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[Don't compare] @selenagomez @arianagrande Both are the queen of my heart and their beauty never fails💗. I am ready to make edits for all artists without comparing, and I have no problem with anyone ... I just want to be a family with all fandoms and be a good world for them. Don't compare any artists in this world, but they're like you humans and living, stop your fighting with fan pages. I know you feel jealous of some artists whose degree increases their talent. Do your comments prevail when you are fighting with someone? When you write a comment that you're fighting with them, you write without fear and respect...isn't it? But when you talk to owner of that fan page that you were fought with her/him...actually you can't speak in a wrong words. God doesn't create us to be in a weak health and be a liar and break the hearts of people and kill people. Does God proud of us when we do these? You know that someone is doing that, but I'm sure God doesn't call them "humans". Do you know what human beings know?...If we have (love, ethics, respect, faith, trust, justice and honor) God calls you "human", I don't care about the beauty of my face but my beauty through my faith and ethics. Honestly i don't hate anyone without no reason. I love people but if they don't have justice and ethnic and respect for people...I can't love them. Breathe, You're going to be okay. Breathe, and remember that you've been in this place before. You've been this uncomfortable, and anxious, and scared, and you've survived it. And know you can survive this too. These feelings can't break you. They're painful and debilitation, but you can sit with them and eventually, they will pass. Maybe not immediately, but sometime soon. They are going to fade and when they do, you'll look back at this moment and laugh for having doubted your resilience. I know it feels unbearable right now, but keep breathing, again and again. This will pass. I promise it will pass. — Sarah💟

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@jbalvin via Instagram " I can't get enough 💯🌍💯 "

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@tainy via Instagram " I CAN’T GET ENOUGH "

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P.s. Селена такого не говорила ! Спасибо за помощь @haseki.kosem_sultan ❤️ Я та самая Селена Гомез! Некоторые мои фанаты, думают, что я никогда не плачу... Но я тоже человек, и у меня тоже есть чувства! В моей жизни был очень сложный период, но именно родные помогли мне пережить этот момент, вы, мои СЕЛЕНАТОРЫ, навсегда в моем ❤) Просто в один прекрасный день, я поняла, что слёзы никак не помогут мне уйти от моих проблем, только будут напоминать мне, о том что они у меня есть... Поэтому я стала такой, как вы говорите, "сильной"... Ваша Селена Гомез ❤ #selenagomes  x  #photo  x  #singer  x  #selenagomez  x  #selena_gomez  x  #selenator  x  #selenatorforever  x  #selenators  x  #selenagomezfans  x  #selenamariegomez  x  #celebrity  x  #star  x  #selenagomezfan  x  #selenagomezqueen  x  #selenatorfamily   x  #music  x  #wizardsofwaverlyplace  x  #селенагомез  х  #селенатор   #селенагомес  х  #волшебникиизвейверлиплейс  х  #музыка  х  #фото

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Not That Anyone Noticed 💁👉👀👂, But Sorry 😔 I 🙋 Haven't Been Posting 📪 Lately And I Am Truly 💕 Sorry For My Absence, But Good News I Will Be Posting A New Edit ( Not A Video 🎥) I Am Dying To Try This New 🆕 Thing That I Have Learned. If You Haven't Already Go Check Out My New Dylan Edit 😅 On 🔛 @pixarts_foredits Like ❤ And Comment 💬

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canım çekti ben de istiom . . Follow me for more videos @wifeyselly ♡ Daha fazla videolar için takip edin @wifeyselly

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Umarım yanlışım yoktur. Ve kız kâğıda çok değişik yazmış. Dreos olarak adlandırdığı şeyin ne olduğunu çözemedim.

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she looks so gorgeous

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~Daha fazla bilgi için beni ( @tr.selly ) takip etmeyi unutmayın!

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she's so flawless

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Oh my god 😍❤ •Türkçesi için ekranı kaydırın.

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