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TOP 110 HIP HOP PROJECTS OF ALL TIME •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• 76. 3’N The Mornin’ Part Two by DJ Screw (1996) 77. Run The Jewels 2 by Run The Jewels (2014) 78. Like Water For Chocolate by Common (2000) 79. Blowout Comb by Digable Planets (1994) 80. Renaissance Man by MIKE (2018)

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Ok so, originally, for 2011, i had Saigon’s ‘The Greatest Story Never Told’, but before that, i made the minimum 15 reviews for the average to consider it enough, because of a previous tiebreaker between ‘Room 25’ & ‘Care For Me’, but Care For Me didn’t have enough reviews. Anyways, as i said before... Just a quick idea I thought about the other day, these 9 albums were the highest average rated albums for each year spanning 2010-2018 (Minimum 15 Reviews). Now, like the comment to eliminate the worst of the “best”. #dailydoseofhiphop

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Hit 245 for 4 sets of 3. they weren’t my best reps but I’m really pushing the myself on this program. Last time I front squatted this much it was for only two reps. The gains are here. Kind of lol. #frontsquats #kizentraining #died #runthejewels

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Day 16: Kept searching for the bassist only to find out that the line was sampled. To better match the song’s bassline, which sounds markedly different from the original recording, I used my Moog Moogerfooger, JHS Pandamonium, and Electro-Harmonix Nano POG pedals. Though some people think that sampling is a lazy process, I believe it’s an inspiring art form in the hands of sincere and innovative producers. . . . #bass #basslines #electricbass #bassguitar #music #rap #hiphop #RunTheJewels #RTJ #RunTheJewels2 #sample #InTheStableOfTheSphinx #EastOfEdenBand #SteveYork

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When was the moment your life changed? If you open your senses to them, moments of synchronicity can usher in profound change, or simply render the present moment magical. Read more in my latest blog post. Link in bio... Full link here: Or head ye to! The image at the top is a detail from a quite beautiful print by Yatsuo no Tsuba, via Wikimedia Commons (link to and this image also in my blog post). HT @thereallyrealelp @briankoppelman   @killermike @Kate.GriffithsLambeth #Blog #Butterfly #YatsuiNoTsuba #Art #Illustration #RunTheJewels #NewOrder #ChemicalBrothers #ElProducto #Change #Syncrhonicity

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Now Spinning: RTJ2 — 👉🏼🤛🏼 This album definitely isn’t part of Dad’s collection, but for me there’s not one single fault I can find in American hip-hop duo Run The Jewels’ second studio album. I’ve scored two colour variants of the album (including the limited pink vinyl released for Breast Cancer Awareness) as well as my personal favourite ‘Meow The Jewels’. Remixed and released in 2015, this was my most-played album that year with all instrumentals having been replaced with sounds of cats. The concept is absurd but the end result is just simply amazing, with two versions of RTJ2 hit ‘Crown’ most memorable. It’s difficult to find where to start unpacking the brilliance that is RTJ2, so instead on this winters night I’m going to sit back and enjoy it 😌

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Day 16 of #100daysofdrawing I was getting kind of annoyed with how I felt my sketches were going versus my inking. I felt the sketch was better and then I inked it and grossss. But then I remembered this is supposed to happen and this is how I get better so fuck that noise and let's just keep at it. #100daysofdrawing #process #sketch #pencil #paper #ink #warmup #rendering #illustration #toronto #graphicdesign #improvement #motivation #goodisdead #failure #success #speedisgod #reference #killermike #elp #rtj #runthejewels

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Freddie Gibbs & Madlib - BANDANA Tracklist Ranking/Review 1.Palmolive 2.Cataracts 3.Fake Names 4.Education 5.Practice 6.Situations 7.Crime Pays 8.Flat Tummy Tea 9.Half Manne Half Cocaine 10.Giannis 11.Massage Seats 12.Soul Right 13.Freestyle S**t 14.Gat Damn 15.Obrigado Album Rating: 9/10 What an amazing project, production incredible to say the least (not to mention it was made only on a damn IPAD!) Freddie really lyrically on point here, in his bag. Features are amazing, especially from Pusha T. One of his best features. This project is for sure one of my favorite albums of the year so far. Piñata still edged itself over this project for me though, time will definitely tell if it overtakes it. I anticipated this album and damn, it for sure didn’t disappoint me. No wasted potential here on this project, loved it all the way through. Enjoyed this one, definitely one of the top projects of the year so far!

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Number 5 for my list , I went with El-P. El-P is not very well known in the mainstream but is definitely an underground legend. His discography is almost unmatched by any other producer or rapper ever. He has either produced or rapped on projects such as Funcrusher plus , Fantastic damage, Run the jewels (1-3),etc. His production style is very unique , he uses very odd sampling loops that I have not heard from hardly anyone else. He also has an electric sounding style and almost industrial in some of his production, where you can almost tell it’s an El-P song without someone telling you. I’ve included a few of my favorite produced songs from El-P and I am excited for RTJ 4 later this year. Let us know where you think El-P is all time for producers, is he over or underrated? #rap #hiphop #kanyewest #kendricklamar #undergroundrap #debate #kidcudi #westsidegunn #PushaT #freddiegibbs #vincestaples #wutang #earlsweatshirt #music #playboicarti #MFDOOM #OF #newyork #Nyrap #Biggie #tupac #jayz #Nas #art #elp #runthejewels #rtj

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The Tales People Tell: Pure, Unadulterated Soul - One of the many beauties of music is how a certain sound or genre can possess a quality of timelessness. When done properly, an artist can transcend any constraints of time to create something truly magical, and that’s exactly what Kelly Finigan has done with the Tales People Tell. Reminiscent of soul giants such as Otis Redding and Stax records, Finigan is a prime example of how classic analog soul music can be crafted to near perfection in this day and age. The Tales People Tell is filled with raw, moving emotion. Finigan’s powerful voice is highlighted by beautifully lush and layered instrumentation, creating a grand symphonic quality, a quality that matches the emotionally evocative value of soul music. We all experience love and heartbreak, freedom and dependence, vice and religion, and that’s what makes us human. The highs and the lows. The flaws and perfections. And these are the Tales People Tell. Tales of Pure, Unadulterated Soul. - Rating: 8.5/10 (One of my favorite albums of 2019)

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This weeks lineups a mixed bag and I know most of the bands I’ve posted are well know but, I hope that some are new to you and that people give them a try... if I showed you something new and you enjoyed it then let me know. #zebrahead #journey #runthejewels #korn #slipknot

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Kevin Cayley @thegreasereaper is joining the Imperial crew & we couldn’t be happier about it! ——————— Kevin splits his time between Toronto & Atlanta, and will be here for all of August (Fall Schedule TBD). Books are open now so email or call us to book your summer Consultation - Consults start Wednesday July 24! ———————- e: imperialtattooinc (416) 531-6666 ———————-

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You can’t buy happiness but you can buy jewelry and that’s kind of the same . For this ring- . 1.00 Ct Round Cut Colorless Moissanite Ring In 10K 14K 18K White Gold, Round Brilliant Cut Solitaire Ring, Engagement Ring, Wedding Ring . #runthejewels #rossellacatapanojewels #ethnicjewels #jewelslovers #jewelshandmade #jewelstoday #jewelsmanila #jewelsdesigner #2jewels #thefamilyjewels #jewelsofindiaofficial #hairjewels #jewels_era #jewelstagram #engagementjewels #promisejewels #engagement #rings #vintagejewelry #carobjewels #jewelry #jewels #freeshiping #worldtrade #trading #onlinejewels #etsy #ebay

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One of my fave songs to listen to at the gym. #runthejewels #venom Also, bc no one asked, yes, I’ve always had the hots for Venom; and yes, I loved the Venom movie. Deal with it. 😚