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2 hours ago

We’ve cut sugar out of our diets and you guys, I am struggling. I went through a phase where I made lots of “healthy” sweets, which isn’t much better than eating sugar. Then I went through a phase where I just ate my body weight in fruit every day. Now I’m trying really hard to keep the natural sugars at a reasonable level, and my @pinterest boards are just flooded with cake recipes because I am so on the struggle bus, you guys. I’m driving it. I am the bus. The bus is me. #sendhalp

6 hours ago

Ok fam! Here’s my (mostly) final lineup planned for #animeexpo next week... Thursday: Mai Valentine (though I’m struggling with a couple parts of this cosplay and may go with Casual Todoroki instead...we’ll see hehe) Friday: Alleyne in a huge Queen’s Blade group Saturday: Caulifla in an amazing DBZ group Sunday: Sexy Genderbent Tokoyami with my girls in a genderbent MHA group Photogs be sure to message me if there are any of these you’d like to shoot. ☺️💃💕😈 • So I’ll try to post some WIP pics, but I likely won’t be too active on social media this week as I am plunging myself into the deep concrunch, while also trying to maintain self-care and life balance. It’s really important to take care of yourself before a long con if you don’t want to burn out. The most important thing about going to a con is to have fun, not cry over sleep deprivation haha! • I’m excited to see everyone though! 💕 • Credit to the original artists of these images • • • • #ax #ax2019 #animeexpo2019 #cosplaylineup #maivalentine #yugioh #alleyne #queensblade #caulifla #dragonballsuper #tokoyami #myheroacademia #concrunch #sendhalp

7 hours ago

🤣😫I'll be in bed watching the office with my @willamette_valley_alchemy carti recovering. I could really use a California Burrito right about now 😭🤣 . . 😩That being said, I realize my body has been in a lot of pain lately because every day after work I feel like I'm 100 years old. Standing, bending, reaching, hunched over shampooing, blow drying, for 8+ hours a day is getting to me. My physical activity has greatly reduced and my yoga practice is basically nonexistent...😢 . . Time to get out of this funk! . . . . #erinreyehair #theofficememes #theoffice #2dayhangover #sendhalp #selfmedicating #pdx #portland

9 hours ago

Wondering why the fck I’m at work and not here #sendhalp

17 hours ago

Flash back to this time last year my blue eyed boy 👦🏼 All the mother F of emotions are flooding in!! 12months ago you were so sick and battling - you had a nurse staying by your bedside as you made sure to fit into all the 1% worst case scenarios of every situation they had- but you my boy are made of strength and you powered through! That Viking blood in you is strong 💪 I had many a dark day of regret and guilt as I still held down my job and tagged in and out with your dad and sisters because unfortunately time wouldn’t stay still so we could heal you. My heart broke daily into a million pieces-BUT our village of people rallied to us in all measures of support! 🙌🏻 And year later and look at you! You are a WILD almost 4 year old still trying to fit into the 1% category of how far can you push life- you don’t stop - your a hotmess of emotion and pushing every boundary life has! I joke saying I miss you being docile and sick caused you stayed still and always wanted your mumma! But in reality I’ve never been more proud and at ease then I am now with you my wild child! You make my heart race in a different way now- instead of it being fear you won’t survive this it’s fear of how you will survive this 😂💕 #mynumber1son #wegotthis #sickboy #sendhalp #heswildnow

19 hours ago

Currently resting from a minor hamstring strain so here’s a PSO Golden Gate thrashy moment throwback to remind myself that I need to start hustling soon for my Nationals routine because there are 7 weeks left and I have zero pole passes right now. Hoping to fix that this week!! 😭 Also I need a haircut lol #sendhalp

1 day ago

Decided to join my darling on his Sunday “I’m starting keto tomorrow” binge. The same carb binge he has done every Sunday for the last 6 weeks 😳 But this time he’s asked me to be super strict on him, and I’m on his site again tomorrow so good luck sneaking off to get treats baby 😉 #teambellette #ketofordummies #ketonz #sendhalp

1 day ago

Iron Revolution novice PL comp today. After competing in a strongman comp just four weeks ago I can say my body is well and truly fried 🍳 No PBs were hit but nevertheless im very happy with how the day went and going 8/9 Squats 105, 110, 115 (shown) Bench 62.5, 67.5 (shown), 70 🔴🔴🔴 Dead 135, 145, 150 (shown) I was lucky to get the 67.5 bench, there was slight bar dip but I got two whites so 🤷‍♀️ Loved being able to compete alongside my girl Who absolutely smashed it today. I’m sooo proud of you girl 🥰🥰🥰 Now to put in some work and get everything stronger and prettier for Melb Cup 🤗 . . . @ironrevolutiongym @pioneer_fit @inzeradvancedesigns @depth_beforedishonor_squatco @harrisstabilitysystems

2 days ago

Happy Saturday guys!!!! Mama and Daddy are home for the weekend and I LOVE IT!!!! We play game, cuddle, jump, and walk more!!! I have learned a bunch of stuff daddy said. I know how to sit, shake, lay down, and roll over already!!! I told y’all from day one I’m smart... 😎 I’m currently learning this new thing called ‘off’. I don’t like it. I just want to be closer to what mama is cooking and see what’s going on. She’s so mean sometimes. She even tells me no in a mean voice. 😣 I just don’t understand why she’s so mean to me!!!! #moosethegoldenretriever #mooshisushi #dogsofinstagram #puppylife #goldenretriever #mamaisbroken #sendhalp

3 days ago

Currently having an emotional breakdown while editing sunset images of these two cats. Most incredible light I ever did see 🖤🙌🏼 #sendhalp

3 days ago

I need a moment of silence for my food processor. It still runs beautifully but thanks to this tiny piece breaking off of the bowl I cannot use it without the top coming off. Y'ALL. I have had this food processor for SEVEN YEARS. I use it EVERY WEEK when I meal prep. It's a beast. I cant accept that this is it for my favorite kitchen appliance but I cannot find a Cuisinart replacement part for this model. Halp! . . . . . #adulting #uhoh #sendhalp #help #foodprocessor #cuisinart #cuisinartfoodprocessor #homecooking #mealprep #cook #seriouscook #crying #firstworldproblems #ilovemykitchen #ilovetocook #keto #fixthis #justcallmemartha #canwefixthis #halp #adultproblem #sendhelporwine #downtowntampa #downtowntampaliving #harbourisland #tampaharbourisland #highriselife #iliveinthecloudswithunicorns #harbourislandtampa

3 days ago

Current situation 🤦🏻‍♀️😂 2x big kids in bed asleep and .... 1x baby daddy “sooo sick” and asleep on the couch- I sit down to a wine and fold washing cause ya know we get wild on friyays up in hurrrr .... turn around to this hotmess just casually standing there like something out of children of the corn 😳 - undies over a bodysuit and pjs no where to be seen...just staring at me ... if I pretend I can’t see it will it go the F back to bed?? Asking for a friend??? #sendhalp #sweetpjsbro #parentingiseasy

3 days ago

2 cleans + front squat + jerk @ 56kg . Me to me during this whole lift: "don't cough into the open air like an asshole don't cough don't cough don't cough" . As a direct consequence of my inner monologue, that jerk was utter shit lolol #needsmoremucinex #sendhalp #🤧 #canibehealthyagainalreadypls

4 days ago

Okay, okay. I know you suggested I eat a cookie, my dearest fan (read: internet bully), but I was feeling pancakes, so I did just that because I do what I want. But you know me so well, so that shouldn’t surprise you one bit. 👌🏻 You‘ve alleged that I perpetuate poor body image issues in “bitchy stay-at-home mommies” (note the proper use of hyphens in this context, by the way 😉). If you’ve misconstrued my absolute, unwavering passions for amazing food and celebrating what the human body is capable of being and doing, I can only surmise that’s because you’re projecting some very deep-seated issues that have absolutely nothing to do with me and 100% to do with how you’ve allowed to LET yourself feel well into your adult life. I’m sorry if that’s the case, but I’m even sorrier you’re to trying to make it my problem. 🤷🏽‍♀️ I see you over there. Sitting behind your screen like a fucking coward. And in between lamenting about the challenges of your ho-hum, lackluster life and writing hateful emails to me, you’re pushing that over-priced snake oil you sell to unassuming victims who just want to feel better about themselves. I don’t follow you anymore, so if you’ve moved on to selling some other form of garbage people don’t need, I do apologize for assuming you’re selling the same old 💩. 🙄 So, anyway, these pancakes were fucking delicious. I’d have invited you over to partake, but you’re not really my people. And lord knows I don’t share my macros (a topic you hate to hear about because basic matters of science scare you). Alas, no invite for you. 🙅🏿‍♂️ BUT, let me know if you’d like me to text you the recipe. Pretty sure I still have your digits. Or, I can just send it to the anonymous email address from which you’ve been bullying me. Just let me know how I can be of service.😘 #internetbullies #tryme #cantrainonmyparade #unfuckyourself #findyourhappy #getoffmyfuckinglawn #wateryourfuckinglawn #fixyourdamnself #illbeoverhereeatingpancakes

5 days ago

I’m not the best at makeup, not even close, but I wanted to try out the #Snapscara from @maybelline . It was hard to get it to really show up. Even the black eyeliner kind of hid the purple. I did a purple shadow to try and enhance the color of the mascara. It also stays goopy for a while, but I know that’s part of it being an easy mascara to wash off. And it is! Let’s hope I don’t go crying! #MNYItLook #contest @maybelline @ultabeauty @Influenster #snapscara #voxbox #makeup #blueeyes #sendhalp #idontmakeup #onlyoneeyeisdoneandmybrotherislookingatmeweird #purple #dailyface #eyeballs #eye #see #you

6 days ago

Humans think this is funny 😒 #sendhalp

6 days ago

Just when I thought I was getting the hang of this “patience” virtue thing... Because I guess teaching almost 500 kids a year, working in education and childcare for nearly 20 years, loving my little fluffy stubborn boy for the last 9 years, and all of other things life has handed me.. life decided I still have a lot more to learn. So, along came Maris. Far more affectionate than her name sake, but 💯 as high maintenance 😂 #alongcamemaris #puppiesaretheworst #ilovemydogs #sendhalp #patience

1 week ago

I am capable of amazing things. I let go of fear. I let go of thinking I am not good enough. That I need more experience. That I am not smart enough. That I don't deserve to be successful. I let all of that shit go. BC I know for damn sure it ain't benefitting me currently. Bye. ✌🏾🖕🏾 I am smart. I am successful. I am capable. I am worthy. I am enough. I am beautiful. I am talented. I am funny. I am whole. #coachingmyself #healthcoaching #wellnesscoaching #mindfullness #healthyconversations #motivationmonday #fullmoonmantras #otherclichethingspeoplesay #imactuallyreallysickatthemoment #sendhalp #sendsoup #sendvoodoohealingvibesmyway #summercoldsblowass #pollen #asthma

1 week ago

I didn't think the call for my attendance would happen again after my last venture to @downloadfest in 2015.. Only a special collection of bands may beckon me back, and so 2019 it was to be, I returned. Some of my favourite bands in the world played. Here is a collection of my highlights shall be immortalised. What the fuck am I talking about? 😅 I am exhausted. . . . #downloadfestival #download #brownload #drownload #downchoad #festival #metal #prog #progmetal #mudistonsoffun #not #needsleep #itsoddbeingbackamongcivilisation #dontlikeit #sendhalp #opeth #tool #neobliviscaris #conjurer #dreamtheater #alcest #skynd #dieantwoord #jinjer #atthegates #doningtonpark #castledonington #gottrenchfoot #sunburnaswell #confusing

1 week ago

This last week has been an absolute write-off! With a sick toddler and less than 8 hours of sleep throughout the entire week, this mama’s to do list has gone out the window. Like I haven’t even had a chance to put my activewear on because I’ve been in my pj’s most days. To top things off, we move house this weekend! #sendhalp All that aside, what are some of your bucket list items post kids? #mamaneedsaholiday #bucketlist #canipeeinpeace #lol #wheresthewineat #canyoudiefromsleepdeprivation ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Repost @pinkymckay1

1 week ago

Not gonna lie to ya... dis huuuuuurt ☝🏻👆🏻/// But let’s be honest, they all hurt 🤷🏼‍♀️ Last round of 5.. running + DT #whomakesupthissh !t #sendhalp

1 week ago

Oh frigg ma I don’t know nuffin bout bein engimeer only know bout bein cute 🎀 #sendhalp

1 week ago

Current set up. Isn’t it dreamy? 😜😎 #DatVideoCardDoeeeee #Circa2012 @nvidia @nvidiageforce I AM READY FOR EYE MELTING GRAPHICS HAHAAAAA! I didn’t build this. Been using it since 2016. This baby was my first EVER gaming computer. I learned how to play WoW and Hearthstone on it. It was with me through my entire Blizz journey. We been through a lot mang! I’m very thankful for it, but it’s pretty clear it’s time is coming to an end. I wanna live that @nzxt Kraken RGB shine bright like a diamond life. I’m about 100% sure my next computer will be made through @nzxt ‘s #BLD service. I’m completely blown away by them. I always drooled over the rigs they brought to #Blizzcon. Time for me to have one of my own 🖤🤘🏼 #upgrade #oldcomputers #nopower #sendhalp #nzxt #bld #iwantthemegacomputer #learntostream #journey #newthings #follow4followback #like4likes #nerdherd #nvidia #rgb #hearthstone #gamergirl #FORDOOMHAMMER 🖤 Follow me on Twitter: @inhaywetrust

1 week ago

The last time I deadlifted was 18 days ago 😢 I noticed a slight knee cave during 315 so went back down to work on form. Also 🍆 around with some light conventional at 225. Excited to be back from summer travels so I can focus on pulling heavy 🙏🏼 #sendhalp

1 week ago

The beginning of my drive to LA looks way more sassy than the end of it. 🤣 #defeated #sendhalp 🤦🏼‍♀️

1 week ago

I’m scared of floors that I might slip on but was so hungry I braved the scary floor boards and found refuge in the theatre room while dad went and got dinner ready... but then he went and put my bowl in the spot he always does?? and now I can’t get off the carpet. He said if I just waited where I usually do then this would never have happened but I don’t know. RSPCA please send immediate help 🏳️ #bamboozledagain #howwasisupposedtoknow #doginstagram #sendhalp #greyhoundsofinstagram #greyhound #blackdog #wheresmum #floorislava