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We say women are complex, but men are not so simple either. The men I speak to have just as many secrets as the women, sometimes hidden even from themselves. I think we behave as though men and women are far more different than they really are, and it create a random situation of pressure where men feel they’re supposed to be simple and straight forward and women are supposed to be complex and reticent. The Tantric idea of polarity- masculine/feminine energy has been interpreted as meaning gender... taken and run with in the pick up scene but while it can be useful, taken as gospel it’s just more dogma and rules for how we are supposed to be. Let’s make space for women to take the initiative without it emasculating anyone or making them less feminine. Let’s make space for male sexuality to be just as relational and emotional and female, and we might be starting to get to a more realistic and helpful place 💕👌

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Stop crawling into that rabbit hole of comparison! Know that what you know, what you have and where you are at is perfect for you RIGHT NOW! We’re always growing and changing and you need to accept that where you are now is PERFECT! Your messages are needed. Your energy is needed. And you WILL, you ARE, growing everyday. But what you have to share right now TODAY, is needed! . . Exciting news too, I have two spots open for Activate Your Divine Essence. It’s time to see that you have valuable things to offer. You have incredible abilities and a power to bring to the world. And impact to make! . . This is my 12 week 1:1 VIP program. I open your abilities, activate codes in you, connect you with guides, teach you to journey, help you understand your purpose and how to do your healing modality or purpose (even if it’s NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE- cause remember you are a unique individual) and really to STEP UP AND LIVE YOUR PURPOSE! . . You walk away from this program with clarity and direction for your business, whether you have one now, or learn what it is as we work together. . . It’s currently $2,797 (value of $5,000) and I only have two spots at this moment! Click the link in my profile for more info!

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How beautiful is this world? I love this jetty it's so unique and you can drive so far down it! There's so many places to explore I feel so thankful for all the opportunities I make for myself! Create the life you love and the life that inspires you!⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #girlswhotravel #yogitravels #longjetty #spiritual #spirtualjourney #createthelifeyoulove #lawofattraction #attractyourtribe #attractlove #attractpositivity #youarebeautiful #youarestrong #australia #aussieliving #countryAustralia #spiritualliving #iamstrong #iambeautiful #loveyourself #selfcare #aussiesofinstagram

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I'm exploring new ways to paint my ladies so they are easily scanned and converted to a digital format. Today I'm going circular with layers of original stencils on a gessoed piece of Duralar. The scale is a little small, but will fit easily on the scanner. Like all experiments, it may turn out well and it might not! I have one goal---to send my Messengers of Love around the world in whatever format works. I'm setting my ego aside to allow the energy of unconditional love to lead the way! * * * * #Stencilart #Stencils #Mixedmediaartwork #Mixedmediaartist #healingart #spiritualart #spiritualartist #spiritualwisdom #spiritualliving #soulart #differentperspective Music by IKSON.

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I still have a ways to go but I've come a long way! It's always good to look back so you can remember how far you've come. Ive tried many a diets on my health journey and some of them have worked and some not so much. I've made lifestyle changes and over the past 3 years I have gained a sounder mind and a healthier temple. I'm learning what fuels my body best and over the last month I have been doing a ketogenic lifestyle and I am really enjoying it and feel a whole lot better! Find what works for you and stick to it! I can beat myself up for the tum-tum I still have to lose but then I remind myself that I need to be kind and appreciate the journey that I've put myself on! #healthjourney #gettinghealthy #ketojourney #keto #ketodiet #chemicalfree #healthandbeauty #spiritualliving #spiritualawakening #hippylife #happyandhealthy #findingpeace #transformationselfies #losingweight #lifestylechange #42lbsdown #blessed #lovemylife #lovethyself #transformation #weightloss #weightlossmotivation

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Sometimes we can want attention from people for the wrong reasons. Not everyone is supposed to go to the next level with you and not everyone is going to celebrate you. Discern your relationships and learn how to rise to the top without needing the applause of those around you. #Heavenhasalreadyvalidatedyou

19 hours ago

✨ I love to keep Harmony with myself by starting my day in Meditation, and ending it in Reiki. These self sessions keep my sanity through the chaos of life. ❤️In honor of the 7 main chakras, I would love to gift a Distance a Reiki Session to 7 BeaYOUtiful souls. 💜Drop a comment letting me know how you stay in Harmony. Then choose a number one through 100. 💙 I have pre-chosen 7 numbers. I will announce & DM the first person to guess one of the seven numbers. 🙏✨💖Wishing you a BeaYOUtiful day filled with love & peace 💖✨🙏

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You asked. I (finally 😂) answered! Ladopevie.com is coming soon! Food + Travel + Wellness + Personal Growth all in one place. Stay tuned for updates! 👀 Looking forward to connecting with you all and building a community of people who want to live their best lives yet! Mind + Body + Soul. ❤️ Tag a friend! Also, DM me if there are specific topics you want me to cover. Thank you! Twitter: @ladopevie1 • • • #ladopevie #website #blog #comingsoon #mindfulness #codexmind #bestlife #mindbodyspirit #wellness #yoga #travel #foodie #coaching #culture #healing #teaser #wanderlust #blacktravelblog #healthyliving #spiritualliving #meditation #personalgrowth #lifestyle

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S u r r e n d e r • I used to try to force every little thing in my life to morph them to how I felt it “should be”. Trying to change people. Trying to control situations. Endlessly stressing about how to get myself to where I felt I “needed” to go & be. I realize now that there are no “shoulds” in life. These are concepts created by the fear in society. We are each on our own path. No two are the same and that’s ok. • So now I choose to surrender. I choose to let the Universe take care of me. What’s meant to come will come. What’s not meant to won’t & I accept that something better is coming my way. I listen to the signs from the Universe & to my intuition to form my path. It’s so freeing. ✨

20 hours ago

Allow gratitiude for your friends to flow through you today. Girlfriends lift you up when you are down. They tell you what you need to hear even when you may not want to hear it. They help you evolve and grow into your highest self and support you along the way! -K & J . . . . ☀️Peace, Love, & Aum 🧘🏻‍♀️Jaimie Gibbons 🧘🏼‍♀️Kylie Serie #peaceloveandaum #yoga #spiritualliving #empower #happiness #PLA #Yogi #Yogablog #YogaPLA #JaimieGibbons #KylieSerie #PLAwomen #Girlfriends

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Reiki training is life transforming. Especially for those either on a self healing journey, awakening journey, or wanting to simply become aware of their mind, body, spirit connection. Reiki energy is an ancient healing technique that uses universal life force energy to heal the emotional and physical body. Suffering from consistent body pain is usually caused by trapped emotions. These trapped emotions not only cause an imbalance in the natural flow of life force energy both in the chakras and the body but also blockages in one's physical life. It can hold you back from living your fullest potential with your greatest desires. Reiki energy healing let's you feel lighter allowing for less stress and more clarity. Reiki raises the vibration in all that is said and done. It's like charging a low energy car battery to a fully charged battery. Or going from a low voltage bulb to a high voltage bulb. Anyone can send well wishes to another but it's the reiki energy healing that amplifies these wishes making them even stronger. Many student's have claimed that after this training they felt they opened up something inside of them both powerful and meaningful yet was within them the whole time. They just didn't know how to access it. Training will also include building a relationship with your intuition to be able to listen to it and channel intuitive guidance. It will be a peaceful afternoon starting with breath work, meditation, and light yoga on a roof top lounge over looking beautiful La Jolla and the expansive ocean. We will then continue with the Reiki Training, attunement, journaling, oracle card readings, and intuitive development exercises. This is an extended one day training that will include deep emotional healing through extensive journaling. PRICE IS USUALLY $444 BUT I AM OFFERING IT AT $255! We are in a time of major transformation and transitions and I want you to be able to invest in yourself during these intense times. Date 7/28/18 Time 11:30am-6:30pm Where: La Jolla Self Investment: $255 paid through VENMO Space is limited so RSVP ASAP by calling or texting 619-518-6338

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Take care of yourself! Your soul and your body🌿✨🌺 I always use a mud mask for my face and it’s amazing😍 ✨ You can also see how everything is a process... behind me on my vanity is all my make up. I am trying to use it up at the moment as I didn’t care about cruelty free, vegan and zero waste products once. I bought Chanel and all those horrible brands that are celebrated by the media and I believed they were good! But no matter how good the quality, it is not nor will it ever be worth a life. ✨ I dare you to question everything! This society! The media! What you think you believe might simply be what economy wants you to believe... 🌺

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And adjust it will.

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It’s so incredibly important to TRUST the direction you are being guided as your ‘tribe’, the people you are meant to connect with, are drawn to your energy when you stand truthfully in your authenticity and express your truths. . . As you recognize more of WHO you are and what you are meant to share, you radiate an energy that draws them to you. And you also are drawn to them by what they express and the energy they carry. . . My guides are stressing that this requires trust as there’s rarely ‘proof’ and it’s all an experience you must have. Remember that your guides and Angels are ALWAYS showing you the way. As long as you are taking action and TRUSTING, then you are moving forward towards those you are meant to connect with. . . If you feel lost and unsure of what you are meant to do, then join me tomorrow as I guest in the group ‘Doing Business with Love’ as I bring through guidance from the Dragons, Connect you with the Dragon energy and channel on steps YOU may take to step up. The link is in @milaherenda ‘s profile and I’ll be live at 2 pm PST. . . Until then, sending you all much love!

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“Courage is looking fear right in the eye and saying, ‘Get the hell out of my way, I’ve got things to do.'” 👊🏽

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How do we surrender? How do we choose to let go of and practice non-attachment? We can read books on it, journal, meditate and do our best to embody what it means to surrender. It's not easy and in fact, will probably take more than a lifetime to learn but surrendering is a practice. When we are finally able to let go, life truly begins to flow. -K & J . . . . ☀️Peace, Love, & Aum 🧘🏻‍♀️Jaimie Gibbons 🧘🏼‍♀️Kylie Serie #peaceloveandaum #yoga #spiritualliving #empower #happiness #PLA #Yogi #Yogablog #YogaPLA #JaimieGibbons #KylieSerie #PLAwomen #Surrender

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Cutting ties with the negativity that holds you back is imperative to levelling up in life but it’s not always easy. Actually, it’s never easy. But with consistent practice, it can be done. I promise! • A good place to start is simply by sitting somewhere quiet, distraction free, and loudly announcing that you’re cutting the chord that negativity has connected to you. Don’t just say it, believe it with all your heart! Repeat as often as needed. Remind yourself anytime that something negative looms over, that you are snipping those ties ✂️

1 day ago

Look what we found on our walks. An open garden near the River Wye. 4 floors of heavenly manicured gardens. Infinity water features, ponds full of Koi and the most stunning plants.

1 day ago

"Come to the woods, for here is rest. There is no repose like that of the green deep woods. Sleep in forgetfulness of all ill" - John Muir . . Lush greenery of winter grasses dotted with small flowers soften our stark Aussie bush hues and red dry earth... . . . #druid #druidry #druidpath #australiandruidry #britishdruidorder #OBOD #pagan #pagansofinstagram #witch #witchesofinstagram #naturebased #spiritual #spiritualliving #meditation #shamanic #shamanism #animism #sacredspace #earthseasky #diversity #winter #compassion #awen #inspiration #perth #westernaustralia #natureimmersion #unity

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Yesterday, I did an interesting exercise, which required me to put my perfectionism and need for control aside. What I did, was choose an essential oil blend to diffuse (i used Balance) and picked a crystal to hold in my non dominant hand (black kyanite) and then mindlessly began painting the energy I was feeling. Absolutely no planning, no thoughts about what I should do, no expectations, I just let it flow while focusing on what I was feeling! If you've never tried this, I highly recommend giving it a try. Just choose an oil and/ or Crystal that you feel drawn to, and let your paint brush reflect what you're experiencing 🦄 . . . . #holisticliving #spirit #art #meditation #energywork #freedom #blackkyanite #noexpectations #essentialoils #crystalhealing #experiment #watercolor #painting #abstract #spiritualliving #personalgrowth #empath

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Half split nuzzle. 🧘🏽‍♀️ 🕉️ 🤸🏽‍♀️ ☮️ 🧘🏼‍♀️ 🕉️ 🤸🏼‍♀️ We love doing yoga together. It teaches us patience, humility, self motivation, self care, and to be happy for where we are now in the universe. We can't always be serious in yoga though, sometimes you have to stop to show some love to the most important things in life, our family. #yoga #yogi #yogatogether #familyyoga #motherdaughteryoga #growingtogether #strongtogether #yogaposes #halfsplit #yogaprogress #dailyyoga #namaste #childyoga #yogakids #mommydaughtertime #mindfulness #yogichealing #everydayyoga #myyogalife #myyogajourney #spiritualvibes #spiritualliving #spiritualparenting #paganparenting #toddleryoga #inspirethemtobefree #goodhabitsstartyoung #yogamom

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All prayers upped for family, friends, sick, suffering and Devine peace for the challenged. Love Everyone, Forgive Everyone and Enjoy Everyone....No Judging, Just Love. The Seven gifts of the Holy Spirit is an enumeration of seven spiritual gifts; They are: wisdom, understanding, counsel, fortitude, knowledge, piety, and fear of the Lord. #healthylifestyle #healthlychoices #lovethyneighbor #dogood #begood #livehappy #livefree #helpothers ❤☝️❤ #ryeny #loveothers #spiritualliving #mediatation #prayer #loveyourself #keepitloving #peace #love #happiness #serenity #freedom #lovemy602 #xo #godknowsbest #befearless #positivevibes #peacelovehappiness

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The human race is truely fascinating! 7.442 billion people on this planet, each with a completely different story to tell each following a completely different path, each with their own dreams, thoughts, feelings, living a life completely different to the person sat next to them! That's 7.442 billion dreams out there, 7.442 billion destinies, 7.442 billion struggles, 7.442 billion beliefs, 7.442 billion hearts beating, 7.442 billion people spinning together on this tiny planet, intertwining, interconnecting, crossing paths sometimes not even realizing! 7.442 billion people in search of Happy!! 7.442 billion people all with their own story to tell and to me that is truely fascinating!!! #whycantwejustsupporteachother #ilovelisteningtopeoplesstories . Do you believe everyone crosses paths for a reason? Do you believe in Destiny? Do you believe we are all here for a reason or do you think it's all just a big coincidence? 💜

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Lotus seed guru bead, stone + Lava Mala bracelets - 18 beads + guru bead 🌋 Contact me for a STOCKIST near you 🦄 RRP $16.00 ea Adjustable length fits everyone 😊 #lavalinkslovesyou

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#DailyChannelledMessage from Archangel Gabriel:⠀ ⠀ My Dearest Ones,⠀ ⠀ Today I ask that you remember that there is always peace and love that exists within this world.⠀ ⠀ There is always a source of light and energy that is love. It is time for you to step forth into that energy and allow it to expand and grow.⠀ ⠀ It is time for you to step forth into who you truly are and allow this light to expand into your Divine being.⠀ ⠀ Know that no matter what next steps are laid out ahead of you, that you will always be supported. These steps will always guide you towards your highest good.⠀ ⠀ Let go of the fears and trust in this process. You are so very Divinely loved and supported Dear One.⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ Comment below “I am always being led towards my highest good” and then tune in to feel AA Gabriel stepping forward as he lights up the pathway ahead and guides you towards your next step.

2 days ago

Not gonna lie this one can be a bit of a struggle 😂 Some days I’m calm and flowing and just repeat the mantra “Everything happens in perfect timing” and of course everything does and it’s all blissful. And some days I’m just like WHY IS THIS NOT HAPPENING 😂😂😂 I’m learning and evolving. I surrender my day when I wake up. I surrender my plans when I go to bed. Then sometimes in between I may forget and replace it with a different ‘s’ word when things aren’t going how I wanted or planned 😂 It’s a journey of learning. A journey of evolving. A journey of trusting. Here’s a small excerpt from my #spiritjunkiemasterclass Higher Power Statement: “I believe a higher power is constantly supporting me. A higher power is Universal Guidance far beyond the conscious mind. When I rely on my higher power, I can trust that my life is being guided and everything is taken care of.” When we surrender and trust, we hold the space for synchronicities and Divine Timing far beyond our own comprehension to occur daily. We create space for new doors of opportunity and infinite creative possibilities. When we let go of plans, timelines and control and allow the Universe to lead the way, that’s when the miracles happen. ❤️🙏✨

2 days ago

. . Have you ever worked with plant medicine like Ayahuasca? . Or felt called to learn more about it? . Plant medicine has seriously changed my life, more than words can even do justice, and it is something I'm extremely passionate about. . I've done A LOT of personal/spiritual growth work over the years, and although many things have been super helpful... nothing has compared to the transformation I've experienced from sacred teacher plants. . Some of the biggest things I've gotten out of these experiences were..... . ✨Healing deep rooted self limiting beliefs about WHO I am (or I should say, who I believed I was). . ✨Forming a MUCH deeper connection to my purpose and mission, which has helped me show up in a much bigger way with my message, and for those I'm meant to serve. . ✨Opening up my heart more to myself, and to others who have become part of my soul family. Vulnerability was a big thing for me, and something I've build a big wall up with. . ✨Tapping more into my creativity, and self expression in the form of my art work, my writing, and the way I share me message. . And SO much more!!! . I'm so passionate about sharing this with others, and honestly believe it's part of the answer to world change. . I'm especially passionate about guiding other purpose driven entrepreneurs to this work, because I know that it will definitely amplify your impact, and purpose in such a big way... . And together, I know that we can really shift the vibe on this planet. 🌎 . Next March (2019), my soul sister @ getphysikole and I are leading a group of beautiful souls to experience the magic of working with plant medicine, and experiencing the magic of Peru... . For 14 LIFE CHANGING days... . And I want to share this with those of you who want to personally expand and to dream even bigger than you ever have. . You will literally be cracked open 100x more, allowing all kinds of new possibly, more than you could have ever imagined before. . If you want to learn more, and see what this life changing, mind opening experience is going to entail, then visit the link in my bio ⭐️ @thespiritualbossbabe ⭐️ . .

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FUN and JOY are so essential to life. Feel good = feel alive = feel abundant 😄 So we should do what makes us feel good! 😄😄 I love to step off the wheel and do something different with my day, make memories. Feel alive. We cooked our own flatbread in a fire pit in the bush. Curry heated on the fire. Children playing. Women chatting. It was nice. A humble, joyful, memorable day. 🖤 . . . . . . . . . . #goalgetter #soulalignment #livefree #createyourdreamlife #createyourreality #manifestyourreality #elevateyourlife #lawofattraction #affirmations #selflovefirst #spirituallifecoach #goddessrising #gowithin #investinyourself #spiritualliving #thirdeye #powerwithin #youarepowerful #cocreate #fempreneur #thoughleader #likeminded #personalgrowthjourney #selfbelief #crystalchild #unlearn