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This one always makes me giggle when it makes its way through my feed! ⠀ 😂🙃😉☺️⠀ Some days I feel like the carefree girl up top & others I’m *sure* I’m the one on the bottom. Reality is probably somewhere in between & THAT is just as it should be. A little chaos & confusion here & there always seems to help me grow. But my overall trajectory seems to be upward!⠀ 😇🙏🏻💙⠀ #Spiritual #Spirituality #TheJourney #OnwardsAndUpwards #Cartoon #Comics #Prayers #Meditation #Service #Stewardship #Growth #GrowthMindset #AwakeningAuthenticity #ShineYourLight

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"An apostolic missionary must have both heart and tongue ablaze with charity." - St. Antony Mary Claret ✨ Happy feast day! We find that this is particularly applicable to the work we do here at RLO - the person comes first, and do nothing for pride or ego. St. Antony, in your charity, pray for us. ✨ #perthcatholic #catholicperth #catholicquote #qotd #life #charity #prolife #love #forgetnotlove #treatpeoplelikepeople #lettering #letterforthelord #stantonymaryclaret #stanthonymaryclaret #christian #christianquote #dogood #lovegod #servegod #stewardship (🖋 @almostlikefairyland )

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The more sinister set of stealth genes that 23andme and have no way to test for but know have always shaped the darker side of human destiny...

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To be a steward is to be one who is given responsibility over things that are not his own. This is what God has made each one of us. And we are made responsible not just for the material possessions we are blessed with, but more importantly, for each other. Jesus reminds us in today's Gospel how important it is to be aware of our responsibilities and to live by them. He says of the irresponsible servant, the master "will punish (him) severely and assign him a place with the unfaithful." While He gives some consideration for the person who is not aware of his responsibilities, that person still does not go unscathed: "The servant who was ignorant of his master’s will but acted in a way deserving of a severe beating shall be beaten only lightly." He is not beaten according to what he deserved, but beaten nonetheless. Let us reflect on this today and make an effort to KNOW what God has entrusted us with — the things we own, the company we belong to, the friends we have, the teams we are assigned to care for, the children we have been blessed with, all the people around us who deserve to know God and to feel His love through us. Let us remember that all them have been entrusted to us, as His stewards, and we have the responsibility to care for them like faithful servants. Let us also remember His words that remind us that the more responsibility is given to one, the more that person is expected to live up to them. "Much will be required of the person entrusted with much, and still more will be demanded of the person entrusted with more." (Lk 12: 48) Let us take on the responsibility that God has given us and recognize this as a gift. May we continuously pray for empowerment from the Holy Spirit as we accept the challenges of stewardship. #stewardship #responsibilty #faithfulservant #service #love #trust #dailyReadings #simpleReflection

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A collection of random workouts is not a program. . Although they may make you tired or sore, neither of these are indications that you're actually moving in the direction of your goal. . Doing a selection of random workouts with in the hopes of achieving a goal is like trying to hunt by firing a rifle into the woods and hoping a deer is going to walk by. It could happen, but chances are slim. . By contrast, a good exercise program is made up of a series of workouts that are specifically designed to work together in order to move you closer to the goal you'd like to achieve. . When you take aim at your target first, the likelihood of hitting it is much greater. If you've only got a limited amount of time to exercise, it is ideal to have some structure in place to ensure that you're using that time wisely. . . . . . #stewardship #fitness #exercise #personaltrainer #obesity #health #weightloss #fatloss #fitfam #fitnessmotivation #workout

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Update on everyone’s favorite Wild Cat Animal Ambassador, Leo! He is feeling more like his old self, and we’re slowly taper him off of his medication to make sure his health can be maintained by diet alone. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers to this special feline! 😌🤗🐱 Photo Credits: @ryanlikesadventure

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At some point in our lives, we all make the shift from being more concerned about our eulogies than our resumes. . We start to care more about the significance, impact and relevance of our lives and relationships; rather than the success of our careers or image with the things we’ve accumulated. . We believe that this same shift needs to happen in the church of Jesus Christ today; to focus more on what it means to truly BE RELEVANT and what it takes to successfully transform lives, heal relationships, stand up for justice and serve our local communities. . So here’s something to ponder: 🤔💭 . What does a relevant church look like to you? . . #BeRelevant #BPC #PCUSA #Stewardship #SermonSeries #GodsChurch #Real #ServingOthers #ChurchOfGod #Jesus #GodIsGood #TransformationTuesdays #TransformationTuesday #Brentwood #BrentwoodPresbyterianChurch #TreasuresInHeaven #Matthew620

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Just as with humans, healthy forests are sustained by a diversity of ages & types . As a part of our forest stewardship program, we secure cost-share funding for private landowners to conduct forest fuel reduction activities around homes and properties. Learn more via the link in our bio!

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When Nathan joined Young Living, we purchased our third Premium Starter Kit in as many years. Two just like this one and one Thieves Premium Starter Kit. I love that Young Living practices responsible stewardship in their growing and harvesting practices for their oils. I want to know that we’re stewarding our resources as best we can—our bodies, our time, the world around us, our finances, our gifts. Using oils in our home has helped me to practice stewardship in so many areas, including finances!! I’m learning how to use what I have, how to make something from what we have available, so that I can spend less, waste less, and expect so much more from my products. I’m not perfect. I’m learning—slow and steady. And I’m learning alongside other people who challenge me, encourage me, and offer their insights daily. Anyone want to learn along with us and find new ways to steward your own resources? #stewardship #lifelonglearning #oilyliving

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Sometime we have to choose between multiple good things. In order to be effective we have to sometimes say no to good thing in order to do great things! Make time for things that are really important!

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Although our Forest Classroom is closed to children's groups during bear season, there is still a lot of activity! To support our resident Western Screech Owls, the Okanagan Similkameen Stewardship Society has installed some fancy new owl boxes among the Black Cottonwood trees. _______________________ Did you know the western screech owl is a red-listed species in BC? There are only 50 to 200 of them left in the Okanagan Valley. This small, nocturnal owl is a master at camouflage, but we know they're around when they pop up on the trail camera, or when we hear their distinct call. (Fun fact - they don't actually "screech" so whoever named Pokemon did not name this owl). You can read more about this little raptor in the BC's Ministry of Environment Recovery Plan. #forestclassroom #stewardship #nature #blackcottonwood #owlsofinstagram #canadianwildlife #outdooreducation #hikingbc #bcwildlife #communitysupport #classroomtechnology

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I’m grateful to report that last week in the initial Financial Education Class hosted by @friendshipdundee and facilitated by the Personal Finance Center of Polk County, there was documented a record breaking number of registered attendees at 58; the previous record attendance was 44. Please consider being in that number as the sessions continue this evening. Please recall that the sessions are at no cost to the participants, meals are provided, and incentives are offered (money can be earned based on certain criteria). Also, please note that if you cannot attend the group session, individualized and online sessions are made available. Please use the contact information provided on the flyers for any program specific questions. Please keep these efforts in prayer! Ultimately we are trusting God as Provider and trusting Him to teach us to be good stewards for what He has provided. #FinancialEducation #FinancialLiteracy #Stewardship #FriendshipDundee #FMBCDundee

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*registration link in bio* Did you know the Willow Lake Preserve in FMCP is an @nycparks Forever Wild site, which means it’s one of the city’s most ecologically valuable lands? Join us on Fall Weeding Day to explore this wetland ecosystem and learn how you can help it thrive! Please register, as space is limited. #foreverwild #stewardship #biodiversity

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These grasshoppers are beautiful in their own right, but when you know that they will morph into giant grasshoppers, nature takes on another level of gorgeous. As young grasshoppers continue their growth and development in order to reach reach their final adult form, they must molt or shed their outer skin. Depending on species and sex, they molt multiple times during their nymphal or immature life. Each day I learn a little bit more. And each day, I am in awe of what we see in nature. 📷: Jim Kimball . . . . . . #visitpanama #stemeducation #thingstodoinPanama #regenerativeresorts #hiking #wildlifespotting #panamavacation #tropicalrainforest #naturerocks #getoutside #wildlifephoto #lifeofadventure #instatravel #exploremore #familytravel #wildlifeconservation #authentictravel #happymemories #ecoadventure #stewardship #panama 🇵🇦 #grateful 🙏🏻

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Everything belongs to God. Thats’s right, everything. The car, the car, the farm, the house, the bank account, even the smart phone. It’s all His. God has placed as us stewards, or managers, of His creation. Today, let’s use what he has given us for His glory, to honor Him. We’ll be amazed at how He works. #InGodWeTrust #Psalm24 #Church #Jesus #God #stewardship #purpose #glory #manage

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Head over to to read #fourgiftsoftheking author R. Scott Rodin’s latest article & learn how to switch your focus from doing to being.

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Q: Who are the Watershed Wise Warriors? A: They are an inspiring group of dedicated volunteers who help pick up the unfortunately large amount of trash that floated downstream on the #SanAntonioRiver. With the recent and continuous rain events, there is much to pick up and restore to keep our River protected and healthy. Learn more and sign up for this San Antonio River Authority program at Join us! . . . . #watershedwisewarriors #watershedhealth #protection #nativespecies #nativeplants #nativeanimals #wildlife #restoration #stewardship #volunteer #community #SanAntonio #SATX #SARA #SanAntonioRiverAuthority

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The countdown begins! We are just 10 days away from Extra Life Game Day 2018! Check out my EXTRALIFE page to make a donation and be a hero for kids! Make a Donation Today! - LINK IN BIO - Anything you can give helps :) Thanks to all those who have supported me thus far. Donations for 2018 accepted until the end of the year, but be sure to donate before Nov 3 to get your personal shoutout during the 24 hr stream. - C #extralife4kids #twitchtv #charitystream #24hourstream #ps4 #dukechildrenshospital #xboxone #nintendoswitch #mixerstreamer #ceexdawg #xceedance2 #gamingforacause #service #stewardship #uplift #liftingasweclimb

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Building a brand-new home can be very exhilarating. No one has lived in it before and you get to customize it from the ground up—literally! . However, there are A LOT of traps the builder has set in place to make the most money out of each transaction—and they work. . Not all builders are out to get you, but it is wise to consider a few things. . @grantbotma breaks down those things in today's video. Watch to learn more! Full video linked in bio.

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This is one of the joys of where we live and lifestyle we have chosen. I know it's not a piece of silver coming out of the shop or off doing some fun cowboyin adventure, but I enjoy going out with a friend and our kids and getting a trailer load of firewood. I enjoy the work and I enjoy the remoteness. On a side note, what does our Forest Service do? I'm not trying to pick on the individual person that works for them, but our forest is in terrible condition. I think it's hi time we bring back some sane logging and grazing practices to reduce the fuel load before it burns to the ground. #gettingfirewood #falltime #mykidslovethewoods #manstuff #sawdust #chainsaw #recycling #stewardship

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We will be at Mayor of London’s #AfricaLDN celebration on Saturday 27 October in Trafalgar Square and everyone’s invited #LondonIsOpen with @mayorofldn . . We are very excited to partner with our friends @openthegate_ for the occasion . . Come and meet us from 12:00PM to 18:00PM . . . 🎥: ‘Playing Away’ (1986) from Horace Ové – check black British films list from the @britishfilminstitute . . . #AfricaontheSquare #kilubukila #fashion #makers #timeout #london #timeout #thingstodo #Saturday #glackhistorymonth #filmafrica . . . . #craft #artisan #design #collaboration #culture #sustainable #simplicity #quality #natural #stewardship #europe #africa #upcyling #africandesign #africandecor

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As a believer, how are you affecting change? We want to hear from you. ⬇️ • • Faith Walk: A look into the lives of believers demonstrating Christ in Culture. • • Marie Toms harnesses the power of community to affect change through her organization @community2community • • For the full story, visit our IGTV!

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Not a bad view climbing up Poedunk

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The @boyscoutsofamerica Order of the Arrow and the Hunt brothers out at Sope Creek for our monthly work day last Saturday morning. They finished up an Eagle Project that moved tons of rock to the trail corridor and armored and refurbished a hard hit section of the lower loop. @mtbatlanta would like to thank the Hunt family for their continued stewardship of the Sope Creek trails. Both the Hunt sons have done their Eagle projects at Sope Creek and their father serves on our board as treasurer and founded and coaches the @sopecreekmtb team for the @georgiamtbleague. Bringing them up right! #stewardship #volunteer #nica #eaglescout #boyscouts #crnra #mtbatlanta #giveback #mtb #trailwork #trailmaintenance #trailbuilding #leadbyexample

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A hastily assembled group of individual can effectively come together as a team if a strong leader stands up to guide them. On the other side of the coin, a capable team can work like a group of individuals if they lack leadership. A great leader can insure others and give them purpose. • Team members that are self serving will weaken the bonds that hold the team together. A leader needs to recognize when this is happening and cut it out like a cancer before it destroys them team. • Lead, follow, or get out of the way. • #warrior #leadershipquotes #teamwork

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MOVE. What if we changed our thinking and vocabulary from using words like “exercise” and “workout” to “movement”? Words have power and they hold weight. I don’t know about you, but I have some pretty negative connotations in my head when I think about exercise and working out (sometimes). It brings to mind the gym rats and the people who love to workout just for vanity’s sake. But that’s a fresh take, a fresh word. Movement is simply that- moving our bodies. I’ve started to, in my head and out loud, say that I’m going to move my body today instead of “go and workout”. . Moving our bodies can take time to take root in our lives. Change doesn’t happen overnight. But, by shifting our mindset and the words we use, we can inherently begin to shift how we view fitness and moving our bodies. I’m not saying I’ll never use the words exercise or workout again, because I will. But, integrating the word movement brings a fresh vision to mind and sometimes that’s just what we need to get started or to keep going. . Movement exists to not just make us look a certain way and fit into our clothes better. Movement exists to allow our bodies to thrive and function at their best. It exists so that we can feel good and therefore be strong, capable, energetic, and present for the other areas of our life. If our bodies aren’t physically well and strong, we can’t go at these other areas to our best ability. We suffer and then others suffer. We have to approach movement/exercise/fitness from the standpoint of moving with a purpose. We have a purpose to fulfill in our time here on earth and we need to be well and steward this one body we have to our best ability. Every other reason to move outside of this deep purpose will leave you sitting on the coach and saying “tomorrow I’ll begin”. No, begin today. Move today! Go for a walk, do 10 push-ups while you watch a show, do some squats between meetings at work. Let’s move together and really start a #movementmovement !

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‭‭Romans‬ ‭1:21-23‬ ‭MSG Thank you to Eugene Peterson for allowing God to use him in sharing The Message with millions. Eugene Peterson, 1932-2018.

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4 generations of ‘spirited’ Poncias💓 Circa 1975 - @artrogersphoto . Parents Al and Cathie, baby brother Loren @stemplecreek , Zia Carrie, Nona Marietta, Nono (Alfred) and Jessica, Melissa and Pa Nono (Angelo), and big sister Jennifer💫. . #4generations #ponciaspirits #spiritsisters #potatovodka #vodka #vodkalovers #artisanspirits #craftdistilling #tomales #marin #westmarin #bayarea #familyfarm #terroir #heirloompotatoes #potato #bodegareds #dryfarming #legacy #stewardship #farmtotable #fieldtobottle #drinklocal #petalumagap #mixology #cocktails

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Stewardship is the posture of caregiver not owner. If God owns it all are we ever really owners of anything?

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Become Intentionally wealthy not accidentally poor. Stay in your lane Focus on building wealth instead of chasing money. Why do I work on myself to become a better investor? To make my money work and grow! Legacy building!! My next generation is so worth it. I’m living like I wish my great grandparents would have lived. It’s dirty rotten shame that they failed to buy good real estate and hold it long term. All that I can do is do what I wished they had done. Build wealth day by day, little decision after little decision. They all add up. Give each of your hard earned dollars a job description and put them to work building wealth for you and your future. Become the boss of your money. Tell your money what to do!! It’s your money so you should be able to control it, not marketers and bill collectors. You can do this. It is so worth it. Control and grow your retirement dollars with confidence day by day. Become Intentionally wealthy not accidentally poor. #Stewardship #Generosity #Diligence #SDIRAchallenge #Youcandothis #Practical #tactical #information #SDIRAdeals #wisdomiswealth #blessed #blessedbeyondmeasure #¥uckBanks

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In our Catholic schools the children study the Catholic faith, pray often, practice moral values, learn to practice self-discipline and discipleship, and are expected to put other's needs before their own; this is in addition to providing an outstanding academic education. #Stewardship #FullyAlive #CatholicICT

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ANERZZZZ .... GOOD TO SEE EBDORSING BRANDS .BUT THERE IS A CELEBRITY a #responsible #celebrity ...u r supposed to see the product #stewardship n #ecotoxicity n #environmental impact of the product ... Dekhiyo shampoo SE. ..acquamarine n birds n Flora N fauna not getting damaged .. ask the environmental impact of the product ...🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. ANERZZZ WILL DO THT...SHE IS ETHICAL HONEST N RESPONSIBLE CELEBRITY ... UNLIKE MOOOOOOOOOOUNI BAAAAI .. n co @vajanianeri @divyankatripathidahiya @ankzbhargava #mouniroy #simransachdeva #vindhyatiwary @rita.tiwari.1232760 VINDHHHHHYYYYYY KA ROKKKAAAAAAA ...KAB HAI ??????? ROKKKAAAAAAAAA 36 OUT OF 36...😃🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. ITNA. TO RADHA KRISHNA KO BHI NAHI MATCH HUA THA ... 😂😂😂 @krystledsouza @ektaravikapoor

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TRANSFORMATIONAL LEADERSHIP: THE ESSENTIALS OF VISIONARY LEADERSHIP All transformational leaders are visionaries. Vision requires provision. Provision warrants the use of one’s gifts or resources. Resources require stewardship and hard work. Hard work demands discipline. Discipline is on values. Values are grounded on character. #leadershipmatters #leadership #vision #provision #resources #gifts #talents #competencies #stewardship #hardwork #discipline #value #character #thebestisyettocome

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Moments when unity becomes dangerous When the plan against God is auspicious And the Babel initiative is propitious God will make the dream inauspicious And the result will be disastrous For the unity will not be good for us #IUP20 #BHP20 #GodFirst #stewardship

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Moments when unity becomes dangerous When the plan against God is auspicious And the Babel initiative is propitious God has will make the dream inauspicious And the result will be disastrous For the unity will not be good for us #IUP20 #BHP20 #GodFirst #stewardship