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GOOD NIGHT IGERS 💤💥💕 CON IL MIO RESTORATE DORMO MEGLIO E PERDO PESO.. Per info 🛎e ordini📦 scrivimi in direct 📥o su Whatsapp 📲

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A Toronto snapshot from last Saturday. My trip down memory lane (RVA) last week helped me see this city with new eyes. Yes it is a concrete jungle. Yes we hear sirens and horns and streetcars day and night. Yes my bike was stolen last night (muttering curses under my digital breath). And yes, the city's opioid crisis is so blatantly visible that it makes you wanna despair. But as Hermann Hesse says "Each beginning holds a magic of its own." Today, I was in an ecosystem meeting and for the first time, we had common frames of reference in terms of people & organisations in the social impact space. Work in progress. And a long way to go. But I am starting to feel good about all that is new. #Toronto #TO #Canada #startup #entrepreneurship #startuplife #FoundersFirst #SocEnt #BCorp #ForceForGood #business #community #lifestyledesign #workfromanywhere #communityovercompetition #collaboration #socialimpact #socialentrepreneur #socialenterprise #DoGood #ImpInv #socialfinance #SocialInnovation #ecosystem #ecosystembuilding

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Are you owning your story, fierce founder? Are you honoring what got you where you are today--even the hard parts? Are you elevating your values, upbringing, quirks, unique gifts, and the people and experiences that influenced the development of your enterprise? A Whyography is the epitome of owning your story. Not only does it elevate your WHY and connect you with the right people for the right reasons, it takes your readers by the hand and guides them on a journey. It enables them to come along for the thrilling--and sometimes bumpy--ride of entrepreneurship. Visit our website for information about developing your Whyography. . . . . . #brenebrown #brenebrownquote #inspiration #ownyourstory #tellyourshory #founderstory #myfounderstory #fiercefounder #femalefounder #storytelling #empoweringwomen #whyography #whatsyourwhy #discoveryourwhy #pursueyourpurpose #purpose #purposedriven #socialenterprise #socialentrepreneur #entrepreneur #fempreneur #bosslady #ladyboss #womenowned #womenownedbusiness

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Are a sleeve of your credit cards? WHY? Comment below 👇👇 . Double TAP 👌 TAG a friend to show this 👍 TURN ON post notification 🔔 Check link in the Bio ✔️ . follow 👉 @socializeNprofit follow 👉 @socializeNprofit follow 👉 @socializeNprofit . Via @socializenprofit 🙏💥💯 . 📢📢 We put together a BUNDLE of 10 courses for a ridiculously low price 💲💲 for our Black Friday Special so you can learn how to make money using Social Media & finally quit your job in 2019. . Click Link in the BIO & DM us for the coupon code 💯.

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We are hosting a FREE ONLINE Social Media Class tonight at 6pm on Instagram. Compared to get tips on how to grow your business online.

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🐗 projection de WATT IF à l'atelier 🐗 . . 6 court métrages 6 solutions innovantes pour la transition énergétique 6 individus 6 pays autour du monde . . 📍 9 rue Esquirol 75013 Paris ⏲️ 21 novembre 19.30 🎥 Documentaire de @olivier_sabatier

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Social Entrepreneur, Kate Perry of @wiserr_co talks about her journey working with our Impact Academy people. At Impact Academy we believe that when business growth and positive social and/or environmental outcomes are implicitly linked, we create significant impact for the future. Kate’s story is a good example of what it’s like to join our family. Watch the full video at our YouTube channel - IA 10 Applications are now open. Starts Feb 2019 #socialenterprise #socialentrepreneur #startup #impactacademy #IA10 #Brisbane #entrepreneur #mygreateroutcome #socialimpact #changemakers #accelerator #innovation #impactacademy #queensland #australia #family

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Your biggest competitive advantage is to learn fast. Structured learning combined with active learning is the fastest way to gain any skill or knowledge. Yeah, binging YouTube cab teach us some things, but DOING will get you there faster. Every time. So, what are you learning and how are you learning it?

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A historic global culture shift is underway to harness the power of business to help address society’s greatest challenges. . . Kevue’s goal is to accelerate this culture shift and make it meaningful and lasting. . . Kevue pursues this goal by providing a platform that connects conscious consumers to B Corp certified retailers to make everyday purchases matter. . . Our vision is that one-day all companies will compete to be not just best in the world but also best for the world, and as a result society will enjoy a more shared and durable prosperity.  Join us!

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A historic global culture shift is underway to harness the power of business to help address society’s greatest challenges. . . Kevue’s goal is to accelerate this culture shift and make it meaningful and lasting. . . Kevue pursues this goal by providing a platform that connects conscious consumers to B Corp certified retailers to make everyday purchases matter. . Our vision is that one-day all companies will compete to be not just best in the world but also best for the world, and as a result society will enjoy a more shared and durable prosperity.  Join us!

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My girl crush ever since binging SUITS was Meghan Markle. BTW, Mike & Rachel forever! ❤️ She embodies class in everything she does & wears. This girl wrote her own fairytale of marrying a prince & it's hard not to get emotional following Harry & Meghan. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Anywhoo - I was sooo inspired that I wanted to recreate The Dutchess of Sussex signature look. The natural glam (even before her pregnancy) & low messy bun. And we must not forget - her FRECKLES. ✨ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ This was so fun to create & my video for it will be up tomorrow.

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Today, Brazil celebrates Dia da Consciência Negra (Black Consciousness Day). Since 1960, Dia da Consciência Negra celebrates "a regained awareness by the black community about their great worth and contribution to the country". Held yearly on November 20th to commemorate the death of Zumbi dos Palmares (1655-1695) who was the last of the leaders of Quilombo dos Palmares. Zumbi fought for the abolishment of colonial slavery in Brazil. This week, all over Brazil there is a celebration of blackness along with conversations relating to social equality, economics and business, racism, discrimination and other topics relevant to the lives and livelihood of black Brazilians. We stand in solidarity with our Brazilian brothers and sisters, this day and everyday as we fight across the America's for justice and equality for people of african descent. Somos mais fortes juntos (we are stronger together)! “A race of people is like an individual man; until it uses its own talent, takes pride in its own history, expresses its own culture, affirms its own selfhood, it can never fulfill itself.” — Malcolm X #DiadaConsciênciaNegra #BlackConsciousnessDay #brazil #afrobrazilian #blackhistory #novembronegro #socialgood #african Photo credits: thelexash anitabrows adukebey__

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Join us, for Innovate Giving - Creative Impact, December 10th, to continue the conversation about the issues we struggle with locally and globally. In this event, we focus on the various ways creativity, through art and design, is being used to not only bring awareness but solve our greatest problems. . . . #saintlouis #stlouis #giving #givingback #givingtuesday #charity #philanthropy #nonprofit #entrepreneur #entrepreneurship #socialentrepreneur #socialentrepreneurship #socent #socimp #innovation #innovate #startup #startups #newideas #trynewthings #art #design #creativity #creatives #designers #event #panel #happyhour

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sustainability is a wardrobe staple // click the link to see more of our “Mad Sustainable” tees!

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Have you ever felt bad because of a bad luck... month? I have, is the worst feeling ever, and it wasn't a month... I don't want to tell you because it's kind of personal but it wasn't a month, it wasn't two months, nor three, nor eight... Could you believe me that I'm happy because that happened to me? I am happy despite the serious suffering I had, but I'm happy because I gained so much experience and now I feel unbeatable, I learnt so much that I know exactly what not to do. I learn so much that I transformed into a new person and I even behave differently, more confident, more mature, more assertive than I ever could have imagined. And that friends... that's how you feel more confident when you're "creating money" :-) Keep fighting!!! #socialentrepreneur #creativeentrepreneur #entrepreneurspirit #entrepreneurmotivation #femaleentrepreneur #entrepreneur #entrepreneurlifestyle #entrepreneurialmindset #entrepreneurtips #entrepreneurmindset #blackentrepreneur #womanentrepreneur #entrepreneurs #entrepreneurquotes #entrepreneurslife #entrepreneurship #entrepreneurlife #entrepreneurwoman #youngentrepreneur #entrepreneurship101 #womenentrepreneur #entrepreneurgoals #entrepreneurial #entrepreneurstyle #entrepreneursofinstagram

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Semana passada fui palestrante no evento de inovação da @unb_oficial , Inovatech, promovido pelo @cdtunb. Foi um momento muito especial ao ver não só novos alunos conhecendo mais sobre políticas públicas, inovação no ensino superior e vendo o case de sucesso do @galtvestibulares , mas também por poder ter ex-alunos do Galt na plateia agora como universitários. Poder mostrar aos universitários que todos nós podemos criar, inovar e ser a diferença é extremamente gratificante. Afinal, cada um de nós podemos ser um changemaker na nossa comunidade e nos espaços que ocupamos. Hoje, no dia da consciência negra, mais do que nunca temos a certeza que ainda precisamos lutar muito por um país unificado, igualitário, democrático ao acesso as oportunidades e que jamais podemos esquecer a nossa história. Vamos em busca de um país melhor ? Quando? Por que não agora? Inicie a mudança que tanto busca!

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For this #livelongpath feature, we chatted past, present, and futures with tech co-founder, advisor, and biz dev expert @jessehmorris 💡 • Q: What are some lessons, ideas, beliefs, or stories your parents shared with you, or showed you through their life experiences, that have shaped who you are today? A: My parents have been madly in love for 51 years - it is their relationship I aspire to have with a future partner. It's easy to take for granted how special their relationship is and it fills me with deep joy each time I think about how they've grown together. They have also taught me the importance of family, blood over water, and how grateful we are to have one another. • Q: What is most important for you to pass on to your future kid(s)? A: Kindness, kindness, kindness. It is my belief that kindness is the root of good. The cure to loneliness. If I can instill kindness in my future children as a way of life, as something to lead with and be proud of, I'd would be proud. • Q: What are your hopes for future generations? A: My hope is that future generations understand how easy is has become to adopt addictive behaviors given the advent of the internet. That they can use that obvious trap as a lesson and drive original though and action from it. More leaders that always question the status quo. • Q: How will your family members remember who you were, 100 years from now? A: Such a powerful question. As a man of the people. One who always give his all to help others achieve whatever it is they wanted. As a loving, supportive husband, brother and father. As a guy who made real advances in the lives of people with autism. As a friend that everyone knew they had, whether they knew me will or not.

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Shari’n an UNSTOPPABLE MINDSET! 💪👀 . Just because you may think there is a Dead End ahead, you shouldn’t end your journey by what you look at, what matters most is how you continue to see ahead...👁 . Because you’ve considered the potential blindspots while remaining steadfast within your FAITH walk, be GRATEFUL and FAVORED knowing God will provide a DETOUR route to guide you around safely! 🙏 . Get out of your comfort zone and stretch a little! . It’s a BEAUTIFUL Day by the way here in #atlanta 😍☀️ Make today matter! . #healthhopehappiness #mystory #myjourney #healthHOPEhappiness #unstoppable #nextlevelgrowth #urnextlevel #socialentrepreneur #affiliatemarketing #sharinghope #sharinshari

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Work isn’t working.....These insights from a UK Union really resonated with me tonight....whatever the label that you apply to ‘work’ outside the corporate professional workplace, the evidence is mounting that the system is broken and that the younger generation are falling behind in wages and getting increasingly despondent about their future. As an on-off freelancer/ modern worker / management consultant ‘gig worker’ in the emerging creative, tech and data industries for the last 10 years, (whilst being being self-employed and a startup entrepreneur!), all of the above has increasingly applied to my world as well. Tech has continuously disrupted the how, what, where and why of the work I do itself, so great to see how @techforgoodbath @techforgoodbristol @bethnalgreenventures and friends are also building platforms to enable better worker empowerment 🚀👍🗣 @bjssltd #futureofwork #work #techforgood #techforgoodbath #techforgoodbristol #purpose #employeerights #modernworkers #freelancers #freelance #entrepreneur #socialentrepreneur #changemakers #goodwork #employeeengagement #workerrights #socialtech #innovation #creativity #digitalnomads #policy #socialchange #changemakers

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Last week one of our superstar Young Carers, Riley, got up close and personal with some amazing reptiles for his Dream Experience at @reptileencounters !☀️ Riley helps take care of his brother, who was diagnosed with a brain tumour. As a Young Carer, he’s had had to grow up faster than most of his peers and take on roles well beyond his years. Riley is passionate about animals (especially reptiles!) and he'd love to become a marine biologist when he's older. Thanks to Josh for being an incredible host on the day and sharing so much knowledge about the reptiles! 🦎 #LDDreamBig #YoungCarers

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Just a few more days until #PurpleFriday and we're steady counting down. Today's feature founder is David Simnick, who's the CEO of @soapboxsoaps . They don't just preach about making hygiene products available to people everywhere, they do something about it. For every bar sold, they donate a bar. It's simple math that adds up to sizable impact. Have you been on your "soapbox" lately about everything that needs to change in the world? Maybe a refreshing bath or shower might help you find some calm. We've got just what you need: head on over to and do some shopping. . . . . . #daretothinkpurple #consciousliving #consciousconsumer #socialgood #socialmarketing #socialimpact #socialenterprise #socialentrepreneurship #socialentrepreneur #lookgoodfeelgood #purple #creativesofinstagram #entrepreneursofinstagram #wordstoliveby #inspiration #makeyourcoinscount #moneymoves #becourageous #giveaway #staywoke #tuesdayvibes #business #healthy #motivation

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I got off the phone earlier from a young person who came to my workshop. He couldn't afford a 1-1 because he was on jobseekers and in debt. 👇 After a little while he told me he feels overwhelmed but I guess I need to get out of my comfort zone 🤔 He startled me because he had nothing but a glimmer of hope in his tone of voice that told me; He needs someone by his side to give him the practical steps, to believe in him and instill the confidence that what he desires is possible. ❤️ I told him that the value of who he is, isn't determined by your bank account but how much you believe in yourself.❤️ This is normal for young people, to those who need a chance and the support to create a life for themselves. It's why I started @GiveAClick. To ensure every young person has the support and resources in their corner to turn their passion into profit. 👇 I'm searching for people to fundraise and companies to sponsor a program and help 10 young people like him to get a job or start a business that gives him a future. Message me if you're interested.📲🌍 * * * * * * #businessowner #youngentrepreneur #startupbusiness #entrepreneurmindset #motivationalspeaker #creativegenius #expertsacademy #personalbrand #techstartup #consultancy #marketingstrategy #influenceragency #entrepreneursofinstagram

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Happy #womensentrepreneurshipday !!! This is so true for me in this moment that I laughed until I started tearing up. 🤣😅😭Wow! Partnering your heart and soul with your own business is daunting to say the least. Talk about an amazing personal transformation opportunity. Here’s to all my ladies, men, and non-binary folks who are out there with their hearts on their sleeves building a biz courageously, floundering at times, getting back up, and doing it again and again and again ✨ #dowhatyoulove

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It’s the last day of my online party (link in bio!) for Trades Of Hope, which empowers women in poverty and changes lives and I must say... You are WORLD CHANGERS! Thank you for viewing my IG party and for being willing to learn more about Trades of Hope. Every order has an immediate impact on the lives for families around the world! Wear your items with JOY because You have made a difference to help END the cycle of poverty!! THANK YOU! #themamahub #tradesofhope #communityovercompetition #socialentrepreneur #worldchanger #empower #sustainablefashion #consiousconsumer #slowfashion #holidayshopping #IGparty #encourage #socialgood #fashrev #momhustle #ethicallyproduced #socialimpact #shopping #holidaygifts #christmasgifts #danvillemom #sanramonmom

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#Parents here are tips from @kemeteducation for the sunny and cool/cooler days; whether it is in your backyard or at your neighborhood park get outside with your kids to do #handsonSTEM activities with your kids while getting some #physical activity. Just be sure your kids have on a clothes to keep them warm while reinforcing or teaching them #STEM concepts in #biology #botany #ecology #entomology #meteorology and more #STEMport #HolidaySTEM #STEMinthepark #BackyardSTEM #STEMathome #FallTimeSTEM #WinterTimeSTEM #STEMisEverywhere #PreparingtheNextGenerationofSTEMprofessionals #BLACKandSTEM #STEMEducationalConsultant #STEMpreneur #SocialEntrepreneur #Sistapreneur #FAMUalumna

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When I speak with entrepreneurs about their negative thought patterns and their inability to take business opportunities and make investments they often defend and protect their pessimism by proclaiming themselves, realists. If you call yourself a realist, fully understand its definition first. A realist is a person who accepts a situation as it is and is prepared to deal with it accordingly. A realist does not expect constant problems, compounding them by dwelling on how it can only get worse. More likely, they will strategically think through a challenging situation, make investments and find a realistic solution 💲 . . . . #entrepreneurgoals   #entrepreneurial #entrepreneurmotivation   #entrepreneurspirit #entrepreneurtips   #entrepreneurmind #entrepreneurstyle   #entrepreneurwoman #entrepreneurquote   #entrepreneurtip #entrepreneurship101   #entrepreneursofinstagram #spiritualentrepreneur   #entrepreneurslife #entrepreneurcoach   #youngentrepreneur #entrepreneurjourney   #socialentrepreneur #businessclass   #businesscasual   #businessquotes #businesses   #businesscoach   #businessman #businessmen   #businessinsider   #businessminded #businesslife   #businesspassion   #businessquote

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. @nanaafiasartexpo Natural skin and hair care products made in New Orleans. I met the maker at a leadership conference and bought a bottle of the liquid soap and balm for myself. The products are great not to mention they're made by an artist and social entrepreneur. Cool lady with great products, who happens to be a veteran, living, creating and advocating for a good cause at home and abroad. Check out her line of goods and stock up for the holidays. Link 🔗 in bio. #African #blacksoap #blackfriday #cybermonday #naturalproducts #hair #skincare #madeinnola #veteran #women #workingmom #socialentrepreneur

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After completing her degree in fashion design, Acumen Fellow @GayatriJolly founded @MasterGindia , a Delhi-based chain of training centers that empower women to achieve financial freedom by becoming patternmakers—a traditionally male profession in India. Watch her powerful story to hear how she’s fearlessly promoting gender equity in India’s garment industry. Link in bio.

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Ok so I did write a long spiel and apparently it disappeared 👻. Let’s try this again... 🌟 I’ve been seeing a lot of posts and comments about increased ⬆️ Ad spend and cost per leads with Facebook. I’ve seen that Ad accounts are down and a lot of people aren’t happy, but hey 👋 over here I’m doing just fine 😀. I wanted to share with you a little win that I’ve had and thanks 🙏🏻 to the best coach and trainer @mollypittmandigital my mindset and focus has completely changed when it comes to ads. These are some results on a campaign that hasn’t been running for a week yet. Leads: 18 CPL: $5.91 Ad Spend: $106.23 and a totally sales $306 that’s on a $17 program with $30 ad spend a day! Winning 🎉! Do your 📚 homework, search those interests and when you have the right offer it all falls into place. 🔹 🔹 #socialentrepreneur #facebookmarketing #smallbusinessmarketing #socialmediatraining #businessstartup #marketingtools #ashleyrees #womenentrepreneurship #entrepreneurlifestyle #digitalstrategy #savvybusinessowners #laptoplife #savvybusinesswomen #businessbuilder #communityovercompetiton #businessgrowthstrategy #successmindsets #beyourownbosstoday #beyourownbossbabe #businessstrategy #startyourownbusiness #shemeansbusiness #femalebusinessowner #bossbabetribe #womenceo #creativethinking #createyourhappy

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You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. Be selective!🔥

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Trading has actually taken over my life and everything around me.... This I do for all my client to see what it takes to be a successful trader.... I love you all you made me who I am and that's why I do my best to ensure an effective and glamorous trading platform for investing client still on dm me on how to make profit and earn at the rate of 300%profit weekly... #entrepreneurgoals   #entrepreneurial #entrepreneurmotivation   #entrepreneurspirit #entrepreneurtips   #entrepreneurmind #entrepreneurstyle   #entrepreneurwoman #entrepreneurquote   #entrepreneurtip #entrepreneurship101   #entrepreneursofinstagram #spiritualentrepreneur   #entrepreneurslife #entrepreneurcoach   #youngentrepreneur #entrepreneurjourney   #socialentrepreneur #businessclass   #businesscasual   #businessquotes #businesses   #businesscoach   #businessman #businessmen   #businessinsider   #businessminded #businesslife   #businesspassion   #businessquote

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🍎🥝🍇🍓🍐Take a moment to appreciate how beautiful this colourful fruit platter is - thanks to the girls at CUB - Club of United Business It makes me jump out of my skin with excitement when I see beautifully presented healthy offerings from mother nature catered for at functions. Always go natural people! 🍎🥝🍇🍓🍐 #CUB #fruit #fruitsalad #healthy #cleanse #foodie #foodporn #instafood #vegan #nutrition #celebrations #health #healthylifestyle #entrepreneur #socialentrepreneur #femaleentrepreneur #entrepreneurlife @cubpbc

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What are your talents. Are you using them? Comment below 👇👇 . Double TAP 👌 TAG a friend to show this 👍 TURN ON post notification 🔔 Check link in the Bio ✔️ . follow 👉 @socializeNprofit follow 👉 @socializeNprofit follow 👉 @socializeNprofit . Via @proctorgallagher 🙏💥💯 . 📢📢 We put together a BUNDLE of 10 courses for a ridiculously low price 💲💲 for our Black Friday Special so you can learn how to make money using Social Media & finally quit your job in 2019. . Click Link in the BIO & DM us for the coupon code 💯.

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E032⁣ ⁣ ///⁣ ⁣ Politics and Life⁣ ⁣ ///⁣ ⁣ We met with our former colleague Jeff and we primarily caught up on politics and our takes on how things are going in the U.S. to this point in 2018⁣ ⁣ Topics we cover: ⁣ • Traveling ⁣ • Growing up in Alabama⁣ • Navigating when to have conversation⁣ • Experience impacting perspective⁣ • Impact of traveling⁣ • Party affiliation⁣ • U.S. Global Influence⁣ • Nationalism ⁣ • Land of Laws⁣ ⁣ ///⁣ ⁣ #bebrave #moreincommonpod #lawyer #Alabama #politics #Utah #takeaction #creatingchange #findyourpurpose #creatingchange #changemakers #socialinnovation #socialimpact #socialchange #socialgood #socialentrepreneur #moreincommon #Cleveland #podcast #LA #bridgethedivide #growthmidset #changethestory #askthenextquestion #letschangethenarritive

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The term “bear market” is the opposite of a “bull market” and is named for the way in which a bear attacks its prey — swiping its paws downward. This is why markets with falling stock prices are called bear markets. Click link in bio for FREE stock market tips.

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One of the first projects for my program was to create something personal to you. Whatever that might be, it will be your motivation to KEEP GOING. There was some heart breaking one's I heard from my peers. I made a picture mash of all my important people and added this in too. ❤️ I hope you have the power in you to keep going but most importantly - to begin. To start.

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LISTEN UP 🎧: EMULATE SUCCESS Don’t copy or duplicate what you see. Make everything your own. Fit it into your brand & you voice. People should not be able to see someone else in you.

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Branch Out Austin offers an all-inclusive stay at the Miraval Austin Resort. You’ll be taken care of in every aspect of your stay, during the event. From the exquisite accommodations to the morning wellness options (yoga, meditation, hiking, sleeping-in) to the delicious food, we want you to feel your best, so you can perform your best. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Are you interested in joining a community of women leaders who will help you reach the next level of greatness all while staying at a five-star resort? Apply to join Branch Out Austin today. Link in profile. 📷: @miravalresorts - Miraval Austin

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@leevosburgh giving us the perfect outfit inspiration for this season🍂

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By now you’ve seen the news: we’re partnering with our friends @angieandruby for a very special product line, inspired by them! 💗 This partnership is so special, on so many levels, that it’s honestly hard to describe. We are thankful - to say the least! 💗 Ruby's shop will launch the first second of Black Friday, November 23 at 12 AM MT and closes the last second of Cyber Monday, November 26 at 11:59 PM MT. Check your time zones to make sure you don’t miss it! We hope you’re excited to shop + support @angieandruby !💗

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🖤💜 BLACK FRIDAY IS ALMOST HERE! 💜🖤 ✨ I will be LIVE every single night at 8:30pm mst (starting tomorrow) to reveal the deal of the day launching the following day at 7am mst daily!!! ✨ If you aren’t FOLLOWING me make sure you are and you mark me as SEE FIRST so you don’t miss out!!! These are going to be gorgeous!! ✨ Average price last year was $35 each so I’m anticipating the same! Every bundle comes gift wrapped and ready to hand out to moms, nieces, teachers, CO-workers, secret santas, etc!! ✨ Don’t delay!! If you want a bundle jump on it before it’s too late...they are all while supplies last and each bundle lasts only 24hrs!! ✨ Anyone that shops with me and snags a bundle a day will receive this exclusive throw blanket to keep you warm as a thank you from me! 💜🖤 Thanks all for your continued support - these are my lowest prices of the year so it’s ok to stock up for yourself too! Please do not hesitate to ask me ANY questions!! If life happens and you want a bundle without the time just PayPal me ASAP that day at 🤗 just memo the bundle info and add $2 flat rate for tax/shipping and I’d be happy to order for you! #TorsVIP #BlackFriday LOVE YOU BABES!! Have fun!!! 💜🖤

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Great to meet so many great people last night at the Brisbane Social Enterprise Meetup last night @wanderingcooks lots of big time ideas being implemented by some awesome Social Entrepreneurs. It was a pleasure and motivational to hear what people are doing to make the world a better place. ❤️ #entrepreneur   #entrepreneurs #entrepreneurship   #entrepreneurlife #businessquotes   #businessman #inspiredaily   #inspiration #success   #motivation   #motivational #inspirational #startuplifestyle   #hustle #startuplife   #successful #hardworkpaysoff   #hardwork   #hustlehard #globalshift #business #grind #grindmode #socialentrepreneur #australia #uk #usa   #ideas #makeithappen

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Today on the blog read my reflections about letting go & letting life! Sometimes the universe knows your path better than you do  and puts you in the right place at the right time, surrounds you with the right people, and presents you with opportunities you didn’t even know you needed. That’s how it’s been for me. It’s funny to see the pieces come together for me. And I feel very fortunate and blessed. I’m at that uncomfortable age where half my friends are still trying to figure it out which  is 100% OKAY! People think you have to have it all figured out and that’s NOT it! Embrace the journey and let the universe take control…you never know where it will take you. As an anxious control freak I know that’s easier said than done , but if this little story I’m about to tell isn’t full circle…I don’t know what is. Keep reading link in bio ✨

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This is a super important reminder for me! I can be very reactive and have been known to let something as little as traffic set off a negative downward spiral. Of course, I've also had the experience of one positive reaction building into a series. Which was interesting because it demonstrated that I do have control over my reactions to things, even if I don't realize it most of the time! - So I guess my major takeaway is that I need to get better at letting things slide off of me. Particularly things like: the sound of the dog's licking, people not using turn signals, and things being done inefficiently. - What things irritate you even though you know they're not important? . . . . #jennwellsdesign #graphicdesign #graphicdesigner #strategicdesign #design #delawaredesigner #netde #delagram #igdelaware #newarkde #delaware #delawarebusiness #womeninbusiness #solopreneur #entrepreneur #lifestylebusiness #smallbiz #ethicalbusiness #socialentrepreneur #changemakers #quote #quotes #quoteoftheday

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By now you’ve seen the news: we’re partnering with @angieandruby for a special product line inspired by them! 💗 Read more about why on Angie’s post below and enter 1/3 Giveaways on their @instagram , YouTube & Facebook channels! PLUS...checkout their Instagram Live today at 3pm CT! 😬💗 . . “Over the last 1.5 years, many of you have requested something tangible to show your support of Ruby and to remind you of her spirit and love for life wherever you go. We are so excited to share that we have decided to finally offer fun products inspired by Ruby! And the best part is that every purchase supports our mission to increase Stromme Syndrome awareness and provide education and hands-on assistance for families affected by this rare diagnosis! . . We've partnered with @outshinelabels to create products featuring a whimsical design created just for Ruby, with our favorite quote: "Today is a Good Day for a Good Day." This saying reminds us that no matter what we are going through, we can choose to look for the beauty and goodness in life. . . When Ruby's video went viral, we became the informal source for Stromme Syndrome information. Since then, we've received messages from several families whose children have been diagnosed with Stromme, from the U.S. to Iceland and beyond! Some of them have been searching for another person with the diagnosis for years (like us) and others are newly diagnosed and feeling scared, overwhelmed and like they are alone on this journey. . . We want to give these families a place to go for information, resources and support. A website where they can learn more about Stromme, connect with other families and feel like they finally have a map to help them on this journey. Your purchases of Ruby’s products will help us do that. . . Ruby's shop will launch the first second of Black Friday, November 23 at 12 AM MT and closes the last second of Cyber Monday, November 26 at 11:59 PM MT. Check your time zones to make sure you don’t miss it!” - @angieandruby 💗

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Dünyanın ilk ve en yaygın sosyal girişimci örgütü Ashoka, Türkiyeli sosyal girişimcilerin de koruyucu meleği. @ashokaturkiye direktörü Zeynep Meydanoğlu ve ekibi şahane işler yapıyorlar. Bugüne dek 25 sosyal girişimciye destek verdiler, yüzlercesine yol gösterdiler. Bu gece #ashokagala2018 de eğitimden, cinsiyet eşitliğine, mülteciden tarıma sorunlara umutla çare arayanlarla bir arada olmak çok güzeldi. İyilik en büyük direniştir ✌️ #ashoka @zeynepmeydanoglu #socialentrepreneur #socialentrepreneurship #socialinnovation

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Capturing gorgeous new content today for the upcoming holidays @thesicilyhill 📸

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Whoop whoop throw your talons up in da air 🙌🏾💅🏾 I only went and missed women's entrepreneurship day yesterday too. But hey diddly it's never too late to show some love today right ? 🙌🏾❤️ So let's celebrate the women entrepreneurs. 🙌🏾 The ones already in the swing of things. The aspiring ones. The ones who have just stepped their toes in the water. Whatever stage you are at I salute you. I Encourage you to understand your why. Stick to your morals and never believe that you have arrived. Keep educating yourself and don't be afraid to fail. The failure is gold dust. You just can't learn the emotional and psychological responses from anyone else. Can I ask you to TAG A WOMAN ENTREPRENEUR /aspiring one and leave 3 of your top tips of being a woman entrepreneur. Let's pay it forward today with encouragement and love 😊❤️😘🙌🏾 . . . . . . . . . . . . #girlsrock #girlboss #womenpreneurs #womeninbusiness #mumpreneurs #femalesinbusiness # #startups #business #entrepreneurship #entrepreneur #bossbabe #bosslady #mompreneur #mompreneurlife #mompreneurs #socialentrepreneurs #socialentrepreneur #bossinfluencer #bosschick #bosschicks

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My belief is stronger than your doubt. - Dwayne Wade 🔥

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Walk in your power. . . Like only you can. . . Behind the scenes from this past weekend on a farm @airbnb 💗🦋🙏🏼

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Time passes.. usually slowly when you arent enjoying yourself. The things I love doing are reading, writing and talking about mindset. Whenever Im doing this, I feel like there is never enough time. The thing I am not so fond of doing is exercise. At the gym it feels like time drags (sometimes if feels like work) - watching the clock to see if I can leave. Have you ever noticed how quickly time goes by when you enjoy what you are doing? Let me know what it is you enjoy doing in the comments... #enjoyeverything #enjoyeachmoment #enjoylife #loveliving #godoit #enjoymywork #lovemyjob