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1 week ago

. So Quiet 💭 So Paceful 🖤 . . . @official_gagliards e i diritti d’autore 📷

1 month ago

Una giornata indimenticabile con le mie sorelle e cugine. Le Zanfrisco ladis alle terme.

11 months ago

Your body is the only F1 car you have, take care of it.💥🏎💥 If you want F1 performance you have to have an F1 car. You can’t expect a car without lubricant used a lot and badly compete without melting. Train well without overdoing unnecessarily, eat healty anf respect recovery times. Mountains, snow and hot water, what else? Few weeks ago in beautiful place of Dolomiti #muaythaiethailandia

1 year ago

RECOVERY IS PART OF TRAINING -Don’t skip it 💥❄️Here I am in the wonderful location of the Qc terme in Trentino Alto Adige #muaythaiethailandia ❄️💥🇹🇭 @qcterme