re right about this one incident. BUT let me tell you this much my partner and I have had slurs yelled at us on more than one occasion, we’ve had people refuse to touch us because of “germs,” we’ve been refused service at a business once people saw what we looked like and there’s a ban against people like my partner who gave blood, sweat, and tears from being able to live authentically while serving which is a recipe for suicide. I feel SCARED most of the time when we stop at a gas station. Do you fear that something bad is going to happen to your spouse and/or the two of you for looking straight when you stop to get a coke at your local gas station? I have for as long as I’ve been a visibly out gay woman in the South. Lgbtqia kids are getting refused the ability to go to the bathroom of their gender identity on a daily basis and hold their pee for hours among other worse things. So do I take things seriously and believe that someone was attacked because racism and homophobia? Of course it’s not hard for me to believe. It’s only a public example of what me and my actual real life friends experience on the regular. IF Jussie Smollet staged the attack, shame on him. But even if he did, it does not diminish the fact that there are real problems and a real need for more love of those who are different in this country. Let’s find more ways to give and share love. #jussiesmollett #isitreal #mylifeisreal #dontgetdistracted #stophomophobia #endracism

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Have you experienced homophobia towards your sexuality? • In our recent polls, we’ve realised that homophobia still exists in 2019 with it being mostly from family & strangers 😞We want to talk about your experience with homophobia and advice for anyone who faces hate. • On a separate note, it’s upset me quite a lot to see what our community goes through. Running this platform you have to develop a thick skin and try help people through it. But the reality of seeing hundreds of people going through similar situations has opened my eyes to the amount of hate we as a community receive.

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I really can't picture anyone having a crush on me. I can't picture someone thinking about me before they fall asleep. I can't picture anyone getting butterflies because i said hi to them. I can't picture someone smiling at the computer screen or their phones when we're talking. I mean... like why would they even do that? I'm just me. Nothing extraordinary nor special Personal: @sramseyr25 Backup: @freakishly_explicit Double tap ❤️ this and leave a comment below 👇🏻 • #goals #lesbians #lesbianhumor #lgbtq #lgbtyouth #lgbtpride #notconfused #lgbtcommunity #bi #bisexual #girlslovegirls #genderqueer #lgbtrights #stophomophobia #loveislove #lovewins #alwaysproud #lesbianlove #lgbtgoals #lesbianrules #comingout #queer #gaygirls #lesbianfacts #lesbianproblems #feminism #bipride #nogender #lgbtsupport #lesbianpride

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Put a 👍🏾 if you are agree, a 😍 if you found it interesting and a ❤️ if you like my page! 🌈 👭 🌈 "This series is always evolving, right now I’d say my main motive is to show what intersex bodies can look like. I like to show androgyny in a way that’s not “neutral” but rather the opposite—extreme masculinity mixed with extreme femininity. That’s something we’re both really interested in." 📸 @laurencephilomene of their friend Lucky ➡️ Follow me : @Pride.Lesbian_club if you are a pride Lesbian too 🌈 👭 🌈 ➡️ Great post by : @hersocialapp

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Comment a 🏳️‍🌈 if you agree love is love! • We fall in love with people for who they are, that’s all that matters. It’s insane that there are still people who disagree with lgbtq+ relationships. If two people are in love regardless of their gender, who are you to tell them it’s wrong 🤷‍♀️ • Don’t be afraid to love who you want, you have every right to be happy. If anyone has something to say about it, well it sounds like their problem 😉

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„Ich bin schwul, und das ist auch gut so!“...War vor fast 4 Jahren ein Spruch, den ich mir nicht gestehen wollte. Den 10.Dezember 2015 werde ich niemals vergessen. Denn es war der aufregendste, emotionalste & schönster Tag meines bisherigen Lebens! Heute, 3 Jahre und 2 Monate später blicke ich zurück und habe gemerkt, dass ich stolz darauf sein kann der zu sein, der ich bin! Ich habe in diesen Jahren vieles gelernt. Ich habe gemerkt welche Freunde meine wahren sind & von welchen ich mich distanzieren sollte. Ich habe homophobie hautnah erlebt, in einer Stadt, die ich mein zuhause nenne. Ich bin an einer breiteren Öffentlichkeit gegangen, um der Bevölkerung zu zeigen „DOCH, die Homophobie gibt es auch noch im Jahr 2018/19“ um Personen über das Thema „Homosexualität“ aufzuklären. Auch wenn ich damit nur einer Person geholfen habe, habe ich einiges erreicht! Denn wenn alle wegschauen, wird der Hass gegen Homosexuelle, Transsexuelle und viele weitere Sexualitäten nicht aufhören! Ich habe außerdem in diesen Jahren gelernt mir treu zu bleiben! 2015 habe ich mich nur einschüchtern lassen, immer auf andere gehört und bin der „Welle“ sozusagen gefolgt. Ich bin einfach nur froh diese Zeit überstanden zu haben! Heute kann ich mich anziehen, wie ich es will, wenn ich Lust habe mich zu schminken,dann mache ich es ebenfalls. Ein weiterer Punkt der mich einfach nur noch aufregt.. „Bist du Transsexuell?“ „Nur Mädchen schminken sich“ ..usw.. Ich bin es satt in einer Welt zu leben, in der alles nach Schubladen sortiert wird! #nogenderrules schon mal gehört? Wenn ein Mann Make-Up benutzen will dann soll er es doch machen. Wo steht vorgeschrieben, welches Geschlecht sowas tragen darf ? Genau wie Kleidung.. Wenn ein Junge einen Pinken oversized Pullover in der Frauenabteilung findet und diesen einfach nur schön findet, WHY NOT?! .. Bitte fangt endlich an, euren Gedankengang zu ändern. Wir gehen bereits auf 2020 zu und müssen uns doch nicht mehr mit 1860 beschäftigen. Würde die Welt offener sein, wäre sie so schön! Alle wären glücklich. Kein Rassismus, keine Homophobie, keine Ausgrenzungen! Ich glaube in jedem von uns steckt ein guter Mensch! Love Y‘all ! ♥️ #lgbt #loveislove 🏳️‍🌈

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