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There's a pretty good chance we will have a frost tonight so we picked the rest of the pumpkins. We harvested close to 100lbs this season!. Don't you think this almost-ripe pie pumpkin is the prettiest? #newenglandpiepumkin #amishcrookneckpumpkin #roastingweather #weregonnaneedabiggerscale #tinyfarms #regenerativefarming #regenerativeagriculture #sustainablefarming #organicfarming #frontyardfarms #suburbanfarms #growyourown #homegrownisbest #growanewculture #restorativeagriculture #foodismedicine

5 hours ago

today economics for happiness conference finished pointing out the importance of local, organic and fair FOOD in the cities. local markets are amazing but we also need networks and independent business that supply the “monthly” veggie and fruit purchase. big supermarkets don’t value farmers enough as on average they only receive back 20% of the price you pay - from which only 50% pays their though work with the land. 🥦🍌🥑🍉🍋🍅🥒🍆 we need to remember that everyone eats 3 times per day and while moving towards a happier society, REAL FOOD NEEDS TO BE IN THE CENTER! #regenerativeagriculture #economicsofhappiness2018 #bristol #saopaulo #bancadaativista #elenao #foodforchange #slowfood #terramadre2018 #iinhealthcoach #planetorplastic #hamiltonhouse #tabaccofactorytheatre #regenerativefarming #institutochao #comidadoamanha #belagil #permaculture #sachamama #amazonia #schumachercollege #dartington #mercadaomunicipal #zerowaste #thisisnotthetruth

16 hours ago

There's nothing glamorous here, but this is us 90% of the time. 😏 Today was our last market day of the year and we came home to plant garlic and move sheep. These boys are always with us. Sometimes they help and sometimes they go exploring. Tonight we were gifted a beautiful sunset and decided to get some pictures. ❤️

20 hours ago

Sheep + fire + sunlight = relaxing Saturday afternoon 🍁

1 day ago

Cover crop? Is it a good idea to plant a fall/winter cover crop? Yes. I’ve never planted a cover crop before, but after some research, I can definitely see an advantage to planting one. Cover crops, or green manures, are a great way to protect your garden from weeds and soil erosion over the winter period. As well as protecting your soil, cover crops can be dug into the earth before spring, improving the soil ecosystem and feeding your plants with essential nutrients. I’m planting winter rye this year. Cereal grains like winter rye are fast growers, sprouting quickly from seed to form a thick mat that blankets soil. This living ground cover smothers cool-season weeds. Winter rye is also deep rooted which helps keep the soil loose. #covercrops #winterrye #protectthesoil #buildsoil #soilnutrition #healthysoil #healthysoilhealthyfood #regenerativeagriculture #regenerativefarming #naturalfarming #backtonatural #backtobasics

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these days, these intense days when we are searching for solutions to ecological crises, i’ve been reading about regenerative farming. i’m beginning to understand how people are working with animals and plants to build soil, to sink carbon, to increase organic matter, to absorb more water into the land, simply enough, by moving animals as they would move naturally in herds. they’ll set up animals to graze, browse, forage an area briefly, trample much of it, manure it, then move them on to fresh ground, not to return for some time. the roots of the plants, mirroring their aerial parts, self-prune and break down into new soil. the parasite cycles are broken as the hosts move away. mulched and fertilised, increasing organic matter slows and sinks water. carbon draws down and everything grows stronger, rapidly. intensive rotational grazing. understanding these principles on paper is one thing. in practice, translating to this land, at a small scale, with these particular animals and plants is a process of experimentation. for now i’m observing what the kid goats eat and how they like to move on the land. if i stand firm with their leads, being the tether, and watch what they choose to graze and browse versus when i allow them to lead. how they graze the orchard or browse in the thicket. how i might move them with fences. observing how the chickens and the ducks move on the land in different weather and thinking about how we might rest areas of the garden and open others to them while meeting their needs and our own. how grazing geese might contribute. i’m not regenerating grassland so much as garden, orchard, food forest, but the principles ought to scale. for now i’m playing with how a regenerative practice might work with daily life that resembles backyard chicken homesteading more than pasturing herds of cows or sheep. translating the language of electric fencing a field to the sort of fences one might live with, in effect, at home in one’s garden. regenerative practice the way my family might engage with it, to not only restore our own soil, not only raise healthy animals, plants and people, but to actually contribute to a positive carbon cycle.

1 day ago

Here is Promise, our first LOMAH calf, born July 5th. She is queen of the babies, and knows it! She rounds them all up in games of tag and chase, but has a soft spot for Avett. ❤️ For months before she could actually bite and chew, she would open her mouth on some grass and slobber it up, then pretend to chew it! With no success or actual sustenance, she was right there working and heading toward her future. I’m sure it’s animal practice, like how kittens play and pounce to learn to hunt, but I’d never seen it before and it reminds me of little girls sipping pretend tea. 😍 . . . #learningfromanimals #grassfedbeef #heifercalf #angus #limousin #firstcalf #rotationalgrazingisamazing #regenerativeagriculture #regenerativefarming #leaderfollower #permaculture #lomah

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Happy sows lazing about in the sun with their piglets 🐷...Raising our pigs out-of-doors gives us ample opportunity to observe them in natural settings. These mums are housed in a portable nursery so their piglets are safe from foxes 🦊, but the piglets are still able to learn to root and forage for goodies! The foraging action gently ploughs the soil, opening it up and aerating it for future grass/pasture growth! #buildingbettersoils. . . . . . #organicfinefoodcompany #soilmicrobiome #healthysoilhealthyplanet #certifiedorganic #healthysoilhealthypeople #regenerativefarming #joondalupgrowersmarket #knowyourfood #localfarmer #perthfood

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Man vs Mound 💪 This pile of compost was twice this size but the FS&B crew have been hard at work spreading it to make garden beds 🌱

1 day ago

🥚🐓 Check out @handtoground to find out which market they’ll be today!

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It’s a week away from our our last farm tour we’ll have this year (October 26th). It’s a great evening to join in seeing the condition and health of the land and the animals where your food is coming from! We’ll pick you up in style on a hay ride and make several stops. We only have 2 family spots (or a couple individual spots) left. The venue will close Monday. Grab a few tickets before we sell out... Link is in profile. #mcintyrepastures #farmtour #regenerativefarming #covercrops #grassfinishedbeef #pasturedpoultry #pasturedpork #pasturedturkey #pasturedeggs #eatlocalboise

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This is Scott from @beaver_creek_farms. He’s been a vegetarian for over two years! After some discussions with him about eating organic and non-gmo meat and the ethics and nutrition behind it he decided to take the plunge back into eating meat and to take it one step further.. process his very own chicken! So he came over today and did just that. Always love when people want to learn how it’s done and you gain a much higher respect with the food you eat. Thanks again for coming by Scott!

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The ocean playing its role ✨

1 day ago

Majestic Horse

1 day ago

Strike a pose! I’d like to introduce you to our third chick is a #mottledjava This little girl is full of spice... she carries herself with confidence and is often the life of the chick brooder party - bolting around in the pine shavings and causing a ruckus. For those reasons, and because she’s clearly very comfortable in front of the camera at such young age, we’ve dubbed her #LorettaYoung 💃🏼🐣 . . . . . . . . . . #babychicks #babychicksofinstagram #chicksofinstagram #mottledjavachicken #lifeoftheparty #strikeapose #childactress #thegalsofthefarmonwilkesroad #thefarmonwilkesroad #browneggs #farmfresheggs #chicken #regenerativefarming #addingtotheflock #sandiego #valleycenter

2 days ago

Today the farm team went over to @clervauxtrust for a morning of biodynamic preparation making! In the afternoon we then dug our horns into the ground where they will rest over the winter months

2 days ago

Two Male Botaox plants we had up at Raleigh Night Market last night with @oakcitycannabis . Always a pleasure educating people on what farming hemp can do for you! Most common question: Q: So how is this legal? Take time to talk to people. Just a 2 minute conversation can change someones negative perception of this beautiful plant drastically! #nchemp #hempnc #raleigh #nightmarket #local #educate #organic #regenerativefarming #strains #oakcity #nc #gottabenc #explorenc #cannabis #cannabiscommunity #overgrow #norlina #research #helpingeducaterpd #information #frieday @eastern_agricutural_consulting

2 days ago

Sweet little kukus! 🐥 Starting with day old chicks, Farmer Max uses traditional regenerative farming 👨‍🌾 techniques to raise them. Once they’re big enough to control their own body temperature they are moved to airy pens on open pasture, which are moved daily to give the kukus access to new dudus 🐛 and grasses, which gives them their delicious flavour. Moving the chickens also ensures that the grasses 🌱and soil is fertilized and regenerated with the chicken’s manure. . . @farmermaxkenya #regenerativeagriculture #regenerativefarming #chicken #chicks #sustainable #knowthesource #farmermax #greenspoonke #buylocal #buildkenya

2 days ago

This night has been a long time coming. Our first beef came home from the butcher today. We couldn’t resist giving it a taste test before we begin selling it at markets this weekend! Pleasantly surprised that it had enough external fat to allow it to be dry aged for nearly 3 weeks, giving it superb flavor. Our cattle are raised gently, given everything they need to keep them happy and healthy. They’re moved daily onto fresh lush pasture filled with no spray alfalfa, clovers, and grasses. Grass fed has never tasted so good... I’m not usually the bragging type, but I just couldn’t be prouder tonight. Look for us this Saturday at the south of the James market @growrva and on Sunday @longsundaymarket in North Stafford to get some of this amazing beef 🥩 A big shout out to our good friends @monroviafarm for the multifaceted mentoring they’ve done with us and for hauling steers to the butcher. We may do things a bit differently, but y’all have been some of the finest folks we could have ever hoped to work with. #grassfinished #grassfedbeef #grassfed #happycows #knowyourfarmer #knowyourfood #stressfreecattle #beyondorganic #regenerativefarming #delicious #steak #localbeef

2 days ago

It’s not the size of the garden that counts, it’s how you use it!

2 days ago

It’s been perfect delivery weather this week! 🍁🍂 Did you know we deliver to pick up locations at businesses or homes? You place your order on our website and then meet us to grab your items off our freezer truck. We’d love to grow this part of our business. Currently, we go to Nampa-Karcher, Meridian, and Boise-downtown...Does this interest you? Do you have an area that would be worth our time going into (meaning more than a couple orders)? Let us know!⬇️ #mcintyrepastures #regenerativefarming #grassfinishedbeef #pasturedpoultry #pasturedpork #pasturedturkey #pasturedeggs #farmtofork #eatlocalboise

2 days ago

Karen and I are in the process of planning our next trip, scheming up creative shoot ideas and story concepts + working on a new and exciting addition to our website. If you haven’t subscribed already be sure to as we’ll be messaging our subscribers first with the latest news. ~honey~⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #foodstories #knowyourfarmer #knowyourfarmerknowyourfood #regionalfood #smallscalefarming #regenerativeagriculture #sustainablefarming #knowyourfarmer #sustainableagriculture #regenerativefarming #holisticfarming #creativecollaboration #sustainableliving

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Double Entries Today Only ✅✅ | Regenerative Giveaway (link in bio) . $1 = 2 entries $25 = 50 entries $500 = 1000 entries …all to help support regenerative agriculture. Every amount earns double! . One lucky person will win all of this: ▶️ a trip for 2 to @RoamRanch ▶️ a @BigGreenEgg grill ▶️ an @Otterbox cooler filled w/ regeneratively-raised meats ▶️ a 100% #grassfed cowhide rug from @whiteoakpastures

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Regenerative agriculture describes farming and grazing practices that, among other benefits, reverse climate change by rebuilding soil organic matter and restoring degraded soil biodiversity – resulting in both carbon drawdown and improving the water cycle. Specifically, regenerative agriculture is a holistic land management practice that leverages the power of photosynthesis in plants to close the carbon cycle, and build soil health, crop resilience and nutrient density. #rebotanicals #hemp #hempoil #organichempoil #regenerativefarming #hempfarms #hempfarmers #apothecary #plantextracts

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Don’t miss out on your chance to win DOUBLE ENTRIES today for @savoryinstitute ’s #regenerativegiveaway. 🌎🌱 . One lucky person will win all of this: ✅ a trip for 2 to @RoamRanch ✅ a @BigGreenEgg grill ✅ an @Otterbox cooler filled with regeneratively-raised meats ✅ a 100% #grassfed cowhide rug from @WhiteOakPastures . ▶️ENTER TODAY: . . . . #regenerativeagriculture #regenerativefarming #carbonfarming #holisticmanagement #sustainability #sustainableag #grassfed #pastureraised #climatesolution #purchasewithpurpose #knowyourfarmer #soilhealth

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#TeamBaldor took a trip to @joycefarms last week, and we're excited about their Heritage Pork program! Their Heritage Pork comes from the Gloucestershire Old Spot (GOS) breed. This heritage breed dates back to the 1800s and is known for its distinctive black spots and floppy ears. It's also known for producing tender, succulent pork that's full of natural flavor. #knowyourfarmer 🐷🐖 . . . . . . #heritagepork #porklover #yummy #farmtotable #regenerativefarming #sustainablemeat #eatmorepork

3 days ago

So honored & thrilled to be joining as faculty at Hawthorn Institute... such incredible stewards, educators, and vision holders 🙏🏽✨ I can’t wait to sit in circle with all of you again and welcome new students in 2019! For anyone interested in place-based Herbalism, Ayurveda, yoga, holistic nutrition, regenerative farming, wild crafting and personal development, go to their profile + website to learn more 🌿 #Repost @hawthorn_institute ・・・ We are excited and honored to introduce to you one of the newest members of the Hawthorn faculty team. Meet Venessa! ♋️🦋🌾✨ wild woman, sci-fi 🖖🏽🤓, dance is my medicine Loves: Pachamama, storytelling, magic, talking poop/microbes/morphic resonance Plant affinities: rose, tulsi, yerba buena Roles: Nourishment guide teaching nutrition, body systems, soul food . . . Hola! I'm Venessa... So happy to be a part of the Hawthorn family ♥️ I’m a teacher, functional nutritionist + intuitive nourishment guide in my private practice at @WildlyRooted & host of the #FeedYourWildPodcast .⠀ One of my greatest passions is to help folx breakthru chronic dis-ease + health challenges by helping them re-member their OWN medicine. We do this using food & plants as medicine, personalized functional nutrition tools, & nature-based practices rooted in ancestral wisdom. I also provide space for spiritual inquiry through Akashic Records to explore #soulfood elements. .⠀ My “specialties” include digestive disorders, cognitive decline/brain health, & soul messages. Having grown up inner-city Chicago, I developed a love for nature + plant allies from my grandmothers’ “backyard” herbalism, Puerto Rican folk medicine, and family trips to the rainforest & mountains. My mom’s journey with cancer was the catalyst that sparked my path into nutrition & holistic health... and here I am nearly 15 yrs later! . Can't wait to nerd out on nutrition, herbs, & the body with you! #nicetomeetyou #SOULnutrition #feedyourWILD #SACREDecology #bioregionalherbalism #functionalnutrition #ayurveda #regenerativefarming #wildcrafting

3 days ago

So proud to be part of this event again. A gathering of great minds sharing knowledge of how to cultivate with integrity for land and resources. This educational conference does not only apply to cannabis. The methods and concepts can be applied to all crops. These are yield increasing and money saving tips. Please join us Feb 22-24 to be inspired for your next #growingSeason. Get your tickets early as there is limited space. DM me for lodging info. #regenerativefarming #regenerativeagriculture #regenerativemedecine #redway #cannabiscultivationconference #knf #beneficialinsects #agronomy #notill #feedyoursoilanditwillfeedyou #humboldtcounty

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❤️🌿 full circle pharm #certifiedbiodynamic cannabis flower list 2018 vintage 🌿❤️ (swipe right) *partial list only* 1. #whitecaviar 🍥⛽️🐌 bred by @aficionadoestates 2. #lemonlotuslovegift 🍋💛 bred by @bodhiseeds @bodhiguide 3. #pineappletsu 🍍🌊 (cbd) bred by et genetics 4. #sorbetto 🍧🍦bred by @aficionadoestates 5. #pineapplethai 🍍🏝 bred by @aficionadoestates 6. #babyblue 💎💙 bred by @arcanna_flowers 7. #lavenderjack 🌿💜 bred by @bodhiguide @bodhiseeds 8. #sunshinedaydream 🌞✨ bred by @bodhiguide @bodhiseeds 9. #clementinecookies 🍊🍪bred by @highergroundcanna 10. #ringosgift 🎁🌿❤️ #grownmindfullywithlove ❤️ #regenerativefarming ♻️ #purecosmicenergy 🌀 #bethechange ❤️ #smallbatch #craftcannabis #limitedavailability #qualityoverquantity 💎🌿💎

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RIDDELLS CREEK // Come get yourself a delicious pasture raised chicken from us at Riddells Creek Farmers Market this Saturday at the Primary School from 9am - 1pm. I roasted this little chook up with leeks, carrots, garlic and rosemary and the kids fought over the crispy skin! The flavour is rich and the meat tender and juicy... #tastethedifference #supportyourlocalfarmer #pasturedpoultry #eatyourethics #regenerativefarming #smallbatchfarming #seasonaleating #springchicken #roastchicken #simplemeals #wholefoodcooking #familydinners

3 days ago

Planting seeds of renewal, growing cover crop- a living, breathing, carbon sequestering, earth awakening, small water cycle feeding layer of green flesh for the sunburnt dry California Earth Mother we love so much. Regenerate Ma. You who give so much, we are devoted to your life. #covertheearth #mulch #plantseeds #regeneratetheearth #regenerativefarming #covercrop #greenmulch #kisstheground #regenerativeagriculture #thegaiaschoolofhealing #earth #plantmagick #greenwitch #plantagarden #reverseclimatechange #smallwatercycle #love #healing #herbalschool #herbalism #beagoodhuman #compost #plumcotfarm

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Fading evening light with ChiChi; sweet Jolene is already nodding out and I get the chance to quietly observe. ChiChi is finally gaining weight. Thankfully she's of a robust nature and managed to survive my learning curve and I can only take note of what I did wrong and be grateful I remedied the situation ~ ChiChi was taking 15 to 20 lbs of alfalfa and pouring it into the bucket instead of using it for her own health. This is called milking off her back (I think don't quote me as I spend many an hour second guessing myself) very stripped down take-away is that too much alfalfa is a bad thing, and "grass genetics" don't mean shit if you're grazing a marginally improved farm and not making allowances for it. + So currently ~ 1300lb cow grazes a fresh space of 150ft×150ft every day, plus 25lbs-35lbs of nice grass hay, plus 10lbs leafy alfalfa hay, plus 8lbs grain gives approximately 6 gallons of milk which is unequally divided between a huYOOge heifer calf and a milkmaid. I have no clue if this is efficient or an enormous waste of cash but I can say that we are terrible milk snobs now and her manure is the stuff of legends. #lifeofamilkmaid #housecow #mygirlChiChi #MilkingShorthorn #slowfood #rawmilk #eatingthegoodlife

3 days ago

The cornflowers are FINALLY showing the promise of the colour they’re going to bring to the garden. . I seem to have real trouble getting flowers to grow from seed. Am I the only one who finds them harder than veggies?