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Im so busy ic ant do duets but heres an edit ilysm i wish you have a good day! Enjoy your bday and remember we love you mwuah ily!💙💗 ( @cata.viera @cataavieraa ) •••••••••••••••••••••••• Tags: #onagangordontbang #ona #haileyorona 👑 #onafam #orona #fanpage #fitness #bellydance #bellydancer #musically #duetwithona #Onaedits #fanedits #ilyona #realona #onagang #lea #leaelui #leafan #duet #ily #muser #musically #teamcata #cata #cataviera .

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♡The Babysitter♡ I wake up and see Henry and Alex still asleep. I checked the time and Ms.Guzman would be home soon so I started to clean up the orange peels and toys everywhere. I was in Henry's room picking up the toys and I felt hands on my waist. Y/n: Alex- A: I'm sorry Y: For what? You haven't done anything. A: Well I didn't leave off a good first impression and I sorta harrassed you eariler. Y: Its fine, It was nothing. He hugged me from behind and my heart started to race a little and butterflies formed in my stomach. Y: Alex, You're really horny I can tell A: Well help me not be horny He was speaking softly is my ear it was sorta turning me on Y: Alex..Not here and we just met.. A: I feel like we've know each other long enough I turn around and we started kissing. We slowly began to make out and I put my hands up his shirt and then Henry started crying. A: I'm coming henry! He turned back to me A:I'm not done with you yet I started blushing and Ms. Guzman came home. She paid me and I started the leave out the door and said bye to everyone. H: Bye sissy! H/m: bye Y/n Y: Bye Alex All he did was smirk at me. I started blushing so I quickly left. I called Dess asking her to meet me at Starbucks so I could tell her everything. I obviously knew it wasn't right to do anything with Alex yet because we just met and I wanted to wait till marriage. At the same time he made me really want him. I met Dess and told her Everything. D: Damn should really try it Y: Try what? Having sex? D:yeah Y: Haha you say that like you've lost your v-card D:... Y: Oh my gosh dess you did!? D: Yeah.. Y: WITH WHO!? OMG HOW WAS IT, WAS HE GOOD OMG WERE YOU GOOD? D: Girl stfu Y: sorry D: it was with that guy Carlos from the party Y: Damn.. D: Yeah, speaking of i have to head to his house soon Y: no babies!🤪 D: Chill, Bye love you Y: Love you too ♡♡♡

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♡The Babysitter♡ Y/n: Uh..thanks I guess..? A: Maybe we could do it again sometime Y/n: Do what again? A: You really don't remember..the party? Y/n: Holy shit you're bonzo A: Bonzo? Dang at least call me something better than daddy Y/n: I'm here for Henry not your horny ass. I push aside him to look for Henry. Y/n: Little bro?? Henry came running out the hallway H: SISSY! Y/n: Hi love!! I give him a hug A: Geez Henry you weren't this exciting when I came home. He giggles I spent a normal day with Henry and caught Hamid looking at me a lot Y/n: What are you Looking at Hamid? A: Dont call me Hamid Y/n: Its your name though A: Don't call me that. Y/n: What do I call you then? A: Alex, My mom tells everyone my birth name. Y/n: Oh.. Alex..sorry A: it's fine you didn't know Y/n: Wanna trade numbers and maybe hang out sometime...? A: Yeah that sounds really nice H: Sissy and- And papa Alex? Y&A: Yess? H: Can we watch a movie? Y: Yea ofc we can! Alex can you get the snacks? Don't forget the oranges. A: Haha yea Y:Comn Henry let's get some blankets H: Can I get bear bear? Y: Yea comn We got all the snacks and blankets. Me and Henry cuddled up and started watching Moana. H: Papa Alex I want huggies A: Okay come here H: No I want one from sissy and Alex A: I don't think sissy wants that, Maybe she should have her personal space Henry started to pout Y: I don't mind Alex cuddled up under me and Henry and we all eventually fell asleep. ♡♡♡

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Yeah ~ Ac: @chxll.neyx ❤️👀 ~ dt: @real.ona @real.momma_ @beyondbrandon @chxll.neyx @desisaucy @martir.orona @onabeans_gang @lunaaareli @multi._.cookies @uwu__blesiv @mxlti.besitos ~ Et: 1h 26 min 😭 ~ bro thanks sm for all your love and support on my edits , I started like 2 months ago or 3 idk , it rlly means a lot to me . Thanks bbys . Also I don’t needa get noticed by ona bc what matter is our support to her love you ona + y’all . ❤️😌 ~ cc: forgot . ~ #explorepage #explore #realona #haileyorona #hailey #oronaedits

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♡The babysitter♡ I look up and see a curly headed boy Y/n: I'm not the kind of person who likes parties and I was supposed to be with my friend and in scared and alone. ??: What if I stayed with you until your friend came back Y/n: Oh that's fine.. I'm y/n by the way.. ??: Oh I'm Jabez We hung out for a while and I had a few drinks. He refused to drink something about driving and watching me I was too drunk to listen. I danced with him and just remembered having so much fun. J: Hey I have to go to the restroom and then we should head out it's almost 2AM Y/n: Mm yeahhhh I was dancing around and came across another guy and began to dance on him. Jabez sudden grabs my wrist and drags me outside. Y/n: *Whining* Mmm I wanted to dance with bonzo Haha J: Bonzo? That's his name? Y/n: noo he didn't tell me his name so I named him myself hah J: get in my car lets go Y/n: Oh no HELP HELP KIDNAPPER HELP!! J: y/n shhh come on. I'm not kidnapping you While I was fighting back jabez was finally able to put me in the car and take me home. I fell asleep during the car ride and didn't wake up after. The next morning I woke up sick and hung over. I was throwing up all over the place and I felt drained. I texted Dess to see how her night went. Loml😍: Hey dess where did you go last night Bby💕: I don't remember much I went to this cute guy named Carlos and hung with him for a while and I went to look for you and saw you no where. Loml😍: Oh.. Bby💕: Were you alone all night? Loml😍:No I met this cool guy named Jabez and he helped me out and stuff Bby💕: Oh that's good, I gtg love byeee Loml😍: Byeee I looked at the time and began to flip out. I was going to be late to babysit Henry. I hurried up and got ready and said bye to Diego. I start the car and get the house as fast as I could. I knock on the door and Hamid opened the door. A: Oh it's you again, You're a good dancer Y/n: Huh? ♡♡♡

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hi! i’m a new fanpage :) once I hit 100 i’ll post a get to know me so you’ll know everything about me ♡ something i’ll tell you now is that i’ve been supporting hailey for over 4 years now :) et: 1hr and 30 mins. ac: mine so if you use give credits ♡ dt: hailey orona and random accounts ♡

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This edit looks weird but kinda like it ⚔July 17th, 10:53pm ⚔give credit if you repost We hope hailey will once see our fanpage and notice us and know that we support her because it honestly means a lot but we get that she has tons of notifs so🤷🏻‍♀️♡ @real.ona @ona.bean @beyondbrandon

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pac man 🤖 ac hazymachado cc lily tysm for lily adrian dallas hilda franci and tagged 💌

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babyyy☁️🌙 [fc; 0]

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enjoy this edit I made last week ago , the loop isn’t even on beat 🤡 [ @enjajaja ]