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2 hours ago

~ FAMILY DAY ~ A weekend loaded with family events, dearest friends, delicous food & priceless memories is AWESOME!! . Our weekend was filled with the sweetest honey bee's baby shower, cutest ballerina's bday party, lots of sweet treats and unlimited pizza parties!! I literally ate pizza at 2 different events in one night!! Haha! . So grateful for long weekends full of love, laughter and fun! 💐🌞🎉🤩 . What are you grateful for today?

5 hours ago

What a week. [It’s Tuesday] . ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ My day consisted of big cups of tea and a never ending ‘To Do ‘ list that luckily fills me with so much excitement, I’ve enjoyed working through it.📝 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ There’s nothing more satisfying than ✔️ things off my 101 lists! Who else loves creating lists?

10 hours ago

Hej och VÄLKOMMEN säger jag till alla er nya trädgårdsvänner som hittat hit! 🍃 Idag har jag vårfeeling och bjuder på en bild från förra säsongen. En riktig favorit, tulpanen ‘spring green’! ————— Today, I got spring fever so I want to show you one of my absolute favorites from last year, the tulip ‘spring green’ ————— #trädgård #garden #mygarden #minträdgård #tulpan #tulip #trädgårdsinspiration #gardeninspiration #springgreen #spring #vår #springfever #vårkänslor

11 hours ago

New leather cross body bags! Green for renewal and spring! Available to purchase on our fb page, Shift Clothier, Inc.

14 hours ago

Little signs of spring are starting to pop up throughout the store. Remember our Winter Warm Up is this Saturday from 10-4. Check out our event page on Facebook for full details. #springgreen

15 hours ago

Doing my best dance to call for warm weather and new life rather than more snowwwwww 🌱🌷😭 #isitspringyet

23 hours ago

The power of the Red Rose! 🌹My sweetheart bought these Valentine’s Day! He bought them in the morning! I’ve had days to gaze upon these beautiful flowers and find myself thinking of warmer days! Which in itself is a powerful magic! Cause I am freezing! Utah supposedly didn’t get the memo from Mr Groundhog that we’re to have an Early Spring! 🌞 But I guess I can’t complain too much, after all, Utah is a desert and could use all the precipitation it can get! It’s going to be a beautiful green spring!! 🌱💐 #fussfreenails #springgreen #cantwaitforspring #redrosesbouquet

1 day ago

Tonight, a little succulent propagation! In the fall I picked up a few pots of crassula perforata, but they were badly stretched, so I beheaded them. (The rosettes are rooting up nicely elsewhere). What was super exciting was checking on the behesded stems in their vase of water, and seeing these adorable babies! Love their fresh green colour!! #succulentpropogation #succulentrosette #crassula #crassulapreforata #stringofbuttons #succulents #waterpropagation #newsucculents #newsucculentbabies #stretchedsucculents #succulove #succulover #succulentsofinstagram #succugram #succulent #springgreen #newgrowth #plantphotography #plantphoto #plantphotographer #stilllife

1 day ago

NEW bath bomb coming soon! What do u think of this green? Reminds me of spring (so ready for it!)❤️ . #springgreen #green #greenbathbomb #greenbathandbody #lime #dragonflydaydreamllc #handmadealphas #zbesties #etsy #etsysellers #affordableluxury #artisan #etsysoap #bathandbeauty #bathandbody #luxuriousbath #artisanbath #bathbomb #bathbombs #bathfizzies #bathfizzy . Get 15% off of your first order when you sign up for Dragonfly DayDream VIP Club. Copy & paste into browser: http://www.eepurl.com/gaRoo5

1 day ago

💚NEW! S-XL!!!! 💚 This 'Spring Green Striped Bell Sleeve Top' is a must have flirty look! $32, Free Shipping. ⠀ ************************************⠀ 🗝Make this yours! Tap the pic or link in bio. #stpattysdaylook #springgreen #townandkey

1 day ago

Lots of fun creek crossings on the trail today. I imagine if we came back in the summer there would be nothing but dry riverbed to leap across. What a difference a season or two makes...

1 day ago

Escondido Falls (lower falls) flowing pretty well after the recent rain.

1 day ago

Full #muslin of @evadresspatterns E20-6633 - 1929 Evening Frock. I made it up in this absolutely horrible $3/yard #satin which I bought on a whim because I loved the color (it's exactly @crayola #springgreen !), but which frays to shreds if you look at it sideways. My initial #alterations were my standard long waist, but the bodice fit me very oddly at the neck and shoulders - way too wide so that it sat on the points of my shoulder (not what was intended according to the pattern illustration). I took out a large dart at the neckline, lifted the shoulders up, and ended up with a compensatory bust dart, but I don't think it changes the shape from that straight '20s silhouette much. For the real version (for which I bought silk today!), I'm going to take out some of the length I added to the bodice because the hip line now hits too low and consequently doesn't drape just right, but lifting it 3/4" fixes that weirdness around my hips and should solve the bunching at the small of my back. For this #wearablemuslin , I just added a couple more pin tucks to the front ant three to the back to lift it up, which mostly fixes it. I did full finishes with French seams invisible hems etc. because this is my first time doing a ball gown and I'm really glad I did that rather than a more casual muslin. I learned a lot about what finishing techniques work well with this kind of fabric and also decided I wanted charmeuse rather than satin for a softer drape. Also, I got a ton of practice in invisible hemming 😉. Also I learned that I wanted silk thread for the #invisiblehem because it turns out that matching the sheen of the fabric makes a big difference. #isew #isewmyownclothes #sewistsofinstagram #vintagefashion #vintagepatterns #1920sfashion #1920sstyle

1 day ago

Little hints of spring 🌱are popping up all over the store! (Despite the snow outside) ❄️

1 day ago

Spring colours on the trail to Escondido Falls today.

1 day ago

I remember my first trip to Malibu Creek State Park back in October 2015. It looked so arid and brown- an almost desertscape. Today it looks so very different with both its fire scars and vivid green regrowth. Nature is fickle.

1 day ago

Confession: on February 17, I finished decorating for spring AND Easter. 😬 I’m always eager to decorate for the next season/holiday, but this is a bit “extra” even for me! Also, my husband insists I have a bunny problem, and took it upon himself to count every rabbit in our now Easteriffic home, including the ones in fabrics, pillows, etc. (It was 30, by the way. Sorry, not sorry.) Have you begun decorating for spring yet? 🌷 #farmhouse #shiplap #boxwoodwreath #plaid #springgreen #pink #howyouhome #interiordesign #louisvillelove #houseandhome #kentuckyliving #springhassprung #springdecor #freshdecor #urbanfarmhouse #springstyling #modernfarmhouse #homegoods #homedecor #farmhousedecor #modernfarmhousemonday #mycottageinstincts

1 day ago

Did you know Butter Fest weekend in June 2019 will mark the 30th Anniversary of Parkview Bed and Breakfast and even though there was a change of ownership, it also marks the 30th year of membership in the Reedsburg Area Chamber of Commerce? Our Innkeepers are excited and have some great things in store for the B & B's 30th year! Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to keep up on this year's special events and offers!

2 days ago

Hey everyone! Look at the full spectrum of all of the color girls together. Which of them are your favorite? Leave a comment telling which one. 😁