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3 days ago

We got all these Nintendo Plushies yesterday, they look so cool lol hope everyone has a great weekend, and also stay tuned.... this upcoming week we got something very unique and special coming for our supporters, an online comic for you to enjoy from our very talented friend @tommy_castle !!! We can't wait for y'all to see it!!!! :) and we are also working some some very cool things that we think you all will enjoy. Thanks for always supporting us everyone! We love you! #pixelgamesquad

4 days ago

This is so true man remember those days 😂

1 week ago

▶️ Full Youtube Video: ☑️ Subscribe: 📧 Email: vincejg97 💰 PayPal: 💰 Cashapp: $VinceJG 💵 Pricing Information: #producer #beatmaker #mpc #musician #HipHopLife #hiphop #classichiphop #rap #rappers #artists #803 #columbia #sc #outkast #jcole #dungeonfamily #vincejg #classic #nintendo64 #supersmashbros #smashbros64 #mvc2 #capcom #nintendo #vinceland #rapperswanted #artistswanted #andre3000 #bigboi #logic

1 week ago

|| Bow and arrows: Similar in function from the previous entries in the series,but arrows fired will remain on the ground and can be picked up by players as items. This includes Link, who can then shoot multiple arrows at once. || Hero’s bow: This version of the bow first appeared in melee and was switched out of the newer version in ultimate, this bow would shoot an arrow dealing moderate damage and could be charged || Boomerang: This was Links neutral special and side-B back in 64, once melee added the bow it was removed as his neutral special || #smashbrosultimate #smashbrosforwiiu #smashbrosbrawl #smashbrosmelee #smashbros64 ||

1 week ago

I watch Detective Pikachu and it was the best video game live action movie I give 9.5/10. Also there's rumors about smash Bros movie.

2 weeks ago

Jo remember the days when we think sheik was boy and not a girl 😂

2 weeks ago

Sorry Xbox but the others are much better than you.

2 weeks ago

Con estos 12 personajes fue que comenzó esta maravillosa saga de videojuegos. En 1999 fue lanzado, alcanzando el record de ventas de ese año, tanto en Estados Unidos como en Japón, convirtiéndose en un Best-Seller. Cuál era tu favorito? Este juego fue diseñado principalmente para compartir en familia y amigos, con sus desafiantes mapas, variados objetos y modos de juego; sin embargo surgió una tendencia de convertir el juego en competitivo, algo que a los desarrolladores los agarró por sorpresa. Entre las modalidades más conocidas, caben destacar: Batalla a 5 stocks: básicamente es el formato de combate más utilizado, donde los objetos están desactivados. Por ejemplo es la utilizada en la SmashCon y Apex ComboContest: Torneo organizado principalmente por la SmashCon en la que los jugadores en el modo entrenamiento, compiten para ver cuál desarrolla el mejor combo. Los combos están calificados por tres jueces que dan una puntuación del 1 al 10 #smashbrosmemes #smashbros64 #smashcon #smashvenezuela

3 weeks ago

Why Paramount why did you ruined Sonic Design why did Sega let you make this bad movie. Sorry but this is not Sonic the hedgehog this is just shitnic.

3 weeks ago

ngl, I get mad sometimes when trash ass players t bag after I sd

3 weeks ago

Avengers endgame was really amazing I think I gonna watch it again.

3 weeks ago

Man I just really love stage builder there so much funny creation 😂

4 weeks ago

Man I really love Joker it got really good combos and he's moveset is amazing.

1 month ago

Happy Easter weekend! We’ll be closed tomorrow, so come see us today! Peep Show Marshmallow Milkshake IPA is on tap and we’ll be having a blast tonight during the Super Smash Bros 64 tournament we’re hosting because it just seemed like a 420 thing to do. 🐣 💥 🥊 #coastalempirebeerco #coastalempirebeer #CEBC #cebcbeer #savannah #drinklocal #savbeer #georgiabeer #drinksavannah #coastalempire #gabeer #craftbeer #coastalempire #peeps #easter #marshmallows #milkshakeipa #marshmallowipa #easterbeer #ipa #easterbunny #Easter #happyeaster #easterbeer #smashbros #supersmashbros #smashbros64 #420

1 month ago

Finally finish Megaman X Legacy collection with 100% of achievements my favorite are X4 and X2 cause that DR wily cameo but X4 was the best. Now let's go to legacy collection 2 can't wait to play X8 since is my favorite.

1 month ago

pretty much

1 month ago

me when I download the update tonight

1 month ago


1 month ago

I always ask my self about that in every competitive game Mario is mad as hell.

1 month ago

Since everyone was doing this I make my own most wanted tier list.