sexyfarmerfriday Photos & Videos

8 months ago

This man in this warm evening sun harvesting big bountiful heads of broccoli makes me all 😍. #sexyfarmerfriday

10 months ago

We have Red Kuri Squash now. Hope you enjoy and come get some! Side note this is how this weeks photo shoot went: “What are you going to do with that, that’s sexy?” -Jaque. “Just be me! F***!” - Mert It’s going to his head y’all. #sexyfarmerfriday #rockneyfarms

10 months ago

Our heads are spinning kind like this #sexyfarmerfriday trying to get everything harvested and prepare for our Farm to Fork Dinner in just one week! Don’t forget to get your tickets! This guy will be a sever 😉 #rockneyfarms

11 months ago

We’re back and have lots of delicious veggies for you! Come see us Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday and don’t forget to get some of the veggie of the week, Beets! #justbeetit #sexyfarmerfriday