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The few weeks haven’t been great, in fact out beautiful girl has been fighting quite a few infections but is slowly on the mend. Unfortunately, our sweet girl is requiring four times the amount of oxygen then she normally does and we haven’t been able to reduce that over the last few weeks. Its taken us a good week to digest what this means for Tulli BUT through those big brown exhausted eyes we are still seeing that trademark smile peep through, even a few giggles too. We are getting used to our 'new norm' (if there is such a thing) with the extra oxygen and we will keep doing what we can do for our girl to help keep her as happy and as comfortable as she can be so we can show of that million dollar smile with you all. - - - - #myheartkid #beautifulsoul #motherdaughter #epilepsy #seizures #epilepsywarrior #movementdisorder #bravesoul #love

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Ten posts... ten things about going to a festival disabled. 6. The lights/sound/vibrations can cause seizures, especially in the ‘tented’ stages be careful. The outside stages are waaay safer for that, or any stimulation issues you might have. And if you have anxiety or claustrophobia issues it’s obviously definitely better to stay outside the big music tents. But actually that’s also why I love @greenmanfest because you can do that, most of it isn’t tented anyway and it’s not over-booked for the space ( @cambridgefolkfest I’m looking at you here), so there’s lots of room to escape and hangout away from crowds. #greenmanfestival #festivals #festivalseason #festivalstyle #festivallife #accessiblefestivals #musicfestival #musicfestivaloutfit #chronicillness #chronicpain #syncope #stimulation #crowds #claustrophobia #seizures #seizuressuck #seizurestrong #survivingfestivals #lymebrain #lymie #lymeblogger #lymewarrior

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God’s timing. He is patient. He is faithful. He allows us choice. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 This month has been pure craziness. Yet a strong picture has been gifted and given to me. 💯💯💯💯 My Mom has brought me so many life lessons. Many of the most profound come from her personal struggles. She gave me a heart that believes anything is possible. She believes in me no matter the situation. Plus she showed me a shining example of serving others. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 Her personal battle with physical and mental health has been hard. Seeing her go from one emergency to the next and feeling like we are always on crumbling ground. At first all I felt was the weight and stress of it all. #Strokes , #diabetes , #BrainInjury , #HeartDisease , #Thyroid , #cancer , #seizures , #Depression , eye issues, and more. She spent her life caring for patients as a geriatric nurse and gave our family everything she had. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Yet everything that is happening now refers back to choices made years ago. My greatest wish was that I could have known 20 years ago what I do now. Knowing what I do now I have to live differently. 🎯🎯🎯🎯🎯🎯🎯🎯 I see my children and myself in the same place my Mom & I were many years ago. My grandmother struggled with many of the same things my Mom does. 🙏🙏🙏 God knew. The picture was there and by following his lead I’m seeing it. He brought me a way to break the cycle. Health, financial, and the mental cage. Today in the midst of feeling the pain and wishing it was different I feel my dedication to my health and the health of my family deepen. 😇🙏😇🙏😇🙏 All of the choices for Mom right now revolve around the idea of « quality of life ». The meds they have her on are major. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 I know God has more planned for her and us. We just continue to walk in #faith and give it to him. My eyes are open and I refuse to lose the lesson that what I choose now.....are decisions that echo into my future. 💯💯💯💯💯💯 Please don’t wait to put health on the top of your priority list. There are people in your life that need you...specifically you. 🙏🙏🙏 Thank you again for all your support and prayers.

8 hours ago

This is what one of Valentina’s post-ictal phases can look like after a grand mal seizure. No coordination, lots of pacing.. it’s more stressful for her and me to try to hold her down so I try to let her work through it while keeping an eye on her. All dogs come out of seizures differently and recover at different rates. 24 hours ago this is what she was like, now she’s pretty much back to normal. Just be supportive and patient during their recovery period. 🐕 #canineseizures #canineepilepsy #seizures

10 hours ago

Has anyone seen the movie "Brain on fire"? It's so relatable! She doesn't have epilepsy, but her seizures and other symptoms, are all dismissed by doctors as "faking it" or "psychological". It's based on a true story. There's a book as well. Definitely recommend it. *Warning: does contain flashing images*. #epilepsy #brainonfire #movie #epileptic #seizures #chronicillness #hospital #asthma #neutropenia #lazyeye #doctors #depression #OCD #eatingdisorder #boweldisorder #amenorrhea #pain #disability #dontjudge

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I don’t think anyone who questions vaccines, thinks that vaccines act alone in contributing to children’s health problems. Most of us agree that our food, our water, our air, careless use of antibiotics, drugs, tooth fillings, and all the chemicals in our household & beauty products— altogether create a conglomeration of weak poisons packaged in pretty colors, that add up, accumulate, and are causing unquantifiable health problems simply because no one is looking. We can’t isolate one thing and say: that’s it. That’s the bad guy. Because we live and breathe them all. We don’t know how all these exposures connect inside our body, because no one dares to question, let alone study, this larger interconnected picture—the gestalt. But when you see someone you might label an “anti vaxxer” please understand they question and have sincere concerns regarding all forms of environmental toxins— whether it’s in our food, air, water or a syringe doesn’t really matter. #publichealth #vaccinedebate #ideas #pediatriccancer #juvenilediabetes #epilepsy #seizures #asthma #foodallergies #adhd #autism #autismawareness #nosb276 #antivaxmemes #provax #vaccineswork #vaccinateyourkids #vaccinations #gmofree #gmos #organic #holistic #medicine #environmentalist #environmentalism #savetheplanet #savethekids Image from @focusforhealth

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Last night I woke up in more pain than I've had in so long. I finally went back to sleep with the misguided hope I would feel better in the morning. Unfortunately, the pain is even worse. I can hardly walk. Standing is a joke. I broke down. I'm using a cane. I feel like every pep talk I've given to every single person is a lie. I feel broken. Like all the progress I've made over the last year has been taken away from me in a matter of hours. This is my reminder that this is my normal. #MultipleSclerosis #Epilepsy , #TraumaticBrainInjury #TrigeminalNeuralgia #PostBrainSurgeryMigraines #fuckms #mssucksbutimstillfabulous #msproblems #tbisurvivor #brainsurgery #braintumor #braindamage #painkillersmakemyworldgoround #tbi #seizures #pain #mscansuckit #mynormal

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Home sweet home 💕🌸 Afgelopen donderdag zat mijn opname van een half jaar erop 🎉🌸 Het was een zwaar, heftig, moeilijk, maar ook een mooi en goed halfjaar! Ik ben dankbaar voor de tijd die ik daar heb gehad en de lessen die ik geleerd heb! Nu de lessen in de praktijk proberen uit te voeren en de geleerde dingen toe te passen 😊💪 Komende weken staan in het teken van bijkomen, wennen en opbouwen. Hoe en wat laat ik snel weten via een nieuwe blog! Want ook dat wil ik graag weer oppakken... Nu eerst genieten van de komende tijd 🌸💕 #homesweethome #home #thuis #opname #eikenboomzeist #kliniek #fnd #fns #letstalkfnd #fndaware #fndawareness #fndwarrior #seizures #aanvallen #pain #chronicpain #headache #angststoornis #ptss #mentalhealth #mentalillness #quote #quoteoftheday #weekend #saturday #sunday #justdoit #nevergiveup #metvolleangstvooruit

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Does your school nurse know seizure first aid? These Jessie Trice school nurses are now ready to respond thanks to a seizure training! #Epilepsy #Seizures #SeizureFirstAid

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Earlier today I had a seizure outside on a rather secluded path alone. I took this photo just before it happened. As the leaves are changing so is the way I see the world. Recently I have started having issues with my vision as well as having daily seizure episodes. I am terrified that I am going to lose my sight. It is predominantly affecting my left eye which is okay for now but if it starts interfering with my right eye I'm not sure what I'm going to do. I'm an artist, a crafter and holistic therapist I need my eyes as much as I need my hands to work. My mental health has never been better than it is at the minute but that doesn't make any of this any less scary. #nature #changes #goingthroughchanges #autumnleaves 🍁 #medical #seizures #visionloss #artist #artistsoninstagram #artistoninstagram

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Helping your dog work through and handle stress is key to building confidence in your relationship. And you can’t help your dog work though stress if you consistently shield your dog from things that scare them. It’s OKAY to let your dog experience some stress! Just give them the coping skills to process it. —— Day 5 of our #100daysofdogtraining was a Home-Depot outing. Boo didn’t even bat an eye jumping into the showers and tubs, sitting on the wood piles, or holding downs in the kitchen displays (see our stories for those). But the moving carts that made loud noises when she got on them? Those definitely stressed her out. I could have just walked away (and there is a time and a place for that), but in this instance I knew she could work through it, so I made her handle it. I used a combination of leash pressure, food rewards, and extensive verbal praise to help her process this “scary” event. By the end she was getting on and off by herself. Did she love it? No, but now she knows she can handle it and that I won’t ask anything of her that she can’t work through. We’ll keep working around these carts until she happily jumps right on and let’s me push her around the store. This is great prep for rides at Disney! :)

14 hours ago

I've had this for dinner two nights in a row. It's the weirdest combination: Quorn cocktail sausages, potato salad, ritz crackers, houmous and grapes. I don't know what possessed me to put this combination of food on a plate but it's bloody delicious. Topiramate has completely changed the type of food I want to eat. I don't really want chocolate anymore and I used to eat it at least twice a day. I want salty food but not necessarily of the junk food variety. And I've found myself not enjoying meat. Hence random meals like this one. #chronicmigraine #migraine #migraineur #invisibleillness #seizuredisorder #seizures #epilepsy #chronicillness #nospoons #notjustaheadache #topiramate #topamax

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2 seizures last night, but I’m kicking ass at work 💪🏻 I got asked a few days ago on my Facebook page how I am able to be positive & functional the day after seizures: it’s a mental thing (for me) for sure. If I wake up early in the morning letting it eat at me, I’m letting it win. It’s so easy to let negativity take over but if you wake up in the morning with the mindset “Today is a new day and I have the power to be strong” ANYTHING is possible. 💜💗♥️ #epilepsy #seizures #epilepsywarrior #warrior #cbdoil #cbdvape #cbdforepilepsy #workselfie #happysaturday #positivemindset

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Does a caregiver have to be close by to receive an Alert from Embrace? No. Selected caregivers can receive Alerts at any distance. For example, you can be at work and your child can be at school, and you'll be notified if he has a possible convulsive seizure. Visit for more info. ————————————————————— The #Embrace2 uses advanced machine learning to detect possible convulsive seizures and sends alerts to caregivers. It also provides rest and physical activity analysis to better understand your lifestyle. #EpilepsyMonitor #EpilepsyAwareness #EpilepsySupport #Epilepsy #PeaceOfMind #EpilepsyPositivity #HelpWhenYouNeedIt #Seizures #EpilepsyWarrior

16 hours ago

Zero's Mum here. Poor Z woke up at 6am to throw up and has had 2 seizures since and one more barf. It's so sad to watch but he is resting comfortably and if things get worse we will head to the vet. Remember, he has neurological issues and we've dealt with this before so please refrain from yelling GET HIM TO THE VET ASAP. Just send puppy love. He feels pretty yuck. 💙 . . #EnglishBulldog #NeuroProblems #SpecialNeedsPuppy #Seizures #ZeroTheRaptor

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Your CB1 & CB2 Receptors are the main absorbers of cannabinoids including CBD. CBD serves almost like a blanket to help protect those receptors from misfiring. Want to know more about how CBD works in your body? Message us or stop in and talk to one of the Professors or ask for a 1 on 1 consultation. 8 more days until the summer Sale is over. Did you get to try everything you wanted yet?

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My Bro and I catchin’ up ~ he’s been away on a trip for 3 days ~ I’m SO happy he’s 🏠 #BroAndI 👨🏻‍🦰🐶 #CatchinUp #SoHappy ❤️

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Simple Garden CBD is the “simple” solution! Pain Management in an All-Natural Product. Our Independently Lab-Tested, Premium Quality CBD provides the potential for significant pain management as well as relief for many other physical & mental conditions. The difference it can make in your life or someone you love could be just a bottle away! 💚 . . . . #stiffjoints #arthritis #tendinitis #sleepbetter #inflamation #stressrelief #vape #cbd #indy #indianapolis #chronicpain #chronicillness #migraines #seizures #depressionhelp #cbdhealth #cbd #anxietyrelief #life #health #painrelief #hope #cbdbrands #stopsmoking #relax #cbdtinctures #bestcbd #bestcbdvape #cbdistillery #adhd

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This is what the end of a #long #week of #seizures #looks like. Thank you to @thehughjackman & @kealasettle for giving my mummy and nanny some much needed #downtime. They loved it so a big thank you from my little paws that have a huge job ahead of them. 💜Radar #dogsofinstagram #perth #perthdogs #perthvibes #weekendvibes #awesomeshow #australia #pertharena #westernaustralia #tmtmts

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I’m not referring to unconscious behaviors or any Freudian theory! This post is focused on the Ictal stage of the seizure! It’s after your Prodromal and Aura if you have one! It’s before the Postictal or an almost comatose sleep! Besides any injuries you might sustain, there might have been years of unpredictably losing consciousness for what others told you were falls, shaking, jerks, stares, strange behaviors, etc. It’s still a loss of time! It’s a universe where you are unconscious, but your mind wants to remember. It might even fill in the gaps for you with blurry visions or recalling an out of body experience seeing yourself having seizures. If you ever have flashbacks about a time when you were in a seizure, don’t resist it. Your mind might be putting things back together for you! It doesn’t matter if a witness says “it didn’t happen that way” because how you remember it is the most important way! I always say the way you remember matters and it matters the most! While living with Epilepsy, all memories need to be embraced. If you try to forget too often, your memory might not want to work anymore! #stagesofepilepsy #aura #epilepsy #epilepsyaware #timelapse #postictal #seizures #seizuressuck #epilepsysucks #epilepsysupport #epilepsyadvocate #endepilepsy #ictus #epilepsywarrior #epilepsywarriors #epileptic #neurology #amnesia #stigma #neuroplasticity #invisibleillnessawareness #unconscious #memory

1 year ago

A horrible time in my life, I had to take seizure meds, and they jacked with my system so bad, I couldn't write. This page in my journal is a moment when I tried. The words just wouldn't come to me. I was in prison.