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Oh autumn, how we longed for you on hot, dry summer days - we ♥ you.

5 hours ago

It's #weedwednesday and today's hidden gem is this scrappy little offering known as Sow Thistle (Sorchum) The leaves are edible raw or cooked and less bitter than dandelion leaves. They contain about 30 - 40mg of vitamin C per 100g, and 1.2% protein. Stems can be cooked like asparagus or rhubarb but are best if the outer skin is removed first. Young roots may be cooked although they can be woody. Medicinally, an infusion of the leaves can help with diarrhea and the stems can aid constipation. As a poultice it's an anti-inflammatory, and the sap from the stems can be squeezed onto warts to remove them. Magickally it increases strength & stamina, repels witches, and provides invisibility from enemies. 😎 #sowthistle #embraceyourweeds #medicinalplants #edibleweeds #naturaltherapies #naturesmedicine #kitchenwitch #selfsufficiency

6 hours ago

Our scoby came in today and we can’t wait to get our Kombucha started 🙌🏼

6 hours ago

It looks like Christmas is a few days away not Thanksgiving! 😂🤣

6 hours ago

This is 1/3 of the monster veggie patch. It's slowly looking like a garden and not just desolate soil. We are working hard trying to get as much organic matter in there as possible and increase soil life! This is very much a long term project ❤ . . . . . . . . . . . #homestead #homesteading #homesteadlife #harvest #livingthedream #growyourown #growyourownfood #garden #gardening #organicfood #organic #organicgardening #organicgarden #permaculture #selfsufficient #selfsufficiency #homegrown #homegrownveggies #farmgirl #justgrowit #veggiepatch #vegetablegarden #growwhatyoueat #livingofftheland #farmlife

6 hours ago

With this slightly nibbled spicy winter salad from the polytunnel I’m just clinging on to year round harvests!

8 hours ago

Our organic olives picked from our trees are ready for smashing! (Removing the pip and curing in salt water) Is it me or is it difficult to find quality food in shops? PLUS they charge you ridiculous amounts for organic . i know i rave on about how organic foods are so important because they should be available to EVERYONE! Food quality apparently is less important than buying a new phone or decorating the home. I say ditch the fancy phone and go buy some organic food. If we all buy demand increases, production increases and prices will drop. What do you buy organic ?

9 hours ago

Ok, so this is the first informative post I am making. And given the weather change we all are experiencing, I think it’s well timed. Going to talk about this van that I mentioned in the first post. Van was having all sorts of no start issues. Owner would turn the key and everything in the dash would light up but the car would even try to turn over. Owner paid for a few parts to get replaced only to keep ending up where she started a week or so later. When she reached out and explained to me her issue, I was almost certain I knew what the problem was. Some of her symptoms while the car was on and driving was flickering lights at the dash, in a sort of you’ve won a bunch of money as Vegas flashing. And even one point while driving through the intersection, her van completely died and wouldn’t start again. Electrical issues. They can be dreadful thing if it’s a short somewhere, but I knew this wasn’t the case based on symptoms. First place we looked at was the vans fuse box. Sure enough every plug was corroded. Corrosion leads to faulty connections because it is not a conductor of electricity. Corrosion will look like a green or white substance on any metal connections (See video included in post). To clean an corrosion off, you’ll first need to disconnect your battery. Most batteries are secured with a 10mm bolt. Remove the negative or black cable from battery and make sure it rests clear of either terminal. The terminal is what the wires your disconnecting, connect to. The fuse box is the box right next to battery. Look at each connections individually making note of where and how they go. Scrub with pipe cleaners until metal looks clean and apply dielectric grease to keep corrosion from happening in the future. From there you can follow any wires from battery down to the other end which will either be alternator (what charges the battery while driving and also what your car runs off of once’s it’s started) or the starter. Scrub and apply grease. Check all sensor connections. Scrub and spray them with electrical cleaner as needed. Any questions feel free to PM me. Hoping soon enough to start creating videos to go with instructions.

9 hours ago

🙌Heather, AMHA's Self Sufficiency Initiative Supervisor, strengthens Summit Lake by "managing grants and working with community agencies and staff to bring self-sufficiency programing and activities to Summit County". You can support Summit Lake and the Reach Opportunity Center by participating in #givingtuesday Every little bit helps! Donate now online. Link in bio❄ 💕 Stronger Summit Lake, Stronger Summit County . #give #strongertogether #community #givetoday #summitlake #summitcounty #campaign #hope #nonprofit #tuesday #collaboration #selfsufficiency #grants #service #helpingothers #support #neighbors #allinthistogether

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Starting our Thanksgiving baking a little early 🍪 Making some oatmeal raisin cookies with the littles today (though they got distracted quickly by some blocks 😏) This is my favorite recipe and it makes a ton! Gonna be sending some to work with J tomorrow to start the festivities early 🍂

9 hours ago

This cutie showed up for snuggles the moment I sat down after my workout this morning. 😻 . 'Twas leg day today. Kind of intense but hey...when the hubby starts complimenting your progress, you know things are working! These last two weeks are shred week and it's definitely working. 🙌💪Who wants to join me in my next program?

10 hours ago

Chapter 2.5: Day 20 of bagging. Today we completed bagging on our smaller 4m Dia dome. This photo says it all really, a mighty structure, yet elegant and somewhat connected to the cosmos, and to the soul. Feeling blessed, and awaiting the rest of week, to get our larger dome and chimney to the top. Aho and blessings @luckyspringfarm Bodrum Turkey.

11 hours ago

A new post has been added to the blog! Tips for frugal living - Kitchen Edition! Here I will list some of our go to ways to stretch our dollar further and make a greener home!

12 hours ago

We've been eating from our food storage for about a month and a half now. The goal is always to get us to the next harvest without running out. I didn't meet that goal last year but I'm hoping we're on our way this year! I've canned 330 jars as opposed to last year's 204! SO much work but it really pays off once the snow begins to fly! . . . . . #selfsufficiency #selfsufficientliving #homesteading #foodinmasonjars #foodinjars #canning #homecanned #homecanning #winteronthefarm #homesteadersofinstagram #homesteadinglife #offgridfarm #offgridhomestead #offgridliving #masonjarlove #foodpreservation #growyourownfood

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These are pecan pralines! I make them for my father regularly, but this time they're for his birthday. I've been baking in my spare time for quite a while now. It's something I genuinely enjoy doing, especially when I make something from scratch (it's sooo much better!). While I was making these I was thinking how even more rewarding it must be when the ingredients are from your own garden. I'm just so excited for next year when I can really get started growing my own food! I know I want fruit trees and berry bushes in addition to a vegetable garden, but who knows how far it could go! So many possibilities! #homestead #homesteading #homesteadlife #learningtohomestead #learning #growing #selfsufficient #selfsufficiency #simple #simplelife #simpleliving #simplify #food #dessert #nature #garden #gardening #happy #love #determination #workhard #keeptrying #preparing #preparation #change #selfimprovement #learn #homemade #treat

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I can not get into taking pictures and posting stuff lately! It's really getting on my nerves at this point! Anyways I went through the very few California pics I took and apparently I didn't take anything good. Maybe Carol @_midwyf_ got some decent pics she could send me lol bit the ones I took weren't anything I would bother posting... But more importantly check out my comfrey!!! Some of you may remember that I had a ton of comfrey planted in my garden along my chicken coop back home. Well i asked my mom if she could get it dug up and sent out to me when it starts to go dormant, so she dug up all of my plants and mailed them all the other day for me. I forget how many I had but it filled up Paul's little wagon when I unboxed them haha. I ended up splitting them up into a little over 40 smaller plants. By the end of next year they will all be this size if not bigger I'm sure! They are such an incredibly resilient plant it always amazes me! The cool thing is that where the plants were back home in the spring it will look like they were never dug out. Any piece of root that gets broken off the plant will actually sprout new growth and regenerate another plant! It's just so prolific! I've made a few posts on some if it's incredible benefits in the garden and I know @organicthug has made a few good videos about it, but once it comes up in the spring and is looking good again I'll make a post about it and go into detail about its many uses and characteristics and whatnot. Oh and by the way this is a bocking 14 variety of comfrey and it doesn't produce viable seed so it won't take over like the traditional varieties can and will tend to do. I'd recommend bocking 14 over the other varieties 100% no matter what! . . . #comfrey #biodynamicfarming #biodynamicagriculture #biodynamicaccumulator #growingbacktoeden #backtoeden #gardening #backtoedengarden #homestead #homesteader #sustainability #sustainable #selfsufficiency #permaculture #groworganic #organic #eatrealfood #gyo #organicgardening #garden #farmfresh #farmtofork #freshlypicked #produce #farm

12 hours ago

I put my future chef in charge of planning our menu for Thursday's feast, with the added challenge of using as many homegrown ingredients as possible. He chose roasted duck as the main dish, so together this morning we processed one of our extra drakes. We are so thankful for the opportunity to create a farm-to-table meal. It really gives new meaning to the idea of a feast of thanksgiving. #grateful #makingmemories #menuplanning #butcheringday #homegrown #rouenduck #farmtotable #thanksgiving #farmschooling #homeschooling #homeschool #unschooling #homeeducation #farmeducation #thisisschool #selfsufficiency #sustainability #homesteading #homestead #homesteadlife #farmlife #farmboy

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Vor 2 Monaten habe ich euch ein Foto von meiner Aubergine im Gewächshaus gezeigt die ich als Saatgut hängen lasse, einige von euch wollten damals wissen wann man erkennt ob das Saatgut ausgereift ist. Man sieht es an der Farbe der Aubergine wie man auf diesem Foto sehr schön sehen kann. Hängen lassen so lange es geht ist der beste Weg um gutes Saatgut zu erhalten, nebenbei sieht das ganze auch noch recht hübsch aus oder? . . . #aubergine #saatgut #eggplant #forseeds #heirloom #samenfest #growyourown #healthyfood #homegrown #urbanfarmer #dongiardino #sustainability #organicgardening #organicfood #kitchengarden #backyardgarden #urbanfarming #selfsufficient #selfsufficiency #farmlife #eatwhatyougrow #growfoodnotlawns #gardentotable #veggiegarden #vegetablegarden #gemüsegarten #selbstversorger

17 hours ago

100% of what we produce is waste. Whether single use or kept for decades, the minute an item loses utility or can be replaced by an alternative, it becomes irrelevant. At heart, 'zero-waste' is about using what you already have - reusing things that are about to become 'waste' ♻️🌎 normal forks > new bamboo cutlery • • • • • • #plasticfree #wastefreeliving #plasticpollution #minimalism #climateaction #zerowaste #sustainability #environmentalism #reuse #upcycling #stopplastic #selfsufficiency #liveauthentic #minimal #mindfullness #slowliving #inspiresustainability

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Sheep Sorrel 🌱 Rumex acetosella F. Polygonaceae Sheep sorrel leaves have been valued as a diuretic to remove excess fluid from the body, for urinary and kidney complaints, and to strengthen the heart. Other uses include: blood disorders, skin conditions, fevers, inflammation, diarrhea, excessive menstruation, and for throat and mouth ulcers. Crushed, fresh leaves are applied as a poultice to boils and carbuncles. Sheep sorrel assists the body in throwing off any viral infection. 🌻 SHIPARDS HERB FARM 🌻 For more information on herbs or our products contact us on- 139 Windsor Rd Burnside, Nambour Qld 4560 Ph: 07 54411101 Open hours: Mon, Tues, Thurs, Sat 10am-2pm info @herbs #herbs #organic #farm #herbfarm #plants #generalwellbeing #nature #health #easytogrow #herbstouse #natural #outdoors #gardening #garden #plantlover #sunshinecoast #vegan #plantmedicine #food #naturalmedicine #seeds #naturopath #herbalist #books #vegy #plantblogger #herbmedicine #selfsufficiency #survivalfood #sheepsorrel @shipardsherbfarm

20 hours ago

En favoritbild från när vi hade #odlingslott i #Malmö. Nu är medhjälparen mogen för eget ansvar i odlingarna.

21 hours ago

Great news! I've finally been able to find a piece of land in my price range! In Denmark we have something called colonial gardens, which are small pices of rented land which we use as a mix of vacation houses and gardens. It's long been a dream of mine to own one and now it has finally happened! I can't overstate how excited I am to finally have the space for all the little projects I've been wanting to do for so long! #doityourself #selfsufficiency #learningbydoing #colonialgarden #garden #gardening #homesteading #excited

21 hours ago

A chunky parsnip. Size 10 boots for scale. Harvesting these bad boys just one at a time.

1 day ago

Since our beds are still being prepped we decided to do our winter garden in tubs this year. We were supposed to move into our house earlier in the season, but alas life happened and we moved in later than expected. So instead of just not doing a winter garden we improvised and found some old containers to plant in. While it may not be the most space efficient it’s better than nothing! Here is some of our garlic sprouting up 🌱

1 day ago

The Self-Sufficiency Program held its annual success story panel gathering this month. Graduates of the program shared their stories with current Self-Sufficiency Program participants. Graduates talked about the challenges they faced as low income parents in today's housing market and how they broke through barriers to complete their education and achieve self-supporting careers that they love. #HIPhousing #affordablehousing #selfsufficiency

1 day ago

an unexpected lil harvest of dandelion and pine! sometimes I find wild herbs in unexpected places - these were gathered at a local elementary school. the dandelions are infusing in oil that got a nice jump start on the wood stove last night, and the pine was chopped up fine, some for a tincture and most of it ground into epsom salts for a winter bath salt blend i'm working on 💚💚 . :: :: :: :: #urbanforaging #urbangardening #gleaning #gardening #harvest #foraging #forager #foraged #wildcrafting #flowers #dandelion #herbalmedicine #herbalism #plantmedicine #herbalremedies #herbal #trees #pine #homestead #homesteading #selfsufficiency #selfreliance

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Here’s a throwback to the cutest farmer lady wearing one of her wrap skirts 🙌 @michellechapin 😘😘

1 day ago

ESCAPOD. Pre-fabricated & off-grid luxury accomodation spaces that seek to redefine short-stay accomodation #prefab ________ This gem in South Australia’s McLaren Vale wine region is an exceptional example of sustainable and low impact living #sagreat ________ Perfect fusion of design, business & environment. Bravo @escapod 👏 ________ PHOTOGRAPHED by Sam Noonan @sam_noonan_photo For bookings contact The Vineyard Retreat McLaren Vale V @thevineyardretreat

1 day ago

Week 8, the final week. I started this program Oct 1st and I haven't missed even one workout! 🙌 Thanks to a flexible 4 day a week workout routine I've been able to stay on track in spite of moving and the rest life throws at you. Oh, and also, I've just doubled my lifting strength to top it off! 🔥💪

1 day ago

#latergram of our garden bed progress! We are so excited to get the last step of our beds done by spreading wood chips on top of our locally obtained compost! Y’all, we searched high and low to good compost and we just couldn’t find anything! It turns out there was a farm right outside of our little town that sells it by the truck load for just $20! So we not only got it cheaper than some other options but we also only had to drive 5 minutes away. Local score for the win 🙌🏻

1 day ago

Wow, wow, wow! @CentralCityCoffee is featured in @parademagazine "11 Gifts for the Coffee Lover in Your Life" gift guide! If it weren't for all the caffeine, we'd think we were dreaming this up.⁣ ⁣ We're so grateful that they included our incredible social enterprise program changing the lives of formerly homeless mothers!⁣ ⁣ #centralcityconcern #centralcitycoffee #portland #pdx #pdxcoffee #portlandcoffee #socent #socialenterprise #jobs #employment #jobtraining #supportyourcommunity #selfsufficiency #cccportland #stablefamilies #familiesthatthrive #endhomelessness