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3 days ago

Making the most of any small bit of sunshine 👀🌚

1 week ago

New bumper painted and on 👌

3 weeks ago

‘Sable’ se lanzará en 2020 #RawFury #Sable #Shedworks "Cuando comenzamos a desarrollar Sable en 2017, solo estábamos Daniel y yo trabajando en el cobertizo. No tuvimos apoyo más allá de que mis padres nos permitieran usar su cobertizo, ni ninguna idea de hacia dónde nos llevaría este proyecto. Todo lo que sabíamos era que Sable era el tipo de experiencia que habíamos soñado durante años. Empezamos a compartir el juego muy pronto y la increíble recepción que tuvimos nos permitió obtener rápidamente el respaldo de Raw Fury y, finalmente, de Microsoft. Parte de la recepción ha incluido comentarios sorprendentes sobre el proyecto en VICE, Kotaku UK, Eurogamer, EDGE, GamesTM y más. Ha sido increíble y un sueño hecho realidad. Hemos estado trabajando en el juego a tiempo completo desde octubre de 2017. Inicialmente pensamos que el juego nos llevaría alrededor de 2 años para desarrollarlo. Fue una estimación extremadamente aproximada y para poder estar conformes con el juego que queremos hacer, ahora pensamos que necesitamos un poco más de tiempo. Siempre iba a ser difícil lanzar el juego en 2019, por lo que ahora hemos tomado la decisión de tomarnos más tiempo con el juego y lanzarlo en 2020. Estamos muy agradecidos de contar con el apoyo de… Link:

3 weeks ago

One of the most breathtaking and surprising games from E3 2018 was Sable from Shedworks and Raw Fury. It’s artstyle, which is inspired by French comics, and large world really helped it make a splash when it was revealed at the PC Gaming Show 2018. While it was originally intended to release in 2019, Raw Fury and Shedworks have announced that Sable has been pushed back to 2020 ahead of this year’s E3. . This may seem like bad news at first, but the delay makes more sense after listening to the developer’s reasoning. Following the game’s inception in 2017, developer Gregorios Kythreotis said Shedworks “thought the game would take us around 2 years to develop. It was an extremely rough estimate and for us to fully realise the game we want to make, we now think we need a bit more time.” While the game has been delayed, the team working on it is only expanding. Sable’s development started with just two people, but that is no longer the case. Since the project’s inception, the team has expanded to include Horizon Zero Dawn’s Meg Jayanth as a Narrative Designer, Japanese Breakfast’s Michelle Zauner as a composer, Bad North’s Martin Kyale as a sound designer, Micah Holland as an animator, Shanaz Byrne as a character artist, NeoCab and Tunic’s Felix Kramer as a producer, and Jourdan-Reiss Russell as another primary developer. It’s good to see that the team has grown in size and hired some pretty talented people, so this all seems to bode well for Sable. . Sable is now poised to release for PC and consoles sometime in 2020. . #Shedworks #RawFury #Sable #pc #pcgaming #vg4n_Sable . Source: DualShockers

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1 month ago

Gave the shed a little clean today 👌 bonnets almost ready for paint and potentially a new bumper as not feeling the byc without an intercooler filling the mouth 😂🤦‍♂️

1 month ago


1 month ago

Perfect daily 👀😬 rear camber arms fitted last night so no more rubbing 👌 excited for mimms In a few weeks for its first time on track

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2 months ago

Enjoying being back in this little thing 👌

2 months ago

Just before it all went wrong🙃😂

2 months ago

Well looked mint till it blew up, lasted all of 0.3 of a mile, back to the drawing board 😂😂

2 months ago

6 month wait almost over, 3 more days till I can drive this again 🤩

2 months ago

The excitement to drive this thing again is unreal, shame it’s no where near ready🤦‍♂️

3 months ago

Last few things on the list now, then m.o.t and mapping 😬

3 months ago

Let her out into some daylight, still lots left to finish 🤦‍♂️

3 months ago

5 weeks to go😈

3 months ago

Deadline fast approaching and still no where near ready to be back on the road 😂🤦‍♂️