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3 hours ago

…In this country we import 40% of what we eat, despite the fact that we could produce more than we eat of all food stuffs except meat. The Landworkers’ Alliance is working to increase our food self-sufficiency. . Support them by buying the LWA 2019 calendar. . link in bio. . . #growyourownfood #conciousliving #conciousconsumer #2019calendar #foodsovereignty #foodsecurity #dairyfarming #smallfarms #slowfood #organicfarming #farmersrights #fairfarming #lwa #agroecology

8 hours ago

I am bursting with sentimentality, nostalgia, and pride when I look at this new Google photo of our farm property. There was no farm there earlier this year! So much hard work, so much figuring things out, so many late nights and early mornings and family help. It was such a hard year, especially with the weather, but we accomplished and learned so much. #smallfarms #firstyearfarm #beginningfarmers #fieldmap #birdseyeview

9 hours ago

I love signs with some history to them. This one isn’t so much vintage (hey, look, a vintage fb address!) but it’s weather worn. It’s a sign someone planned with care, and years later it’s aged around the edges. But it’s still delivering its message. I think it’s beautiful. - - - - - - - - #woodsigns #signspotting #signage #farmsign #farmsigns #localfarmers #supportlocalfarms #farmstand #smallfarms #farmersmarketinspo #love #oldsign #gettingvintage #oldfashionedfun #eatmoreveggies #homegrownfood #knowyourfood #meetthefarmer #golocal #connecticutlife #ctfarmers #ctfarm #ctfarmersmarket #farmersmarket #communityevent #eatlocal #historicfarm #oldfarm #farmstandculture

10 hours ago

Radishes popping up!! It's so exciting when a bed of brown soil suddenly turns into rows of little wee seedlings, watch this space for fresh radishes in a few weeks! 🌱🌱🌱😮😋🍎?

11 hours ago

The only proper way to wind down after a busy and productive weekend is to, of course, harvest indigo. At the invitation of @fullbloomfarm , @sweetcarolineknits and I took the "baby ferry" Whatcom Chief to Lummi Island to harvest indigo before it frosts. And harvest we did! There's nothing Caroline can't do with a sickle in her hand. We thought maybe we should take the whole lot but weren't sure we'd have enough space to ferment all of it, so we did take down about one of the three rows, with 6 additional bundles for drying in the house. Liz was a gracious and engaging host, offering stimulating conversation and sharing her experience with growing and fermenting indigo, a sweet sip of homemade elderberry cordial, and breathtaking views of Mount Baker, even from her bathroom. Many thanks, Liz! Now, it's time to ferment this incredible gift into pigment for future dyeing on the farm. This almost makes up for having no dye garden this year, almost. Stay tuned for updates on the fermentation process, as I hope to share it, start to finish, with you. #pnwindigo #lummiisland #indigo #indigoharvest #plantdyes #naturaldyes #localdyes #locallygrown #fibershed #pnwfibershed #indigofermentation #pnwisbest #growyourownindigo #smallfarms #gratitude #whatcomfarms #dyefarming #wastateferry #whatcomchief

12 hours ago

Ready to discover a world of delicious local food!? 😯 Grab your bike and cruuuuise on over to the Pacific Beach Tuesday Farmers Market tomorrow from 2pm-7pm! 🍊 Amazing photo by 📸: @chef_bai (check out her page for some nourishing, local recipes!)

12 hours ago

Guess what? (you had to have seen this coming) Chicken butt!⠀ ---⠀ I love looking out my windows and seeing the chickens roaming around the whole yard, it makes me feel like we live on an old-timey farmestead (which, let's be honest, we practically do.)⠀ ---⠀ #abundancemindset #followyourheart #simpleliving #simplicityeverywhere #beautyissimplicity #asimplestill #peaceisthemission #bleichtysathome #brotherskeepershop #chickensofinstagram #freerangelife #freerangechickens #littlefarm #localfoodforlife #farmlife #smallfarms #smallfarmliving #abundantliving #simplefarmlife #seasonalsimplicity #loveyourfarmer #gooutsideandexplore #gooutsidetoday #chickensrunwild #countrylife

13 hours ago

So far, 2018 grantee Christensen’s Farm in Browntown, WI, added seven new hives; five more bee boxes; a new bee suit, veil, and helmet; and a hive tool. Plus they added a pollinator-friendly planting of wildflowers. Learn more about our farm grants. Link in bio. #SmallFarmsBigImpacts

14 hours ago

Honey harvest!! My buddy Lyf of @flyingfishpdx came out to the farm to help me harvest honey from our hive. This was my first year raising bees. What an experience! I’m lookin forward to expanding my production and incorporating honey into our permaculture business! 😀✌️🌱👨‍🌾 🍯 🐝 #smallbusiness #honeycomb #honeyharvest #permaculture #organiclifestyle #growth #weedfarmer #cannabiscommunity #portland #oregon #gardening #smallfarms #savethebees #sustainability

16 hours ago

I want to apologize for flooding your timeline like this! But I have a little Announcement.... So for the past 4 years I have worked for a small farm in unionville, NC. Jay and Robin Ross are the owners and have mentored,and taught me everything they know about organic farming; and what it means to serve your community. They have recently asked me to take over all management and operations at Bells Best Berries, and I am beyond excited to take on this position that I was essentially born to do! Everyone that knows me knows how passionate I am about farming and nourishing the people around me with food and knowledge. ____________________________________ With that said I am asking for a little help to get us where we need to be for the up coming growing season. Our new project is to turn The Sylo⬆️ into to our new pack house and cold room for our produce. I have made a GoFundMe page for this project and general start up cost for the new growing season. (seeds,tools,fuel) Please give whatever you can! GoFundMe: Angel takes on Bells Best Berries Thank you in advance, and thank you to everyone for supporting me in ALL of my endeavors! 💕 ____________________________________ #smallfarms #bellsbestberries #supportsmallbusiness #supportlocalfarms #adreamcometrue #angeltakesonbellsbest #cltfarms #southendfarmersmarket

16 hours ago

Delicious display of what is in season at @schanerfarmstand ! How many of these can you name!?

18 hours ago

Harvesting French breakfast radishes for Wednesday’s @out_inthefield dinner!

19 hours ago

Looks like some people got some good artisan items from market!

19 hours ago

Starting of a new week with a big thank a farmer announcement! Gotta love being able to come home to farm fresh veggies. Re-stock on veggies Wednesday during our weekly #hermosabeachfarmersmarket !

19 hours ago

One of the greatest parts of being a student of nature is the lessons and experiences we gain every season. The humbleness of what went wrong and the obviousness of what went right and how to achieve #greatsuccess next season. Reflections of this year will keep us busy over the next several months as we prep for next year. Now its prepping time and getting all the cool weather projects started or finished. Proper prior planning prevents piss poor performance is my mantra right now. What's your fall mantra? Have a fantastic week folks #californiaway #flowkana #cannabiscommunity #gardentime #DemPure #beyondorganic #regenativefarms #stackingfunctions #love #sunrise #sunset #natureheals #flowers #diversified #biodynamic #smallfarms #dragonflyearthmedicine #homesteading #offgrid #mendo

20 hours ago

Micro borage has big beautiful leaves like sunflower, but it tastes like crisp cucumber, which is superior to sunflower.

20 hours ago

If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quakes like a duck, then it probably is a duck. Except in this case. These are not ducks. They are adorable tiny non-flying water dragons. Yep, that's right. Dragons coming soon to an area near you.

1 day ago

In the UK at least one dairy farm closes a week. The Landworkers’ Alliance is working to provide opportunities to new entrant farmers so that our farming sector can thrive http://again. . Support them by buying the LWA 2019 calendar today. . Link in Bio. . . #growyourownfood #conciousliving #conciousconsumer #2019calendar #foodsovereignty #foodsecurity #dairyfarming #smallfarms #slowfood #organicfarming #farmersrights #fairfarming #lwa #agroecology

1 day ago

It's been a busy and fulfilling weekend on the farm! Saturday was our open house which offered us the opportunity to show off the farm and flock to our community and neighbors. Today, with undying gratitude to the deliberate and gentle shearing skills of @maryclairegeyer and an all female crew (+ @gomi_otaku ) of shearing support, 43 sheep are now free of their fleeces in preparation for breeding and the upcoming winter season, with very limited pasture access once the forage stops growing (yes, the forage is still growing) and the rains arrive in earnest. I'm humbled by those who see our farm as more than a flock of sheep or purveyor of local, climate beneficial yarn but rather as a place to invest their time, energy, and hard earned dollars in support of regenerative regional fiber production, a deep and abiding love for sheep (and cows and dogs and cats and chickens and Darla) and a place to get their hands dirty and ask lots of questions about what it means to raise sheep as we do. I've said this before and I'll say it again, I cannot do this work without your support and stake in all that is happening in this farm. #smallfarms #regenerativeagriculture #pnwfarm #pnwyarn #fiberfarmer #managedgrazing #shepherding #sheep #wool #yarn #fiber #icelandicsheep #shetlandsheep #sustainability #pnwfibershed #fibershed #climatebeneficialwool #wearwooleveryday #investinyourlocalfarmer #regionalfiber #happysheep #bham #bellinghamfiberfarm #bellingham #pnwisbest #slowfashion #thefutureisfemale #buylocal #itsallaboutthesheep #lambassadorcurtis

1 day ago

We uncovered the onions last week when the temp was in the 80's, so that the plants didn't overheat and we could do some hoeing. These onions will also be covered with heavy plastic to survive the winter and hopefully be harvested next spring - early summer. . . . . #overwinter #sweetonions #michiganag #marketgarden #organicfarming #nopesticides #nongmo #notill #realfood #slowfood #microfarm #urbanfarm #smallfarms #oaklandcountyfarmersmarket #cleanandgreen #puremichigan #oaklandcountymichigan #healthandnutrition #eathealthy #metrodetroit

1 day ago

Prepping my old home garden space for my new @bootstrapfarmer 10'x20' greenhouse. Got some big plans to unveil on the channel soon! @bootstrapfarmer is one of my favorite farm suppliers, they specialize is rugged high quality propagation trays (1020s etc) and equipment as well as everything you need to build your own large or small greenhouse and other season extension. This greenhouse will be multipurpose used for propagation, microgreens, seedlings, and much more! Very excited to start building next week!

1 day ago

******We need to talk about chicken.***** Who doesn’t love chicken? At the shop we are often asked for chicken ramen, and then customers get confused when we say that while we do have chicken (and dashi) broth, we don’t actually have chicken meat on the ramen menu. Until now, that is. We have added some exciting chicken side dishes. Like Popcorn Chicken, seen above. Bite-sized pieces of chicken, deep friend and then tossed into a wee stripy sweetie bag with, you guessed it, popcorn. Salty, crunchy and fun. But here’s the deal. There is a reason we haven’t put chicken on the menu until now. It’s because we have not been able to find the right producer. It seems that the market is divided between very small chicken farmers who cannot really cater to a professional kitchen’s needs; and big mass-producers. “There is a deep, deep, psychology that chicken should be cheap,” says one farmer I know, who happens to also raise the most delicious chickens ever. Unfortunately, as a small, totally independent organic producer, her costs are exponentially higher than the massive industrialised producers. And we, as small business owners, just cannot carry that added cost. As business owners our bottom line is our top priority, but as food business owners we want to give our customers the best products available. But as far as chicken goes, we’ve struck out. For a moment there, I had hope - when I heard about one medium size chicken processor whose website described their free-range birds. Unfortunately when we spoke to them, they told us they had stopped doing free range because people were not willing to pay for them. Is the Northern Ireland market wholly owned by Big Chicken? Are we wrong? If you know an awesome chicken farmer who can cater to a professional kitchen, let us know!! In the meantime, we are going to serve what we can find. Our Popcorn Chicken and wings are delicious, fun, & cooked with love. . . . . #biarebel #foodrebels #slurpmynoodles #belfastramen #ramen #ramennoodles #delicious #hungry #japanesefood #noodles #instafood #food #northernireland #belfastcity #bestofbelfast #lovebelfast #discoverni #smallbusiness #smallfarms

1 day ago

Day 14 of #gettoknowahomesteader is something older than me. ⬅️This guy right here. He's only 2 months and 5 days older than I am, but without him I wouldn't be where I am today. He not only supports all my crazy ideas, but dove right into homesteading with me and ran with it. In fact, some days I think he loves it more than I do 😆. I'm really lucky I have someone so great to do this crazy life with. I can't wait to see how many more new animals we randomly pick up and drive home 💁‍♀️🤪 #neveradullmoment #newdog

1 day ago

The overhang is underway! Despite the fact that we had to ditch our initial plan in leu of a free standing overhang, I would say we made some pretty good progress. There were the usual headaches: rocks when digging holes for the posts, goats getting into everything, Annie and Boone WWF wrestling right where you have to be working, and dealing with the out of level-ness of the mini barn (that’s what you get for building it on an old existing foundation). But , nonetheless we made great progress and *probably* don’t even have a full days worth of work left! 🐐🎑 #minibarn #barnsofinstagram #instabarn #barnstagram #goatbarn #instagramhomesteaders #smallfarms #modernhomesteading #dairygoats #overhang #alwaysbuilding

1 day ago

It's peak fall on our hill in Honor! Still not much time for hiking off the farm, but we get to do plenty of leaf peeping right here at home. 💛🍁🍂💛

1 day ago

Basil has to be one of my favourite things to grow. It looks good, smells good, tastes good, what's not to love? 😍🌱

1 day ago

Still plenty of time to shop and eat from your local farmers market!! We’ll be open til 2pm!! At 18181 Imperial Hwy!

1 day ago

Kline’s farm has the best ice cream on the planet! Made right on the farm, less than 100 yards from the cows that gave the cream. #icecream #smallfarms

1 day ago

We've got everyone's favorites at market today! Come down and see us between 9-1 today by the pier!

2 days ago

#ToarcoJayaAA most consistently high scored&delicious coffee from Sulawesi,Indonesia. Nothing what you can expect by the origin.

2 days ago

Who knew the farmers market could be so fun in the rain?! ☔️ We’ve got lots of new fall specials to take advantage of! We’re here till 2 and have loyalty cards on site (5 visits = $5 market bucks 😍)

2 days ago

Fall means every. type. of. greens. 🌱🌱🌱🌱 . Thank you for a great Leesburg Market morning! Cascades is open tomorrow from 9-1! 💚 #kale #collards #eatyourgreens