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Hey friends, we are brand new to the Instagram community for our brain-child: a portrait and event photography business featuring our signature style. We’ve been in business (separately) for about 4 years now - please follow, like, and send inquiries our way! Our next *official* bookings are Sunday, Feb 24th and Saturday, March 2nd. We’ll be sharing our favorite photos from those events! . . . . . #wncmountains #love #roanmountain #boonenc #exploreboone #avl #blueridgemountains #photography #potd #hike #hikemore #portraitphotography #portrait #outdoors #getoutside #couplesportraits #happy #dogsofinstagram

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Hey, Banjo! 🐾 Everyone, meet Banjo, the wildest little guy you ever did see! We met this crazy kitty along the Appalachian Trail in Roan Mountain, Tennessee 🌳 Our hosts had 12 barn kittens and a kitten mama that we were able to meet and visit with for hours of the day. They lived with some friendly lady goats🐐, chickens🐔, and one great big polar bear named Murphy, the Great Pyrenees! I put the tiniest kitten in my front overall pocket and bounded down the farm with my best friend. We’ve been inseparable since! (If you’ve seen the videos of him as a baby hugging my face and climbing on my shoulders and giving us kitten kisses - you KNOW!) He’s been to 8 different states, has been adored by dozens of hikers who would bring him down to the pub saying “WHO’S KITTEN IS THIS? He’s the most friendly dude!”, and loves to explore the great outdoors with us! People ask us how we are able to let him outside the van and roam about without worrying, and we’re not... quite sure!? We live and let live that’s for sure - I’d hate to keep him cooped up if his heart is longing to be free. Sounds crazy, we’re all crazy, especially this kit! 😂 - Thanks Kitten Little, Banjoseph, Banjorino, Banj, Banjo Butt for making life a lot more interesting and with a lot more love from someone that doesn’t even speak the same language! 💗 Guys, he even taught my husband how to have a soulful connection with an animal, and they are JUST the cutest together 😭 maybe it’s just Banjo, honestly 😸 Drew always says that he sure will be handy one day on our farm catching vermin, and keeping us kitty company! ✨ . . . . . . . . . . . . #banjoontherun #banjotheadventurecat #vanlifecats #adventurecats #travelingcats #roanmountain #AT #appalachiantrail #catsofinstagram #mogollonrim

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Dreams come in a size too big so we can grow into them. • • 📸 by @jd_adventures89

2 days ago

Hey friends! Today begins my two week long trip around California and Utah. I'm posting today from La Jolla, CA and have to say I'm in awe of this place. The rugged coastline and lush green hills are breathtaking. Don't worry, the Blue Ridge Mountains are still my number one 😉 Here's a recent photo from Alex + Michael's engagement shoot. Alex was giving some heavy Stevie Nicks vibes ✨ #roanmountain #mountainengagement #theoutdoorbride #hikingadventures #radlovestories #fog #mountainwedding #justalittleloveinspo #dirtybootsmessyhair #greenweddingshoes #wanderingweddings #lajolla #californiaadventure #junebugweddings #thewandererscommunity #liveauthentic #at #appalachiantrail #asheville #tennesseephotographer #ncweddingphotographer #raleighphotographer #adventuresession #adventurewedding #adventurephotography #radcouples #windyhair

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“May your trails be crooked, winding, lonesome, dangerous, leading to the most amazing view. May your mountains rise into and above the clouds.” -Edward Abbey (photo credit to my mom 📸)

2 days ago

Afternoons on Roan mountain are always beautiful and sometimes quite cold. . . The Roan High Knob Shelter that sits on top is the highest shelter on the entire #appalachiantrail sitting at 6,285 ft and often referred to as the ICEBOX . . If you ever find yourself in the Roan Highlands area of Tennessee/North Carolina you should check it out and climb this beautiful mountain!! #backpacking #roanmountain

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Esto para mi ha sido un gran logro. Siendo fotografo y creador de contenido siempre evitaba tener que estar frente al lente. Tener que pararme ahi y mirar la camara me sentía vulnerable, resaltaba muchos de mis complejos y me causaba una eterna ansiedad. Durante los últimos meses pase por un proceso que me ayudo a confiar en mi y me motivo a tomar este tipo de riesgos un poco mas seguido. Aunque ya me estaba tomando fotos siempre evitaba que mi cara saliera en las tomas, sin embargo para esta foto me quite los espejuelos y decidí posar. Decidí ser yo y aceptar que mientras mas confiado este de cada uno de mis pasos, mas van a durar mis huellas y mis legado. —— Asi que, ¿que esperas tu para confiar en ti mismo/a? #RoanMountain #StayStoked 🤘🏾 - - - - Shot by my best buddy @underratedshoots 🔥

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We watched Bohemian Rhapsody on Valentine’s Day, and I haven’t been able to get the movie out of my head (nor the music). I would have never said that I’m a “Queen” fan, but I was familiar with their music. However, the storytelling and blast of creativity from the film has kept me playing their hits throughout the week. Did anyone else see it? What did you think? #morningwild #morningwildphotography #ashevilleweddingphotography #ashevilleweddings #ashevilleweddingphotographer #roanmountain #carversgap #adventureelopements #adventureweddings #adventureelopementphotographer #destinationweddings #mountainweddings #mountainelopements #blueridgemountains #blueridgeparkway #dirtybootsmessyhair #goonanadventure #elopementphotographer #elopementphotos #destinationelopements #placestoelope #booneweddingphotographer #ncweddingphotographer #bohemianrhapsody

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"Right now, she’s living her best life. She’s focused on herself. She’s falling in love with who she is. She’s excited about where she’s headed, and she’s excited about what’s next. She has so many goals, so many dreams, so much ambitions, and she’s constantly finding new passions. She’s learning to be spontaneous. She’s learning to take risks. And she’s constantly stepping outside her comfort zone. You see- right now, she’s chasing the things that make her happy. She’s chasing the things that feed her soul.🔥 To be honest with you- she could care less about what anybody else is doing. She could care less about what anybody else thinks. Because right now, her life is filled with so much peace. So much light. So much growth. So much hope. Right now she’s living her best life... ...and there is absolutely nothing, and no one that can get in her way."🖤 #liveyouradventure #livebravely

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big mountain mug for him, little mountain mug for me - perfect for our relative proportions 😊 we took a few mug photos after our windy hike on a section of the AT yesterday and somehow the thick mist made the perfect lighting. anyone else get a chance to get outside this weekend? if so, where? ———————————————— #mugs #mugshotmonday #mugshot #mountains #mountainmug #hubby #family #mist #fog #handmadepottery #hikingpottery #mountainmug #rainyday #roanmountain #wnc #appalachiantrail #AT #lifeoutside #getoutside #tea #hottea #warmingup #winter #hiking #hike #dateday #northcarolina #home

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windy, rainy, misty hike up on a section of the AT near our hometown today. we brought our mountain mugs with hot tea, Mable got very muddy, and eventually the sun came out to show us a view of the mountains & valleys. ———————————————— #rest #hiking #relax #dateday #lifeoutside #getoutside #goldendoodle #hottea #tea #teatime #handmadepottery #hikingpottery #functionalceramics #blueridgemoments #blueridgemountains #mistyday #windyday #mountains #roanmountain #fog #mountain #northcarolina #appalachianmountains #AT #appalachiantrail #wnc #asheville #hike #getoutside #home #weekends

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Standing right there, on top of the mountain, everything felt like a dream. I can’t stop thinking about that colorful view and the desire to explore more and more. After hiking my last mountain in Tennessee i came to the conclusion that living in the outdoors is more life changing than you could ever imagine. That connection with nature is more than wonderful, I am willing to sacrifice everything just to live another day in the wild. #RoanMountain

4 days ago

“Some walks you have to take alone.” - Suzanne Collins

5 days ago

The weather forcast says rain rain rain, and all I’m hoping for is some more snow. Maybe it’s time to get back on the mountain. Also, sorry I’ve been so flakey with social media lately. I’ve been running around living and working and sometimes sleeping. A lot different than that simply “live in the moment” philosophy that I adopt while hiking and being outside, but life is all about balance.

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Carvers Gap

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My number 1 fly fishing essential: Balvenie 14 Caribbean Cask. Oh and and a rod, reel, flies and trout filled rivers. 🥃 #makewhiskyscottishagain

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The mountains are calling...

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The Roan Highlands approach along the Appalachian Trail... . . . . . . . Smoky Mountain Monologue

6 days ago

This is Andrés Oliver. One dope photographer from Puerto Rico based in Tennessee. Besides being an artist he is also a traveler and by seeing how he works and his results you’ll understand how hard he works. He doesn’t just make a photo, he takes the challenge of making it memorable and unique. Even do he grew up in my hometown, we didn’t met until 2016. Through social media and art work we started creating a good friendship, but it wasn’t until 2018 that we officially had the chance to meet and hang for a while. After a few months of our meeting, i decided I was going to visit him in TN, we planned a few hikes and we had lots of fun hanging out through all the trip. Definitely was the best trip ever. Andres has become a huge inspiration to me, i dont see him just as an artist, he has become more like an older brother who always inspires you. He is one of my favorite photographers, not only because of his talent, but because of his perspective over every single shot and his unique style to tell the story. He is meticulous, attentive, humble, thoughtful and perfectionist, every single one of those things are what makes him be so good at what he does. He really puts his mind and soul into all of his work. #LatinoBoyzClub - - - - In frame my good friend @aography_ thank you bro for the great time and all the tips not only about work but about life! 🙏🏾

6 days ago

As I start to prepare for 2019's intimate weddings in the outdoors, I can't help but want to share something that's been on my heart for quite some time! 🌿 It's no secret that I take my clients to some beautiful outdoors locations (like Roan Mountain, the Beauty Spot, etc.). I often feel a bit guilty of doing so, because it brings more opportunity to disturb the environment, but I also believe that nature is to be shared and enjoyed by many! 🌿 Up on the blog tonight is a guide to the 7 principles of Leave No Trace and how you can respect the outdoors while planning your adventurous wedding or elopement! 🌿 Link in bio!

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Normally I avoid mushy posts (really I just avoid mushy things in general), especially around Valentine’s Day, but if there ever was a lady wonderful enough to make me mush it’s this one. Not only is she still the funny, thoughtful, witty, beautiful, strong and passionate person I fell in love with over seven years ago, she has shown so much patience and love over the last week after my accident that she deserves a medal and a gala in her honor. I’ve been a real piece of work at times while dealing with the pain of two broken feet and multiple surgeries, but she has been so kind and understanding. I am in awe of her strength and perseverance while helping me with everything I need to feel comfortable, especially when she isn’t feeling 💯 herself. While I don’t expect to be able to return to beautiful picnic spots like this soon, I am so glad I get to spend the rest of my life with such a wonderful person and hopefully have many more moments like this that make us feel so lucky to be alive and have each other. Love you @uglyguckling_ !

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Today’s color availability is 12-8pm Below we did a balayage using bond ultim8 for lift and protection a second step to seal in the color as well as a 3inch cut she can wear beautifully straight or natural curly (423)342-6379 . . . . . . . @tiffanygold_primpntease @matrix @biolage @bioionic #elizabethton #elizabethonsalon #elizabethtonhair #johnsoncity #johnsoncitytn #downtownjohnsoncity #johnsoncityfarmersmarket #kingsport #kingsporthair #kingsportsalon #kingsportdowntown #downtownkingaport #tricities #tricitieshair #bristol #bristoltn #bristolbaby #bristolhair #bristolsalon #hampton #roanmountain #pineyflats

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This guy right here is Jose Mostajo. He is a peruvian photographer and content creator. I got the chance to meet him last week on my 3 state roadtrip. He is talented, humble, simple and above all those he is a great person. We talked and exchanged thoughts about photography and life lessons, can’t wait to hang with him again. One thing i learned from him was that timing is not perfect, but if you’re willing to wait patiently, everything will turn out to be amazing. You just gotta work hard. #LatinoBoyzClub - - - - In frame: @josemostajo

1 week ago

Roan Mountain on a gorgeous day. This was sometime last fall. Rönin and I went for a day hike with my backpacking buddies and we brought my mom who was visiting from Florida. We saw a trail maintenance crew working hard and a large group of long range walki talkie hobbyists. I was going to go back to Roan this weekend but I have the stupid flu. If you have pictures of Roan Mountain, please share!! . #roanmountain #appalachiantrail #dogsofinstagram #dogshiking #appalachaintraildog #sheexplores #womenwhohike #adventure #adventuredog #blueridgemountains #asheville #mountains #ncmountains #collaborate #theblueridgers

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@ebllashes pink colored lashes + our red and pink lash wands have us catching all the Vday feels 💞

1 week ago

I can't believe this was almost 3 years ago. I loved you then and I love you even more now. Happy Valentines day to the most incredible partner, supporter and absolute love of my life, @johnsfreeman 🖤

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This is Maximiliano Romero. He is a mexican content creator who lives in North Carolina, I met him a few years ago through Instagram. Every now and then we used to talk about our work, technical things about photography and our goals, without even knowing that fate would give us the chance to meet personally. After long conversations and 3 years of a social media friendship we saw each other in NYC last October, but we still had so many things to do and share. When he saw that I was visiting North Carolina he didn’t hesitate to tag along in my adventure, we did two hikes together that day. We talked a lot that too, about life, funny stuff and more adventures. While on our way to Roan Mountain I shared some thoughts with him and after listening he replied to me “i really enjoy meeting you bro, because of your vibes”. In that point of our conversation I knew that he was inspired by my work as much as i am inspired by his. Over the months he has become one of my best buddies and one of my favorite photographers, due to his unique style and humbleness. #LatinoBoyzClub 🤘🏾 - - - - In Frame @underratedshoots

1 week ago

artist @nava_waxman and i are working to create a new collaborative piece for this spring. here, she used the song “lula’s by the sea, brushed against the sky” for a performance. follow her and keep an eye on my website to spot these collaborations as they come forward!

1 week ago

First sunset I’ve watched on Roan Mountain... That moment when the last sliver of sunlight touches the edge of the tree line is pure magic.

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Mountain top sibling time...