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Summertime and the livin’ is easy!☀️ Credit; XOV - Boys Don’t Cry ❤️❤️

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This was just me joking and fooling around on twitter this week didnt mean any of it lol, but yeah theres more tweets but i just chose top ones i liked....its been so fucking hot today bruh im still sweating and shit from playing ball 😭😭 tWittEr fOr AnDrOiD exe......

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¿FMS PODRA REMPLAZAR A REDBULL? 💢Es un camino dificil para FMS, pero actualmente no tiene nada que envidiarle a REDBULL. 💥Su 1er enfrentamiento fue el dia 22 de junio donde la jornada 3 de la Fms Argentina coincidio con la Redbull nacional de Chile, En este cruze Fms salio victorioso teniendo mas vistas en el directo como a dia de hoy. 💥La 2da vez que Fms y Redbull se encontraron fue el sabado 13 de julio, donde la Nacional española de Redbull se enfrentaba a la Fecha 3 de la Fms Mexicana, donde esta vez Redbull salio victoriosa y por bastante. Hay que tomar en cuenta que la Redbull española es la mas vista y la Fms mexicana una de la menos vistas, aun asi esto no es excusa. En mi opinion yo creo que FMS si lograra superar a Redbull, pero Redbull no morira nunca por que mientras haya batallas Redbull estara ahi. ¿Y tu que opinas?¿Fms lo lograra o terminara pinchando? Dejame tu opinion en los comentarios🥊🥊🥊 #batalladegallos #redbullespaña2019 #fmsargentina #fmsespaña #rapmemes #redbullbatalladelosgallos #fmschile #urbanroosters

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Yo check out this meme bro Ha shut up normie I saw that earlier

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Or me watching girls recording tik toks in public 😩💀🚪🏃🏿‍♂️

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Never fail a drug test, I know all about drugs 🔥😂 @lilsatan777 might be up next fr

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Good night guys ❤️

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God damn principal 😳😳

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What was the best song of 2018? 🤔👇 - Follow @xhiphopworld for more hip hop related content! 🔥 (Spotify Playlist LINK IN BIO)

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If you had one week to spend with Uzi, what would y’all do together? ‼️Follow @lilastrovert for more dope content‼️

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Selling cheap promo, dm me 😈 “All these fake n*ggas started gettin too close” @liltjay underrated or overrated? Comment and tag who deserves to be featured next!

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(I know the TPAB review was planned to be my newest post but it’s coming in the next couple days) “IGOR” Tyler The Creator - Tracklist Ranking: 1. GONE, GONE / THANK YOU - 10 2. NEW MAGIC WAND - 10 3. I THINK - 9.7 4. ARE WE STILL FRIENDS? - 9.5 5. WHAT’S GOOD - 9.5 6. RUNNING OUT OF TIME - 9.3 7. PUPPET - 9.3 8. EARFQUAKE - 9.3 9. I DON’T LOVE YOU ANYMORE - 8.5 10. A BOY IS A GUN* - 8 11. IGOR’S THEME - 7.5 12. EXACTLY WHAT YOU RUN FROM YOU END UP CHASING Album Overall Rating: 9.3/10 . . . (Tags) #deathgrips #playboicarti #xxxtentacion #intheaeroplaneoverthesea #llj #kanye #igor #rappermemes #rap #tylerthecreator #childishgambino #memes #funny #comedy #liluzivert #hiphop #rap #joeybadass #rapmemes #denzelcurry #bigkrit #drake #asaprocky #soundcloud #kendricklamar #kanyewest #earlsweatshirt #rapper

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Wyd if u saw this

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The snippet in the back goes hard