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1 week ago

This qt skirt is so adorable it awakens my inner child but in a chic way. I just love the Polka-dot style I think I'm finally ready to be in the @gogrease movie. I recently received this skirt from @queenmstylesa what an amazing woman. She is such a goal driven, talented person she handmade this herself, it's from her black & white collection. This skirt is very comfortable with a nice thick elastic band that hugs seamlessly around my waist. But most of all the 2pockets on the sides is just the cherry on the top. Thank you @queenmstyle I simply love this skirt I'm immensely grateful. #grateful #queenmstyle #queenmstyleclients #polkadots #retrovibes #doll #humandoll #localtalent #localdesigners #sablogger #sagottalent