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Are you looking to improve your look but you are overwhelmed by all the different make-up products out there? We know very well how frustrating it is to scan through hundreds of products every day to find what suits you best.⠀ We have a better solution for you:⠀ ⠀ 1. Get the APP⠀ 2. Book a day and time⠀ 3. Start learning⠀ -⠀ Check the link in BIO for more daily glamour.⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #skinessentials #howyouglow #beautycare #positiveenergy #positivemood #thoughtoftheday #beautyyouseek #niyabeauty #niyabeautyapp #beautytips #dailymakeup #makeupandwakeup

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You do not HAVE energy, you CREATE energy. . Have you ever thought about this? It’s true. Your body is like a power plant. Power plants don’t have energy, they make it. . This was the thought that came into my head that stopped me in my tracks today, as I was coming up with every excuse as to why I should skip my workout. (I didn’t sleep well, I was up at 5 am to work, I don’t have much time, I have other work I need to do, I still have classes to teach, I’d really rather nap, I don’t have the energy...) BUT. That is exactly it. I didn’t have the energy. But I did it anyway and the rest of my day has been SO productive. And I don’t feel totally exhausted anymore. 100% worth it. . Seems totally backward, I know. But if you’re dragging, I highly recommend movement. Even if it isn’t a full blow workout. A walk, a handful of jumping jacks or a plank, might just be your ticket to feeling better, I promise. ✨💪🏻

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This morning was like no other. My alarm went off at 6:15am, I contemplated dismissing the entire thing and going back to bed. But I made a decision to start the day early and I wanted to keep my promise!! So, I woke up to a dark sky, had my coffee on the balcony and listened to morning affirmations to set my mind. Next, I suited up and went on a jog (it’s been about 6 yrs since I last jogged 😰) i forgot how much jogging clears my mind. I had music playing in my earbuds and cold air in my lungs. I returned home and everyone was still sleeping 🙌🏻 I quickly showered, and did some makeup. I partially got dressed, had my shake for breakfast and then, my little monster woke up 🦖 I got EVERYTHING done on my to-do list... I ate a healthy lunch, took Leah around to ride her bike 🚲 , then put Leah for a nap and got a sweat sesh in!! It’s been nonstop!! It just shows(!) one good decision turns into a bunch of good decisions/ productivity. Don’t settle into bad habits. We have the power to change em. It’ll take time... but know, YOU’RE CAPABLE OF SO MUCH MORE!!!!

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Thankful Tuesday! Today, March 26, is the 10th anniversary of meeting Eric and 9th wedding anniversary. I would not be able to be me without Eric. We all need #runsupport and no one does more. From my helping out with the kids / dinners during training runs to 3a wake up calls and chasing me all over LA📸🏃🏼‍♀️(doing it for the ‘Gram 🤣). How can I NOT get weepy with this one?!? 😭 Thank you!! I love you!!!My OG husband of Oiselle 💕 @boyfriendsofoiselle Can’t wait to enjoy Boston! * * #lamarathon #runphotography #happyanniversary #motherrunner #happywife #happylife #gotailwind #shecanandshedid #bostonmarathontraining #optoutside #running #headupwingsout #motivation #oisellevolée #nopainnogain #partnerincrime #positivemood #strongnotskinny #training #workoutmotivation #maketime #activeliving #beatyesterday #findyourstrong #fitnesswomen #happyrunner #runnerlife #staypositive #gratitude

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New beam mount i was practicing.

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☀️🏡A great #diffuser BLEND for bringing the sunshine inside 3 drops LIME 2 drops CARDAMON 2 drops TANGERINE Lime essential oil offers an aroma that helps you feel inspired and uplifted Cardamom is a member of the ginger family and features a spicy, refreshing aroma that can be uplifting Tangerine essential oil offers a delightfully sweet aroma that can create a happy, contented mindset #aromatherapy #essentialoils #essentialoilsforthewin #mindandbody #mindbodygreen #mindfulliving #wellnessjourney #goodthoughts #onlygoodvibes #positiveenergy #positivemood #positivemindset #thinkhappythoughts #staypositive #vibrationalenergy #youarepowerful #yleo #younglivingessentialoils

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This Cali weather has got me feeling some type of way ☀️

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Vocês sabiam que hoje é comemorado o dia do cacau?! 🍫 . . E quem aqui ama um chocolate?! 😍 . . Nosso cardápio de Páscoa já está disponível! Aguardamos o seu pedido 🍃 Whatsapp (31) 9 8500-5009 . . #jeitoleve #gastronomiafuncional #pascoasaudavel #pascoavegana #pascoa #pascoa2019 #culinariafuncional #vidasaudavel #comerbemfazbem #fit #fitness #instafit #instafood #fitlife #fitnessmotivation #positivemood #motivation #foodlover #delicious #healthyfood #healthylifestyle #eatclean #foodart #foodie #food #pedacinhosdefelicidadefit

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This exercise has been one of my favorites for glute days! What are you guys hitting today? . . Super amped from my pre workout as seen in my story 😂🙃 @bodygoodsnutrition keeps me stocked with all the best supps Save- Bailey10

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Who else feels hormones ruining their lives?🙋🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ Tell me, do you find it extra-hard to deal with PMS sometimes? 👇👇 PMS got me bad with the f*#!ing lethargy and weird pains and aches all over my body. Bloating making it nearly impossible to hold the core during workout too. Ugh. 😡 But I have been doing low impact workout at home using only body weight as opposed to pumping iron. I find it terribly boring🙄 but it helps with the hormonal stress. With age, the hormonal bullsh*t just gets worse for some. Forcing myself to do atleast a little bit of workout since the last few times, has helped a lot with the hormonal depression. I will be talking about hormones and mental health in one of my blog posts soon💭. Know that it takes a lot more to do what needs to be done sometimes but it's worth the push. ❤💪🏻

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Today I had planned a “transformation Tuesday.” Yes, spoiler, I do try to plan SOME of my Instagram posts. As someone who uses social media as a platform for networking, meeting clients and recruiting fellow coaches, I have a BUSINESS. You wouldn’t open a gym and never plan out your classes, discounts and promotions, right? I typed out most of what I wanted to say in my post, and as I sat down at work to post I realized I had my old throwback photo.... but not my transformation pic 🤦🏻‍♀️ Yikes! The last few weeks I have found myself SO overly preoccupied with work, both at work AND at home, and my squirrel brain has kicked in. At work, my thoughts are 98% social studies, 1.5% ‘wait - my business!’ and .5% remembering to pee, breath and drink water. Any first year teachers or long-term subs out there who can relate?! I remembered that I snapped a picture this morning and thought, “Well, this will do for today.” So here you go. Me, right before indulging in my ONLY real ME time: my workout. With my CRAZY schedule, I don’t wanna think about having to squeeze in the gym... ESPECIALLY not in the morning! I literally rolled out to bed, shuffled down the steps and plopped on the floor with my preworkout this morning and there I was, ready to get my sweat on. Amazing! I am opening enrollment for APRIL bootcamp, which will kick off for PREP WEEK on Monday, April 1st! I am SOOOO excited to offer up this opportunity to FIVE LADIES looking to get fit & confident just in time for summer. We will focus on creating HABITS that fit into YOUR schedule, on your time, YOUR way. As if all that wasn’t dope enough, you get to do it all from home! I have created NEW content fresh for Spring, and I want to give you all the attention, support and motivation you need to reach your goals. If you’re interested in learning more, shoot me a DM or visit my website (link in bio) to snoop around and fill out an application, where I’ll reach out to you directly! I’m SO EXCITED to work with you this coming month. STOP WAITING, DO IT NOW! 🥳

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😝Come workout with us TONIGHT 🙌 SexyFit @ 7pm 3401 Saint Vardell Lane Suite E 💪 Summer is QUICKLY approaching☀️ let’s get ready ladies!! 👙 #BIMCLT

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🌴Casual Tuesday since I spent all day traveling to different doctors appointments - but I'm enjoying the warm weather 🌴

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💝YOU CAN DO ANYTHING💝⁣ ⁣ Thinking back to last year when I was a senior in college, I NEVER thought that my life would have turned out like this. This life that I am currently living was once all just a dream in my head. In fact, I’ve dreamed about this since I was in High School. My life has been one heck of a ride and it’s about to remain hectic but one thing I’ve truly discovered is that in order to achieve something, you have to be OBSESSED. ⁣ ⁣ Anybody can achieve anything but as the saying goes “what consumes your mind, controls your life.” You have to eat, sleep, and think about your goal 24/7 and turn it into an obsession. This route I’m on is not easy, I’ve been torn down and ripped apart so many times but every single time I stand back up even stronger. ⁣ ⁣ It’s OKAY to be OBSESSED and make sacrifices for something that you want so bad. Every action that you take should go toward your dream. For example: I’m currently on my way back to L.A and as hard as it is to leave my family and friends and my HOME in Hudson, Wisconsin to fly all the way back across the country, i know that this is for me and my dreams. The truth is, it’s NOT easy and doesn’t get any easier to leave BUT my mind is consumed by my dreams that I’m currently obsessed with. I’m a fighter and will do whatever it takes. NEVER feel selfish for putting yourself first. This one life is your chance to do whatever the heck you want so work hard, and NEVER forget why you started.

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Les 10k de pas sont respectés aujourd'hui pour cette journée off ! J'ai commencé hier le #objectifzeroexcuse donc je suis scrupuleusement l'emploi du temps établi pour la répartition des séances ! Comme ça, ça me change aussi de la routine et j'avoue que ça me fait bizarre, un mardi sans sport 😂 Petite balade sous le soleil et vous votre journée ? #fit #fitgirl #fitgens #fitfam #fitfamily #healthy #rééquilibragealimentaire #bienmanger #weightloss #teamgallice #tiffsquat #teamshape #teamfitcats #roadtosaiyan #nevergiveup #keepgoing #mood #goal #fitbitversa #10ksteps #sport #instalike #hiit #love #loveyourself #positivemood #positivevibesonly #goodnight #latepost

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Dear sweet body of mine, - You have been neglected, beaten, abused, taken advantage of, and so many other horrific things. You’ve been restricted of so many amazing foods and not able to live to the life you’ve always wanted to live. And I now know that you need to live this life. - So dear sweet body of please be ready to be more loved. Please be ready to enjoy some foods. Please be ready to enjoy life and find love and happiness not only within yourself but in relationships with others. Please be read to be hugged and have unlimited dance parties. Because sweet body of mine, we got some heavy weights, cardio to do, and so many other things to create, and people to help. - So dear sweet body of mine we got some work to do and I hope your ready and can keep up. - #fitspiration #getfit #fitnessforlife #gymmotivation #justdoit #positivemood #motivation #findyourstrong #positivemindset #selfgrowth #personalgrowth #evolveyourlife #iamwellandgood #liveinspired #abundancemindset #growthmindset #betterforit #womenwholead #fitnessjourney #gymshark66 #manifesting #manifestation #healthymindset #youaremagic #highvibetribe #liveinthenow #peacefulmind #meditation #mindfulness #ptulaactive

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You give life to what you give energy to! . . -also this vintage sweater I snagged from my Mommaw’s 😍🤩

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On the go again! Zumba Cruise here I am! More training, more classes, more ☀️ sun!🤪 :: :: A travel care package is a staple! You know, Your must haves that you never leave home without..... “You’re lost without them” items! My list: ☀️Peppermint Essential oil - to get pumped! Natural Energy booster applied to my shoulders ☀️ Deep Relief Roll on-After workout Muscle rub because of all the dancing happening!! ☀️Lavender- skin support after the sun ☀️Cypress- Joint support ☀️ Tranquil Roll-on- time to relax and wind down ☀️ ☀️ What at your staples when you travel? :: :: :: :: #lacedwithoils #zumbafitness #iamzin #zumbacommunity #zumbawear #dancefloor #alwaysdancing #danceyourheartout #zincommunity #zumbacruise2019 #fitnessgoals #fitspiration #strongnotskinny #fitspo #positivemood #thesweatlife #findyourstrong #staypositive #Zinlife #Thinkhappy #personalgrowth #selfloveclub #healthyhappylife #wellnessjourney #mindbodygram #liveinspired #bahamas #iamwellandgood #musicflow #iwill

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We are so proud of you @coach_ronny . I don’t think there’s a single person isn’t moved by who you are. We love you. #urbananimal

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#wakeupandworkout ! So much fun knowing that YOU are joining me on this morning journey to wake up the body!! Create new habits and your love your body!! 💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚 Honey 🍯 was our little tip of the day! What’s it good for this time of year? #localhoneyforallergies check us out on Facebook and join our six minutes of focus in the AM!!

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Designed to flex with you 💪🏼

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Happy veganniversary to me 🌱 . Today, it is 1️⃣ whole year since I turned vegan 😮 1 year and I’ve saved approx 365 animals 🐓, 11k squared feet of forest 🌳 and, 402k gallons of water💧 Animals are cool don’t eat them 👌🏼 . This is me tucking into the vegan waffles at @absurdbirduk which used to be my fav chicken shop in London before I went vegan 💚 . If you need any help on turning vegan, check out my vegan story highlight 🐷 . 📸 @puppersabs #foodblog #foodforfoodies #foodlover #foodphotography #healthyfood #healthymeal #plantbased #plantbaseddiet #plantpowered #vegan #vegancommunity #veganfood #veganfoodlovers #veganfoodshare #veganlife #veganfriendly #veganlifestyle #veganpower #vegansofig #whatveganseat #beingboss #beyourownboss #fitlife #fitfam #fitfluential #fitnessgoals #fitnessmotivation #justdoit #gymmotivation #positivemood

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There is a theory of soul mates, souls who, for some unknown reason, experience mutual attraction and find each other. In this life we ​​are looking for people with whom we have already encountered in previous incarnations, people with whom we are united by unfinished business. We all belong to the same family. In Paris, as many millions of people can live, but I will meet precisely those with whom I am connected by a story that began many lifetimes ago . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #bloggersgetsocial #bloggerlife #savvyblogging #bloglovin #bloggersofinstagram #bloggingcommunity #bloggerlifestyle #darlingdaily #everysquareastory #thatsdarling #nothingisordinary #personalblog #onlygoodvibes #selftalk #staypositive #positivemood #positivelifestyle #chooselovely #darlingmovement #abmlifeissweet #abmlifeisbeautiful #thehappynow #quotestagram #instaquote #positivequotes #dailyquotes #quotesandsayings #lifelessons #wordsofwisdom #happiness

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Teamwork divides the tasks and multiplies the success. Work together, utilize each other’s strengths, and watch as you all flourish together!🙌🏽

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Client progress: Shoutout to my clients who’ve been sticking to their training and never gave up even when it seems impossible. In under four months of training and sticking to proper dieting, each clients have shown weight loss progress while getting stronger each week. Clients also reported to feeling healthier and more confident which encourages more motivation. This is just the beginning of the journey we still have a long way to go and with consistency we’ll get there. Thank you for choosing me to help you reach your fitness goals. . . . . #Testyourlimitfitness #clientprogress #personaltrainer #beastmode #fitfam #trainer #fitnessforlife #fitlife #fitnessmotivation #fitnessgoals #fitspo #getfit #gymmotivation #motivation #justdoit #training #workoutday #workoutmotivation #workouttime #positivemood #fitspiration

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WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENS ON A HYPNOBIRTHING COURSE? (AND DOES IT MATTER IF MY PARTNER IS A BIT SCEPTICAL?!) . Rachel from @hey_mama_hypnobirthing explains what happens on her course and why scepticism is welcomed! First off, don’t worry it’s completely natural to be a bit apprehensive before doing something you’ve never done before or know anything about!👍🏼 . ❓ I really welcome scepticism - one of the things I want you and your partner to do is to always stop and question WHY you are making the choices you are making about your birth. On the course you will learn about: 🐝the power of the mind and body link including listening and practising relaxation scripts, 🐝what happens to your body before, during and after labour and how you can work with your hormones 🐝how you can plan for your birth & post natal period 🐝tools and techniques to help you make decisions based on facts, not fear. Plus, your birth partner will learn a set of tools and techniques that to enable them to give you practical support. They might be sceptical in the beginning but most partners realise pretty quickly that it is a logical approach to birth that will make sense and is not as 'out there' as they expect! 🤰🏽 . Remember, you’ve got this! ❤️ . 🐝Did you have a partner that was initially sceptical but then totally won over in the end?! 🐝 . . . . . (Want to read more about Rachel or look at hypnobirthing courses? Link in bio!)

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ПОЧЕМУ ТАК ВАЖНО ЕСТЬ АВОКАДО КАЖДЫЙ ДЕНЬ🥑 ⠀ Итак, авокадо это фрукт☝️ ⠀ И не просто фрукт, а самый жирный в мире продукт растительного происхождения! ⠀ Полезность и универсальность этого фрукта делает его всё больше популярным среди людей, следящих за своим здоровьем и внешним видом! ⠀ МОЛОДИЛЬНЫЙ ФРУКТ ⠀ ✔️Ежедневный приём 50 гр авокадо содержит суточную дозу каротиноидов. ⠀ ✔️Они способствуют сохранению молодости и предохраняют кожу от старения. ⠀ ✔️Предотвращают развитие онкологических и сердечно-сосудистых заболеваний, а также снижение зрения👀 ⠀ ✔️Высокое содержание витамина С в авокадо повышает иммунитет. ⠀⠀ ✔️Укрепляет нервы. Богат витаминами группы В и другими веществами, которые влияют на устойчивость нервной системы. ⠀⠀ ✔️Способствует похудению👌 Помните, что присутствие в вашем рационе полезных жиров ОБЯЗАТЕЛЬНО! Никаких безжировых диет🙅🏼‍♀️ Авокадо один из главных продуктов, содержащих в себе большое кол-во ненасыщенных жиров! ⠀ И полезность этого продукта можно еще долго перечислять, я выбрала для вас самое основное👌 ⠀ Обязательно включаем в свой рацион этот супер-полезный фрукт🥑 ⠀ Обычно мой ежедневный приём авокадо 50-60 гр в день, но иногда могу и 100 гр слопать😅 ⠀⠀ Уж очень я его люблю😋 #activeliving #fitnessgirl #fitnesslifestyle #fitnesslover #fitnesswomen #staypositive #youcandoit #fitnessforlife #fitlife #fitnessgoals #fitspo #gymmotivation #justdoit #positivemood #training #workoutday #workouttime #workoutmotivation #strongnotskinny #nopainnogain #motivation #iworkout #getfit #delicious #foodlover #dailyfoodfeed #positivelife

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DISCIPLINE EQUALS FREEDOM 🎯 . "There is no shortcut. There is no hack. There is only one way. So get after it." - Jocko Willink (Retired Navy SEAL) . Follow for more inspiring quotes from thought leaders and motivational speakers. . 👉🏻 @motivation_location 👈🏻 👉🏻 @motivation_location 👈🏻 👉🏻 @motivation_location 👈🏻

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My forever always mood: “where next?”🎈 • Siete pronti per le foto di Firenze? Seguite le mie storie oggi e domani, vi portò in giro per la città con me!🤩😉

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