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It's just so fucking ridiculous how true this is. Most people go through thier lives blindly doing the same things they've been doing over and over again starting from their late-teens only to never be satisfied, to never truely be happy, never truely be complete. Whether it's trying to get by the 9 to 5 wishing that the weekend will finally come only to try and numb the existiential pain by going to the club, doing unimportant shit that you won't remember the next week when you'll be doing the same old shit over and over again or it might be that you're lonely and wanting to fill that emptiness in your heart by seeking your life's happiness solely through someone else. This doesn't work, because people change and you can't control that and you may end up constantly seeking that fairy-tale feeling through people you don't respect and who might not end up respecting you either. It's quite simple. Do what you love, live everyday with a postive mindset, and constantly work on becoming a better version for who the fuck you were yeaterday. Because life is more than just pleasing yourself until you die. If you don't at least try to become better and surround yourself with better vibes, you are already dead and are just trudging through a lifetime of "just getting by." #StayWoke

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Reposted from @onedgeofwonder - Was the message from Vrillon of the Ashtar Galactic Command real, or a hoax? But the message is inline with what is happening in our world today. In our latest episode we explore the possibilities of who or what is behind this mystery. It’s up now on our EdgeofWonder.TV for our subscribers, (link in profile👆🏻) and will be on our Youtube channel tomorrow 3 pm EST. . . . #ashtar #commanderashtar #aliens #alienlife #extraterrestrials #pleiadian #sirian #galacticfederation #disclosure #cosmicdisclosure #secretspaceprogram #ufology #seekthetruth #truthseekers #redpill #redpilled #awakened #woke #awakening #staywoke #thegreatawakening #darktolight #spiritualawakening #spiritualpath #higherconsciousness #awareness #universalconsciousness #collectiveconsciousness #cosmicconsciousness

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How did you miss it? It’s always been right there for you. It says right here in the Scriptures that their captives required them to sang songs of Zion by the willow trees. You know all to well who this is talking about. Down south in the United States Of America the exact same thing happened to you. You remember right? According to Frederick Douglass himself the slave owners required the slaves to sing songs while they were out in the fields. That’s where your negro spirituals came from. And we know that the willow tree was always there in the background as if it too was one of those who held you captive. I tell our people to read the Bible because it foretells your History with amazing accuracy. This book is all about you all through it. No one else fits the prophecies contained therein therefore learn it. Reclaim it. Walk in it. Black people in America and around the world who are descended from the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade you are The Tribe of Judah the true biblical Hebrews.(Judah Awakens 28) #kingdomovereverything #tribeofjudah #hebrewisraelites #blackchristians #12tribes #apttmh #shebrew #blackchurch #realjews #realjewsareblack #staywoke #slavery #daughtersofzion #judah #hebrews #daughterofzion #yahawashi #allpraisestothemosthigh #woke #womanofgod #hebrew #israelites #chosenpeople #blacklove #melaninpoppin #truejews #deuteronomy28 #melanin #melaninmagic #blackgod

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In a world full of materialistic shallowness, dont E V E R be afraid to shine your light & speak your truth ✨

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"In the field of quantum 💡 mechanics there is something called quantum entanglement. It is what happens when 2 particles interact, vibrate in unison, in are separated. They remain connected by something that defies logic, something science has yet to explain why 🔬If one particle vibrates no matter the distance, the other particle reacts in unison. Even if there are oceans between them, even if there is a universe separating them. Before time we were just a dense collection of particles confined to a space smaller then a proton, interacting and moving in unison. An event occurred that rapidly expanded the particles in created the universe. There is no reason to believe the particles ever lost their entanglement. Now, when I say I am drawn to you, that I feel I have known you since the beginning of time, Know that it's beyond my control. Know there are particles that compose me, my very fabric of being, and inside of you are the particles mine danced with millions of years ago. I've spent an eternity chasing that part of you." 💙 @tylerkentwhite ✒ Most Power Quote Of All Time: Songs With Our Eyes Closed 📚

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Basically. 🤷🏾‍♂️ Posted @withrepost @washingtonpost "They were racists." That's the phrase police say they found painted on a Confederate monument in a Nashville park Monday morning. Some type of red liquid was doused on the Centennial Park statue and the phrase was written on a plaque with the names of more than 500 Confederate soldiers. Police are reviewing footage from cameras in the area. They say there hasn’t been a similar vandalism incident in the park in nearly seven years.

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ALL RESPECT to this 15 year old brother. He sells bags of candy for a dollar in front of Walmart. I talked with him and his story is touching. I WILL help get him a summer job, because he is trying to provide for his self the right way oppose to getting involved in crime. As a matter of fact, ANYBODY or New Orleans business owners that can employ some of these DISREGARDED youth for the summer DM me. @freedemfoundations #weallwegot #savetheyouth #bethechangeyouwanttosee #givethemachance #endmassincarceration #staywoke

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Run wild 🌻

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Last training day before my meet on Saturday. Sets 1,3,5 here Been off the last 4 days after 92% last week. Felt weird. Had a good day. @skaterjohn121 got me Concentrating on speed and form. 55% on all lifts. 5x1 at 290 squats. No belt no sleeves. Felt and moved great. 5x2 at 185 bench. Form felt better and weight moved nicely. 6x1 at 315 on deadlifts. Deadlifts have become my favorite lift in the last 3 months. Mainly because the progress on my form and weight. Beltless. I’m ready for Saturday. #liftheavy #powerlifting #fitnessmotivation #dadbod #ginger #squats #benchpress #deadlift #strong #staywoke #meetweek

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😂😂💀💀 Story of my life

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Midtown Melt. Cajun seitan vegan cheese, avocado, chipotle aioli on rosemary focaccia. ✨

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Take it slow my friends 🙌🏾.

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It’s easy to be Zen AF when you’re in Portugal 😌 @caitlyn.alexx looking shredded 💪🏽 in our sustainably made 🌎 super soft cropped sweater, printed using water based, eco friendly inks 🌱💧 #etsyseller #zenaf

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The Bling Collection is out now! Pre orders on custom and original designs are available! From toddlers to adults sizes. Come SHINE ALL SUMMER with The CancerianLing Collection 💎 Thank you, @triple.threat.zar for being a part of my vision! We slayed and had fun! When our next picnic? 💕 sandals: @_cinderrastascutique_ Visuals: @anyevisions • • #thecancerianlingcollection #blackgirlmagic #buyblack #supportyourfriends #dcevents #dmv #dcartist #supportblackbusiness #handcrafted #stayblack #staywoke #dcornothing #localartist #popupshopdc #dccreatives #dmv #prom2019 #promdress #dmvevents #dcevents #blackartist #bling #sequin #sparkle #kidsapparel #promo #launch

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😱 #Denounced My Religion!!😱 Now I'm Gaining #Knowledge ! Religion's are mental restraints all Religions have the same storyline good vs bad positive vs negative if you need an imaginary figure in the sky or in a book to tell you it's wrong to hurt people then you need more than religion to help you!!!!!! #truthwillsetyoufree #truthismyreligion . . . . #Philosophy #foodforthought #noreligion #originalqoute #wokeaf #wokememes #research #higherconsciousness #truthmovement #truther #wakethesleepwalkers #staywoke #knowledgeispower #veganaf #weaponizingtruth #satire #conspiracy #conspiracytheories #conspiracytheorists #religion #church #seekeroftruth #lightworker #awakener #thoughtprovoking #vegan

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Y’all doing too much posting these cheating ass dudes 🙄😐... your trying to prove what... that ya dumb 😂😂🤦🏾‍♀️ The same nigga you posting is the same nigga that’s in my DM trying to take me out 😩😩✌🏾 #StayWoke

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Sweet sunshine falls from the sky filling me up with love and light. 💫

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SEND IT! 💰💰🚀🌙

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People often come to therapy having felt compelled to stretch in something that hurts • Very often, however, an area feels “tight,” but counterintuitively needs strength • The video is a good example of passive and active motion. In the first half of the video there is plenty of passive motion of the knee and descent control of that motion actively (the heel doesn’t drop a lot when she lets go) • However, the second video shows normal passive range (she can stretch it all the way), but a huge deficit of active motion (the heel drops a lot). Having a lot of passive motion with deficits in ability to actively use it is an AT RISK joint • Her knee may feel tight (usually the spasm is the body’s solution to the functional instability and stretching it doesn’t solve the problem of limited control), but in this case, needs strength. The #ACL repair is healed, but I would not suggest a return to sport at this point