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3 hours ago

#candid pic of my little man in the garden with a sketch pad. The same Instagram caption was probably written 200 years ago, too.

5 hours ago

Kids who build bean archways, who harvest the beans definitely eat them when they're sauteed up with garlic from the garden and topped with roasted butternut squash seeds! My all star group today were champs yet again leaving barely any left overs. Easy eating with these foodies. On the menu today: Thai Coconut Soup with pumpkin and butternut squash and prawns in a red curry, Coconut Rice, and Beans fried with garlic oyster sauce and toasted butternut squash seeds which are a great substitute for almonds. #yum #thaifood #curry #cooking #minichefs #kidsinthekitchen #beans #schoolgarden

7 hours ago

Carrots sunflowers and radishes seedlings and sprouts at the school garden. Normally I'm a very neat gardener. I grow each plant individually and place them where I want them. This time I did it a little differently. With the two year old class we took the seeds and throw them in the bed and where ever the seeds rooted is where they are going to grow. We changed things up so let's see what happeneds😁 #experimentalgardening #schoolgarden

8 hours ago

Today’s the day! Support school gardens in Nevada: Shop at any @wholefoods in Las Vegas today, and @greenourplanet will receive 5% of the net sales! ❤

10 hours ago

Puniest sweet potatoes you ever saw, but no one cared. It’s like they were digging for gold. #schoolgarden

10 hours ago

Step 1: do an overall clean out of the space. There is nothing quite as satisfying in the gardening process as creating the blank canvas. Today I weeded, shoveled, turned, raked, and more! Swipe to see the “before” of this space... totally overgrown with weeds and random veggies. I am SO. EXCITED!! Here’s to the best school garden ever... next step: greenhouse! #schoolgarden #denveracademy #growfood #schoolgardener #crazyplantlady #gardenwithjen

10 hours ago

Came into school this morning knowing we were going to spread the compost on the two garden plots.... and well this is what we found! Snow on October 18th! Thankfully the sun came out and the snow melted and the kids got all the work done! doesn’t even seem possible it’s the same day! #maine #schoolgarden #oct

10 hours ago

Our garden just before a storm bringing much appreciated rain ☔️🌱 #schoolgarden

10 hours ago

Oh no! These little ladies are super destructive when it comes to potatoes 👎🏼 #pest #schoolgarden

10 hours ago

Hi Insta friends🙋‍♀️ wanted to take a moment and introduce ourselves for our new fans. We’re Ben and Amelia and we started Hydroshed with our knowledge from running @ameliasfarm . So many people would ask how they could grow delicious produce like us, year-round. So we created Hydroshed- a small greenhouse with commercial-grade equipment and a climate controlled system- so you could grow hydroponic greens and vine crops year-round. Along this journey, we found that schools are a perfect fit for Hydroshed. The STEM lessons are endless with this teaching tool. Do you know a school that needs a Hydroshed? Tag them in the comments below! 🌱🥗🍅🥒🍓🌶 #stemeducation #stem #growyourown #eatyourveggies #teachthemhowtogrow #schoolgarden #garden #urbanfarming

10 hours ago

We’ve been celebrating Farm to School Month at my daughters elementary school. So far myself and our garden team have made the kids smoothies with fresh spinach from the garden, harvested our carrots and made fresh dressing to sample with herbs we grow, made salsa with our tomatoes peppers, garlic and herbs, potato stir-fry, and have made our way to the cafeteria with sample salads made with all of our gardens harvest for all the kids to try during their lunch...and tomorrow we make them applesauce sourced from all LOCAL Michigan farms. #farmtoschool #rockstars #gocougars 🐾 . . It’s amazing the good we can accomplish when people come together. This could not happen without volunteers. I am SO GRATEFUL for all the parents/teachers/staff grandparents who take time out of their busy schedules to be a part of what we do here at Commerce Elementary. #thankful #gardenclub #schoolgarden #volunteers #healthcoach @iinalumni

11 hours ago

This week is #NationalSchoolLunchWeek , celebrating this year with the theme "Lots of Love." We love programs like @FoodCorps , which help bring farm fresh food into schools, connecting them to where their food comes from and teaching them healthier options. (📷 @FoodCorps )

11 hours ago

A busy end to the first half term at garden club. We worked hard to get our onions in the ground so they can grow over the winter months! The best part of the day was our pumpkin raffle, with two lucky gardeners each going home with a pumpkin to carve over the break. We saved a third one to make into delicious pumpkin pie. #growyourownfood #schoolgarden #greenfingers #gardenclub #octoberhalfterm

11 hours ago

Farmer Bryan introducing a junior farmer to the wonderful world of JUJUBES!!! Have you ever had one?? This drought tolerant beauty bears fruit sweet as candy with the consistency of a crisp apple, it’s no wonder there is a candy named after it! 🍭 . . . . . . . . . #farmer #jujube #fruit #sweet #fruittree #gardenfarms #school #garden #schoolgarden #futurefarmer #juniorfarmer #wonderful #world #droughttolerant #candy #teachthemyoung #organic #growyourown #vegasgrows #elementary #nonprofit #foundation #teach #grow #growsomethinggreen #green #greenthumb

12 hours ago

Learn how to address health, academic, and wellbeing more directly than ever with our program , Earth Genius. Register for our teacher training in the link in our bio!

12 hours ago

Roasted chicken with sweet potatoes right from EUSD Farm Lab’s gardens is on the California Thursdays lunch menu for students in Encinitas Union School District. Talk about farm-to-school!

13 hours ago

“There must be provision for the child to have contact with nature; to understand and appreciate the order, the harmony and the beauty in nature.”-Maria Montessori The children are loving the new gathering area in the garden. The third graders designed and created this special spot for all the students. I love walking through the garden and seeing the excitement as the children work and learn more about God’s beautiful creations! #montessori #montessorieducation #montessorischool #christianmontessori #followthechild #schoolgarden #educationforlife #mariamontessori #blakechristianacademy #gardening #outdooreducation #nature #naturelovers

14 hours ago

Students rescued this beautiful Red Spotted Purple butterfly that appeared lethargic and barely moving. After feeding it some honey water and giving it some time to warm up in the greenhouse, it flew away up into the blue sky! A nice diversion from our construction! 📷: @lucia.p.crosby

15 hours ago

We had a great time talking about immune system support with the Anatomy & Physiology classes yesterday. They started jars of fermented garlic & honey and made elderberry syrup. Ever wonder why chopped garlic makes your eyes water? That's because sulfenic acid is produced when tissue damage occurs to the garlic. The upside? That enzymatic breakdown results in the production of allicin which has antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral properties. @albacademy #ajo #garlic #honey #miel #elderberry #medicinalplants #foodasmedicine #anatomyandphysiology #scienceinthegarden #experientiallearning #schoolgarden #allicin #sulfenicacid #getoutside #handsonlearning #fermentation #growthefuture #growbettertogether

17 hours ago

School gardens can be a very important resource for teaching about microclimates and plant profiles. For example if you’ve ever heard the term ‘frost sensitive’, here are some good examples. The kale and strawberries in the first picture are loving the cooler weather and all the rain. Meanwhile our sweet potatoes in pots (2nd picture) were obviously still affected even though we put them in the storage shed (close to the building for ambient heat) for our close to freezing night. Also the luffa plant (picture 3) has some curled dry leaves despite all the rain. We are hoping these plants can hold up just a little longer but in the next week or two we will bring kinder out to harvest the sweet potatoes and eighth out to harvest the luffa. 🤞🏼 . . #schoolgarden #localllanogarden #gardentogive #kidsgardening

17 hours ago

People often ask us what the chickens will do once it gets cold. Thankfully, chickens are actually quite cold hardy and will be just fine as long as they have draft-free roosting space, plenty of food and access to water! Their internal body temperature ranges between 105 to 107 degrees and actually don’t really require a heat source in our Virginia winters. @cityschoolyardgarden @cvilleschools

17 hours ago

I have come to call this garden the Darwin Garden; we grow whatever WILL grow. Having thrown some garlic cloves in while making pesto, they grew. Now we’re dedicating a bed to garlic. #growgarlic #schoolgarden #garden

19 hours ago

Brisk and bright and beautiful morning over paradise.

19 hours ago

Got these in the post the other day. We potted them all up ready to be planted once our good quality soil arrives for the raised flower beds. Mad colours!

21 hours ago

How good is it to sit back and check out the work that has been done in garden. 3 weeks til we officially open the Berkeley PS Permaculture Education Garden.

1 day ago

Delivered another load of wood chips to Buffalo Creek Elementary today. If you want superstar status at an elementary school, just show up in a dump truck. 😊 “That’s so cool!” 😁 . INCREDIBLE school garden project. Just the sheer spread of it is amazing. . Permaculture food forest, complete with support species, sugar cane, water catchment rain garden, native wood chip/leaf mulch mimicking nature, raised beds, and of course healthy, wholesome child development in a natural setting. . One boy came up and asked the teacher if they could have some sugar cane. How cool is that? Instead of asking for sugar candy. . @urbanharvesthouston is doing an extraordinary job for Houston and its youth. . . . . . #schoolgarden #schoolgardens #gardeneducation #childrensgarden #ediblelandscape #ediblelandscaping #resiliencedesign #gardeningwithkids #teachgardening #eatwhatyougrow #growwhatyoueat #elementaryschool #outdoorlearning #outdooreducation #organicgardening #permaculture #permaculturegarden #foodforest #fruittrees #sugarcane #youth #garden #raingarden #mimic #nature #fungi #soilfoodweb #wholesome #healthy #childdevelopment