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7 minutes ago

rainy planting at the end of a fast paced week. we're a week or so behind schedule due to the cold and wet spring, but every day more things are moving from the nursery to their summer homes in the fields and high tunnels. the soil was even dry enough yesterday to direct seed carrots, radish, dill, spinach, and turnips! #catchingup #smallscalefarming #handiwork

43 minutes ago

Planting and transplanting continues; snap peas (yes, purple snap peas!😍), beans, carrots, beets and parsley. Go team!! 👨🏼‍🌾👩🏽‍🌾👨🏼‍🌾 On continue à semer et à transplanter; pois mange-tout (oui, ils sont mauve! 🤩), haricots, carottes, betteraves et persil. Let’s go l’équipe! . . . #fullswing #onlâchepas #todaystodolist

54 minutes ago

Portable, low cost, easy to use infrastructure is something we like to use wherever possible on the farm. Our portable water system has meant that we have been able to start running our dairy beef poddy calves in our back paddock months before we could have if we had of waited for a permanent water system. We have lots of great, easy to set up, low cost ideas to get small farmers started. All of our systems here are set up to be run by me - a middle aged female farmer. We run our Small Farms Workshops throughout the year. Email or message us if you are interested.

1 hour ago

FINAL CSA WEEK 10: Buttercrunch lettuce mix, arugula, green onions, Swiss chard, microgreens, turnips and radishes. Thank you to everyone that supported us during our trial spring CSA. . . Our summer CSA begins June 7th. We are taking signups for Bakersfield, Wasco, Shafter and Visalia! If you have any questions about signing up, please message us or visit our website to sign up! #bakersfield #marketgarden #bakersfieldca #smallscalefarming #growyourownfood #csa #visalia #shafter #organic #notill #visaliaeats

1 hour ago

“Sweet Annie” planted and ready to grow! ☺️

2 hours ago

Agroforestry systems are beneficial to the environment and provide critical income sources for communities. Check out our agroforestry reforestation campaign with Cooperativa Norandino at the link in the bio!

3 hours ago

Remember 10 days ago when I posted pics of that Brabanter I thought was actually a Spitzhauben mistakenly sent from the hatchery? Well, they said it IS a Brabanter but appears not to have developed its beard or mohawk, and they would send a replacement. I asked if they‘d include a roo since mine passed in the brooder. So, I got a shipment notification Tuesday and here are the replacements: 7 Brabanters and 5 Orpington roos (“added for warmth.” It’s 94° before noon, here! Lol!) No complaints, though. I really like Brabanters and now, we have a lot of them! Also, I now have a bunch of Orpington roosters. Not my favorite breed, but 🤷🏻‍♂️

3 hours ago

Remember those little baby Spicy Mixed Greens, BAM 💥 Here they are now.

4 hours ago

Very excited to announce our new collaboration with @pierspope of Dreambook! This will be an ongoing video series exploring working life, farming techniques and agricultural education at MITP. Find us on Facebook to view full length videos and stay tuned for more projects as the season progresses. #farmeducation #mooninthepond #naturalfarming #localfarms #localfood #regenerativeagriculture #regenerativefarming #eathealthy #slowfood #supportlocalfarmers #smallscalefarming #farmlife #gardener #farmer

4 hours ago

Little Friday nugget of knowledge • When we order our meat birds we order what is called a ‘straight run’. This means they will not sex the birds and send us an unknown amount of female and male chicks. This is unlike our layer hens, when we order them we definitely want only females 😂😂😂. • Yes, the males (roosters) will be larger than the female (hens) at time of processing. • No, we will not have to worry about egg production with the hens. These Cornish Rocks grow at such a rapid pace, they will be processed before any egg production begins. • If anyone ever has any questions about how/what/why we do what we do...always feel free to ask. • Have a great weekend!

4 hours ago

Our carrot germination was shitty in a couple of beds, so I seeded some radishes to fill the gaps. On a small scale organic farm, every little space must have a vegetable! Haha.

5 hours ago

Sharing, as awareness is the first step. #nontoxicliving #itstartswithme Posted @withrepost @farmersfootprint This is what Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma looks like under a microscope. People with high exposure to glyphosate have a 41% increased risk of developing Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. In fact, Monsanto (the creators of Roundup, a glyphosate based herbicide) currently face more than 9,000 lawsuits from people in the United States suffering from Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. The world is catching on. Help us halt this cycle of chemically induced disease before it’s too late. Learn more about what you can do @farmersfootprint . . . . . #regenerativeagriculture #sustainableagriculture #farm365 #farmlife #sustainablefarming #climatechange #conservation #marketgarden #fourseasonfarming #growyourownfood #organicgarden #instagarden #smallscalefarming #soilhealth #supportyourlocalfarmer #notill #farmbill #biodynamic #gardenactivist #organic #nogmo #urbangardenersrepublic #urbangarden #growfood #zachbushmd #farmersfootprint

5 hours ago

Märta ~ En av våra nya kompisar på gården. Hon har inte riktigt lika tillit till oss ännu som Mälla. Fast vi har hittat något som hon har svårt att motstå. Hårdbröd, ja jag säger så men vet att många andra delar av Sverige säger knäckebröd... Iaf med hårdbröd så får även Ruben klappa ♡. Så nu när det blir fredagsmys på gården får fåren några hårdbröd och hönsen lite majs. Katterna får lite godis och vi människor får mys i soffan. . . . . . . . . . . . . #självhushållning #självhushåll #kvinnligasjälvhushållare #livetpålandet #självförsörjning #lantliv #minlandsbygd #lantligt #selfsufficient #bonde #bopålandet #smallscalefarming #sheep #sheep 🐑 #sheepfarming #animals #får

5 hours ago

I sat down for a fantastic interview with @bootstrapfarmer and we discussed small farm business strategies. Full video link in profile. They dropped some serious knowledge for the channel talking about their farm to chef/delivery/foodtruck etc models along many other topics. There is a lot we can learn from these guys. They also have a fantastic podcast called Bootstrap Farmer radio which dives deep on a lot of farm business topics.

5 hours ago

A bouquet of flowering mizuna for our tiny dinosaurs.

5 hours ago

I’ve been creating new beds by removing just the top 2-3 inches of soil (where grass roots are clinging), NO tilling, then adding as much fertilizer as I can get my hands on (compost, manure, organic enriched soil). You can see I’ve built up about 5 inches of mulchy top soil in the existing bed. Today I am planting dolciva carrots. Second photo is just some of the things I find in the soil. #smallscalefarming #notill #soil #homesteading #notillgardening #notillfarming #sustainable

6 hours ago

Maten! Vi är enormt tacksamma över att den fantastiska sörmländska matkreatören Maria Printz ville förse oss med himmelsk mat under vårt knivsläpp igår! Att få samarbeta på detta sätt, finns det något bättre?! Råvaror från vår odling, ost från våra grannar @jurssmejeri och underbar @ciderattika. Egen kombucha och äppelmust. Tack tack tack!!! @mariaprintz. På bild ser ni dessutom Anna, vår praktikant och hjälte! Tack för din hjälp! Och tack till @bruksrestaurangen för utlån av champagneglas. Foto: @gbutlex.

8 hours ago

Posted @withrepost @farmersfootprint This is what Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma looks like under a microscope. People with high exposure to glyphosate have a 41% increased risk of developing Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. In fact, Monsanto (the creators of Roundup, a glyphosate based herbicide) currently face more than 9,000 lawsuits from people in the United States suffering from Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. The world is catching on. Help us halt this cycle of chemically induced disease before it’s too late. Learn more about what you can do @farmersfootprint . . . . . #regenerativeagriculture #sustainableagriculture #farm365 #farmlife #sustainablefarming #climatechange #conservation #marketgarden #fourseasonfarming #growyourownfood #organicgarden #instagarden #smallscalefarming #soilhealth #supportyourlocalfarmer #notill #farmbill #biodynamic #gardenactivist #organic #nogmo #urbangardenersrepublic #urbangarden #growfood #zachbushmd #farmersfootprint

9 hours ago

Hive check time with the hubby!

9 hours ago

Farm is looking full! I've been harvesting a lot and doing my best to keep up with planting successions. Lots of awesome summer crops are getting close to being ready and we always have plenty of greens.

9 hours ago

Big shout out and love to @longhaulfarm @mid_hudson_craft for welcoming us into your home and sharing your farm experience and model, starting important conversations that we will take with us through our journey and for making this program available to farmers. As well as this great bunch of young farmers for being and inspiring positive change. #youngfarmers #farmersrock #firstgenerationfarmers #inspiringchange #farmersunite #beafarmer #welovefarming #regenerativefarming #regenerativesolutions #regenerativeagriculture #smallscalefarming #ecologicalrestoration #onamission

10 hours ago

Thumbs up! No possum return attack! Or if it came back, it wasn’t able to do any murdering. The little roo taken yesterday had probably gone out in the night where he met the possum. The bantams can no longer exit their temporary quarters. Their new place will be a loooong hoophouse, with more space, plus an enclosed run with berry bushes. Just takes time and 💰.

10 hours ago

So Northern Australia is between 1400-3800km from here 🤔 pretty sure I read in Marion Nestle’s ‘Food Politics’ that no country in the world has a legal classification of ‘fresh’ with regards to food, it can mean anything and nothing. “Fresh Picked”, “Fresh Caught”, “Fresh Frozen” 🤷‍♂️ • • • • #hyperlocal #localfood #urbanorganicgardener #urbangardenersrepublic #growyourown #growsomethinggreen #growyourownfood #healthyfood #healthyliving #healthylifestyle #healthyeating #garden #knowyourfarmer #vegetables #vegetablegarden #veggiegarden #greenthumb #smallscalefarming #eatyourgreens #gardentotable #gardeningaustralia #microfarming #raisedbeds #instagarden #organicAF #harvest #urbanfarm #urbanfarming #urbanfarmer #bondi

11 hours ago

According to the Nigerian law, a smallholder farmer is any agricultural producer who works on less than 5 ha of land. Nowadays, more than 80% of the Nigerian farmers are smallholder farmers. Those farmers are also the backbone of the agricultural industry in the country – over 90% of the domestic agricultural output is produced by them. Moreover, according to a 2016 Word Bank report, half of the working Nigerians are in smallholder farming, but this group also accounts for the poorest 40% of the population. 🦋 Why are so many small-scale farmers poor? The reasons are plenty – low use of mechanization and modern technology, poor agricultural extension systems, poor road networks, inadequate market information and lack of access to it, lack of access to credit and quality agricultural inputs such as fertilizers and seeds. And the list goes on. 🦋 To address the shortfalls, there is betterECO. Through scouting and development of agricultural projects in developing and emerging countries such as in Nigeria, betterECO opens new sources of agricultural raw materials and new products, providing access for new suppliers to the international market, increasing variety and choice for our buyers. 🦋 By matching these new sources with our buyers, betterECOmakes rural areas solvent and ‘’bankable’’ as potential clients for technology. Therefore, betterECO is at the same time a new distribution channel for all technologies, from energy to water treatment and production technologies in rural areas. A win-win situation for all parties involved. 🦋 If you are interested to learn more, please visit our renewed website by typing 👉 👈or by using the link in the bio. 🦋 You can also follow our Instagram feed at 👉 @better_eco 👈 🦋 #bettereco #betterecology #bettereconomy

11 hours ago

Liebe MarktbesucherInnen! Das Wetter kann man sich bekanntlich nicht aussuchen. Genau dieses hat mir in den letzten Wochen einen kleinen Strich durch die (Be)Rechnung gemacht, weshalb ich es heuer noch nicht zum Wochenmarkt am Domplatz in St. Pölten geschafft habe. Wann es soweit ist, erfahrt ihr definitiv hier! Trotz allem ist der Abhofladen in Maria Jeutendorf frisch aufgefüllt und ihr könnt euch Bio-Eier, Rucola, Mesclun Salat-Mix, Radieschen, Salatköpfe und Minze abholen! Also nix wie nach Maria Jeutendorf und frisches Grünzeug vom Feld abholen! 😊👨🏻‍🌾 #grünzeugvomfeld #mariajeutendorf #abhofladen #marketgardening #smallscalefarming #supportyourlocalfarmer

12 hours ago

Igår hade vi knivsläpp! Ödmjukast tack till er som kom och firade med oss! Vi bjöd på grönsaksfrossa och massor av olika sorters grönt, gult, lila, rött och blått från vår odling! // Yesterday we had our official release of our brand new hori Hori knife! Foto: Gustav Butlex @gbutlex #knivsläpp #horihoriknife #swedishhorihori

13 hours ago

As you adore and appreciate each being, what is happening? 🙏 We invite you to walk our beauty path back to Heaven Earth. 🌱

13 hours ago

Det regnar ute, gläds på ett helt annat sätt över regn sen vi började odla saker. Odlingen har också gjort våren till den kanske mest hektiska tiden; plöjandet, planerandet och varje år brytandet av ny mark då vi inser att vi har mer frö än kvadrat än odlingsyta... i en kista i huset hittade vi dessa dokument med snirkliga beskrivningar över växtföljden av gårdens åkrar. Känns tryggt på något sätt att det HAR odlats och plöjts och skördats också långt före oss, om än mkt idag är igenväxt. Själva sitter vi med digitala excellark. Kanske vi borde spara på annat sätt också, så att någon om hundra år kan hitta vårt lilla försök till odlingar om www vid det laget lagt ner... kanske vi även borde skapa en fröbank? Känner att det inte är hållbart att år för år köpa så mkt fröer. Hur gör ni? Tar ni eget frö? Vill lära mer om denna kunskap. Oj oj nu blev det långt och mycket.. . . #odling #hållbarhet #växtzon5 #västerbotten #holmön #kulturarv #jordbruk #ekologiskodlig #smallscalefarming #minlandsbygd #lantliv #självhushållning

14 hours ago

Winding the Watermelon harvest. Mostly grown from saved seeds, this desi variety (though watermelon isn’t Indian originally) took us by surprise - sweet, juicy with a deep red tone. Packed with nutrients, watermelon fruit is rich in antioxidants in the form of lycopene, fibre and water content. The seeds when consumed contribute to the daily magnesium and folate intake in your diet. There were a lot more of these; but we’ve been snacking on them melons all through the harvest. That said, friends in Bhubaneswar can get these from few of the Reliance outlets. #organic #organicfarming #seasonalandlocal #seasonalfruit #summerfruit #watermelon #melon #juice #fruit #smallscalefarming #vegetablegarden #fruits #fruitsandveggies #local #healthyfood #nutrition #healthandnutrition #eatfruits #naturalfarming #farms #agriculture #sustainableagriculture #paddyfields #rurallife #indianfarmers #growmore #growmorefood #vines #fernfarmers

14 hours ago

Great selection of plants for the market today, and plenty of fresh produce too. Plant sales have gone brilliantly this year, so far! They’re a little side venture really but I enjoy doing them; both encouraging people to grow their own food, and welcoming the extra income in Spring. I scale this down by mid June, focussing solely on sales of produce from the land 💚🌱🙏 - - - - - - #organicgardening #growyourown #selfsufficiency #dúilsadúlra #dinglefarmersmarket #smallscalefarming #marketgarden #marketgardening #growyourfood #growityourself #kitchengardening #localgrowers #localfood #sustainability #organicveggies #resilientcommunities #eatlocalgrown #dingle

15 hours ago

Morgenrundgang im Folientunnel.🌄 Hier drinnen wächst und gedeiht die Paradeiserernte des heurigen Jahres. Die Pflanzen entwickeln sich prächtig, ganz im Gegensatz zu jenen im Freiland, die aufgrund des nasskalten Wetters in ihrer Entwicklung um Wochen zurückliegen. Hoffentlich werden die nächsten Wochen etwas sonniger.🙏🌞 #goodmorning #greenhouse #polytunnel #heirloomtomatoes #tomaten #paradeiser #organic #smallscalefarming #marketgardening #gemüsegarten #folientunnel #stpölten

15 hours ago

🥬Teikei🥬 -Denna 🇯🇵 japanska trend går ut på att äta lokalproducerat, minska matsvinnet samt få bättre koll på var maten kommer ifrån. Andelsjordbruk innebär att producenten säljer andelar av sin produktion i förväg. Hitta ditt närmaste andelsjordbruk på läs mer om fördelarna med lokalproducerat på #ekokompis #andelsodlig #teikei #närproducerat #lokalproducerat #eko #andelsjordbruk #smallscalefarming #klimatsmart #dinlokalabonde

15 hours ago

We have 5 20ft beds dedicated to growing baby greens for our salad mix 👶🏼🌱 We are working with 30inch beds and 6inch walkways to maximize our limited space. This area of the yard use to be covered in rocks and garbage when we moved in, now it will produce food for our family and community 💪🏾🌿🍃🌿

16 hours ago

Having a kid and all these kids has been so much fun. She loves them, chases them and tries to feed them rocks, wants to give them kisses and tries to touch their noses. It’s the simplest, purest thing in the world and it fuels this mama’s spirit. #weatheredbarnfarmkids . . . . . #babygoat #goatkid #mykid #goats #nannygoat #nanny #farmlife #farmanimal #farmbaby #cutenabyanimal #yeg #ruralyeg #yegfarm #albertafarm #canada #canadianfarm #farmville #farmlife #farmphotography #yeg #ruralyeg #alberta #smallscalefarming #freerange #ruralalberta #agmorethanever #kidsplaying

16 hours ago

Every year we keep putting these seeds out there, creating new generations of flavors and profiles. It is a joy to see what is to come, what colors, smells, and plant structure. Breeding is a art form selecting what you are looking for in a plant that produces this beautiful flower. Breeders stay strong plant your seed, put it out there, and continue to produce these amazing varieties. #breeding #canabis #biodiversity #smallscalefarming #craftcannabis #craftgenitics

17 hours ago

Aurinko ja vesi saavat ihmeitä aikaan vihannestarhalla. 💚🌱💚Eihän näistä voi olla ottamatta kuvia! Värikombo on vahva - ja niin on makukin.😍Raikkaan kesän maistaa suussa kun näitä katselee. Kuvassa on kahta erilaista salaattia ja paksoita, joka sopii käytettäväksi salaateissa. Siitä saa mukavasti rapsakkuutta lautaselle. Oletko kokeillut?🤗 . . I love the colours of freshness and summer. Lettuce and pakchoi, my favorites. 💚💚💚 . . #vihannestarhuri #lähiruoka #mistäruokatulee #minifarmari #iloinenfarmari #parasduuni #suoraantilalta #smallscalefarming #microfarm #knowyourfarmer #organicproduce   #eatwellwithus   #localfoodforlocalpeople #happygrowing #lettuce #sallat #salaatti

17 hours ago

Cannabis - the star of the plant kingdom. 🌟

17 hours ago

🥬🥕🥒SUMMER CSA JUNE 7th: We have a few spots left for our summer CSA. It will be a 10 week membership of weekly produce boxes ($30 per week, including delivery). . . Currently, we grow zucchini, cucumbers, lettuce, carrots, green onions, green beans, arugula, spinach, radishes, beets, turnips, Swiss chard, microgreens and mustard greens. Each week will feature 6-8 items depending on what is available to harvest. Recipe guides and a list of what’s included in each week will be provided. All of our produce is grown organically using no till practices. If you have any questions, or would like to sign up, please visit the website in our bio! #bakersfield #bakersfieldca #smallscalefarming #marketgarden #growyourownfood #bakersfieldfarmer #shafter #csa #lettuce #notill #organic #wasco

17 hours ago

Another big day in the valley and one step closer to skinning the greenhouse. One of the challenges of farming solo is keeping on task when everything needs attention. There's no end to a farmer's to-do list but a little planning means everything gets done on time. Another farmer pointed out that I don't need to have ever bed ready this week, just the ones I want to plant next week. While it would be nice to have the wash and pack area all buttoned up, I have a few weeks before I have greens to wash but only one week before my tomatoes need to go into this hoop house. Next week, I'll fill up the last of the beds in the test plot so I will need to prepare beds in the large field. Plus, the pumpkin patch will need a lot of attention this year.

19 hours ago

Ta Da! Some of you saw the sneak peek of our new logo in our IG stories a couple days ago but here she is in full post glory. I had been sitting on this name of our farm since junior year of college at @otterbeinu ...thinking back to 2012-2013 it's hard to believe that name is now what my day in and day out life is about. A name. But we are more than just a name, we stand for the plate it sits on and the meaning behind it. As farmers we care about what is on your plate, selling only what we would want on our dinner tables and working with other growers that have the same high standards. Period. 🍴 For months I have been working with Jason from the @thesullivanco on our farm logo to make it simple and clean. I can't say enough good things about them, seriously the best! Absolutely in love with how it turned out. Thanks @redtwigfarms for the recommendation! #knifeandforkfarms #knifeandforkit

20 hours ago

What stage is your garden at? I'm confident that we will be fed well into fall off just this little space. Lettuce is so close to being ready to begin harvesting, kale is still a little bit out and everything else is growing right along. I love watching the changes in my garden every day! And now I have a greenhouse from a repurposed dog kennel to keep growing into winter and be able to start my seeds much earlier next year. #homesteading #gardening #lifestyleblogger #smallscalefarming #homestead #growyourfood #growbabygrow #farmlife #farmgirl #fresh #greenhouse #garden #repurposed #growwhatyoueat #smallgarden #feedyourfamily #thegoodlife #homestead