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1 month ago

◾Pokemon Oc◽ × ~PERSONAL~ •Name: Kyra •Age: 16 years old •Gender: female •Sexuality: straight •Hometown: Nuvema Town •Region: Unova •Species: Pokemon-Gijinka × ~PERSONALITY~ •Character: polite, nevertheless, she provokes sometimes others, helpful, friendly •Likes: nature, fire, thunder, pokemon, loves amusement park •Dislikes: Team Plasma, water × ~APPEARANCE~ •Eye Color: light blue •Hair Color: white •Outfit: ---»»black vest, a sweatshirt with one short sleeve, ripped jeans and a glove on her left arm × ~TRAINER~ •Trainer Class: Pokemon-Trainer •Pokemon-Team: ---> Serperior ---> Lucario •Befriended Pokemon: ---> Reshiram × ~FAMILY~ •Parents: ??? •Sisters: ??? •Brothers: ??? × Taken by: Touya💕 (@/legendtouya) × ~OTHERS~ •Can understand pokemon •Can use the moveset and the ability from Reshiram in her gijinka-form •Guardian of the Light Stone × × Admin: Please let me know if you want to be her sibling or something else × × × {Ignore Tags} #pokemon #anime #animepokemon #pokemonanime #pokemonreshiram #reshiram #reshirampokemon #pokemonoc #ocpokemon #animeoc #ocanime