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NEW CHITHEADS/ Rupert Sheldrake on Materialist Assumptions ( #90 ). Rupert Sheldrake, PhD, is a biologist and author of more than eighty-five technical papers and eight books, including Science and Spiritual Prcatices, and the co-author of six books. He was a Fellow of Clare College, Cambridge University, a Research Fellow of the Royal Society, and a Frank Know Fellow at Harvard. He worked in India as Principal Plant Physiologist at the International Crops Research Institute ICRISAT, and also lived for two years in the Benedictine ashram of Fr Bede Griffiths in Tamil Nadu. From 2005-2010, he was Director of the Perrott-Warrick Project for the study of unexplained human and animal abilities, funded from Trinity College, Cambridge. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Noetic Sciences and of Schumacher College in Devon, England. He lives in London and is married to Jill Purce, with whom he has two sons. His web site is Image by: Armen Kojoyian Garden of Morphic Resonance #7 , inspired by the works of Rupert Sheldrake @armenkojoyianart #chitheads #spirituality #wisdom #primordial #rupertsheldrake #yoga

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Mahfud MD: perlu gerakan redakan ketegangan jelang Pemilu Cirebon (Antaranews Jabar) - Ketua Gerakan Suluh Kebangsaan Mahfud MD mengatakan pemilihan umum (pemilu) saat ini sudah menjurus menjadi ajang bermusuhan, bukan lagi untuk mencari pemimpin, sehingga perlu gerakan untuk meredakan ketegangan. . . "Pemilu saat ini sebagai sarana atau ajang bermusuhan, bukan ajang mencari pemimpin," kata Mahfud MD, di Cirebon, Selasa, saat menghadiri Dialog Kebangsaan Seri III yang diadakan di Stasiun Cirebon. . . Tidak hanya itu, katanya pula, pemilu juga sudah menjurus ke arah perpecahan antarikatan primodial dan muncul politik identitas. . . "Karena pemilu ini seakan-akan menjadikan pertengkaran antara pendukung si A dan si B, agama ini agama itu, suku ini suku itu, ras ini ras itu, ini sudah mulai muncul dan ini perlu diredakan sebelum menjadi penyakit bangsa," ujarnya pula. Berita/foto: Khaerul izan Baca lengkap: Twitter: @Antara_Jabar Fanpage fb: antarajabar #pemilu #pemilu2019 #pilpres2019 #pilpres #mahfudmd #dialogkebangsaan #suluhkebangsaan #kebangsaan #politikidentitas #primordial #politikkebangsaan #antarajabar

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Father Tobacco Do not abuse me Or use me without care Work with me Ask me questions Let me assist State your intentions They are a prayer Include an earth prayer For you are of the earth as am i cast worries aside Let me transmute them into mother Gaia She is my mother too Under the great father sun Open i have a message Help me to shed all judgements and doubts All fears of failure and voices that shout Discouragement and hesitation Replace all with gusto, patience and adoration Compassion for all no matter what placement Silence is best when mastering meditation Ambivalence Poison or medicine!? Snakes of spiral I am surrounded by those who see me as I am I am surrounded by compassion, tenderness and nurturance I allow myself to be fully nurtured into my ultimate divine expression of service I surrender to the divine flow with ease My tone is magnetic Be kind with me for I am also on a journey Love me and forgive me for I am here to emanate just like you There is always a rhythm and always a rhyme Harmonies in octaves Weaving divine Love anyways 🕷🕷🕷🕷🐜🐜🐜🐜 #tobacco #poetry #expression #worldinthismoment #culmination #reflection #silence #mapacho #primordial

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I have spent so long changing myself to fit with the image I felt people would like most. I changed how I dressed and many other aspects of my life. The further away I got from who I truly am the harder, more tiring and more dehumanising it all felt. But I put my foot down. I don't care if who I am puts people off. Yes I am a depressing pos who loves dressing in mostly black. I shouldn't have to be someone I am not. It has taken me a long time to realise that what probably caused me to have next to no real friends was how fake everything about me had become. I dressed in ways I felt uncomfortable with. Listened to music that wasn't my thing in order to make "connections" with others. Whenever I have been truly myself people who actually liked me stuck around. They are the ones who knew that I was becoming something I am not. So now it is time to be ME. Despite this I still have my love for all things pastel and floral, that will never die. But I need to be true to myself in order to truly flourish and make true friends. So hopefully I can venture slowly back into my gothic style overtime. And while I still have you. Support #primordial they are a great #metalband from Dublin. They are fookin amazing. Show them love! #loveyourself #betruetoyou

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Alhamdulillah acara kita berjalan dengan lancar. Adanya KMIK bukan hanya untuk menyatukan kami para mahasiswa/i Karawang yang kuliah Jakarta, tapi juga mengajarkan kami untuk kembali ke rumah bagaimana pun cara nya:') Buat temen-temen mahasiswa/i orang Karawang yang kuliah di Jakarta gabung yuk di KMIK🤗🕊️ #kmikjaya #mahasiswajakarta #karawanginfo #kmik #karawanghits #desa #primordial

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Overstand You Are A Physical Vessel Of The Universe & Can Manifest Your Reality Through Thought & Everything Exist Within You! Reclaim Your Sovereignty & Free Your Mind!

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Gonna a otto teli, realizzata da me. Soddisfazioni grandi! From Sicily with love. ❤ pH: @mammmagay

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And, finally, the last piece for the exhibition at the Book and Job Gallery! Along with other fantastic artists, the exhibition will be from the 23rd to the 24th. Be sure to stop by if you’re in SF! . Gold Mountain & Jewel Mountain, 5x7, gouache. #ericaleeart #traditionalpainting #painting #conceptart #illustration #mythology #artoninstagram #goldmountain #jewelmountain #creationmyth #primordial #conceptillustration #conceptpainting #landscapepainting #gouache #gouachepainting #gouacheillustration #gouacheart #postcardart #traditionalart #mountainpainting

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"Primordial gate" I prossimi quindici giorni le trascorrero' in solitaria nelle lussureggianti foreste Canariensi in un'avventura che mi porterà alla scoperta di nuove aree incontaminate!! Sempre più vivida e concreta diviene in me, la necessità psico/fisica di portare corpo e mente in tali ambienti, se pur ostili, di viverli come in una sorta di viaggio sensoriale in perfetta armonia con l'ambiente.. . . . #gabrielemannelli #flow #moody #mood #landscape #foliage #tones #dreemshot #mountain #canary #dream #dreemshot #canarie #laurisilva #laurissilva #tree #fog #misty #natgeo #instagram_shot #rainforest #forest #canaryislands #primordial #gate #spotlight #magiclight #landescapes #nature #nationalgeo #nationalpark

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#Israel #Judaism #Jewish #Bible #God #holy #life #future #christianity #catholicism #puritan #ancient #primordial #indigenous #culture #spiritual #totality #vitality In the latest episode of 'Tasting & Torah' with Nachliel haCohen Selavan of @torah_intermedia , we spoke about Torah life in Israel vs. outside of Israel...and how Rav Kook's words 100 years ago have come to fruition. Find the full video of my Jewish story entitled 'How Kiruv "Ruined" My Life':

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Le #développementpersonnel dans mon job est #primordial ... pour avancer, pour mettre en place des #actions qu’on pense impossibles au départ ... pour se motiver ... pour se fixer un #objectif et savoir le diviser en plusieurs pour l’atteindre sereinement ... aujourd’hui on va travailler sur la confiance en soi

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All is not lost. We can return to our body in any moment. I had the pleasure of partaking in @coachzahra_ body love workbook + meditation as a Valentine’s Day gift to myself. It really helped me deepen my relationship to my body and here I will share a piece of my love letter to my body with ya’ll. I have all that I need to start loving my body now. My body is a temple. It is my home. It’s safe here. My body loves me. My body is healthy. My body is gorgeous. My body is enough and I will worship her. My body is intelligent. My body is resilient. My body loves the challenges I give it in the gym and rewards me with strength, endurance, and homeostasis. My body thrives when I give it loving attention. I’m sorry for all the times I’ve neglected your needs and didn’t listen to you when you needed me the most. I’m sorry for all the ways in which I convinced myself that you were wrong when asked for protection. I forgive myself for any harm I have caused to my sacred temple. I now realize that I was hurting not just my body, but all of me. I remember that you know what I need. I now choose to honor your needs and I know you will reward me exponentially. I now choose to let this year be a return to embodiment. I give myself the gift of including the many parts that live inside and outside the sacredness of my being. I now know that I can rely on you as a supportive ally. I will no longer think of you as less intelligent bc I see that you are of a different language than my mind. I will do my best to not fear you when you are in need of my full attention. I promise to do my best to not leave you astray. To my dear, Grounded Earth body Sensual Practical Restoring Aliveness. You are loved and you are love. #bodylove #nourishingbody #selflove #primordial #wisdom #bodylanguage #embodiment #mindfulness #embodiedpresence #youareworthy #youareenough #yourbodyisintelligent #wisebody #wholebody #innategift #intrinsiclove #wholly #goddess #loveisthymedicine #bodyawareness #body #sensualbeing #loveletterstotheself #loveletter

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Ahojte❤️ Pri každom označení nášho instagram profilu @nufak_sk 🐶🐱🐰🐹🐀 na Vašej insta story alebo profile získavate automaticky balíček ZDARMA pri ďalšom nákupe.🔥🔥🔥 Obsah balíčka sú pamlsky v hodnote 15€😎🍀Neváhajte a označte nás s Vaším nákupom od nás 🙋‍♂️ PS : zľavový kód BEKIM10 je stále READY 💁‍♂️ #nufak #slovakia #darceky #pes #krmivo #granule #macky #pamlsky #acana #farmina #britpremiumbynature #calibra #eminent #royalcanin #primordial #magnum #nedela #vyhraj #vyhra #zdielanie #oznacenie #nakup

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Understanding Indian Traditions- Why Do We Blow A Conch? . In temples or at homes, the conch is blown once or several times before ritualistic worship. It is sometimes blown whilst doing arati or to mark an auspicious occasion. . When the conch is blown, the primordial sound of Om emanates. . Om is an auspicious sound that was chanted by the Lord before creating the world. It represents the world and the Truth behind it. . The sound of the conch is thus also the victory call of good over evil. . Another well-known purpose of blowing the conch and other instruments, known traditionally to produce auspicious sounds is to drown or mask negative comments or noises that may disturb or upset the atmosphere or the minds of worshippers. . Ancient India lived in her villages. Each village was presided over by a primary temple and several smaller ones. . During the Arati performed after all important pujas and on sacred occasions, the conch used to be blown. Since villages were generally small, the sound of the conch would be heard all over the village. . People who could not make it to the temple, were reminded to stop whatever they were doing, at least for a few seconds, and mentally bow to the Lord. . The conch sound served to briefly elevate people’s minds to a prayerful attitude, even in the middle of their busy daily routine. . The conch is placed at the altar in temples and homes next to the Lord as a symbol of Nadabrahma (Truth), the Vedas, Om, Dharma, Victory and auspiciousness. . It is often used to offer devotees tirtha (sanctified water) to raise their minds to the highest Truth.

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When doing energy healings that involve Past Life trauma and memories, I like to use the minerals of ancient life. The alchemy of what was once living now turned to mineral...the very bones of the Earth a potent channel for past and even ancient energies to flow and provide wisdom and knowledge that can be useful for putting right long forgotten issues that have also, in their way, fossilized 🐚 ~Paula

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Sé que la experiencia es algo primordial, pero yo me aferro a detenerme en un lugar, comprendo... estamos jovenes, endúlcemonos de amor. sólo estoy fingiendo actúar natural pero sé que es difícil llegar hasta el final. Así que mira...te propongo algo, No pensemos y dejémonos llevar.🚉🚞. #frases #poesía #frasesdeamor #frasesmotivacionales #experiencia #primordial #aferrarse #detenerse #comprender #joven #jovenes #endulcemonos #endulzar #endulzarse #amor #fingiendo #fingir #actuar #natural #difícil #llegar #final #hastaelfinal #mira #proponer #pensar #pensemos #dejemonos #dejemonosllevar #escribir