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3 weeks ago

This week, Fleet Farming and @unitedway welcomed over 100 amazing volunteers from Rock Bridge Community Church to help transform the landscaping of @audubonparkchurch into a food forest! . Together, with @robjgreenfield and our friends from @orlandopermaculture , we planted fruit trees, worked on a pollinator garden, and spread native plants throughout the grounds! 🙌 Stay tuned for more OP workshops and garden 101 classes coming soon in the @hello.apgd community! Thank you Pastor Sarah ( @sunshinesrr ) for everything you do in the Audubon Park neighborhood! #fleetfarming #community #volunteer #local #help #worktogether #orlandopermaculture #robgreenfield #audubonpark #orlando

3 weeks ago

There is always space for an action💪 #travelvideo from a guy who decided to travel to Panama with no money to explore the human nature. All the pieces of the video are taken by OTHER people whom he met on the way. . We also think that we need more than we actually do, this guy even didn’t have a toothbrush! . Guys, summer is already on!☀️ What are you plans for this summer? #travelling #adventures #videooftheday #robgreenfield @robjgreenfield

3 weeks ago

Today we planted Nine Community Fruit Trees at @audubonparkchurch with @robjgreenfield as part of his Community Fruit Tree project. "Mulberry, loquat, Suriname cherry, avocado, peach and pomegranate will soon be fruiting and feeding the community. All the trees are right along the sidewalk where any person strolling down the street can enjoy a snack, provided directly by Mother Nature herself. These 9 fruit trees surround the outside of the church and will be free for all members of the church and everyone in the community to pick from. Fleet Farming has a garden plot on site where they produce fresh, organic veggies that feed the Orlando community. Orlando Permaculture is going to be installing edible landscaping this year. The transformation is fully underway!"- Rob Greenfield #permaculture #growfoodnotlawns #communityfruittrees #robgreenfield #fruittrees

1 month ago

Thanks to eco-activist @robjgreenfield for the shout out to me and my nonprofit @orlandopermaculture at Saturday's March Against Monsanto in Orlando. I get to work with a passionate crew @athousandsplendidplants , @amybirdd @peanut.butter.palace who make it an awesome experience. For those who don't know Rob, he has traveled around the world raising awareness to important issues like food waste and the minimalist lifestyle. His website is worth the visit! He recently moved to Orlando because of the wonderful things we've been doing here with the local food movement. He's only been here a short time and he's already making a great impact on the community with Gardens for Single Moms, Free Seed Project, and a Community Fruit Tree initiative for the City of Orlando. Follow @orlandopermaculture , @robjgreenfield , and @fleetfarming to learn more about how you can get involved in creating a healthier Orlando! #marchagainstmonsanto #fleetfarming #ideasforus #orlandopermaculture #robgreenfield

2 months ago

So excited to get my seeds in the mail today!!! Says this seed addict 😘 This is an amazing project and I feel privileged to be in the loop of what they are creating & sharing. Join in the fun too! #freeseedproject

2 months ago

En nuestra búsqueda constante por lograr un cambio, hemos conocido a muchas personas con el mismo fin 🌎. Esta comunidad Inti sigue creciendo gracias a los que realmente quieren hacer una diferencia. Hoy le damos la bienvenida a @robjgreenfield ! Juntos estamos creando un contenido increíble enfocado en la vida sostenible. Nueva producción #Inti en camino 🎬🌱 . . . #robgreenfield #zerowaste #makingadifference #trash #nowaste #foodfreedom #organicfood #permaculture #urbangardening #notrash #recicle #reuse #healthylife #intitv #changetheworld #behealthy #organic #kitchengarden #packagefree #wellbeing #huertoecologico #vidasostenible #gogreen #comunidadessostenibles #ciudadessostenibles #sostenibilidad

2 months ago

I had a chance to listen to @robjgreenfield speak today @motherearthfair. If you are not familiar with who he is, scroll through ➡️➡️➡️. Thank you for sharing your story. . Rob cycled across America off grid to raise environmental awareness. His book “Dude Making A Difference” documents this journey. It’s eye opening what’s possible. . For a period of 30 days, Rob consumed like a typical American producing around 4 pounds of trash everyday. He wore all of the trash he produced around NYC to visualize our wasteful habits. I was hoping to run into him on the subway when he was doing this. . Rob showed how much good food is wasted by dumpster diving and displaying his finds. . His advice when it comes to making change is to just start. Start small. Check off one positive change a week. Sustainability is a spectrum. We are all hypocrites one way or another as not one of us is perfect but try to do something today. What we will realize when we do this is that we were delusional about lots of things. It’s time to open our eyes and that that in the end, we don’t really need that much to be happy. As long as our basic needs are met we will be ok and we need to stop listening to the media because there are so many people out there that open and willing to help you. #ecowarrior #robgreenfield #activist #lowimpactmovement

2 months ago

Get inspired on #feelgoodfriday by this remarkable project from @robjgreenfield and the #LiveLikeAllyFoundation. They are handing out free seeds to over 2000 people in Florida to help them grow their own food and bring health into their homes. For more info visit @robjgreenfield #foodsustainability #health #wellness #growyourownfood #organic #pesticidefree #farming #robgreenfield #orlando #florida #permaculture #eatyourveggies #vegan #vegetarian #sustainabilitymatters #freeseedproject

2 months ago

This is my pledge for a strawless ocean. After wearing the waste of an average person for 30 days, I was shocked at how easy it was to generate the waste and how much of the waste could have easily been avoided. In 30 days I collect 46 straws as well as 65kg of waste. Every single straw could have been avoided by using a reusable straw or just by drinking directly from the glass. Thanks to the wonderful team @lonelywhale and @adriangrenier for the #stopsucking initiative. This is only a drop in the ocean but if we all work together we can create a massive ripple of change. I challenge all of you next time you order a drink think of how many straws will you contribute to the ocean or landfills. #stopsucking #designbymariska #wastemenot #robgreenfield #LonelyWhale #saveourocean #strwlessocean #plasticisnotfood #designbymariska #dbm #mariskanell #recycledart @brianafortheplanet @marita_peters @surgeforwater

2 months ago

SUSTAINABLE FINDS: Dumpster diving, I finally did it. Rob Greenfield would be so proud! The food waste crisis in America is real. Big corporations are tossing out perfectly good groceries that could be donated and consumed by people that don’t have a secure source of food. I was nervous so I only grabbed a few things from behind my local ALDI but once I get a few friends together it is over for you hoes. If you’d like to learn more about dumpster diving and the food crisis, visit: . . . . . #sustainableconscience #foodwaste #dumpsterdiving #produce #robgreenfield #thefoodwastefiasco

2 months ago

Day 26 of the challenge. The day kicked off in the The Sustainable City where the #crazybirds had some fun displaying the suits. This was followed by a wonderful opening at World Art Dubai and a few interviews with the press, a talk on Waste Shoudnt be wasted as well as meeting interesting people. One of those people was @SalLavallo As someone that really love travelling and want to visit all the countries in the world, it was such a great honour to meet someone that has ticked off every single country in the world. I could have easily listed to his stories the entire day. I am so honoured to say that one of my first prints of "It's All About the Journey" will be added to the @SalLavallo art collected. I can not think of a better person to represent a traveller on a journey than someone that has visited every country in the world and some even more than once. #WasteMeNot #SaveThePlanet #Wastenotwantnot #Sustainability #onebottleatatime #climatechange #TrashMe #RobGreenfield #WasteShouldNotbeWasted #EarthHourtoEarthDay #30DayChallenge #MamaEarth #Environment #WasteMeNotUAE #UAEwaste #environmentallyfriendly #planetfriendly #wastefree #growyourown #savewater #LonelyWhale #TrashLadies

3 months ago

🌎Environmental Advocate🌳 Maya Lin, designer/artist and founder of What Is Missing? @what_is_missing Did you know...that Maya Lin is creating a global memorial to the planet? The species that have gone extinct The species that will go extinct in our lifetime The species that we will never know because we destroyed their habitats before we could ever know them. Her goal is to raise awareness of what we are losing and show you what you can do to help. When Maya and I had breakfast together recently, we got so worked up discussing environmental issues, our voices getting louder and louder. Learn about other Eco Gamechangers like Queen Elizabeth, Rob Greenfield, Severine Von Tscharner Fleming, Paul Hawken, Winona Laduke, Christina Figueres, Mark Ruffalo, George Monbiot and others at in bio. Please subscribe too! TY #twopeasinapod #naturelovers #passionatewomen #mayalin #priscillawoolworth #whatismissing #gamechangers #georgemonbiot #markruffalo #winonaladuke #christinafigueres #robgreenfield #queenelizabeth #paulhawken #severinevontscharnerfleming

3 months ago

Day 12 completed. Still feels a bit strange to carry all this waste with me, but it is spreading an inspirational message and I am so thankful for every single person that has been motivating, thanking and just all the people who have been hanging out with me while dressed in the trash. Today I had such a funny experience at the physio. Their lift is very tiny and to fit my @gowagonuae and my suit in the lift was no easy task. Thanks to the wonderful team at @orthosportsdubai for making sure I fit and for taking such great care of me and my shoulders. #wastemenot #SaveThePlanet #Wastenotwantnot #Sustainability #onebottleatatime #climatechange #TrashMe #RobGreenfield #WasteShouldNotbeWasted #EarthHourtoEarthDay #30DayChallenge #MamaEarth #Environment #WasteMeNotUAE #UAEwaste #environmentallyfriendly #planetfriendly #wastefree #growyourown #savewater #LonelyWhale #TrashLadies #recyclewoman #DubaiTrashWomen #Wasteful #positivechanges #The5Rs #AverageWasteperperson #Trashsuit #SuitofTrash

3 months ago

Day 10 was full of fun moments and a lot of ramps Masdar City meeting up with a few familiar faces as well as meeting new environmentalist. @fairy.phi @entagreenuae @skinnygenie @indkarta @mselijav One thing is for sure that I will be having some really toned arms after this challenge that is for sure, with carrying almost 22kg of waste and it is only day 10. I might just be able to carry more than my own body weight in waste if this continues. #SaveThePlanet #Wastenotwantnot #Sustainability #onebottleatatime #climatechange #TrashMe #RobGreenfield #WasteShouldNotbeWasted #EarthHourtoEarthDay #30DayChallenge #MamaEarth #Environment #WasteMeNotUAE #UAEwaste #environmentallyfriendly #planetfriendly #wastefree #growyourown #savewater #LonelyWhale #TrashLadies #recyclewoman #DubaiTrashWomen #Wasteful #positivechanges #The5Rs #AverageWasteperperson #Trashsuit #SuitofTrash

3 months ago

Wow, week 1 done and dusted. I am still amazed at the amount of waste that is being added daily to my suit and thanks to my shoulder the @gowagonuae Today was really so much fun, being part of the @a_beach_cleanup_dubai I was boiling in the suit as it was a fairly hot morning. Non the less I was able to pick up so many cigarette butts that would have otherwise ended up in our beautiful oceans. Looking forward to the next beach cleanup, hope to see you all there. #wastemenot #SaveThePlanet #Wastenotwantnot #Sustainability #onebottleatatime #climatechange #TrashMe #RobGreenfield #WasteShouldNotbeWasted #EarthHourtoEarthDay #30DayChallenge #MamaEarth #Environment #WasteMeNotUAE #UAEwaste #environmentallyfriendly #planetfriendly #wastefree #growyourown #savewater #LonelyWhale #TrashLadies #recyclewoman #DubaiTrashWomen #Wasteful #positivechanges #The5Rs #AverageWasteperperson #Trashsuit #SuitofTrash

3 months ago

Day 6 of the #wastemenot challenge completed and with the amount of waste that I generated in the past few days it was time to start using the @gowagonuae to give my shoulders a little bit of a rest today. Today I spend most of my day in at home, seeing how much waste I can generate by ordering food and groceries for home delivery and I was amazed at all the packaging that was used. How much weight do do you think I am currently carrying with me? If you do see me out and about in the UAE, please do say hi. #SaveThePlanet #Wastenotwantnot #Sustainability #onebottleatatime #climatechange #TrashMe #RobGreenfield #WasteShouldNotbeWasted #EarthHourtoEarthDay #30DayChallenge #MamaEarth #Environment #WasteMeNotUAE #UAEwaste #environmentallyfriendly #planetfriendly #wastefree #growyourown #savewater #LonelyWhale #TrashLadies #recyclewoman #DubaiTrashWomen #Wasteful #positivechanges #The5Rs #AverageWasteperperson #Trashsuit #SuitofTrash @marita_peters

3 months ago

Thank you so much @dubaimunicipality for your support towards me and @marita_peters #WastemeNot challenge. During this challenge, Marita and myself will be wearing our own waste for 30 days. I will be representing the average person, and Marita will be wearing the waste as per the average person. The challenge was inspired by the wonderful #TrashMe challenge done by the wonderful @robjgreenfield It is only day 4 today and my suit is already weighing 8kg (without today's waste)26 more days to go. Will you be following our progress #WasteMeNotChallenge What are you doing from #EarthHourToEarthDay ? #designbyMariska #dbm #art #recycledart #mydubai #trashme #robgreenfield #connect2earth #earthhourdubai #dubaimunicipality

3 months ago

So in celebration of the natural beauty of planet earth and raising awareness about sustainable was a pleasure to support my dear friend @designbymariska today with her 30 day challenge starting today of collecting the waste she creates on a daily basis in a special made suit. This to emphasize on the amount of waste that each one of us residing in the UAE produce on a daily basis.....please follow her journey #WasteMeNot #connect2earth #artdubai2018 #dubaiartist #MyDubai #environment #savetheplanet #recycling #art #artistoninstagram #instaart #artdaily #dxb #Dubai #sustainability #SouthAfricanArtist #dubaiculture #artist #reducewaste #RobGreenfield #environmentalist #TrashMe #reducetrash #designbymariska #Lifestyleblogger

3 months ago

Have any of you heard of Rob Greenfield before? Rob is an adventurer, environmental activist, humanitarian, and dude making a difference. He is dedicated to leading the way to a more sustainable and just world. Rob  is the creator of The Food Waste Fiasco. This is a campaign that strives to end food waste and hunger in the U.S. He has dove into over two thousand dumpsters across the United States to demonstrate how nearly half of all food in the U.S. is wasted while 50 million (1 in 7) Americans are food insecure. The photo above is all food from the dumpster that would have ended up in the landfill. What an inspiring human! @robjgreenfield

3 months ago

Girl power in the garden! The students learned how to prep the land for planting for the Nabalaki Primary School garden project. Teaching the students how to grow food provides them with knowledge to truly transform their lives- and our students learn by doing! A garden helps provide food and income for a family, in a place where both are in short supply. Donate today to help fund the school garden! LINK IN BIO #girlpower #blackgirlmagic #intersectionalfeminism #instafood #garden #grassroots #agriculture #sustainabledevelopmentgoals #organic #endhunger #endpoverty #socialgood #giveback #humanswhogrowfood #robgreenfield #diy #kenya #education #humanrights #equalrights #feedthechildren

4 months ago

Writing this brings a huuuge smile on my face: I had the opportunity to talk to @robjgreenfield , one of my favourite activists ever, and am now sharing this conversation with all of you on the podcast. Rob has been on so many interesting adventures to make the world a better place, and has loads of stories and advice to tell. Enjoy the episode!

5 months ago

Saving the planet one glass jar at a time!! We went to @bulkbarnfoods today with loads of our mason jars ready to fill them up to the brim with our usual foods. We got gluten free pasta, protein powders, cocoa powder, nuts, gluten free flour, sea salt, flaxseed, loose tea, spices, and treats. We saved so much on single use plastics and also in our wallets! And our hormones are super happy without the plastics either. It's so easy to limit your plastic consumption by making small daily shifts. Happy wallet, happy hormones, and happy planet. 🌏🌳✌🏽Thanks to a great man (my love) for continuing to be such an inspiration to me and everyone else. You're amazing. I, and Mother Earth, love you heaps 😘! (👈🏼 who can guess what I did there 😂🙈).

5 months ago

If I could give just one gift to you, it would be the gift of no longer worrying what people think about you so that you could more freely pursue doing what’s right for the greater good of humanity, Earth and yourself. But I don’t need to give this gift to you because it’s already in you, if you choose to have it. @robjgreenfield #robgreenfield - - I am so proud to know this guy. This quote of his is something that resonates with me strongly, as I am sure it does most of you. Please support Rob by getting his awesome book #dudemakingadifference in a f- up world. Here I am with Rob in his tiny house. #ThankYou 💜🙏🏻 #throwback #throwbackthursday - You can follow him on his journey of #consciousness through his several projects. - - #inspirationalquotes #inspire #tinyhouse #haveless #minimalist #domore #findinggratitude #wanderlust #tedxtalks #expandyourmind #dumpsterdiving #foodwaste #bethedifference #bethechange #expandyourmind #bamboobike #extremeadventure #findinghappieness #cycling #organic

6 months ago

We love a success story! It's so great to see that zero wasters are making a real difference. It's disheartening sometimes...those moments when your drink arrives with a straw in it, deapite your polite request of 'no straw please' 😩 But changes are happening all around us, and the more persistent we are, the bigger and better the changes will be. Well done @citytoseabristol and @robjgreenfield 👏👏 an inspiration to us all 👍🐠🌳🌍 . . . #zerowaste #citytosea #robgreenfield #plasticisrubbish #plasticpollution #leeds #westyorkshire #eco #savetheoceans #plasticfree #noplastic #alternatives

6 months ago

Exactly✨ I shared the story of Rob Greenfield, pictured here, as the chosen Gamechanger in the Winter Issue. He is phenomenal. He is doing his utmost to raise awareness about environmental and social issues so as to inspire positive change. He even wore his trash to bring attention to waste. Please read his story, see the photos and support his work /winter-2018-Almanac/ or just click on the live link above. Thank you! #robgreenfield #gamechanger #inspiringman

6 months ago

Check out the latest blog from our friend Rob Greenfield on why he decided to make Orlando home for the next few years. Link in our profile. Rob Greenfield is an American adventurer and environmental activist who has made it his life’s purpose to inspire a healthy Earth, often with attention-grabbing tactics like wearing every piece of trash he created over a month. He attributes part of his decision to move here because of the great community we've created here with groups like Fleet Farming, IDEAS for Us, and Orlando Permaculture!! 😀 🌴🌻 Thanks for the mention Rob. It's great to have you back! #robgreenfield #environment #permaculture #ecowarrior #dudemakingadifference #dumpsterdiving #environmentalist #bamboobike #orlandopermaculture #ideasforus #fleetfarming

6 months ago

It’s so interesting to see all the progress we made at MakeThePlanetGreatAgain. A great project with great people and an even better cause. Amazing!

7 months ago

Plastic Free Travel – The result after 4 months Home! The 1th of August I started my plastic challenge, which was inspired by the plastic free July campaign and Rob Greenfield. For 4 months I have collected the plastic trash that I have bought and used during my travels and it weighs a total of 202 grams. Top 3 items in my plastic peanutbutter jars: straws, plastic bags and aluminium foil of chocolate bars. The first month was the hardest: I had to establish new habits and find a travel routine without feeling restricted. Because I wanted to travel plastic free, overland and continue my vegan lifestyle, the combination felt a bit claustrophobic in the beginning. Mostly, because I wasn’t sure what to expect and find in the destinations I would go to. However, my motivation was especially high during that first month, so I did it anyway. Fortunately, already during the first 2 weeks I discovered that in almost all the places that I visit, there are way more options to live plastic free than in the Netherlands and that feeling of being restricted fell away. I established a routine and used websites and apps that made my trip so much easier to organise. I will write about these websites and apps in another post. Now that I am home, I will continue making small steps towards a plastic free life. I know that for many plastic products there are alternatives, for example, this week I have started making my own oatmilk instead of using packaged soymilk. These alternatives have proven to be super easy and fun to make and in most cases also cheaper. #trashme #plasticfreejuly #robgreenfield #plasticdiet #plasticfree #overlandtravel #vegan #caucasus #trains #4months #14661km

7 months ago

ZeroWaste goes Chur! Ostschweizer-Freunde: Rob Greenfield - inspirierender Umwelt-Aktivist von ZeroWaste über TinyHome bis hin zu FoodWaste und Containern kommt am 10. Dezember nach Chur. Teilen, vorbeikommen, austauschen, diskutieren. Was ist dein Impact für einen umweltsorgsamen Alltag? Schaut vorbei und unterstützt Natacha in ihrem Vorhaben, das unverpackte Einkaufen in der Ostschweiz zu lancieren. Challenged Tara mit all euren Fragen zum ZeroWaste Alltag. #chur #inspirationsvortrag #churgoeszerowaste #unverpacktladen #zerowasteswitzerland #zerowastealltag #robgreenfield

7 months ago

Yesterday, I had the pleasure to spend the evening with the American adventurer, environmental activist, @robjgreenfield . Such an inspiration, I learnt so so much and I’m so grateful for that. He is an example of serenity, kindness, positivism, activism and determination. He is part of this new generation of environmentalists that inspires me everyday of my life. I got home even more determined to become an environmental activist and do what I can to drive a positive change around me. He said so many important and inspiring things but there is one that we all need to remember myself included. There is no perfection, there is no black and white, the grey part does exist, you need to find the right balance. And remember bad deeds cannot drive out bad deeds, only good deeds can do that! 🙂 Thank you Rob and I hope to see you very soon! 🌎

7 months ago

Two days ago, I attended a lecture given by @robjgreenfield in Paris. He is one of the people who inspires me the most and what I like about him is that his actions are in perfect alignment and harmony with his values. He went back on his story, telling us how he went from a life that was based on partys and overconsumption to the environmental activist he is now. He raises awareness about the environment through several projects. For example, he crossed the United States by having a minimum of impact, he crossed South America without money, he carryied for a month all the waste generated by an average American, he has lived in a tiny house and currently owns only 111 items, etc… He does everything in an extreme way but he says it himself, the purpose is not to be as extreme as he is, but to show that it is possible to do otherwise 😉 So if you need a little inspiration and you do not already know him, go see his TedEx and visit his website there are plenty of articles on how to do live more sustainable! • Il y a deux jours, j’ai assisté à une conférence donnée par @robjgreenfield à Paris. C’est une des personnes qui m’inspire le plus et ce que j’aime chez lui c’est ses actions sont en parfait alignement et en parfaite cohérence avec ses convictions et ses valeurs. Il est revenu sur son histoire et comment il est passé d’une vie qui reposait sur la fête et la surconsommation à une vie d’activiste environnemental. Il est connu pour faire des projets poussés à l’extrême, dans le but de sensibiliser à l’environnement. Il a par exemple traversé les Etats Unis en ayant un impact minimal, il a traversé l’Amérique du Sud sans argent, il a porté pendant un mois sur lui l’intégralité des déchets que génère un américain moyen, il a fait le tour des villes en Amérique et fait de grands étalages avec de la nourriture totalement comestible trouvées dans les poubelles, il a vécu dans une tiny house et ne possède actuellement que 111 objets. Il fait tout de manière extrême et il le dit lui même, le but n’est pas de faire aussi extrême que lui, mais il le fait pour montrer que c’est possible de faire autrement 😉 Allez voir son site :)

7 months ago

Day 3 of #50daysofgooddeeds : Meet Khun Yai (grandma/grandpa in Thai). Today I gave her what I have in my pocket again. I've known her for some time now. Seen her around the neighborhood almost every morning. She pulls her tiny basket everyday to sell small packets of herbs for a living. She used to sell in the market but vendors in the market started saying that she's acting feeble and sick to get attention. This upset her a lot and she moved to sell near Ari Bts, close to a 7-11 between soi 1&2 now. She has two children but they have not contacted her and she was heartbroken that they weren't there when she was sick. I suspected that she might have Alzheimer's disease too. I've always stopped whenever I see her . I've even engaged in a long conversation once when she hurt her arm and paid her doctor fee. Not remembering what I've given her wasn't an issue for me. It's not the recognition of what I've done but it's her health that I'm concerned. #sustainableliving #sustainability #sustainable #robgreenfield #nativejar #thailand #poverty #thai #thailande #sustainable

7 months ago

An average Singaporean's trash footprint per annum is twice that of an average American's. What are we leaving behind...?

7 months ago

Day 2 of #50daysofgooddeeds : I gave a 100baht each to every single handicapped and old people working for begging for money. 1: blind lady singing by the walkway. 2: handicapped man selling lottery tickets. Another lady inspired and gave him some money right after I left too. 3: old lady begging for money in a corner. It doesn't have to be something big. Please join in and start sharing your deeds online. This is way more meaningful than any selfies everyday. #sustainableliving #sustainability #sustainable #robgreenfield #nativejar

7 months ago

Save the Date Ostschweiz: *Rob Greenfield in Chur* Der charismatische Umweltaktivist inspiriert mit kreativen Kampagnen und verändert Haltung und Denkweise - weckt auf, macht bewusst. Vorbeikommen. Sich austauschen und mehr über die ZeroWaste Bewegung erfahren. 10.Dezember 2017 - mehr Infos folgen... #chur #umweltliebe #robgreenfield #zerowastealltag #bethechange #foifi

7 months ago

I decided to follow the great idea of @robjgreenfield to start #50daysofgooddeeds here in Thailand. It doesn't have to be something big. I'm not trying to show off here but please start doing the same thing and post your great deeds to share online. This is way more meaningful than any selfies everyday. Today: Day1: a lady working hard alone watering a public park and threw a smile at me. I bought her a fresh fruit smoothie to thank her for her smile. #sustainableliving #sustainability #sustainable #robgreenfield #nativejar

8 months ago

American environmental activist, @robjgreenfield , held the infamous ‘Food Waste Fiasco' in major cities across the US, in which he displayed edible food found in dumpsters at the city centers. His aim was to illustrate how edible food is disposed of, and to push grocery stores to donate the food waste they would otherwise throw away. . . . #Visionscape #WasteManagement #FoodWaste #RobGreenfield #FoodWasteFiascos #FoodSecure #DumpsterDiving #SolutionsForFoodWaste #DisplayDumsterFood #SaveFood #DonateNotDump #Donate #EnvironmentalFriendly #EcoConscious #EcoFriendly #SaveTheEarth #SaveThePlanet #PreserveTheEarth #ReduceFoodWaste #ReduceReuseRecycle #SolidWaste #Wastewater

9 months ago

Have you been saddened recently by the sight of an oil spill? Felt penitent after seeing whales wash up on the shores of a beach with a belly full of plastic? Have you decided that turtles being slowly strangled by a collar that used to hold a six pack together is something that you are no longer willing to support? Us too! Join us at @coraltreefarms tomorrow (and every other Saturday) for their #ZeroWaste Farm Stand feat. #RobGreenfield ! (link in bio 👆) #functionalfriday #kimnadelinteriors

10 months ago

Thank you @nadagrocery for hosting an amazing zero-waste community potluck! It was awesome to see so many like minded people together! I'm thankful I got to meet new friends and the Trash Man himself; Rob Greenfield! Here's to more adventures, conversations, and events within Vancouver's Zero Waste scene! ✌️❤️♻️

10 months ago

Four years ago I wrote about @robjgreenfield and called him the Gandhi of our time. Today, I finally got to meet him in person. #robgreenfield

10 months ago

Ok, so let's go somewhere else! Pour les non-anglophones : "Pour aller nulle part, suivez la foule" ;o) ...alors allons ailleurs!