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20 minutes ago

I had the most amazing time in NYC! You spoiled me rotten 😉 Gorgeous photos, delicious food and great company! I had a superb holiday! Thank you so much for everything Dak @koiki_alexander . I’ll see you again soon 💕😘 #20yearsfriendship #pricelessmoments

42 minutes ago

“Don’t tell me the sky’s the limit when there are footprints on the moon🌔 Daddy and I have a big goal and that is to instill in you that you can do and be anything YOU dream to be! We will always love and support you in accomplishing your goals! Always dream BIG my ladybug, I whisper this to you daily and one day you will understand 💫 . . . . #thefutureisfemale #happybaby #happiness #blessed #dreambig #tuesdayvibes #amotherslove #ladybug #unconditionallove #proudmommy #prouddad #pricelessmoments #motherdaughter #simplethings #ariesbaby #ayvamei #babygirl #mixedbabies #puertorican #blasian #23weeksold #grateful #5monthsold #myminime #mywhy @zurimodelandtalent @wilhelminamodels

52 minutes ago

When the wedding venue (almost) steals the show.

2 hours ago

Do you work for your business or does your business work for you ?

2 hours ago

. Believe in yourself and all that you are, Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle.

5 hours ago

Priceless Memories 🐘💕 PS: So its my first time to ride an elephant, and it was really amazing! His name is Cho, he’s gentle and can do a pose, he can laugh and can be sweet at the same time! He’s 29 yrs old, also the maximum life span of an elephant is 80-90 before they die. #elephant #elephantrides #kohlantaisland #backpackerstory #backpackers #adventurer #vscocam #amazingexperience #happy #memories #priceless #pricelessmoments #capture #niceshot #instagram #mystory #traveller #amazingthailand #wheninthailand #experiencethailand #vsco

7 hours ago

Boxing Lyfe 🥊

8 hours ago

Happy Family Twinning In Pink💖 Cutest pic on internet today 😍 perfect capture 📸look at my darling trio happiness ♥️ #touchwood 🙏 May u guys always keep smiling like this ♥️love you to the moon and back ❤️❤️ god bless you always with all the blessings 💖😇 @missnisharawal ♥️ @kavishmehra ♥️ @realkaranmehra ♥️ This picture 😍♥️♥️made me speechless 😍😍♥️♥️can’t take my eyes from it! #bestestpicture 📸 of perfect family. Outfits by: @rootsandwingsclothing 💚 @aj_mehra53 @bellamehra @laxmirawal @kunal_mehra_photography #instapicoftheday #instaclick #instalike #instagood #instalove #perfectfamily #familygoals #pricelessmoments #touchwood 😇 #keepsmilingnkeepshinning #tonsoflovenblessingsoways ❤️ #rootsandwingsclothing #instafamily #twinningiswinning #matchingfamily #dressfortheplanet #zerowastefashion

11 hours ago

Family Is Everything 🤗 I Was Surprised Today When I Was On The “Main Stage” And Saw My Sister And My Brother In-law Show Up To Support Me, This Was Their First Time Ever Seeing Me In Acting At A Hair Show 😃 It Made My Day And Filled My Heart With Joy Because Me And My Sister Are So Close,She Told Me That She Was So Proud Of Me😊😃😢🙃😊 #PriceLessMoments #DaGoatVision 🐐🤓👑

12 hours ago

📷 Living in the Rose City: stressful & inspiring 🌹 Getting to do it with my baby boy: priceless 💋

13 hours ago

Motivation Medal Monday!!! This weekend last minute I decided to go do the Manila Madness 5k which money raised went to a good cause!! Jayce was tired, needed water and complained for a bit!!! We were basically last with the sheriff following behind us 😂!! My awesome team mates stayed with us and eventually gave Jayce ❤️❤️ a piggyback ride for a block or two!!! The real fun was when he was actually racing Amy!! The beautiful moment we get closer to the finish line and who is waiting the rest of our team mates cheering us on!!! (Side note my sneakers shrunk from the mud and washing them that I did a nice quarter of a mile with no shoes on😢 my poor with blisters) but if showed Jayce to keep pushing and suck up your excuses!!! Love my team! @sons_of_mudarchy #bestteamontheplanet #sonsofmudarchy #mudcro #leadbyexample #pricelessmoments #medaladdict #mondaymotivation #medalmonday

14 hours ago

Best closing of a day... (those that know me well are aware that I have to work again at night and this is not really my day ending 👩🏼‍💼😱) but no matter how fast paced or stressful the work day is just work... the very important moments in life happens with your love ones... happy moments with them are priceless 💕. That smile she has in her face when daddy and mommy get home👶🏻😄... her happiness when the stroller walk is about to start👶🏻🐶😁... and those last minutes contemplating how much is she growing every day before she goes to bed💕💕... those are the best rewards that life can give us!🙏🏻 #pricelessmoments #sharepositivity #familyiseverything

15 hours ago

The reason why I am who I am today she's my everything my twin my baby girl my little princess I Will Always Love You 😍😍😍😘😘😘😘

1 day ago

🌉Beautiful Red River in Shreveport, LA🌉 Shreveport is definitely an up and coming city. I see so much beauty and potential in that place and so much that has already been built and so much history that has been made there. So much more to see and explore!

3 days ago

🕘Our time together is always too short...🕘 Breakfast at Strawn’s before we head back home! We were told to try the strawberry pie while we were here so... pie for breakfast!!🥧🍓

3 days ago

•Visited the Red River• Last night we explored a little and went downtown to the boardwalk outlets. The view of the red river was breath takingly beautiful! The boardwalk is definitely a perfect family friendly place to hangout and walk around. Definitely a favorite!

5 days ago

Happy birthday to my favorite guy!!💙 I am beyond happy that I got to spend his birthday with him! I hope your big 3-0 was a good one☺️ I love you!

1 week ago

♥️🖤4days🖤♥️ Just 4days and I get to see you after 3months of long distance!! I can not contain my excitement...It doesn’t feel real that I actually get to see you but when I do I’m gonna squeeze you. It’s not always easy doing long distance but it’s always worth it☺️