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21 minutes ago

when you pray to the dog gods for more sleep and more human food 🙏

27 minutes ago

Oh Chance. 🐕 There's never a dull moment with you around my boy! ❤ Some better than others... We had to go back to the vets today! Just as the one paw healed, the other got hurt. (Chance cut his carpal pad running around the backyard this afternoon.) After waiting patiently to be looked at, my boy took his stitches like a champ and is now peacefully sleeping until the sedation wears off more. 😴🏆 We are super thankfully to "daddy" ( @t_grahamturf ) who not only carried Chance inside but also brought the bed downstairs so everyone is able to relax comfortably for the next few days/weeks. 🛌❤ Now Chance has his family cuddling beside him, waiting for when he's wakes back up. 💙💜💚 We all hope you feel better soon my boy. 🐶 ▪ ▪ ▪ #Chancethedog #bordercollie #blacklab #bordercolliemix #blacklabmix #labsofig #labsofinstagram #colliesofig #bordercolliesofinstagram #bordercolliesofig #ilovemydog #family #hurt #injured #warmwishes #homecare #veterinary #veterinarycare #furkid #myboy #mydog #sleepy #sleepydog #sleepingbeauty

1 hour ago

All good at the cottage! We’ve been bathing in sauna, running, swimming and playing like crazy. Now some sleep😴

1 hour ago

I like putting my butt on hoomans pillows 🐾

1 hour ago

#negenk9chevy chillin after a good morning of obedience training and exposure work. Chevy gets a little nervous around strangers. He got to work near a lot of strangers passing by today, but we kept everyone out of his threshold resulting in a productive and exhausting couple of sessions. No we’re in the afternoon heat and Chevy will stay put for a couple hours before it’s work time again. . . #happydog #tireddog #sleepydog #letsleepingdogslie @nexgenk9

1 hour ago

2 years and 45 lbs ago ♥️

1 year ago

De las cosas más especiales de mi vida ❤️