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26 minutes ago

One wild and crazy Friday night..

56 minutes ago

“Keep your eyes 👀open and your paws🐾 moving forward. You’ll find what you need”… I just hope it’s a bone. 😋 Even though I’m more of a sleepy doggie I absolutely adore outdoor and walks in the field. Don’t tell that to my 🐾rents, they can go crazy again and take me with them on the mountains. ⛰And we all know that’s not the brightest idea. I’m too old for this s*it. They will have to carry me all the way down, like many times before. 🙈But don’t blame them, they are just humans and they make mistakes. Not like us, we’re just flawless. 😜 To all dogs out there and theirs pawrents, leave a comment below if you wanna see, how they had to carry me in the past.😁 #Tai 🐾 🐾 🐾 #miniaturepinscher #dobermanpride #pinscherlove #minipinscher #minirotweiler #doberman_pinschers #miniaturepinscherdoberman #miniaturepinscherinstagram #minipinscherdog #minipinscherlovers #minipin #minipinsodinstagram #zwergpinscher #instapinscher #dogbuddies #pinscherworld #minidobermans #cutepinscher #minipinscherworld #pinscherminiatura #minipin #dogsrelaxing #sleepydog #napingdog

1 hour ago

Had a lovely sleep over at my in laws last night 🌛💫

2 hours ago

•×•FRÜHLINGSGEFÜHLE•×• Wow, werden wir dieses Wochenende von der Sonne verwöhnt! 😍☀️ 15°C sollen es werden! Da kann man doch nur raus wollen! 😄 Am meisten freut sich wahrscheinlich Smokey, weil er endlich keine Jacke mehr braucht. Gestern war er sogar schon am Bach und ist unfreiwillig reingeplumpst 🤣 das war ihm dann doch ein bisschen zu kalt! Wir haben auf jeden Fall ganz viele lange Gassirunden geplant, um das Wetter zu genießen. Und was habt ihr vor? Habt ihr auch so tolles Wetter? ❤️ . . . •×•FEELS LIKE SPRING•×• Wow, we're getting spoiled with sun this weekend! 😍☀️ 15°C are expected! 😄 I think Smokey is really excited, because he doesn't need a jacket outside anymore. And yesterday he already wanted to walk through a little creek, but he fell into the water and that was still a little too cold! 🤣 We have planned a lot of long walks for the weekend to enjoy the beautiful weather. What are you up to this weekend? Is the weather as awesome as ours where you live? ❤️ . . . #jackrussell #jrt #jackrussellterriersofinstagram #jackrussellterrier #sleepydog #cuddletime #terrierliebe #hundeliebe #dogsoulmate #dogstagram #dogsofgermany #pfotenglück #seelenhund

2 hours ago

PUPDATE! ⚠️ ... Hello furiends! I am just popping on to let you all know I am doing ok. It's been a tiring few weeks but the nice vet man says I am recovering well for an oldie (cheeky hooman!) I have 6 separate scars with internally dissolving stitches that apparently I'm not allowed to scratch or lick 🙄 I will post another pupdate with my awesome gear along with my results ❤