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26 minutes ago

This morning’s cozy breakfast brought to you by berries from Martinez Farms. Find them each week at our Market! 😋

1 hour ago

It’s soup season! 🥣 Pick up a package of your favorite soup from @ieatmygreens_official this Saturday and cozy up with a bowl in this cool weather ❄️

3 hours ago

This week on our #TentTalk Farmers’ Market Podcast, we learned a lot from our guest, community activist and farmer Karen Washington of Rise & Root Farm • @riseandrootfarm • She has spent decades promoting urban farming as a way for all New Yorkers to access fresh, locally grown food. Karen shares how community activism got her interested in farming, how Rise & Root found their product niche for the farmers’ market, and her hopes for the next generation of farmers. Listen all the way to the end for Karen's insightful advice on getting young people interested in agriculture! Tune in to #TentTalk on @itunes , @stitcherpodcasts , or wherever you get your podcasts! 🎧 🎙

4 hours ago

So many jobs to do on a farm. Add the snow and it is more challenging. The ATV was very handy hauling hay around. Cattle are getting hay now supplemented with Timothy and produce. They love pumpkins. Had to throw a bale away from the gate in order to get in as they always hoover around when I drive up. Snuck up on the pigs in a blanket. They look like sausage links in a skillet! The melted snow is turning their area into a mucky mess. I have almost pulled my feet out of my boots numerous times. The farm yoga move is called a “muck up”. Similar to a push up only with muck. They seem to love it. The hens are not wanting to go outside in the snow yet. Egg collection is more frequent as I check on them often on the way to see the new chicks. It is always a good idea to check their combs to see if any got frostbite. 23 new chicks have feathered and have moved into the princess coop. Another 57 going in on Saturday. This is their temp home until Feb. The older hens will graduate and move on to other duties. The next @foothillsfarmersmarket will be on 12 Jan 2019 @newgrassbrewing. #localbeef #grassfed beef #nograin #localfarm #fresheggs #organicfeed #happypigs #happycattle #happychickens #gottobenc #localvegetables #localfruit #foothillsfarmersmarket #newgrassbrewing #clevelandcountyhappening #uptownshelby #localfarmer #supportlocalfarms #smallfarms #smallscalefarming

17 hours ago

The forecast is in our favor! ☀️ with a high of 74 and lots of produce is coming your way for the market! See you on Broxton!

18 hours ago

Mark your calendars because TOMORROW, the @ucla Latin jazz ensemble will add some holiday cheer to the market with their wind and brass instruments. ✨🎄

19 hours ago

This littlle yellow duckling hatched yesterday & it seems that he has arrived a few days ahead of his brothers & sisters. They are still making their way out of their eggs in the incubator. We have popped this little guy in with our 3 week old ducklings to keep him company. Can't believe there is only 3 weeks between - they grow so quickly! So it looks like we are going to have LOTS of ducklings for our school holiday tours! 🦆👧👦🦆

19 hours ago

Free wreath making workshop with @pvschoolgardens in the market today and next Wednesday!

19 hours ago

✨✨Raffle Highlight✨✨ Heritage Hills Farm ( @heritagehillsfarmoh ) raises pastured hogs, and they have generously donated half of a Berkshire hog to fill your freezer! You will win approximately 100 lbs of meat from hogs raised in wooded pasture under cover of oak, black walnut, cherry, and sycamore. Hogs allowed to forage in such an environment produce healthier and DELICIOUS meat. Swipe to see these happy hogs and what is included in the prize. And head into Local Roots this week to get your raffle tickets!! #pasturedpork #heritagepork #berkshirehogs #holidayraffle #localrootswoo #localrootswooster #woosteroh #woosterohio #mainstreetwooster #shoplocal #eatlocal #supportlocal #supportlocalfarmers #supportyourlocalfarmer #localfood #keepitlocal #smallfarms #uniquelywooster

20 hours ago

It’s that time of year again LNK! . . We absolutely cannot wait for @love.the.locals this weekend Sunday Dec 16th!! We’ll be teaming up again with our super amazing friends Alex + Amanda of @suitandtiefilms to sling pork sammies and all the bacon + sausage + lard + bone broth + bacon jam you can handle 🐷🖤 . . 12 - 5 @thebay_ there’s going to be TONS of local makers including @waxbuffalo @oliverandlucydesigns @rebootroasting @ziplinebrewing @ranchwivesbeefco @littlemountainprint @artemisteas_ @ceramicsbymeesha @lulubeechocolates @dbhboutique @lovewell.lettering and so many more I can’t think of!

22 hours ago

Always great to have our friends @greencityacres & @diegofooter swing by for visit! We had a couple packed days of shooting videos and testing out some cool new tools. We’re also excited to have Curtis back in February for another 5-day Profitable Market Farming Workshop. Link to tickets in bio.

1 day ago

Good morning sheep! Good morning friends!

1 day ago

Are all of the crops you grow worth growing? Can you grow them all well? Could you grow better crops by growing less crops. You only have so much time, focus, and bandwidth. It’s always easy to take on more, and it takes a lot of wisdom to slow down and pair down. One of the topics Elliot Seldner @fair_share_farm talks about on today’s podcast. Listen on iTunes or by searching for Farm Small Farm Smart wherever podcasts are played. . . . . . @diegofooter #paperpot #paperpottransplanter #smallscalefarming #marketgardening #marketfarming #marketgardener #marketfarmer #smallfarms #urbanfarming #theurbanfarmer #farmsmallfarmsmart #farming #farmequipment #cooltools #growyourownfood #notractor #modernfarmer #farmtool #saveyourback #easiestjobonthefarm #appropriatetechnology #letthetooldothework #nomorebendingover #makefarminggreatagain

1 day ago

#AlliancesforAction recently held a training on value addition, market linkages and food safety & quality for 31 smallholder farmers in Kaduna State, Nigeria ~ The goal: To improve livelihoods and incomes through ✔improved farmer association and ✔diversification of products & market channels ~ There was a focus on inclusion of youth and women to ensure equal access to opportunities for all. Swipe for a glimpse of the people involved and the fresh farm produce on display!🍌🍅🌽🥕 . . . . . . . . . . . . #sustainablefarming #smallfarms #iamamodernfarmer #agribusiness #agripreneur #freshproduce #foodsecurity #organic #empowerment #livelihoods #ruraldevelopment #impactthatmatters #farmtotable #farmtofork #leavenoonebehind #zerohunger #globalgoals #SDGs #Agenda2030 #unitednations #Nigeria

1 day ago

So lets talk maple syrup 🍁. I will likely do a few posts on this because there's a lot of info! First off, one of the most frequent questions I get is "when do you make maple syrup?" Maple sugaring season typically starts in late winter/early spring. So think end of February through March, and finishing up at some point in April, depending on the weather, and your location. The temperatures are a key factor for making syrup. It must be above freezing (32° F) during the day and below freezing at night. These temps act like a pump causing the sap to run up the tree trunk during the day and back down at night, giving you the most sap flow during the day. On a good day you may have to change your buckets multiple times. Maple sap is clear and thin, just like water. It takes 40 gallons of sap to make just 1 gallon of syrup! Needless to say it's a lot of boiling down. It's best to do it outdoors, or in a sugar house, which has an open ceiling, because of all the steam the evaporation creates. Trust me, it will gunk your walls all up. Don't ask me how I know that.😉🤦‍♀️ Once the sap boils down enough you must watch the temperature closely. It turns into syrup at exactly 219°F, and will violently boil over and burn very quickly above that. Again don't ask me how I know.🙈 In the sugar house we not only watch the temperature of the syrup but we also check the density with a specific gravity hydrometer. To legally bottle and sell maple syrup in the US and Canada, it must have a minimum density of 66.9 brix, which means it's at least 66.9% sugar. 🥞 #maplesugaring

1 day ago

This Saturday, the 15th from 11am to 2pm: Celebrate the season with a traditional Hanukkah menu of Chicken Soup with Matzah Balls, Latkas with Apple Sauce and Sour Cream, and side salad. Enjoy accordion music from Susan English and play dreidel while you enjoy lunch or shop! #friendsinthekitchen #friendsinthekitchenlr #localrootswoo #localrootswooster #woosteroh #woosterohio #mainstreetwooster #shoplocal #eatlocal #supportlocal #supportlocalfarmers #supportyourlocalfarmer #localfood #keepitlocal #smallfarms #uniquelywooster

1 day ago

Lots of #manygracesflowershare gift cards are heading out in today’s post office run! If you have a flower lover in your family, we’d love to share our harvests with them in 2019. Flower shares make wonderful holiday gifts, and signing up is easy on our website. As pictured, each gift subscription purchase comes with a gift card mailed to you (the purchaser) or directly to your giftee—you choose! Support local, organic agriculture and check some gifts off your list— a win-win for everyone. We have eight different pick up locations in the Boston metro area at @cloverfoodlab , and five pick up locations throughout Western MA: @shop_pinch @shareroasters @glendaleridgevineyard @blackbirchwines and . We’re so grateful for these local partnerships at such wonderful businesses and look forward to dropping your (or your loved-one’s) bouquets off at them in 2019. Get in touch with us if you have any questions! . . #giftideas #buylocal #localorganic #smallfarms #flowerfarm #neflowers #womanowned #queerfarmer #farmerflorist #manygraces2018

1 day ago

We're so grateful for our generous winter CSA members who partnered with us to donate farm fresh food to our local food pantry. Thanks to them, we've been delivering lots of fresh salad greens, winter squash, and pastured pork each week this month to help feed neighbors in need! This community is something special. 💚

1 day ago

At the harvest table on-farm ready to select and prepare the best of cooking and salad veg for our produce market stall on Saturday at Braidwood Farmers Market. The market is all local, no resellers and three local market gardeners with fantastic organic and conventionally grown fruit and vegetables. #farmersmarket #growyourown #smallfarms

1 day ago

Don’t miss out on the holiday fun tomorrow at @littleitalywednesdaymarket from 9am-1pm! Get your gift shopping done, enjoy some ornament decorating for the kids, and get some holiday meal ideas with our recipe booklet ❄️🎄🎁

1 day ago

The man, the myth, the legend, SANTA will join us at our Thursday market 🎄✨🙌🏼

1 day ago

Merry Christmas! Our field seed order is in, and it’s the most wonderful time of year! It looks a lot different than it used to. In our first year I remember packet upon packet of a seeds, with tons of varieties. Going into our third year we know what we like to grow and we just wanna grow more of it! Can’t wait to get them in the ground, but unfortunately, for now, I have to. Here’s to spring! . . . . . #local4local #smallfarms #farmersmarket #eatlocal #youngfarmers #springtimeisfuntime #marketgardner #roseburg #pnw #oregon #investinthefuture #supportlocal #merrychristmas

1 day ago

Don't you love getting awesome stuff in your mailbox? . Today was a good mail day. We got a box of candy coated pecans as a gift, a #pottywatch to remind our four year old to STOP playing and go potty AND this awesome seed catalog I've been waiting for. It would have been a perfect mail day if someone would have shoved dinner in there as well! I've been reading all about the Gettle family and I can't wait to buy seeds from them and make a new garden plan.

1 day ago

Our pea shoots adorn every royal pie served at @phpub. If you haven't had one, do yourself a favor and go now. 👑 👑 👑

1 day ago

Queen Elsa returns to market this Saturday! Get your cameras ready!

1 day ago

The gardens are asleep, so we've been focusing our energy on all things "homesteading" lately. 😉 . Like stacking rows and rows of firewood to keep us warm, rendering tallow and lard...and butchering a deer. . Last week, we finished up processing the buck my husband shot during hunting season. . We're looking forward to lots of venison burgers during the summer of 2019! We grind the venison with pork fat from Woodbridge Dairy Farm, since the venison is too lean on it's own. We call them Bacon Venison Burgers.😋 . Butchering a deer is a LOT of work... but watching the freezer fill up is incredibly rewarding! . Now if only my egg basket would fill up. 😣 Between molting their feathers and the short days(egg production goes waaaaay down when there is not enough day light), the ladies are SERIOUSLY slacking!🐔 . I'm getting a little crabby because it's baking season and I need eggs to make Grandma Hamm's Peanut Butter Cookies!🍪 . You're going to want to make them too. 😍 You can find the recipe by clicking the link in my profile. 🙌 . Do you have a favorite cookie recipe? Do share! . P.S. This is an old photo, in case you were wondering why it says 2016 on the butcher paper. 😂 . #threeacrefarm #homesteading #winteriscoming #homesteadlife #smallfarms ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

1 day ago

Check out the radishes we sold at The Addington Fun Fair. Looks like the soil from Garden Box did the trick. If you tried one let us know how they tasted!

1 day ago

Community Crafting Sunday Sunday, December 16th, 1-4pm Hosted at The Farm of Lydia's Flock Bring a portable craft and a snack to share, we'll provide tea and ambience. DM for address, directions and/or questions. Photo: nearly completed Kintai shawl by @_cabinfour in Thirteen Mile Lamb & Wool Co. two ply worsted yarn in colors Moorit and Alpine Lake. #knitting #knit #crafting #craft #communitycrafting #community #pnwknitters #pnwcraft #localfiber #pnwfarmers #smallfarms #fiberfarmer #locallygrown #pnw #pnwyarn #pnwisbest #sheep #wool #wearwooleveryday

1 day ago

Winter time on the farm is for growth -- of infrastructure that is! We are so excited to see the frame of our new high tunnel up at the seed farm. 🎉 This tunnel will help create a more controlled environment for our seed crops and our farm crew can't wait to get growing in there. Fingers crossed for calm winds and clear weather later this week when we hope to "skin" our tunnel, aka put the plastic on. 📷 Photo cred goes to Farmer Steven. . . . #organicseedfarm #farmersteven #seasonextension #seedcrops #organicseed #winterfarming #winteronthefarm #hightunnel #organicfarm #smallfarms #hudsonvalley

2 days ago

Maailman paras kaalilaatikko.💛 Salaisuuksina mm. maukas lähitilan keräkaali ja sipuli, laadukas lihaliemi, punaviini, risottoriisi ja pientilan vapaana pörränneen possun jauheliha. Kylkeen kotitekoinen maltainen hapanjuurivehnäleipä. #lohturuokaa #perinneruoka #traditionalfood #lähiruokaa #suoraantuottajalta #kaalilaatikko #keräkaali #sipuli #cabbage #cabbagecasserole #highwelfaremeat #puolukkahillo #ponkiniementila #vallanmaukas #sustainableproducts #sustainablechoices #organicfarming #smallfarms #food #freshproduce #slowfood #rekoruokapiiri #eggspress #homecook

2 days ago

#nicholasfamilyfarms always has a wonderful #organic taste testing station out at our Saturday market! What’s your favorite citrus variety?

2 days ago

Don’t forget to shop at the Pacific Beach Tuesday Farmers’ Market TODAY! 🍊 We will be open from 2pm-7pm for all your grocery, local food, and Christmas shopping needs! 💕