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Такие милахииии😻 Думаю, мне стоит посмотреть этот фильм)❤️ 🎬Фильм: «Мы купили зоопарк» Уже 8,9К!😍 Скоро 9К💋 Спасибо вам🥰 @o.serials 👈🏻 подписку💛

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💔 Perché vuoi che vada al MIT? Insomma Boston è molto lontana. _Credevo che mi avresti portata con te, ma Ma cosa? _Nessuno è buono con me, come lo sei tu. Sei il migliore di questo quartiere, sei il migliore di quelli che ho incontrato e meriti di andare via, anche se non mi porterai con te, tanto immaginavo che non l'avresti mai fatto. #lipgallagher #mandymilkovich #shameless #shamelessitalia

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This ❤️ I’ve dealt with shame my whole life. People that I love the most have used that shame to hurt me and keep me still. But shame is from the devil. Don’t allow shame to keep you from God’s life for you. #Shame #shameless #devotional #bibleapp

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Katrs atbild par savu dzīvi, par savu ceļu un par savām robežām! Mani mīļie, novēlu nodzīvot šo dzīvi ka jūs to gribat 🖤 un nav svarīgi ko kāds domā, ka arī nost ar svešas dzīves koriģēšanu! Būsim laimīgi 💋 #безстыда #BEZKAUNA #SHAMELESS

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Watching Shameless and they had donuts and sweets. They called them doughnut holes..wait what?! Uhmm in Canada they are known as timbits! Who says doughnut hole? Timbits sounds so much better! #shameless

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Vai Tu sevi mīli no sirds? Vai esi lepna par sevi šodien un biji lepna par sevi vakar? Izlauzies no smacejošā kauna slazda, kur Tevi iznīcina sveši viedokļi un robežas! Esi brīva paust savu ES tieši tādu, kādu Tu sevi mīli!❤️ #BEZKAUNA #SHAMELESS #BEZSTIDA #безстыда

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Its episode 66 Ladies and Gents and everyone In between! This week is the much anticipated #JamesCameron and #RobertRodriguez film " #AlitaBattleAngel . Its based on the #Manga by Yukito Kishiro. The film is set in the post-apocalyptic future and Alita, a female cyborg who has lost all memories and is found in a junkyard by a cybernetics doctor, Ido( #ChristophWaltz ), who rebuilds and takes care of her. She discovers the only thing she remembers is the legendary cyborg martial art Panzer Kunst, which leads to her becoming a Hunter Warrior or bounty hunter. The story traces Alita's attempts to rediscover her past and the characters whose lives she impacts on her journey. come hop on with us as we talk about what we think is this years " #Valerian ". Also this week we tackled our season 2s of " #Shameless " and " #GameOfThrones " If your just joining our show or are playing along at home. What that means is Alex is watching "Shameless" for the first time and Cody is doing the same with "Game of Thrones" . every other episode we set aside a bit to recap what has happened in each others shows. its been a blast so far for both of us. TO SKIP TO THE #ALITA REVIEW GO TO 1:01:00 Show is available on #Soundcloud #itunes #googleplay #stitcher and #tunein A BIG! Thanks to all those who choose to support this show through our #Teepublic store! It truly means the world to us. And well be both get a little something. If your new here and would like to join in and grab your self some movie/tv related merch jump over and get you find you something too. link is in the bio. We would also love to hear from all our listeners! Hit us up we ask us questions give feed back comments about the show! We may even feature you on the show if you like! Comment, like share anything you feel like doing we would appreciate it all! You can find us at- podtimeforgot  or reach us at our  Twitter or Instagram @podtimeforgot @codysthompson @nameste_27 @alangarner_1 #applepodcast #applepodcasts #podcast #PodTimeForgot

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Может ещё плед расстелим, на звёздочки посмотрим? 4 года спустя:

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All we need is.... Finish this sentence

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#Drug me to #death #Monday didn’t goto the #bank #Censored sister so she won’t pretend that I do what she actually does Take pictures of me against my will and permission try to make my nose & skin look really bad Then share those pictures with people I cannot stand and want nothing to do with Being the designated scapegoat That group obviously includes her #bobsaget #onlywomenbleed #Blues #standup #sittingdown Must get clean At some point #Bones #angry #tired #shameless and other things like that yet I’m wearing right now #januhairy Hair no hair I don’t care 🤷🏻‍♀️

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"Se deja de querer, y es como el ciego que aún dice adiós, llorando, después que pasó el tren..." ¡¡Buenos días!! Feliz comienzo de semana 😘💪❤️

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