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35 minutes ago

Hay Cutting has begun! Its always a good feeling to see that hay get cut! We work with another farmer who comes to our farm and cuts all the hay for us, it works out well for us because he already has all the equipment and experience and we can focus on the animals. One of the big benefits over buying in hay from elsewhere is we are able to manage the fields for both soil and pasture quality improvement. We graze the same fields we cut hay on and this helps build the soil back up. We also often feed the hay we cut back to cows 🐮 and sheep 🐑 on the same fields its been cut from, this puts the carbon and nutrients back into the soil. If someone has a dedicated (instead of integrated) hayfield and trucks all that hay off to sell what happens is a huge tonnage of organic matter (the building block of good soil) is leaving the farm. These fields have all been grazed multiple times since they where last cut for hay and Don, the hay cutter, mentioned they look better than last year. #regenerativefarming #grassfarming #carbonsequestration #localfood #carboncycling

1 hour ago

Focus on Turmeric: It is known as one of the most powerful herbs on the planet for fighting and potentially reversing disease ✊🏽 It grows as a root and is the perfect companion plant. . For our cultivation around the farm it helps to clean and cure the soil while adding loads of nutrients. In our food forests, we use it to paint the trunks of our trees as a natural pesticide. . OUR turmeric is 100% pure, free from any additives or harsh chemicals. It is farmer direct, grown straight from the food forests of Biolley in beautiful southern Costa Rica! . #Cultivo #farmerdirect #farmfresh #foodforests #costaricapuravida #100pure #antioxidantfood #turmericroot #letfoodbethymedicine #detoxifyingfoods #companionplanting #growyourownfood 🌱 #naturalpesticide #saveourrainforests #regenerativefarming @biolleybuzz

3 hours ago

Spending a little time in the garden. I got a late start this year, but asparagus is growing like crazy, delphinium and dahlia, mullein and daisies are doing good. We planted some tomatoes and zuchini, peppers, garlic, carrots, and beans. We shall see how they do. #dandelionknollfarm #michiganfarms #regenerativefarming

4 hours ago

Today’s #ZeroWaste #wednesday is all about #circulareconomy and it’s time to completely disrupt the status quo and get away from #linearsystems and yes even #recycling systems economies. We absolutely need to partner with #mothernature and realize that we are not more civilized or smarter than her. She has been here for billions of years and we haven’t been here long at all but we are definitely depleting and using up all our resources faster than ever. She brought us in and is ready to take us out so no matter what please make sure you know your “why” I will spend the rest of my life doing my best to lead by example and spread massive amounts of CocoLove. Fun fact we must plant 1.2 trillion trees in order to totally reverse the #climatecrisis effects of our man made destructive systems. The future is bright if we light it up with care, thoughtfulness and love for Mother Nature 🌴❤️🤙🏼🙏🏼🥥🌎 . .. ... .... #regenerativeagriculture #zerowaste #zerowasteliving #closedloop #healthyplanet #saveearth #savetheturtles #savetheocean save #oxygen #regenerativefarming

7 hours ago

I often wish I was more of a morning person. You know - up at the crack of dawn with half the day’s work done before breakfast. Sadly that’s not me. But I do look forward to the days I deliver freshly harvested herbs, salads and edible flowers to @cardamom_and_dill . On these days I’m happy to be out in the garden early, picking bunches of fragrant herbs and bowlfuls of crispy lettuce leaves. There’s no better way to start the day! #kitchengarden #supportlocalfarms #locallygrown #sustainablygrown #growfoodnotlawns #homegrownflowers #healthysoil #feedthebees #organicgarden #freshherbs #simplejoys #yorkrestaurants #getgrowing #feedthesoil #herbgarden #beefriendly #happygardeninglife #seedtoplate #gardentotable #organicallygrown #biodiversity #sustainableliving #slowlived #ediblegarden #pollinatorgarden #mediterraneanfood #growyourownsalad #veggiepatch #regenerativefarming

8 hours ago

[Orange is the new black] 🥕 Good-orange-morning everyone, with our ugly but tasty carrots! When your garden is organic most of the times veggies are not beautiful.. this is because we don’t use any chimical help to grow our plants! Welcome in nature guys! ✨ Un buongiorno arancione con le nostre carote brutte ma assolutamente squisite! Quando vedete le nostre verdure un po’ bruttine, è perché sono frutto della natura. Non utilizziamo aiuti chimici e di conseguenza raccogliamo quello che la natura offre. La televisione e la grande distribuzione ci ha talmente abituati alla carota di Bugs Bunny, alla mela di Biancaneve che come vediamo qualche difetto sulla verdura tendiamo a non comprarla. E allora io oggi vorrei farvi riflettere e spronarvi a scegliere cose magari più brutte ma al 100% più sane. La salute è tutto ragazzi.. e benvenuti in natura💃🏼 . . . . . #ortoprimofiore #organicgarden | #madeintuscany 🥕✨❤️

9 hours ago

We’re about 10 weeks into our harvest season & we wanted to share a little about our progress ... we have harvested over 640 pounds of produce & herbs so far! Our gardens (growing space) total less than 1/10 of an acre. Our biggest producer so far has been rainbow chard at 53 lbs, with potatoes, zucchini & squash coming in closely behind that. We still have months lefts of harvesting heavy producers like squash & tomatoes, so that will change, but we’re pretty excited about those numbers right now! We make boxes for 12 families every Friday; 7 half shares & 5 full shares. We always have extra produce that we sell to our virtual farmstand each week and we are cooking with our own vegetables every day, so that’s 2+ more families we’re feeding. We also have an abundance of flowers, some we make bouquets with for ourselves and customers, but most of them are treats for all our pollinators and for our enjoyment when we’re out working in the gardens. This journey so far has been greatly fulfilling and we’re enjoying it so much. Thank you to all of you that are supporting us. We love nourishing our community!

10 hours ago

Another failed attempt to grow sweet potatoes. This time we were too hasty. From others' experience it usually takes 8-9 months to harvest them but we trusted the internet and harvested when they were only 4 months old. Or maybe we failed because the sweet potatoes got lack of nutrients, or sun, we are not so sure. It doesn't always workout, but we always have a little faith. We're ready for our 4th attempt, another batch of jar and mug with our small sweet potatoes. . . #roadtopermaculture #permaculture #agriculture #growyourownfood #smallfarm #rooftopgarden #regenerativeagriculture #regenerativefarming #mulch #openpollinatedseed #plantsmakepeoplehappy #sendalu #sendalupermaculture #fujifilm_id #fujix10 #farmtotable

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How cute is this photobomb? This little intruder is fat & vegan 😝. Animals have a unique diet based on their natural habitat, as do I. In my last post I talked about my journey to optimal health. Eating at home & cooking my own meals is a difficult commitment. It’s easy for food to become a commodity while working full time & balancing schedules. But food is not a commodity. Food is our life source & it determines how we live. I’ve been asked what kind of diet I follow? My diet consists of being consciouses of my environment & those in it. I don’t follow Keto. Keto is Ketosis, a normal metabolic process. It’s not a life style it’s physiological function. I follow the @westonaprice lifestyle. A diet rich in nutrients & sustainably sourced foods. I do not intend to argue about different diets & life styles. I am simply promoting what I believe 😊. Although I enjoy a plant base diet, it is not feasible for my habitat. I too made food a commodity when I started working full time but I became very unhappy & unhealthy. You see being happy is far more than our aesthetics. Being happy is gratitude & respect for all that inherent the earth. When I eat I am grateful that a farmer cared for my food & sourced it as organically as possible. Consuming nutrient dense foods that are accessible & part of our natural habitat could solve our world crisis. 🤯Status update for our cohorts is—extinction!!! Say what?! Humanity is so frantic trying to save the world that vegans blame omnivorous for global warming & omnivorous blame straws. I blame commodity. I blame our slefish lives styles. Most of us work long days & don’t have time to prepare our meals. We have no idea where our food comes from. We are paying for our negligence with our lives & our future. We lack the time to heal & nourish our bodies. We temporarily ease our pain & fill our bodies with medicine to mask our symptoms. But what if we slow down & appreciate life. What if we live for the moments when we prepare meals & enjoyed them with the people we love. What if we work less, stress less, pray more, cook more, laugh with our kids more...nah let’s order a meal plan🤮 or churn butter 😍.

11 hours ago

Forgot to mention I'll be spraying the mounds with compost tea.

12 hours ago

Kale and peonies came out of the garden today, along with some tasty chive blossoms! This is just the beginning of a season full of farm fresh food and flowers🌿💜 swipe over to see how today’s harvest made it into dinner!

13 hours ago

Las gallinas cumplen un rol fundamental en el sistema ya que van comiendo las larvas y desparramando el estiércol de las vacas. Además las gallinas generan una gran perturbación de la superficie del suelo cuando escarban, y esto permite mejorar el ciclo del agua e incorporar parte del remanente del pasto. Esto acelera el proceso de descomposición y mejora la incorporación de minerales. #chickensofinstagram #happychickens #regenerativefarming #polyface #chickens #regenerativefarming #polyface #OrganicFarm #OrganicFarm #chickentractor #freerangehens #freerange #farm #eggs #chickentractor #pastureraisedeggs #freerangechickens #happyhens #gallinaenpastoreo #gallinasponedoras #gallinasfelices #pollospastoriles #pasturedpoultry #salatinstyle #vida #sano #cheff

13 hours ago

Mendo Pineapple looking awesome, being grown by the brotha @moosehead905_ can't wait to see the outcome bro! a special pheno of original 90's mendo pineapple increased a while back that has a super intense terp profile that's very hard to explain. I call it 90's Mendo Pineapple (riptide pheno) #Riptideseeds #Riptideseeds #cannabiscommunity #cannabisculture #mendodope #mendo #emeraldtriangle #weednerd #mendocino #regenerativefarming #notillgardening #organic #probiotic #seeds #mendorootsorganicseeds #knf #naturalfarming #koreannaturalfarming #mendorootssouvenirs

14 hours ago

We love creating healthy soil to capture carbon and mitigate climate change, but it also retains more moisture so plants and trees can thrive. @npr has a good look at how drought in California is encouraging regenerative farming practices in their article “California's Latest Weapon Against Climate Change Is Low-Tech Farm Soil” . You can find it at . . . #HolisticManagement #HealthySoil #LoveSoil #SoilLove #ClimateChange #Sustainability #SustainableLiving #Sustainable #RegenerativeAgriculture #RegenerativeFarming #ModernFarmer

14 hours ago

Meet azolla, a fascinating fresh-water fern rich in nitrogen we’ve been experimenting with as a research and development project for a couple of years— initially growing it in mason jars and eventually scaling up to two 100 square foot ponds. What makes azolla so special is not the plant itself but its life partner, a unique cyanobacteria (a nitrogen fixing microbe). This microscopic bacteria converts atmospheric nitrogen into a usable form for plants while also feeding off of the sugars produced by the azolla— a pretty nice, mutualistic relationship. Azolla can be used as a biofertilizer, a low-impact food for livestock, and is considered to be a “super organism” due to its ability to sequester up to 1.2 tons of atmospheric nitrogen per acre per year. We’re currently feeding our weekly harvest of azolla to our vermicompost worm bin to add extra nutrients and help retain moisture. We look forward to further experimenting with where else this super organism can bolster nutrients on the farm 🌿 #azola #thebiggestlittlefarm #apricotlanefarms

15 hours ago

On Monday night, The Falls Farm was privileged to be part of a panel “lt’s (officially) a climate emergency; what can we do?” The event was hosted by Wandering Cooks @wanderingcooks and organised by Samantha Seljuk @seljakbrand . Like the rest of the panel, we at the farm are trying to find a way forward into the climate changing future. The Falls Farm has recently joined Farmers for Climate Action @farmersforclimateaction and started to examine our processes and systems to reduce our carbon emission footprint. One early realisation is that our regenerative farming practice which is a result of us ‘listening to the land’ has stored a lot of carbon in our soil. Also, our fresh, seasonal produce goes to customers within a radius of less than 100 km. Analysis of vehicle use is being undertaken and changing to battery powered equipment (and where feasible vehicles) is planned. We have started to make changes ‘within our sphere of influence’ this post. The farm/we are putting our hands up to be counted with tens of 1000’s of others who realise the need to make changes now. #regenerativeagriculture #regenerativefarming #farmersforclimateaction

15 hours ago

There has been so much rain this spring! But it has brought tremendous growth for our bushes. They are healthy and flourishing and we can’t wait for our summer harvest!

15 hours ago

It’s planting time 🌱 our collection of tomatoes and beans are in the ground at one of our two farms, and the chili’s and basils going next!!! Michael Klueg and friends have given us 2 acres to plant for seed as well as @pachamamafarm wherw we are doing lettuce and a variety of trials. Our Nursery of beautiful babies are heading into the soil this week and next. If you or anyone you know would be interested in helping with planting, we could certain use all the hands we can get!! • • • #seeds #masaseedfoundation #masaseedhouse #germination #spring #growplants #plantpeople #seedstarting #seedsaving #foodsovereignty #growyourfood #foodactivism #farmeducation #organicseeds #heirloomseeds #localseeds #seedbank #farms #farmlife #boulderfarms #nongmoseeds #seedlibrary #boulderseedhouse #regenerativeagriculture #regenerativefarming #localfood #coop #seedsavers #seedswap #regionallyadaptedseeds

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— Sustainability is the driving force behind the decisions we make at Maison/Made. . It’s why we have it in the main navigation of our website. It’s not a marketing word for us where we make claims that cannot be verified. . Our shipping boxes are made from a minimum of 90% PCW (post consumer waste) recycled material, our labels are compostable, we specifically chose glass over plastic bottles (in fact, the only plastic you’ll see is the pump and the tape we use to put on shipping labels), we offer either recycled cringe paper or dried calendula flowers as packaging filler, and we donate to United Plant Savers and the Biodynamic Association. . And most importantly we chose to manage our farm through regenerative farming practices in order to provide a net positive benefit to our land and the local environment. . #sustainablefarming #slowbeauty #MaisonMade

16 hours ago

Bigger plans (we mean...broken tractors lol) call for bigger tractors 🚜

16 hours ago

The regrowth capability of this tree is amazing. It was trimmed down less than a month ago. Building soil in our specific environment is a tedious task and one that involves adding lot of material back into the land. This fast growing, nitrogen fixing Ice Cream Bean (inga) was planted from seed 6 years ago. It grows to heights of about 25 ft before we cut it down and use it for mulch and carbon. This takes just about one year to grow back. i just love watching how fast it grows! Much aloha everyone! 💫🌱👌 #icecreambeantree #mulchproducer #mybackyard #n -fixing #fixingsoil #regenerativefarming #nosprayhawaii #growsomethinggreen #urbangardenersrepublic #sustainablesprout #epicgardening #growfoodnotlawns #eatwhatyougrow #sustainableliving #permaculturedesign #naturesmedicinecabinet #pollinatorgarden #foodismedicine #thehappygardeninglife #thehappyhomesteader #iamcountryside #freshfood #perennialedibles #perennialgarden #gardenharvest #loveyourlife #foodforest #permaculturefarm #garden_styles #gardenfreak @thegardenboss

17 hours ago

We Still have Arucana and New Hampshire Chicks for sale! These are straight run (not sexed) chicks. Heritage breed. Great for egg laying and meat. Arucanas are multi colored and lay green eggs, New Hampshire’s are red and lay brown eggs. Call the farm or stop by to make a purchase! . . . . . #farmeducation #mooninthepond #naturalfarming #localfarms #localfood #regenerativeagriculture #regenerativefarming #eathealthy #slowfood #supportlocalfarmers #smallscalefarming #farmlife #gardener #farmer

18 hours ago

I spent the last few days weeding and aerating the 6 year old potted pine forest. I didnt always like pines because of the monoculture plantations everywhere but im finding new appreciation for them. This #pinuspinea is a valuable food crop as well as a beautiful tree with amazing smells. Its not native to ireland but is gradually becoming naturalised in some parts of britain and supports a decent amount of fungi and critters. This #smidge hat may look a little silly but it is the only way to work with the midgies about! Much better for the environment, your health and works better than any chemical aerosol would! #treenursery #horticulture #permaculture #permaculturesolutions #treeappreciation #foodforthefuture #foodsecurity #nuttrees #nutproduction #ireland #lifeinthebog #midgies #nochemicals #growfood #tree #ethicalfarming #regenerativefarming #farmingforthefuture

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🍇🌱GIVEAWAY🍇🌱 . Did you know that SymSoil has a YouTube channel? Subscribe to our channel for behind the scene glances and educational videos. 📷: Michael Dyett . We will be giving away free product to one lucky winner. Here's how to enter: 1. Double tap this post to "like" it 2. Head over to YouTube and subscribe to our channel (Link in our bio) 3. Comment below 👇 with your favorite vegetable. A winner will be announced July 15th. . #giveaway #robustcompost #symsoilcompost #regenerativeagriculture #regenerativeag #regenerativefarming #organicfarming #organicgardening #precisionagriculture #whatsinyourcompost #symsoil #cannabiscommunity #indigenousmicrobes #effectivemicroorganisms #startuplife #backyardstartup #californiastartup #compostfarming #KNF #SFW #soilfoodweb #koreannaturalfarming

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We need to shift from incremental optimisation of already broken systems, to the birth of new systems that actually work. Otherwise we just continue to rearrange deck chairs on the Titanic. Join The Re-Generation today. Link in the bio.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ . ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #regenerativefarming #permaculture #agroecology #organic #biodynamic #theregeneration #foodconsciousness #biologicalmedicine #naturopathy #regenerativemedicine #psychedelicmedicine #preventativemedicine #circulareconomy #ecologicaleconomics #ecologicaldesign #economics

19 hours ago

Happy cow tails flash grazing some new chicories that came up @srjcshonefarm Did you know this method of grazing can sequester carbon and actually reverse climate change? Chicories have big tap roots to aerate the soil and retain carbon all the while growing better grass for these wagging tails! Support your local cattle rancher, what they grow is delicious and they are quite literally saving the planet!🐄 🐮 🌾 ☀️ #regenerativeagriculture #regenerativefarming #rotationalgrazing #cattle #cows #angus #herford #grassfed #supportlocal #buylocal #localmeat #climatechange #climateaction #farmer #futurefarmer #eatmeat #sonomacounty #california #alwayslearning

20 hours ago

Summer is here with an abundance of sunshine and daylight, it's hot out there and our farmers and plants feel it! This is the time of year when we start looking to our Cloudcroft farmers to help extend the season for greens and stone fruit, plus this gives a little breather to our southern New Mexico farmers to focus on production and allow all their recent plantings to mature. ------------------------------------------------- Farm Box Contents: Golden Apples, Lacinato Kale, Galia Melon, Plums, Italian Sweet Peppers, Red Swiss Chard, Green Beans, Zucchini -------------------------------------------------- We are extremely excited to be offering a new item this week, @onegrubcommunity Red Lentil Seitan Jerky. Their meatless jerky is favorful and a super-satisfying alternative to real jerky, you've got to try it! Don't forget to add additional goodness to your farm box, we have a great supply of pasture raised local eggs, honey, pecans and of course those amazingly delicious Myers Mushrooms. #foodhub #happiness #healthyfood #csa #community #vegetarian #vegan #plantbased #mealprep #elpaso #eptx #nm #lascruces #tx #regenerativefarming #farming

20 hours ago

Notice the evenness of the graze, not a plant missed that wasn't ate or flattened. The flattened grass covers the bare soil, acting as a mulch, retaining moisture and returning carbon back into the soil. This paddock will need to rest for 40-90 days before the forages have fully expressed themselves, ready for cattle to return. On our farm we use electric fencing to mimic the great migratory patterns of herbivores throughtout nature. Every day (sometimes twice a day) I move the herd to the next paddock. Referred to as mob-stocking-herbivorous-solar-conversion lignified-carbon-sequestration-fertilization by #joelsalatin. "If every farm in North America with livestock would practice this it would build so much soil, humus and organic matter that in fewer than 10 years we would sequester all the carbon that's been emitted since the beginning of the industrial age" -Joel Salatin #climatechangesolution #simplesolution #holisticmanagement #lunaticfarming #saladbarbeef #regenerativefarming #regenerativeagriculture #princeedwardcounty #lynchlineback @savoryinstitute @kisstheground

20 hours ago

Today more than 6000 species of plants are cultivated for food yet only three (maize, wheat, and rice) make up 60% of the calories and protein consumed globally, and less than 10 contribute to more than 66% of global food production. ⠀ ⠀ This lack of biodiversity within our food system combined with changing weather patterns associated with climate change is not sustainable – but we can do something about it. ⠀ ⠀ Today with #ad @newchapterinc I am sharing how seed saving can help improve biodiversity, support food security, and protect ancient healing practices required for supporting optimal health and long term sustainability. Learn more via the link in my bio 🌿⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #thewellessentials #igvermont #ignewengland #unitedplantsavers #seedsaving #seedsaversexchange #regenerativefarming #slowfoodmovement #thewellimpact #vermontlife #organicgardener #biodiversity #newchaptervitamins

20 hours ago

In May we fell a little (maybe a lot) behind - we're using our wedding as an excuse. We haven't had much to harvest lately, but in a few weeks we think that will change. Getting plant babies in the ground every day now!

20 hours ago

CHILES. Eating our medicine. Many different shapes, colors, varieties, and tastes. Chili peppers are rich in antioxidant plant compounds that have been linked to various health benefits: pain relief, increasing metabolism /weigh loss, wound healing, and immune function. Harvested from Finca Madre.

21 hours ago

Step by step instructions on how we make a new terrace and greenhouse at the Dragonfly Farm 🙏🏽 #1 have a ceremony for the nature spirit’s because we are disturbing the land. Set the intention on this new garden. #2. 8,000lb. Excavator digs out the new terrace. 75ft. X20ft. Our land is all hard rock so, all soil for gardens must be built. #3. Gather sticks from our forested land, and any other carbon. We never make burn piles on the land, instead we make piles with any dimensional wood from building or any branches. Here, we have used both dimensional with lots of sticks . #4 We keep the top layer of sod and dirt because it is very fertile and filled with life. On top of the sticks we layer the sod and soil upside down on the sticks. #5. Next we layer on a very nitrogen rich layer of organic cow manure/hay mixture that has been sitting all winter. It is steamy and filled with life. This covers the sod and sticks and is the perfect balance of carbon/nitrogen that it takes to begin a healthy decomposition 👌🏽 #6. We then cap this off with beautiful rich finished composted soil. This soil is native to our zone and is an ancient rich mountainous deposit full of minerals. This cap of soil will allow the roots of the newly transplanted starts to establish before descending into the rich diversity of our amazing Hugelkulture Beds! #7. We have a grove of cedar trees on our land that was blown down in a large wind storm 3 years ago. We built a greenhouse last year from the downed tree and we are getting another one built from it this year!! The logs are too much to bring off the hill whole, so, we cut the logs in lengths of 10ft. And split them with axes and wedges. Then we can walk the poles off the hill on our shoulders. We gathered 16 poles off the hill in just a couple hours. #8. We then burn the bottom of these logs to preserve them. We learned this trick from old homesteaders in the BC region we live🌈 #HugelKulture #RegenerativeFarming #DragonflyEarthMedicine #DemPure

21 hours ago

Ecological Design video clip 2. Link in our bio to watch the full video we filmed and edited for @bioneers

22 hours ago

Organic and regenerative MUST be part of the equation. Do you agree?

22 hours ago

Organic and regenerative MUST be part of the equation. Do you agree?

22 hours ago

Throw back time : The tale of the food forest starts in October 2016. During 2016, 2017 and 2018, also known as the first phase. Paths were outlined and the first tree donuts were a fact. A key component was learning by observation which gave us a lot of information. So we arrive in March 2019. All the ingredients are in Boodaville; all the information gathered over the years, a piece of land where multiple regenerating practice have taken place, Kate’s design and a group of passionate volunteers. #tbt #boodaville #april #youthinpermaculture #youth #learning #permaculture #erasmusplus #ESC #foodforest #beginning #catalonia #spain #volunteers #livingpermaculture #permacultureeducation #regenerativefarming #ecoliving #project #design #organic #soil #ecology #eco

22 hours ago

Wow what a week! We visited Gunthorp Farms and Miller Poultry to get a handle on what all goes into getting chicken from farm to fork - both in pasture-raised and barn-raised operations. It was also a big week because the chicks that we started raising and studying the first week of the ASI program were ready to be put on pasture. Everyone pitched in to move the chicks to their new movable pens so that we can harness their scratching, foraging, and fertilizing superpowers in the vegetable garden cover crop beds. Integrated diverse farming systems FTW! #agromerrylea #eatlocal #regenerativefarming #sustainablefarming #iheartgoshen #goodofgoshen #foodsystem @goshencollege @purduestudentfarm Miller Amish Country Poultry

23 hours ago

Premier tournesol, première courgette et premier potiron pour cette nouvelle aventure en permaculture 👨‍🌾 Beaucoup de déceptions qui nourrissent l’expérience, beaucoup de travail, de la patience et de la joie pour ces premières fois 😍 First sunflower, first zucchini and first pumpkin for this new adventure in permaculture 👨‍🌾 Many disappointments that feed experience, lot of work, patience and a lot of happiness when you see your first little success 😍🙏🏼🙌🏻

23 hours ago

Posted @withrepost from our friends @shineandrise @jaycford Mildred labored for 7 hours yesterday... most of which was further complicated by the first born piglets climbing all over her and beginning to nurse. SHES. A. SUPERPIG. I felt so honored to be there & share the magic of this moment. (And to get her more water whenever she barked at me). The nest she built was incredible hidden under a couple apple trees. So very proud and happy for you Mildred the Mom! . . . . . . . . #pigs #piglets #pig #pigsofinstagram #mangalica #mangalitsa #heritagebreed #permaculture #regenerativeagriculture #foodforest #organic #organicfarming #nature #naturephotography #naturelovers #growyourown #growfoodnotlawns #sustainable #quietinthewild #sustainableagriculture #sustainablefarming #regenerativefarming #garden #gardening #pastureraised #freerange #magicforest #woods #forest #farmlife

23 hours ago

Reaching for the best leaves on the honey suckle

23 hours ago

In your hands, the spongy structure of #healthysoil looks and feels like moist chocolate cake; offering more life in one single teaspoon than there are people on the planet.⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ The segment of soil which creates this telltale texture is called #humus and despite its contribution to the tactile-ness signaled by its existenceence, it's shapeless. Without any scientific knowledge of soil at all, you can spot humus' assassination when instead of chocolate cake beneath your feet, you find parched dirt in its place.⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ In many ways, humus offers the same benefits to the soil that colostrum offers a newborn. Like the human body, humus absorbs elements emitted by animals and plants in varying stages of decay ( #compost ), converting them to nutrients which let soil feed, reproduce, suppress disease, fix nitrogen, and retain moisture; creating a womb in which plants can grow. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Its motherly acts don't end there either, recent research has shown that our species subconsciously remembers where we stem from as "breathing in the scent of Mother Earth stimulates the release of the hormone oxytocin, the same chemical that promotes bonding between mother and child". ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ 'Humans' and 'Humus' share the same etymology of being 'from and for the earth', their roots intertwined with 'Humble', which is how one feels when learning the tales of #reciprocity from the kingdom below. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ The existence of humus in the ground is one of our main aides us in reversing #climatebreakdown , as it stores the overpopulation of carbon we've pumped into the atmosphere, converting it into topsoil (the part of soil we grow our food in).⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Humus also offers resilience against both drought and flooding, storing 80-90% of its weight in moisture like a reservoir so life above and below ground can thrive and survive.⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Like most mothers, humus is incredibly resilient, but current conventional agricultural practices weaken her. When weakened or killed, its benevolence is blocked from continuing, and without it, no life can survive on this planet. ⁣ ⁣ On the blog, I’ve shared an extended version of this post with solutions, or, you can click through to @kisstheground for the same lessons 🌱

1 day ago

Happy WEEK 4, CSA members! Here’s what’s in this week’s share: 🌱 lettuce 🌱 kale 🌱 peaches 🌱 blueberries 🌱beets 🌱onions #gcfCSA #greatcountryfarms