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20 hours ago

Thank you @itsajourneyevents for hosting an amazing event supporting my fave color {PINK} 💓 ! So proud & happy for all your success // On a side note: you just never know where our @soulmat3sofficial #sundates will turn up ❤️ Amazing time with fam 🖤❤️🖤

1 day ago

Ok yall. Of all the beats that I’ve uploaded, these two have gotten the most positive responses. I’d say these were the ones I was most insecure about because they don’t have the trap sound that is dominating the industry but I’ve gotten the most positive comments on these ones. I already have the next few weeks lined up with beats but what do y’all say? Should I stick to this soulful sound or still try to fit in with the trap sound? Keep in mind, I was fitting into the trap sound as a form of adapting. It’s not my preferred sub genre of hip-hop/rap music. The first beat Hold Me, the second is called Find Your Soul (Jhené Aiko Type Beat) @jdanbeats ______________________________________________________ #jdanbeats #beatstars #sellingbeatsonline #beats #rapbeats #musicproduction #musicproducer #beatmaker #beatleasing #typebeat2019 #typebeats #jheneaikotypebeat #soulfulbeats

1 day ago

Hi friends! Yesterday was so great! 🚀 We had a very good release day for the new album "The End" because so many of you gave me a rly great feedback and support on it. Most of you told me they love the jazzy mood and the simple vibes of tracks. . ❤ I want to thank you all very much for that push in motivation and being there to support by giving out my favorite track "Wishes" for FREE! - Download via the link in my bio! . Hit like, comment and tag a friend if you like my jazzy vibes! . . . . . #jazzhop #jazzhiphop #jazzhopbeats #jazzybeats #chillhop #chillhiphop #chillhopbeats #chillhopmusic #jazzbeats #chillbeats #chilloutvibes #smoothbeats #soulfulbeats #chilloutbeats #andersonpaak #delasoul #fkj #nujabeas #jdilla

1 day ago

One of my favorite freestyles of all time. So I made a beat to go with it. Link in bio for the full track!

1 day ago

Saturday #dopebeat digging. Ironically... The throwaways are usually our BEST pieces!?!? What started out as a lunch break time killer seemed to have caught on FIRE!!! EQL with the "WIN" again!!! LIKE, SHARE, FOLLOW @equalibrum and check out his #dopebeats … - Just in case you read this far, don’t forget to use #ABCDOPEBEATS for a Saturday beat feature!!!

2 days ago

Hi friends! I'm very excited to share my first (6 track) jazzhop album "The End" with you all! Here's a short preview of every track. Don't miss to GRAB the free download version of one track "Wishes" form the Album. (LINK IN BIO!) . I worked the last 3 months on this little thing here and I just hope you will enjoy vibes and relax to my music. . I mainly used pianos, guitars and saxophone in all tracks so check out if you love this 3 instuments! 🎹🎸🎷 . 1. Wishes - (Free Download) 2. Just Friends 3. Long Days 4. New Beginnings 5. This Road 6. Paradise . Hit like, comment and tag your friends to share my music with them. . . . . . #chillhiphop #jazzhiphop #jazzhop #chillhopbeats #chillhopmusic #jazzbeats #chillbeats #jazzhopbeats #chilloutvibes #goodnightvibes #smoothbeats #soulfulbeats #chilloutbeats #fkj #delasoul #andersonpaak #nujabeas #jdilla #goldenera #boombapbeats #oldshoolbeats #hiphopbeats #hiphopmusicproducer #alekrous

4 days ago

“Prodigy’s Theme” * * * A tribute to one of my biggest inspirations. Rest In Power Prodigy. Unfortunately, I don’t have a visual for this beat. You’ll just have to enjoy the audio for now. Link in bio for the full track. Dm me if you want to lease this beat. Peace!

9 months ago

Steph Simon grew up to the sounds of police sirens, rodeos, and church organs. It’s no wonder that he raps about Holy Ghost and Hova quotes over soulful beats. The rising artist was born and raised in North Tulsa and he’s determined to return Tulsa’s narrative to the splendor of Greenwood’s Black Wall Street through entrepreneurship and group economics rather than First 48 episodes. His sound has developed over the years with projects dating back to 2015. Stepping into rap with a Southern DSR flow, over time, life, loss, and lessons have refined his sound to one that is uniquely Steph Simon’s. His latest album, Born on Black Wall Street is a coming of age journey to being happy with who he’s become. Brandy talks to the father and community leader about Diamond Dick Rowland, the racist assault at a Tulsa beauty supply, turning an old KKK sanctuary on its head, and the economics of streaming services for an upcoming or independent artist. With samples from Steph Simon’s latest work dropping throughout the episode, you’ll likely be looking for the download link before it’s over.