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10 hours ago

Here to do some business with the big iron on my hip. #riseupcars

10 hours ago

My 08 Toyota Highlander Sport. -Has the optional V6 2GR-FE engine that has DOHC and VVTI and produces 270-300BHP -Mated to a 5 Speed Auto -FWD😩😰 -good car sounds really good when driving it. . -great fucking sleeper for g a p i n g people who think their Ford Focus is fast when leaving the school -Sport trim gives the car the optional V6 engine and β€œsport tuned suspension” (which does nothing and it still handles awfully) Sorry for not posting #car #carshitposting #carshitpost #riseupcars

12 hours ago

Forever a lonely driver 😞 #riseupcars #boatsriseup #shitboxshitposting also i’m not posting any reviews today i’m doing them tomorrow i just wanna do some casual posting for today hope you understand

14 hours ago

OvO I lost track of the other sirocco. I’ll find him, here’s his Gen 2 son instead #riseupcars

15 hours ago

I don’t have any friends anymore because all of them thought the Aztek is ugly :/

15 hours ago

16 hours ago

I guess uhhh. This is the end. I've decided to leave this community, it was very VERY awesome at first, I thought I can be a part of this community but nit really, I cant handle that much drama. I had severe headaches because of autozam and also I hate the edgyness of some of these car posters, really gets my goddamn nerves. Im pretty sure no one will care if I left or not because im not a major part of this community. But still i should give some statistics. See ya guys and godspeed. P.S if anyone wants to contact me. Dm me in my main @aryan_berlinetta. Thanks Also I may log in some times so don't mind. #riseupcars #bye #seeya

16 hours ago

subarustihachboi has joined the gang. #riseupcars

16 hours ago

That thing has a fucking 2JZ in it #riseupcars