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Farm lesson #621 : You’ll always be popular if you carry a bucket 🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑

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quack quack

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We’ve been loving our DIY hay feeder. It’s affordable, practical, and the sheep love it 😉. It helps keep the parasite load down as it keeps the hay off the ground and doesn’t allow moisture /their manure and urine to get all over it. We move it every time they’ve finished, to help spread the manure around their paddocks.

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We named our little place “Singing Grass Farm” partly after one of Kit Carson’s wives whose name we found enchanting and partly because it’s so often windy here - the grass blows, the trees blow...everything blows.⁣ ⁣ Well, instead of singing, the wind has been howling today. It’s the kind of wind that makes your house shake, breaks large tree branches like toothpicks, and blows the clouds across the sky in rapid motion like they’re in a hurry to be somewhere else. It blew one of our 150-pound hoop houses (mobile chicken coops) clear across the garden! Thankfully it was empty and no chickens were hurt 😅⁣ ⁣ Anyways, it has made for an interesting day of chores for me. As the chickens watched on from their refuge in the heavily-wooded windbreak, I spent a nice chunk of time scavenging cinder blocks to keep coop doors from blowing shut/off, dragging heavy hoop houses across uneven ground and stacking them in a row like awkward dominos in hopes that a block of 3 hoop houses would be harder to blow away than 1 😬 I guess we’ll find out as more windy days loom in the week’s forecast...⁣ ⁣ Today’s adventures are just more proof for me of the one constant that relentlessly weaves its thread through the fabric of farm life - “it’s always something!” 🙄

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We, as well as this bunch of girls, are grateful for grass and warmer weather on this December day!

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If you checked out today's story you got to see a glimpse of the animals moving into their new pasture! Rotating livestock is important in maintaining the integrity of the pasture space at the farm. From increasing soil fertility to preventing the elimination of the favored plant species in the fields, rotating is a vital part of livestock upkeep and overall sustainability. Plus-this pasture has creek access- which is a huge help to this farmer!

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It’s the last Lancefield Market of 2018 tomorrow. This will be a big market for us as we’re bringing pre-orders for people who have specified pick-up from this market tomorrow. But we’ll also be selling your favourite cuts (limited supply, so don’t be too late coming down).

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#Repost @woodsedgefarmin with @get_repost ・・・ The fuzzy faced babies are happy to have a little more wool on them again. The weather is just right for these two and each morning we are greeted with a lot of baaing (or is it baahing or maybe bleeting?) for some affection and attention. While they are definitely not like dogs these two still love the presence of people and are always curious what we are doing. Juniper especially loves to shove her face in the camera. - - - #sheep #babydollsouthdown #farmlife #wool #regenerativeagriculture #rotationalgrazing

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Rainy days on the farm...the cows and our bull, Irish, gazing at the greener pastures just beyond them. . Unfortunately, they’ll have to wait a bit. Rotational grazing here in the NW is tricky this time of year. Putting them on grass that isn’t quite ready will slow future growth and damage the soil. Not a good long term strategy for sustainability. . These are the kinds of decisions we farmers have to make everyday.👩‍🌾 . #carltonoregon #rotationalgrazing #regenerativeagriculture #smallfarmers #pasturedbeef #oregonwinecountry

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The less glamorous side of farming (well at least the less dirty side) includes winter time research and administrative work💻 All of our farmers work off the farm in some capacity as well as on farm which means sometimes the book work needs to be squeezed in the early morning hours or the evening. The only advantage to these short dark days is we don’t have field work as an excuse to put off these kinds of necessary and important farm chores🗂 #bellsfarm #glamorous #doyourhomework #officework #forageresearch #rotationalgrazing #bigplansfor2019 #whidbeyislandgrown

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Run piggies run! We love to see #livestock express themselves when they have plenty of space to do so! These young #pigs at #coloradopasturedpork in Hotchkiss, CO are managed through a #rotationalgrazing system so that the pigs can eat fresh grass, play in the mud, and root around for delicious rhizomes and bugs. This healthy lifestyle makes for some delicious #pork ! Thank you #farmer Toby for hosting a #knowyourfarmer #farmtour in 2017! #northforkvalley #pastureraised #pasturedpigs #happypig #knowyourfood #organicagriculture #sustainableagriculture #deltacountycolorado

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The fuzzy faced babies are happy to have a little more wool on them again. The weather is just right for these two and each morning we are greeted with a lot of baaing (or is it baahing or maybe bleeting?) for some affection and attention. While they are definitely not like dogs these two still love the presence of people and are always curious what we are doing. Juniper especially loves to shove her face in the camera. - - - #sheep #babydollsouthdown #farmlife #wool #regenerativeagriculture #rotationalgrazing

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Last Call! We are headed to Tidewater and Northern VA next week and would love to pack an order for anyone located in these areas. We offer a full selection of grass fed beef, pasture raised chicken & Turkey, Forest raised pork, eggs, raw honey, raw milk cheese, forest and pastured based soap bars. Not in this area? Let us ship an order to you. Our mobile-friendly website is easy to use. Go shopping and place your order online today! #grassfedbeef #forestraisedpork #pastureraisedchicken #pastureraisedturkey #eggs #rotationalgrazing #farmtofork #gmofree #seeandtastethedifference #stockingstuffers #meatsticks #soapbars #tshirts #supportyourfarmer #merrychristmas #weship #dropsites #homedelivery #farmstore

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We collected our butchered pork from #manifoldvalleymeats Tuesday and spent the evening packing the pork boxes for delivery. Last night we celebrated our second anniversary at the farm with sliced pork belly, organic purple sprouted broccoli and a glass of wine (or two!!). #foodporn #pasturedpork #porkbelly #freerange #soyfree #organic #rotationalgrazing #paleo #ketofriendly #ntc #phc #ethicalomnivore #farmtofork #farmtotable #regenerativefarming #regenerativeliving #gospigs #wapfoundation #staffordhiremoorlands #churnetvalleyfarmers #wildthornfarm #eatyourselfwell #crackling #healthyfats

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...and then sometimes the state of your old, deteriorating wooden fences doesn’t seem quite so dire when the twilight filters through them just right 😍

2 days ago

🐝 Funny meme, dead-serious message! How can you help, you ask? 🤗 Vote with your 💰 local #regenerativeagriculture !!!

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It’s moving day! We practice rotational grazing with the cattle and they are ready to move into fresh grass and clover while their old paddock rests and recovers. We are setting up electric fencing to decrease the paddock size and ensure a fresh supply of more grass awaits. #farmlife #alcheringafarm #grass #rotationalgrazing #grazing #homestead

2 days ago

Windy Wednesday morning cow greetings 🐮 🐮

3 days ago

*Enjoy your animals.* 😌Most of the time we are doing chores for the animals: taking care of them, feeding them, giving them water, making sure they’re happy and healthy... 😅 that we forget to actually enjoy them. One of my favourite things to do is just to be with the elk or the sheep. Look at them, awe at them and admire them! ❤️Appreciate that they are helping us contribute to a healthy food system! 👌

3 days ago

Hello winter! The ground freezes and so does the above ground water line. You might wander what that mean for us? We get to tote water every day to the animals out in the woods and pastures. ⛇❄ Grateful for a tractor to do the heavy 💪 lifting and my hard working husband, Jordan ( @farmbuilder_1 ) to make it happen! Happy Tuesday! 🚜 #farmlife #freezingweather #winter #canistayinside #pigsinablanket #cuddle #pastureraisedpork #forestraisedpork #naturalhabitat #farrowtofinish #rotationalgrazing #jlgreenfarm

4 days ago

I took this picture a few weeks ago with my favorite turkey tom, “Bea” (as named by my son, Lincoln). Unfortunately, he was attacked and eaten by some animal during the night. His feathers were everywhere along with signs of struggle and some very large footprints which we thought might be a Mountain Lion. I’ve lost about 30 birds now to predators or extreme weather or ignorance and have decided to take a break from raising birds for the coming season. At least until I can figure out how to minimize my losses. I am definitely not the person that hardens, I feel deeply at each death. This break will give me time to reflect and integrate changes to our system. My goals are this: improve our pasture and slow water runoff, install permanent fencing to prepare for rotational grazing paddocks, then build up a herd of chickens, goats and livestock guardian dogs. #regenerativeagriculture #homesteading #wholesystemsdesign #heritageturkeys #homesteadinglife #goals #planning #pasture #pastureraised #rotationalgrazing #womenwhofarm

4 days ago

A couple of our ewes foraging still. We continue to use the electric netting through winter. We also supply them with hay, but they’ll take the forage over hay any day! The posts get stuck but a hot kettle of water seems to do the trick.

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Food for thought.

6 days ago

Contemplating impermanence today...⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ The changing seasons. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Hearing the snow geese honk “goodbye” as they pass overhead - migrating south to warmer places now that winter has begun to settle in.⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Watching my husband begin the next step of re-fencing our pasture - meticulously stringing wire along the strong, straight fence posts he has set...ones that in twenty years time will meet the same demise as their predecessors - leaning and falling like tired soldiers after a long battle against too many snowy winters and pushy cattle.⁣⁣ The tiresome, often thankless, and temporal work of farm life. ⁣⁣ Reminds me a bit of Matsuo Bashō:⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ “summer grasses —⁣⁣ all that remains⁣⁣ of warriors’ dreams”⁣ ⁣ #changeistheonlyconstant

6 days ago

Our ram Bravo. 🐑He’s a beauty with his majestic mane. He’s decently friendly, not much interested in attention from us but he LOVES his ladies. 😍He’s chomping at the bit to get in with our other younger ewes. 😂They aren’t ready to breed yet until February. He got in this week so we’ve had to double up the fence on his side lol. Our lamb is now available for purchase/pickup. We’re almost sold out though so you’d better hurry to get some for this holiday season! 🌲

6 days ago

"Properly managed grazing, if applied on 25% of our crops and grasslands, would mitigate the entire carbon footprint of North American agriculture." ~ Teague, 2016 . "Soil from properly managed grazing operations can sequester 4-7 tons more carbon per hectare a year compared to continuous grazing." ~ Rowntree, 2016 . Gems of knowledge from Daniela Ibarra-Howell from the Savory Institute, our closing keynote presenter . #RebuildingTrueWealth #AcresUSA #EcoAg2018 #RotationalGrazing #PasturedLivestock #MultiSpeciesGrazing #WiseTraditions

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When we say pasture raised pigs, this is what we mean. Pigs that are raised on pasture! 😉🌱🐷 Have you heard about us talk about #rotationalgrazing ? That means we constantly move pigs to new ground. This gives them fresh grass and pasture to explore as well as giving the old paddock time to rest and regrow. It's a pretty awesome cycle to see. 👍 The meat taste so much different. What is the biggest difference that you notice in rotationally grazed on pasture pork? 🤷 #pastureraisedpork #rotationalgrazing #greeningthegrass #porkchops #sausage #bacon #inthemaking #gmofree #applefed #peanutfed #jlgreenfarm