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B A B Y S N O W F L A K E De sneeuw is alweer zo goed als weg, maar toch een mooi moment om deze cutie even in de spotlight te zetten! ❄️ Deze lieve mini mala is gemaakt van howliet, lepidoliet en witte jade. Met zijn kleine formaat de ideale mala om mee te nemen op reis! ❄️ Tot en met morgen nog krijg je 10% korting op de gehele Winter Wonder Collection in de webwinkel. Denk aan schitterende sieraden en heerlijke wieroken om de feestdagen geaard en stressvrij door te komen! ❄️ En zeg nou zelf, deze mini mala maakt toch ook een superleuk kado voor onder de boom? ❄️ Shop link 👉 bio! • • • • #webwinkel #puraluza #kadotip #minimala #travelmala #pocketmala #kerstkadotip #meditatie #magie #babysnowflakemala #malabeads #27beads #healingcrystals #mala #gemstonejewelry #handmade #meditationtools #crystalshop #kerstkorting #spiritualliving #yoga

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Ask God to send the right people into your life. It might not be many, One encouraging voice will do.

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👑SMASH YOUR GOALS ONCE AND FOR ALL👑 . . . Did you accomplish all your goals for 2018? Did amazing things happen or not so much? Kept your promises and commitments to yourself or ditched them all by February? Finally accomplished the one thing you tell yourself every year you are going to complete, know you will be trying again this year, or have finally given up on it completely? ' If you are feeling 2018 was a complete bust in the goals department, you are not alone. There are 5 main reasons why: 👑you couldn't accomplish your goals 👑why you tell yourself every year "this year will be different" 👑why you feel like you will never accomplish certain goals 👑why you feel like you are spinning your wheels ' If you want to know how to set yourself up for ultimate success in 2019 and finally meet ALL your goals then... ' JOIN ME THIS THURSDAY, DEC 20th at 6:00 PM PST FOR MY FREE WEBINAR "SMASH YOUR GOALS ONCE AND FOR ALL" ' During this webinar you will discover the TOP 5 REASONS most women don't reach their goals and the #1 THING you need to do to smash those goals once and for all! . To register for the webinar: IG - link in my bio 👆 FB - http://bit.ly/SYGOAFAWEBINAR . . #thistiaralife #christian #christianity #christianliving #christianlife #spirituallife #spiritualliving #goaldigger #gotgoals #ifyoufailtoplanyouplantofail #goals #lifegoals #businessgoals #relationshipgoals #finacialgoals #spritualgoals #healthgoals #weightgoals #christianwomeninbusiness #christianmoms #christianentrepreneurs #planning #planner #goalsfor2019 #bestyearyet

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DAY 14 @theselflovesummit SELF LOVE ADVENT CALENDAR // Move your body 💃🏾 Yesterday we arrived in NYC, since it was a travel day I wasn’t able to do a workout BUT I took the opportunity to walk as much as I could around the city. At one point with a suitcase full of Christmas gifts from our hotel to my brothers family’s apartment 😊❤️🎁 ⁣ ⁣ DAY 15 // Meditate for 5-10 minutes 🧘🏾‍♀️ I’m not always good at my mindfulness routines when I’m on quick trips but it felt nice after a long, fun, day to sit and meditate with the nyc soundtrack of traffic and honking in the background. To feel such peace and stillness within, with such chaos happening around me. I love it 😊🙏🏽

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Goji Berries. Coconut water. Açai. #superfoods. Can you trust them? What is the evidence for these foods to make you healthier and more vibrant? Who do you listen to when it comes to making good choices for your body? One person says goji berries promote stable blood sugar and lower inflammation. But other people like #livestrong say it can interfere with meds and make you nauseated and give you diarrhoea. Hmmmm 🤔 who you you listen to? . Açai is said to be high in antioxidants and can protect your heart health and even lower cancer risks However by the time the dried berries make it to your plate it is said that most of the nutrients are long dried out 🤔 When it comes to your health, your body, your life, isn’t it time you were in the driver’s seat? . I’m not saying go back to school and get a degree in nutrition. (Although some of you may be drawn to this!) But I am saying don’t follow the crowd. Don’t be a sheep 🐑 Do your own research. Google is a mine field of information. Some will resonate. Some will be absolute crap. Your job is to sort thru it. Your job is to be your own observer. Feel into your food choices. Notice what works for you and what makes no difference at all. . Listening to your inner wisdom - your Wise Woman- is a great start. And perhaps all you actually need. . Get informed with a nutrition consult. Read. A lot. Ask questions. Get educated. And don’t follow the herd. Cos sometimes the whole herd is headed for a cliff and they all Tumble over if they’re not being careful. . The only way to truly know what works for you is to start releasing all the stuff that you hold in your energy field that doesn’t belong to you. We hold around 70% of energy that isnt ours!! So making it a daily practice to release emotions can be the starting point to being able to trust your inner guidances system. . I use Emotion Code to release trapped emotions I’ve absorbed from others in daily life. It’s a game changer. . Is it time to release your trapped emotions? . #consciousnutrition #spiritualliving #selfcarematters #createyourlifestyle #fivedailyhabits #healthylifestyle #gojiberries #acaibowls #coconutwater #dontfollowthecrowd

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Hot fudge half chocolate, half vanilla....it's worth the sugar coma....😂😂😂. 🇮🇹 ZaZaLove🇮🇹 .....salute 😘 #familyfirst #familylife #familylove #growingupitalian #singleparent #singledad #bossup #livelarge 🄻🄸🅅🄸🄽🄶 🄸🄽 🅃🄷🄴 🄿🅁🄴🅂🄴🄽🅃 🄸🅂 🄷🄾🅃" 🅅🄾🄻🄰🅁🄴 ~ 🄻🄴🅃'🅂 🛫 ryeny #loveothers #spiritualliving #mediatation #prayer #loveyourself #keepitloving #serenity #freedom #lovemy602 #xo #godknowsbest #befearless #positivevibes #peacelovehappiness

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May the darkness fall into the night as the new day brings the giving light that nourishes all life. Each day is a gift, it up to us to remeber if we choose so. Be present and observe..each moment is precious, it is up to each one of us to notice and appreciate.. may we remind one another even in a world of suffering that we may offer love, simply by a single act of selflessness..being selfless is not thinking less of a yourself, yet it is thinking less about yourself..contemplate..instead of "what can I take from this", maybe consider "what can I offer"..what can I do for someone else today... no matter how big or small*...every life matters, every soul has its purpose..then observe the energy that flows from within and with-out, the very same energy the sun so freely gives with the blessing of each new day. 🍃Blessings to All🕉💕 #inspiration #unity #loveoneanother #selflove #sharing #harmony #balance #spiritualliving #freedom #perception #selfmadequotes #oceanphotography #fullmoon #pinksunset #boho #magic #wizardoflove #playfull #helpfull #healthylife #innerpeace #summer

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I've really been looking forward to this beauty coming home with me for several months... here she is... Love love love ... Its taken nearly 40 years for me to give myself permission to celebrate my birthday the way I feel moved to, with the people I enjoy and to buy myself something beautiful that I absolutely love... Thank you to my beautiful boys for pitching in for this and for going to pick this up for me.. #gratitude #empowerment #spiritualliving #abundantlife #healing #ilovesparklythings #selflove #celebrateyourself

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"Gladiator Love" When our Kids give us tearful moments of Joy ...it is an amazing feeling. I'm so proud of what Frankie boy is becoming and how he interacts w/ his customer's...that are three times his age...WOW! ❤ I failed @ so much in my life, and made so many poor self centered choices out of fear or I thought I was not good enough, and didn't deserve it, but one thing I'm no going to fail @... is being an amazing Dad by leading w/ God centered choices w/ Love, Understanding , Compassion and Selfless Actions of Love in the Name of #God. Even though my deep sadness toutures my soul daily.... but my Faith, and Trust in God is so much greater than my internal battles or sadness which allows me to have a beautiful day everyday...and show my kid's that w/ God we can get through anything gracefully....and SOAR. "I BELIEVE" 🎁....He definitely got my passion for being the hardest working in the room. We, my kids and I pray daily together, and it is changing "US" so much as a family. 🇮🇹 ZaZaLove🇮🇹 #familyfirst #familylife #familylove #growingupitalian #singleparent #singledad #bossup #livelarge 🄻🄸🅅🄸🄽🄶 🄸🄽 🅃🄷🄴 🄿🅁🄴🅂🄴🄽🅃 🄸🅂 🄷🄾🅃" 🅅🄾🄻🄰🅁🄴 ~ 🄻🄴🅃'🅂 🛫 ryeny #loveothers #spiritualliving #mediatation #prayer #loveyourself #keepitloving #serenity #freedom #lovemy602 #xo #godknowsbest #befearless #positivevibes #peacelovehappiness

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Things might start small, but the Lord is going to bless you with increase. December 15, 2018

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Animal Prayer Ministry | Meeting & Guided Animal Meditation | Sunday, December 30th, 1:00- 2:00 PM 🐶Please join Practitioner Robin Wohlford for meditation, conversation and spiritual insight into our beloved animal companions and our amazing NHCRS Animal Prayer Ministry! **You may bring a Picture of your pet. #animalprayer #animalministry #loveyourpets #everycreaturecounts #nhcrs

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|• #DearSingleMom "As a single mom I advise you to parent smarter & stronger not harder."•|--A.C. #QOTD ... I don't know about you but I am always looking for ways to make life easier for me when it comes to my parenting. How I travel with my children, preparing for our week, to cooking. 🗣GET YOU A CROCKPOT, if you don't already have one.😫Best thing that could have ever happened to me.🤷🏽‍♀️😁 ... Seriously, throw a bunch of ingredients into some good broth & all your seasonings, turn on low & go or rest, or help with homework, work on that business plan, or free up time for mommy & me time or do house hold chores.💁🏽‍♀️Skies the limited with this gem! I always wanted a crockpot before I added to my child roster but I didn't hesitate once child #3 arrived.🏃🏽‍♀️ I still cook outside of my crockpot but when I am exhausted, it's heaven sent. I make enough for leftovers as well, leaving no worries for what to cook the next day. ... We have a lot on our plate already, so if you're looking for at least one way to simplify your life/day to day: Invest in this time saver. I purchased mine from @biglots some time last year for somewhere between $15-$20 small ones😁. I just know I caught it on sale but they're not that expensive.🤞🏽No shoes this week queen, you need this in your life🤷🏽‍♀️ #ad ... Let me know how you feel after having some extra free time in your day!☺ #YoureWelcome 🤗😘 ... . . . . . #ACChronicles #WomanEvolve #GoalGetter #GlowUp #Grind #Grow #MommaOnAMission #BossMama #WorkingMother #RaisingAQueen #RaisingKings #SpiritualLiving #SpiritualHealing #EmotionalIntelligence #Mindfullness #WomanOfGod #Faith #Believe #Process #Purpose #Peace #GodsPlan #RelationshipWithGod #SingleMom #MotherOfThree

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🌹 Self Care Healing 🌹 I had a Reiki energy cleansing last Wednesday & i greatly underestimated when she said i might be tired afterwards lol Went to work the next 2 nights and i felt soooo good but also sooo tired. Got home last night, knocked out lol, then when i woke i just felt called to a good self love bath. It was greatly needed. Bath full of Lavender herbs, Rose Petals, and Ritual Oils. Bathroom full of my own ritual candles, White roses, lavender essential oils diffusing, & crystals all around me. My inner Goddess & the women of my bloodline were very satisfied 🌹

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Feeling all of the merriment? The holidays can be crazy-making! Need an instant energy reset? Here are 10 super quick energy changers to practice right now: ⠀⠀ 1.) Pet an animal 2.) Get down and play with a child the way they want you to 3.) Take your shoes off and give yourself a foot rub 4.) Light a candle, and be present with its perfect light 5.) Hug a tree 6.) Lie down in the grass and look for shapes in the clouds 7.) Go for a walk in nature with no shoes on 8.) Give a stranger a smile and a hug from your heart 9.) Get your body into water 10.) When you get out of the water wrap a towel tightly around you with arms inside like a big warm hug and either close your eyes or look in the mirror and say “I am love.” (I do this one every day and taught my boys too ;) . Let me know which # you’ll try today or you like best! . And friends, if you haven’t tried it, please click the link in my bio for a free grounding meditation! 🙌✨❄️🎄🙌 . . . #intuitive #intuition #intuitiveliving #intuitivewellness #divinealignment #spiritualliving #soulpurpose #soulpath #inspiration #spiritualpractice #bethelight #spirituality #holidayhappiness #grounded #groundingmeditation #trees #holidayhelp #staycentered #wintertrees #energyreset #holiday

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As you breathe right now, another person takes their last. So stop complaining and learn to live your life with what you have.

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When God permits trials, He also provides comforts.

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Say it with me: I am FREE to be all of me ❤️ . . Freedom for me is one of my core values. And one of the biggest ways to feel free is by allowing yourself to be fully you. . . My # for next year is 5 (numerology) which is all about personal freedom. Over the years though I’ve committed to freeing myself more & more in many ways. . . One of the biggest things I’ve done is to express myself freely online. And say things that for some may seem weird or not understood. But that’s okay because I trust that whoever needs to hear my message will read my content. . . The other day I received the idea for my next program and it’s the thing I’ve felt more excited to share with the world! It’s all about liberating you! Freeing you from all the BS that has not being allowing you to step into your true free self. Lilith is the Goddess that I will be working with to help me help you into embodying your Liberated self ❤️ . . Lilith is the Goddess of Freedom. She helps women to free themselves from the illusion that a good life comes from blind obedience. She was the one who freed Eve! (I was told the story wrong when I was young and probably you too). . . I know and feel this program is going to be so powerful and will change the lives of those women who are ready for this! If you’re feeling called to learn more or join be sure to message me ❤️

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O fator psicológico leva o indivíduo/equipe, ao sucesso ou ao fracasso em qualquer área da vida. É fator determinante de onde se quer chegar e como chegar. A gigante Mercedes, vem comprovar e mostrar ao mundo esse feito, destacando a importância do acompanhamento psicológico aos seus pilotos e funcionários. Você quer ser próspero? Ser realizado? Quer ter e dar amor verdadeiro? Quer ser bem resolvido em seus sentimentos e emoções? Quer destacar-se? Quer, realmente sentir-se bem? Faça psicoterapia. Constate a mudança. CUIDE-SE. AME-SE. #leylabellezapsicologiaclinica #psicólogaclínica #psicólogas #psicoterapiaonline 📞📝💻 #ansiedade #anorexia #bournout #depressao #medo #medodeamar #luto #morte #prevençãoaosuicídio #fobiasocial #fobias #angustia #boderline #amoravida #amor #amorpróprio #suícidio #sucessoprofissional #sucesso #spiritualliving #spiritualjourney

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🇮🇹 ZaZaLove🇮🇹 .....salute to all my dear friends 13/4....💙 #1 #doubleespresso #familyfirst #familylife #familylove #growingupitalian #singleparent #singledad #bossup #livelarge 🄻🄸🅅🄸🄽🄶 🄸🄽 🅃🄷🄴 🄿🅁🄴🅂🄴🄽🅃 🄸🅂 🄷🄾🅃" 🅅🄾🄻🄰🅁🄴 ~ 🄻🄴🅃'🅂 🛫 ryeny #loveothers #spiritualliving #mediatation #prayer #loveyourself #keepitloving #serenity #freedom #lovemy602 #xo #godknowsbest #befearless #positivevibes #peacelovehappiness

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Here comes Santa Claus ....🎁 🇮🇹 ZaZaLove🇮🇹 .....salute 😘 #familyfirst #familylife #familylove #growingupitalian #singleparent #singledad #bossup #livelarge 🄻🄸🅅🄸🄽🄶 🄸🄽 🅃🄷🄴 🄿🅁🄴🅂🄴🄽🅃 🄸🅂 🄷🄾🅃" 🅅🄾🄻🄰🅁🄴 ~ 🄻🄴🅃'🅂 🛫 ryeny #loveothers #spiritualliving #mediatation #prayer #loveyourself #keepitloving #serenity #freedom #lovemy602 #xo #godknowsbest #befearless #positivevibes #peacelovehappiness

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Did you know that using our On Guard mouthwash before brushing your teeth can help loosen plaque and debris from the surface before you even pick up your toothbrush? #themoreyouknow 🌈

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The amethyst has long been a favourite crystal of mine, and spiritually it is believed to bring calmness, peace, and protection from negativity. ⠀ This week I’ve really needed an extra helping of those things, so despite feeling rubbish emotionally and nearly cancelling on a girls’ meal out, I instead did my nails in @biosculpturegelgb No.92 - Amethyst, used the ‘Blush’ foil on one nail for some extra shimmer, and had a lovely night out! ⠀ I love the richness of this colour, and how flexible it is to use with foils, glitters, pearls etc 💜 ⠀ Which colour sums up your week?

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I use to hate pictures of me. I’d analyze every little thing. But lately I’ve released that. I look how I look and I’m perfectly imperfect. . . Last weekend I hosted an event at @vintagebookshop with some authors and @paperrdolls came. Love this lady! . . Also, I look so different without bangs! They were bugging me so I tucked them under my headband. . . Today I have a bit of Christmas shopping to do if I can haul myself out of the house. I’ve been working on moving through a headache which was AWFUL yesterday. It’s much better today, but still a bit uncomfortable.

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"You have to know your spirit... for without knowing your spirit, you cannot know the truth" Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, spiritual counselor to Mahatma Gandhi How often do you take time with yourself to connect with your spirit? It has become a practice we are so far removed from in our modern culture. So how can we truly know ourselves if we aren't connected with our intention and love? How do we truly know who we are and our purpose if we are allowing ego to run the show? As we enter into the direction of the North and the season of winter, we are asked to connect to our power and to show up and be present like the warrior. The rattle is an empowerment tool used to cleanse and purify during the winter. It helps us in our visionary work and is often used during soul retrieval. Using a rattle can help you connect with your true vision and come home to yourself. Take time to hear your own wisdom, your own spirit. You never know what you might hear! 💝 #loveyourself #wayofthewarrior #nurturingsol #nurturingsolhealingarts #spiritualliving #intuituvehealing #intuitivereadings #fourfoldway #mindfulliving #knowyourtruth #knowyourself #spiritualhealing

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