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8 months ago

My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person, he believed in me. He’s taught me to laugh through the bullshit, that it’s ok to have a voice and speak up, that not all people are cut from the same cloth but that doesn’t mean you can’t love them. He has taught me that money will never buy happiness, that there is darkness in the world but never to let that dim you sparkle. Most of all he taught me how to love unconditionally. How to wear a smile every day and groove to the music of life 🖤 he gave me my GypsyHeart and I love to honor the gift of life making him proud as a independent woman who can take on the world without fear! I love you Daddy, thanks for being so Kewl ✌🏽 #GypsyHeart2K18 #smalltowngirl #wanderlust #daddysgirl #duramaxdiesel #chevygiril #classiccar #desoto #kountrybythegraceofgod #eatpraylove #salishsea #saltoftheearth #warriorwoman #fightforgrowth #pnwisthebest #sanjuanidlands #lopezisland #tractorlife #farmgirl #capeverdean #mulatto #mixedgirls #happynewyear #2K18

1 year ago

Dreaming of my favorite place on Earth today where the frigid cold water feels like home 🌊🌲💕 Happy #EarthDay

6 years ago

Another cool shot of the whales during their rhythmic breathing cycles. I loved how they all came up to the surface at the same time. Amazing!

6 years ago

I love this view of Lime Kiln Lighthouse on San Juan Island. This perspective really shows the depth of the island. Look how quickly the ground rises up from the coast!

6 years ago

Monday afternoon I won a Facebook contest for a trip on the Island Explorer Whale Watching boat. I took my daughter, Reaghan, & a friend of hers. We had an amazing trip! We were able to watch two pods of transient orcas off the coast of San Juan Island. I love seeing these whales in their natural habit. It's just amazing!

6 years ago

My girls.

6 years ago

I 💙 this view of Mt. Baker.

6 years ago

{View from Mt. Constitution} I love beautiful Orcas Island. I would so easily live here!